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Spector signs new two-year deal with Birmingham

Jonathan Spector Birmimgham (Getty Images)


Jonathan Spector has not only settled down. He has settled in.

Days after getting married to his long-time girlfriend, Spector signed a new two-year deal with Birmingham City. Spector was out of contract after seeing his initial deal with the Championship club expire at the end of this past season, but the versatile 27-year-old had decided for some time that he would stick with the Blues rather than sign elsewhere.

“It just took a little bit longer obviously to sign with preparations for all that back home with the wedding,” Spector told BBC. “I just got back today, first day. Everything was agreed beforehand and I just needed to officially sign it.”

Since joining Birmingham in 2011, Spector has made 62 league appearances for the club at a number of positions. He also scored his lone goal for the club in a League Cup match at the start of the last campaign.

What do you think of Spector sticking around with Birmingham City? Happy to see him stay with the Blues? Wishing an MLS team would have signed him?

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  1. I want to preface this by saying I’ve been a fan of Spector’s for some time and have always rooted for him at the club and international levels. That being said, I think the number of minor injuries last season kept him out of any serious consideration for a USMNT call up this year.

    Spector’s always been full of potential that was never fully realized. Quite a shame.

  2. The most underrated player in our national team pool…..a good midfielder, once a striker and an option for defense with lots of experience. The man plays CDM consistently for a championship team, with the skill to score 2 goals on a team like Manchester United back in November 2010 when he was playing for West Ham (hence beat Van Der Sar twice in that Carling Cup!!!) and yet gets passed over for players like Beckerman, Torres, Feilhaber etc. ….I wish him well.

  3. why would he come to MLS? Being a national team player he wouldn’t be allowed to choose which MLS team to sign with. He would be allocated to a team not of his choosing. No player of Spector’s caliber is going to choose the uncertainty of the MLS with being able to play for a club in the Championship which will have a chance for promotion.

  4. Great consistent player. Not too sure he should still not be part of the national scene. I think he gets

    More respect over there.

    • I’ve always thought Spector was underrated. I remember him coming on late against Italy and making some outstanding defensive plays to help earn us that 1-0 away win. He’s so versatile that he wouldn’t be a bad option for a call-in.

      • I also remember him making some pretty good crosses, too. Plus, he has the distinction of being, to the best of my knowledge, the only American to score a brace against Man U in one game, shocking everyone watching. Although he mostly plays fullback, his best position may be in the midfield.

      • Thank you Gary, Spector is the best possible CDM option we have as far as the Gold Cup roster goes. The guy was once a striker turned defender… he’s a midfielder. Man U / West Ham November 2010, Carling Cup Spector bossed the midfield and scored 2 goals (Beat Van Der Sar twice!!!!). He plays in that position for a championship team and he’s only 27…..why is he looked over for the likes of Beckerman, Feilhaber, current form Holden etc??

      • IV,

        Not everyone agrees with you.

        Lee Clark Birmingham manager on Spector:

        “His versatility is a big thing for us as he can cover different positions,” boss Lee Clark told the club site. “As well as midfield he can play as a full-back, although I ultimately think that as he goes on he could be a decent centre-half because he’s an aggressive player, he’s got good aerial ability and he’s mobile.

        “In terms of football he’s still young, but he’s a very experienced player in terms of the games he’s had for a player of his age.”

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