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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

NeymarBrazil (Getty)


Spain will attempt to win their 30th consecutive match when they meet Brazil in the Confederations Cup final this evening.

The dream matchup of the tournament has come to fruition, and will either culminate in Spain winning their fourth consecutive tournament, or the hosts walking away as Confederations Cup champions for the third straight time.

But before the final takes center stage, Uruguay and Italy will square-off in the third-place match. Both teams are coming off of heartbreaking losses in the semi-finals, with Uruguay having the early advantage following Italy’s exhausting 120-minute battle against Spain.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):



12pm – ESPN – Uruguay vs Italy

2pm – ESPN2 – New York Red Bulls vs Houston Dynamo

6pm – ESPN – Brazil vs Spain


  1. I didn’t see the first half but all these comments give me a feeling it was rough. The announcers seem to be saying that while Brazil has been fouling a lot but also seem to be implying that Spain despite being fouled the spaniards are WAAAY too weak on the ball and can’t match up physically thus making it seem worse than it is. That being said we can all agree Brazil has gotten away with some stuff.

  2. 19 called fouls and no yellow cards against Brazil.

    You’re lying to yourself if you think that’s close to legitimate.

    • And which one of those 19 fouls would you carded? Just because there is a large number of fouls, doesn’t mean that a yellow card should be awarded.

      None have been malicious or dangerous enough to earn a booking. Not even Marcelo’s penalty.

      • your dreaming

        that was a mugging

        the ref turned a blind eye to the home team”s usual thuggery

        add in that Spain had one less day to recover, and played a full game and half in their semi – and Brazil will crow – but it is with a false sense of security

        beware la Furia

      • Sure, could have been a yellow card. But the point is, he deserved a card because of the nature of the foul. Brazil has had contact fouls in a physical game that Spain hasn’t been able to keep up with.

      • Last defender is a myth. It’s denial of obvious goal scoring opportunity.

        Red card could also have been for the high cleat into Neymar’s leg.

      • I thought it was the right call. Neymar was CLEARLY in on goal 1v1. Piqué had no choice. Got a red card for it but prevented a goal.

      • No more so then your name but keep going. The official was awful and really has no control of the rules or the game. Hope he isn’t asked to even do a U17 Oceania game.

      • The red was for foul play since Pique had no chance of reaching the ball with his tackle.

        Neymar was not “in on goal.” He was headed away from goal and there were defenders behind Pique.

      • Maxwell – what are you talking about? i just re-watched the highlights to make sure i was remember it correctly.

        sure enough, you are incorrect. Brazil was on a break away, essentially 2v2 with Spain’s replacement RB behind those 4 so not quite 3v2.

        Pique moves to get Neymar when the game clock reads about 67:15. at 67:18, hit pause.

        you will CLEARLY see Neymar is IN ON GOAL. Ramos is marking the other Brazilian player and they are BOTH behind Neymar.

        further, Neymar was fouled about 20 yards out to the left (Neymar’s left) of the circle. Ramos was on the opposite side of the arc at the top of the box.

        so no, there was absolutely ZERO chance Ramos gets to him. he was in on goal, CLEARLY. if he wasn’t, you think Pique makes that tackle? Neymar is one of the fastest players in the world. Ramos had no chance.

        A good professional foul to prevent the goal but a clear red card since he went to ground, studs up, and caught Neymar’s leg. i think Neymay is a little baby a lot, but it was a foul. i’m also a Spain fan.

  3. Maracanã cantando: “Quer jogar? Quer jogar? O Brasil vai te ensinar”

    Maracanã singing: “Want to play? Want to play? Brazil will teach you”

  4. 18 called fouls now and STILL NO YELLOW CARDS FOR BRAZIL.

    Marcelo gives up a penalty and HE STILL DOESN”T GET A YELLOW CARD.

  5. could hurt Brazil in a year as Brazil’s tactical play will be scrutinized and not an intensity surprise with the tactics to make the team aggressive and not overwhelmed by the pressure. smart play for Scolari to read this situation today

    • lol, a brasil fan with a persecution complex, now i’ve seen everything. like everyone and their brother doesn’t say: ‘my favorite teams? [home country] and um…brasil!’

      since you can’t seem to understand, people aren’t hating on brasil–they’re hating on the ref who was very obviously scared to give cards for constant fouling.

      i was a neutral (big neymar fan, though) who just wanted to see a good game. i don’t think spain would’ve been good enough anyway, but the ref certainly did brasil a lot of favors, and was simply scared to card them.

  6. This has been a fantastically entertaining weekend of soccer. The MLS games were insane, and the Confederation Cups have been a blast.

  7. Brazil are playing great and like maniacs, no doubt about it, and will be tougher than heck next summer in the WC. But they also are being pure thugs and the ref letting them get away with it. Twice in the first half Brazil thugs were simply going up to Spain players and bullying them shoving them in the chest in front of the ref. Should not be allowed and some yellow cards should have been flashed. And Ramos’s yellow card was a joke. Oscar dived for that one and then Oscar kicking Iniesta should have been a yellow. Brazil, the new Netherlands for WC 2014.

    But, yes, great game to watch. Hope Spain can come back.

      • yeah – Brazil adopted Holland’s game plan from last World Cup

        though they are more adept at being soccer assassin’s than the Dutch were – and the ref let them get away with it

        factor in also that Spain played a game and half three days ago in sweltering heat – and that Brazil had an extra day to recover

        granted also – Spain did not put away their chances, they were not very sharp – that’s what

  8. What’s wrong of you guys with Brazil? You guys are just jealous or European? This is a FINAL. Always Cheer for Football in the USA grow, but his comments derogatory already changing my thinking.

  9. Alexi Lalas: “Brazil is just kicking everything that moves.”

    Brazil: 15 fouls called and 0 yellows.

    Spain: 8 fouls called and 2 yellows.

    Seriously let’s just skip the World Cup and give it to Brazil because there’s going to be no such thing as a fair playing field for ANY team against Brazil.

    • both yellows for Spain were well earned on goal scoring or last defender plays. Brazil smarter on their fouls and spreading them around…the yellows will flow for them in the 2nd half early if they continue, and Torres better start hooking up with his support player in his hold up play because he’s been swarmed

      • not true beachbum. look at the oscar-ramos play again you will see oscar diving before contact made.

      • he still fouled him from behind..not malicious or on purpose, but a foul with Oscar away to goal

      • Spain committed 16 fouls and earned 3. Yes, Spain deserved all 3, and I happen to agree with the RC. Pique should have just tugged Neymar’s shirt and taken the yellow.

        Brazil committed 26 fouls and didn’t earn a single card. That’s just plain unbalanced officiating.

  10. Brazil is playing like absolute thugs. There should have been 2-3 yellow cards on them EASIALLY based on the amount of fouls alone. If the referee were controlling this game and not allowing the Brazilian players to hack theyre way to winning possession back this would be a MUCH different game. Disgusted with the tactics Brazil is using. you can play high pressure and be clean at the same time

  11. Neymar just rips it top shelf. Can’t wait for the second half to see if Spain can impose their style or if Brazil’s mid field clogging and counter attacking nastiness will hold.

  12. things breaking Spain’s way, Fred alone above the 6 hits it right into Casillas after Neymar splits the D with his pa$$ once again at the end of the counter

  13. things breaking Spain’s way, Fred alone above the 6 hits it right into Casillas after Neymar splits the D with his pass once again at the end of the counter

  14. Jesus how is that not a booking for Oscar?

    This is outrageous officiating at this point. Get a real referee for the world cup involving games with. Brasil.

    And I didn’t think anyone dove and whinrd more than Spain and Italy, but Brazil is gunning for that award.

    • For as great as this game should be, Brazil bitching is getting out of hand. They get the benefit of any iffy call and still manage to piss and moan how they aren’t getting more. Going to set a bad precedent for next year if nobody is allowed to compete with them on a level playing field

      • No it hasn’t.

        It’s so bad even the commentating crew are outright attacking the referee and Brazilian players.

        This game is a joke. And I really don’t like Spain.

      • the commentators are commentating what a good game it’s been…quote the commentators if you must, but do it accurately at least if you can

      • Can’t speak for this game, and “attacking” is probably hyperbolic, but they were definitely mentioning how the referees were being very lenient with Brazil in some of the earlier matches.

      • exactly, it was hyperbole. they mentioned Brazil getting away with some stuff early, like you said, but they were not attacking. people are just being babies.

  15. And I quote commentators, “the referee has to decide where he draws the line with these Brazilian tackles and starts bringing out the yellow cards. So far they’re getting away with them.”

      • the foul was called, and it’s not B$ at all, many finals have first halves like this

        and I don’t care who wins like you obviously do

        Spain not being allowed to play their game. They still might but so far no and Brazil has not really punished them for it

      • I generally would agree with you but I can’t stand the way Spain’s been flopping all tournament.

        Brazil have gotten away with a TON of crap, though. Neymar can seemingly foul people at will and never get so much as a warning. I forgot if it was the Italy or the Mexico game, but the announcers were counting his potentially card worthy fouls that went uncalled or unpunished and it was becoming laughable.

        And don’t get me started on Marcelo. That guy’s so easy to dislike it’s a wonder he’s not more of a card magnet.

  16. This is already out if hand and the official has only himself to blame as he’s letting the crowd influence him as Brazil players just hack every Spanish player at every time.

    Ian Darke said it best, “Brazil would tackle a piece of paper crossing the field right now.”

    Its basically just cheating at this point. No fans should be allowed to influence a referee like this.

    • for me you’re overstating it. And Spain is fouling and lucky Oscar couldn’t finalize while left alone from inside the area

      Brazil high pressing hard and allowing no space for Spain to build thru midfield, with Brazil looking to quick counter whenever possible on the turnovers. Arbeloa with a well earned yellow already because he had to foul Neymar to stop the breakaway

  17. Should have been a penalty for Brazil on their goal for handball at the start and that was definitely a penalty for Spain right there against Marcelo.

    Commentators already pointing out referee going to be influenced by crowd.

  18. BTW:

    If NASL is serious about competing as a top flight league, then they should be the one that fill that new talked about Soccer Stadium in downton LA, instead of Chivas US (/rebranded).

    NASL: should hopefully brand team LA Aztec, now we are talking National TV contract (LA Aztec v. NY Cosmos & all in between)

    Why this can happen:

    Can’t see MLS awarding a 3rd LA team

    Moving Chivas USA there w/o rebranding makes no sense.

    Galaxy ( no go)

    Hopefully NASL are at least sticking there nose in there.

      • Yea, no MLS team is getting a National TV contract. If I’m correct, the only US Pro team with a national contract is the Atlanta Braves because their owned by Ted Turner. It doesn’t make any sense.

        Nonetheless rebranding Chivas USA as LA Aztecs is one of the best ideas I’ve heard for that team. The more we can attach to the NASL history and culture that existed momentarily behind them, the more we can convince people that the USA has an established soccer culture. The Aztec’s had Cruyff and Best, they have a name that deserves to be resurrected as much as the Timbers or Sounders did (though I wouldn’t argue that LA supporters deserve a second team as much as Portland or Seattle deserved their first.)

    • Downton LA–yet again, some owner marketing to a niche group in LA at the expense of broad appeal. No one–no one–is going to show up to watch the Dowagers if they don’t put a good product on the pitch.


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