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MLS and Players Union partner with You Can Play Project



Major League Soccer and the MLS Players Union announced on Wednesday a partnership with the You Can Play Project, a social action initiative dedicated to ending homophobia in sports.

The announcement states that You Can Play will work with MLS’ existing anti-discrimination guidelines, as well as providing confidential counseling to players. MLS becomes the second professional league along with the NHL to work with You Can Play.

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  1. Unfortunately, I’d have to agree with the exact sentiments already provided, as it reflected my immediate thought as well: empty gesture.

    • + 1

      This is a rather empty gesture, unless they’re giving their entire expansion fee from MCFC to the You Can Play project.

    • What are you talking about? If the UAE is anything like its Persian Gulf neighbor, Iran, there are no gay people there. 😉

    • I know you were just joking, but in all seriousness, why should someone who doesn’t believe in that lifestyle have to give money to support it? I feel bad that they force it upon owners who might not agree with that lifestyle, including the Sheikh or any other Xtian one.


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