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Mourinho announced as new Chelsea manager

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The Special One has returned to London.

After six years away from the club, Chelsea have appointed Jose Mourinho to be their manager for the next season, signing the 63-year-old Portugal native to a four-year contract.

Mourinho just wrapped up three seasons at Real Madrid, where he won the league title once, Copa Del Rey once, and the Super Cup at the start of the season. However, he could never build on his successes from Chelsea and Inter Milan, where he won multiple league titles and the Champions League on two occasions, one in each country.

What do you think of this news? Do you see Mourinho being successful again at Chelsea? Do you think this was the right move for him and the club?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. First, Jose isn’t 63, haha. As Chelsea fan, in which my support for the club started during his first reign, I am absolutely delighted. When we, Americans, really got tv access to the premier league, and I was looking to pick my team, Mourinho along with drogba & lampard are what drew me to Chelsea. He never should have left. Chelsea has been in a state of flux, since his departure. Roman just needs to let him be Jose, and things will work out. Don’t just by players because you want them, when the manager doesn’t, i.e. Shevchenko, Torres. Everybody knows Mourinho has the goods. This is great for Chelsea.

  2. There’s no way this lasts very long, but I think in terms of a “strike while the iron is hot” kind of move, it makes a lot of sense for Chelsea. With the uncertainty of Moyes coming in and replacing Sir Alex at Man U, and City still in coaching limbo, this coming season is as good a chance as Chelsea is going to have to win the Prem. Bringing in Mourinho, a guy who’s been there, done that and will command the respect of the players, only increases their odds. If they can make a few good signings over the summer to shore up the defense, they’re going to be scary good.

    Of course, the flip side to the whole thing is that if they don’t start off well, the whole thing could go up in flames REAL fast. Either way, as a neutral it’ll be entertaining to watch.

  3. how often do these kinda thing happen? A fired manager returning to the club after a while?

    and can the next MNT manager be Portuguese or Italian? Just curious

    • They had 4 short episodes recently, and it makes factual sense, but in terms of broadcasting Setanta is kaput, BBC seemed to let it go, the recent stuff was web-released on a sponsor’s dime. It would need a home.

  4. “Chelsea and Inter Milan, where he won multiple league titles and the Champions League on two occasions, one in each country.”

    dan, mourinho’s first champions league trophy was at porto, not chelsea. he was fired from chelsea because he did *not* win them the champions league.

    • In part, Nate, Jose was fired from Chelsea because of quite a few things, I think. Conflict over playing certain high profile guys was at least part of it. The CL was part of it too though. Just crazy Roman, being Roman.

  5. As a Spurs fan it hurts me to say this but Chelsea is going to win the EPL next season. They have the talent and just needed a manager they believe in. Unfortunately Jose is that manager.

    • I think he’ll make CFC top 3 just by showing up, fighting with Spurs and Arsenal for the last European spots should be over for awhile. But to win the title I think CFC needs retirements/upgrades here and there. Some of it might be as simple as bringing players back off loan, eg, Lukaku, but the defense needs some work.

      • Interesting IV:

        The way Jose will set up his team should shore up the shaky defense. He IS special when it comes to instilling positional discipline and a team’s ability to kill off a game.

        Retirements shouldn’t be an issue because Lampard is a bench player, Terry, that plague, is fading as age and injuries take their toll, and the new core will be a year more experienced.

        I confess to being somewhat giddy about this team’s prospects.


      • And Super Frank is a ‘sometime starter’ at this point, not a ‘bench player’ as I originally wrote.

    • Don’t forget we also have the MONEY, hahaha. It’s gonna be great, can’t wait. Anticipating what players he will bringin and who he gets rid of


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