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Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

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Teams from all over the Western Hemisphere continue their journey to Brazil 2014 on Tuesday with another round of World Cup Qualifying.

A pair of Top 10 teams will clash on high in Quito as CONMEBOL leaders Argentina face Ecuador. After back-to-back draws, Argentina will look to move one step closer to automatic qualification with a road win against Ecuador, who has lost two straight after a blistering run to end 2012.

While the South American leaders hit the road, second-place Colombia will welcome a red-hot Peru squad that is on the edge of a qualification spot. Peru has won all of their matches in 2013 and will be looking to avenge their narrow home loss to Radamel Falcao and Company last year.

Tonight’s action will be focused on CONCACAF, where all six members of the Hexagonal will take the field. Costa Rica has an edge over the United States and Mexico on goal differential, but Los Ticos could grab an outright lead Tuesday night with a win in Mexico City. On the heels of another disappointing draw in qualifying, Mexico needs a confidence-boosting win ahead of the upcoming Confederations Cup.

While the United States host Panama in Seattle, the bottom two teams in the Hex will try to resurrect their hopes of reaching Brazil. After three straight losses, Jamaica needs a road result against slumping Honduras to keep themselves in the race.

If you will be watching this evening’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

4:30pm – BeIN Sport Español – Colombia vs. Peru

5pm – BeIN Sport USA – Ecuador vs. Argentina

8pm – ESPN/Unimás/ESPN3 – Mexico vs. Costa Rica

8pm – BeIN Sport USA – Venezuela vs. Uruguay

8:30pm – BeIN Sport Play – Chile vs. Bolivia

9pm – BeIN Sport Español – Honduras vs. Jamaica

10:08pm – ESPN/Unimás/ESPN3 – USA vs. Panama


  1. Costa Rica fans protected by riot police as they celebrate the point.Debris being launched their way including cups of what is prob urine.

  2. 7 minutes of extra time. Glad Mexico’s flopping on set pieces and cheap fouls when Ticos start the counter just end up wasting time.

  3. Chicharito is really poor outside the box. If you are Costa Rica you want him running with the ball at his feet. Mexico getting more frustrated. meanwhile, Joel Campbell looks like a stud. the U.S got lucky in that snow match.

  4. It amazes me how Mexico’s highest profile player has bad technique and even worse ball skills.Costa Rica starting to get pushed into their half these last 10 min.I see them scoring pretty soon now.

  5. ESPN announcers are Mexico homers-I know Moreno is Venezuelan but he might as well be wearing a FMF lapel pin. Is this really the best ESPN can do?

    • The play by play guy Palomo, I like him alot but in Spanish.Thank god I know Spanish fluently and can watch Univision.

  6. half time Mexico-Costa Rica… gotta give it up to the Ticos, playing in the Azteca they are potent on the counter, have had at least 2 great chances with more than that on frame. Mexico is better in possession, but CR is organized, and the Mexicans are showing uneven quality in the final third. El Tri surely must be feeling pressure, as they are in a real dogfight, there’s a definite chance for an upset.

    WCQ in CONCACAF is stressful and often not that pretty. Really interested to see the second half.

  7. half time at the mexico game. they need GIO in the second half. If this ends in a tie, boy things are going to get interesting, it would definitely means a power shift in cocacaf

    • holding the bulk of the possession and keeping a clean sheet against what is (surprisingly) a very dynamic bunch of Ticos is not Tragic. They don’t look great but hey, there’s a lot of that going around in CONCACAF

  8. Ticos are taking it to Mexico – certainly not keeping possession very well, but they have had 2 very good chances in the first half. The Mexikeeper is earning his tequila tonight

  9. Chicharito with the yellow for backing into and apparently delivering a hard check knocking over a Ticos player. Legit or was Geiger duped?

    • I wondered if the card was for standing over the “injured” player and yelling at him – either way, Chicharito overplayed that one pretty heavily.

    • I think it was a bit of both the check, the aggravated nature of it, and that he then made a lot of noise about it. Tough card by any measure though.

  10. In Denmark and can’t get either the Mexico or US game via ESPN web. WTH!!!!
    Anyway, where can I get a live free stream.

  11. Who decided it was a good idea to let Mark Geiger ref a WCQ? Any bets on whether Mexico or Costa Rica gets screwed by him tonight?

      • Geiger counter:
        Chicharito booked after a Tico takes a flop in the box. Mark’s Chihuahua just got kidnapped

    • I was wondering the same thing. I didn’t think they let Americans or Mexicans ref each others’ games. Too much potential for bias, cheating, and corruption when you let rivals determine each others’ fate.

      • May be heresy, but I always feel happier when the USMNT draws a Mexican ref. They usually seem to be much more professional (and not awed by the occasion) than the others throughout CONCACAF.

  12. Call me old fashioned, but I am glad our fan base doesn’t boo or yell through opposing national anthems or yell sexist slurs in unison after goal kicks. Except Philadelphia. You stay classy Philly.

    I’m not sure where the audio of Costa Rica’s anthem that ESPN used was taken from, but directly before and after it you could hear VERY loud boos throughout the stadium and a couple random people yelling during the anthem. I am guessing they took it straight off the stadium’s soundboard or next to a speaker in a closed room to not catch all the other noise.

  13. Im hoping Costa Rica can pull off the upset as thats where my family is from. I don’t buy into ESPN’s “Power Rankings” giving Mexico a 75% chance of victory.

  14. Mexico-Costa Rica and Venezuela-Uruguay about to kick off on ESPN and BeIN.

    Mexico have been appalling in this cycle so far…they must play well in addition to winning tonight. Otherwise, they will hear the boos very early at the Azteca.

    Do or die for Uruguay as well…haven’t won in 6 quailfying games, I believe, and Venezuela is a very solid side this time around…

  15. Desperate defending by the Argies in the second half…how it’s still tied at 1 is beyond me.

    With such defending, they won’t get anywhere near the World Cup final next year…will get another 0:4 thrashing by a Germany or another tactically astute European side in the knock-out rounds…

  16. Armenia thrashed the Danes in Copenhagen and practically ended up their bid for the World Cup.

    Great news! Olsen is an arogant prick!

    It’s between Bulgaria and the Czech Republic for the 2nd spot in that group.

    Watching Equador/the Argies on BeIN. Messi just came on as a sub. Equador have dominated the 2nd half. Still tied at 1, w/ 20 minutes to go.

    Colombia won 2:0, I believe. Game just ended.


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