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USA 2, Panama 0: Match Highlights

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  1. jozy
    Fab Dempsey holden
    jones Bradley
    chandler Geoff besler dolo
    subs: landon, EJ, DMB, gonzo, Corona/mix, gomez, evans

    my lineup with a healthy dolo, holden and an inform chandler

  2. This is a side topic totally but I noticed that Aron Johannsson was not on the active roster for Iceland’s recent WCQ. Does anyone know if he turned down a roster spot or if he simply wasn’t chosen?

    He obviously would be a nice grab if the US can get him as a striker for the future.

    • He asked not be called by Iceland. In other posts he has informed that he will be “trying out” with the USA soon and make up his mind which federation he will represent. Right now, it looks like we are in the driver seat for the Aron sweepstake. It would really be a coup since he is only 23 and already an accomplished player.

  3. Nice to see Fabian Johnson on the LW and cutting in to make things happen in the final 1/3. Nice assist! (half a goal). Nice to see I called for him to be in that position and he has handled it very well. I would keep him there for the moment. Fabian Johnson is a CORE player to build the future with. I would really like to see us use a formation that plays 2 forwards like Altidore and Dempsey and 2 DMF (Jones and Bradley). Realistically we can only use two more MF and Donovan HAS to be one of them. The other choice would be? Holden?

    We can get away with one forward if Dempsey plays as ACM

    • I always thought the number traditionally thrown around was 17. But who knows, based upon the way the games have been so close so far, maybe the number this year is a little lower.

    • Usually depending how the other teams are doing but this time around with all of these draws,16 gets the I would love to see them clinch a WC spot against Mexico but they might do it against Costa Rica. They need to watch out for yellow card accumulations, though.

      • The US could get to 16 if they beat Honduras and Costa Rica, but at best that would “only” put them 9 points clear of 4th place…so it’ll be mathematically impossible for them to clinch a spot until the Mexico match. It would be great if that is how it worked out.

  4. Great game by jozmer. If things had gone differently, he could have had two assists (the layoffs to beas and demps), have drawn a penalty, and have been involved in another goal (the shot that led to the rebound that demps missed).

    • Kid’s a stud. Also, love this humble quote he gave: “When we play this well whoever is playing forward will have success and fortunately that was me.”

      He’s clearly grown as a player and person over the years and it’s a joy to watch as a fan. I’m really excited to see where his career goes next. He should be the face of U.S. soccer for years to come and it looks like he’s ready to take on the role.

  5. If Seattle can figure out a way to get some real grass on the field I wouldnt be surprised if the USMNT came there every year. Very impressive crowd.

    • I agree but as an SSFC season ticket holder, the sticker shock was remarkable. Seems with just a modest adjustment in ticket prices, they would have maxed out the 45K capacity last night. If you haven’t been to Century Link field, the place is the loudest in the country when full. For perspective, I sit 12 rows up from the north goal ($17/seat for sounders) … Last night in the upper deck for $70/seat.

      • Its like that for every US game. AO tickets are $50 and the rest of the stadium is $75-$too much! There was no way I could afford my rapids season ticket seats for the USxCRC game…. Just how it is; and to honest worth every penny.

      • I bit the bullet because who knows when the USMNT will be back in Seattle, and I must say, this is SO true, it was worth EVERY penny. I’ve never been to a sporting event like that and even the prices were too high in my opinion, I would do it again in an instant.

      • Yo Beto, I just moved to CO, where should I go for soccer bars.. tried going to 3 lions but the place was at capacity.

  6. I thought it was awesome, but confusing at the same time. Can someone explain what was going on when everyone in the stadium was yelling “A” together? Is that something they normally do for Sounders games? I am used to going to games and have the “USA” chant fall apart after saying it twice, so that was absolutely awesome to listen to in surround sound last night. Thanks again Seattle fans for making that a true pro-USA crowd for a change.

    • Opposite sides of the stadium usually yell “Seattle” and “Sounders” back and forth at each other during Sounders games. Last night it sounded like they were doing a “United” and “States” version of the same chant (the “A” you heard was “States”).

      • I think he is referring to what we call “boom, boom, clap” which is when the whole stadium raises their hands, two drum beats and every one claps above their heads and lets out a big “EH.” I believe we borrow this from Bayern Munich, we do it when the Sounders enter the field and usually in the second half. It was awesome to see a red,white and blue crowd doing it last night though!

      • I can confirm, we did replace the “Seattle Sounders” call-and-response chant with “United States” last night. But “A” sound may also have been the boom-boom-clap described below.

  7. I’m hoping that Cameron’s strong performance in cm knocks beckerman and edu out of the equation now. They’re too much of a liability. I mean we don’t need them. We have jones Bradley Holden corona klejstan and even Cameron and Williams. Anyways great games lads! On to the next

      • Not necessarily but I think we saw the best recipe vs Jamaica. Start Bradley and Jones, bring Cameron on as 2nd half sub. What this game showed IMO is that if Jones can play as disciplined as Cameron did staying back, it will really makes Bradley more effective going forward.

    • Cameron was awesome! The game is won and lost in the mid-field. He dominated defensively in the midfield and held possession when he needed to. Game-changer.

      On the other hand, I thought that Evans got burned a couple times. He and Gonzales unintentionally admitted Evans getting burned after the game: Evans does not consistently have the footwork required for a defender. Klinnsman is favoring defenders that also offer some attacking and possession skills.


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