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SBI MLS Rookie of the Week: Andrew Farrell

Andrew Farrell

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The New England Revolution earned a clean sheet for the fourth match in a row last Saturday, and one of the big reasons for it is the stability in the defense, including the play of right back Andrew Farrell.

The rookie has locked down his position, and a week after shutting down the LA Galaxy, Farrell helped to do the same to D.C. United, earning him SBI MLS Rookie of the Week for the second week in a row in a 90-minute effort.

Farrell beat out Seattle’s DeAndre Yedlin, Los Angeles Galaxy forward Gyasi Zardes, and Columbus Crew defender Chad Barson for this week’s honor.

What did you think of Farrell’s performance? Which rookie impressed you the most in MLS Week 15?

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  1. Farrell not only locked down his side defensively but also got forward and made some nice through balls that probably would have been goals with decent finishing. There are times when he doesn’t look very agile, but he reads the game well, gets the job done and has surprisingly good vision.

  2. Shutting down the vaunted DC United offense gets you ROW honors now? Once again, Yedlin outplayed Farrell in every facet. I feel like a broken record.

    • I mean seriously. DC United has scored 6 goals all season. There wasn’t a single offensive or defensive category that Farrell beat Yedlin in besides “key passes” which don’t result in a goal anyways.

      If this kid wasn’t the number 1 pick in the draft would he be getting anywhere near the plaudits he is now?

      • For one thing, Farrell led Yedlin in “Fewest times beaten on a play that led directly to a goal.” Pretty important stat. Yedlin’s a good player but his game vs. Vancouver was hadly flawless and clear cut choice for Rookie of the Week.

      • Agree to disagree. Aside from the one play, which I fully admit was an important one, he was one of the best players on the field. I didn’t see the same thing from Farrell, and lauding a team for shutting out DC United is like lauding Alabama for beating an NCAA D2 team.


    • Eh Id say Yedlins defense could still use some work. During the Vancouver game he lost his mark a few times including one of Vancouvers goals. He’s far better than Farrell going forward. Farrell really needs to work on crossing. That being said I don’t think you can say Yedlin was that much better to get upset about.

      • Yedlin made one poor play the entire game. Aside from that one cross, he snuffed out any and everything on his side of the field, as well as chasing down at least two balls that beat his centerbacks. Further, Vancouver had to change their ENTIRE formation to deal with him and they still couldn’t stop him from going forward.

      • Also, and this is a serious question, at what point does someone just tip their cap and say Camilo/Teibert made a great play? I don’t get how a goal almost always results in someone being blamed rather than lauded for doing something well. Yedlin definitely lost his mark and the goal is on him, but he lost it due to Camilo’s fantastic run and Teiberts great service. It wasn’t going to be an easy play regardless.

      • Yedlin is a stud but Teibert’s cross was far from pretty – hung in the air for a lifetime – and the marking was criminal on that play but Yedlin is an incredible talent and his menacing runs forward coupled with his crossing, distance shooting, and blazing speed have him on the fast track to something special. The defensive lapses are inevitable – he is young and developing and he plays an incredibly demanding position. I have a good feeling about this kid

      • Respectfully disagree. He cross it from way out wide to the back post. It inherently has to stay up in the air for longer. It was also the only place a Sounders defender wasn’t.

      • My point is – the ball hung forever… the fact that yedlin couldn’t recover in time was bad. and yes the cross has to be hit in the air from the position where he hit it but it should not have hung there like a lame duck…. That ball is cleared away 9 times out of 10 on a poor cross like that. period

      • Problem is that Yedlin screwed up twice on that play. The first mistake was keeping the right winger onside. Then, he lost his mark and was beat on the header.

        Don’t get me wrong, the kid has potential, but he needs to learn to be disciplined. He will get there.

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