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Where will you be watching USMNT vs. Jamaica?

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The U.S. Men’s National Team gets their World Cup qualifying campaign back underway tonight, looking to get revenge on Jamaica after falling last September at “The Office,” 2-1.

A win for the U.S. would put them at the top of the Hexagonal group for at least a short while, until the Mexico vs. Panama and Honduras vs. Costa Rica matches conclude, making this a match that fans don’t want to miss.

Our question for SBI readers is this: Where will you be watching tonight’s match? The match is airing on BeIN Sport (9:30pm), so fans will have the option to watch from home, but since many folks don’t have BeIN Sport at home, the soccer bars around the country are likely to be packed to the gills.

Where will you be watching? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Anyone know a good place in Westchester, NY that isn’t a Buffalo Wild Wings? My local pub doesn’t get BeIN. Nor do I.

  2. Backcountry Pizza in Boulder, Colorado! Great place for the games. They put us in the back room and turn on the volume. Come join!

  3. On my 60″ in my Mancave in East Lyme, Ct. Will be watching delayed because my buddy wants to watch the Bruins game first.

  4. Anyone have any leads on a good place to watch in HICKORY, NC? I’ll be at my fiancé’s place up there and she doesn’t get BEIn. I could drive to Charlotte I suppose, but I hate going downtown. Lol

  5. Pirate stream, although I think the Dutch Goose in Menlo Park, CA will show Be-IN on one of their many TVs if you ask.

      • O’Briens Pub in San Diego for the first time ever! Whoo! Should be a great experience. What time would you suggest getting there in order to get a seat?

  6. I live near Houston, but am in OKC on business. I’ll be going to the Fox and Hound in OKC where there is an AO party.

    • Since they have DirecTV, they will usually put it on (at least at the BWWs I have tried)…I always go armed with the actual channel number to make it easy for them to find.

  7. On the couch homestyle with a vodka soda in hand staring at the big screen on the wall…intermittently cursing, whooping, and stuffing popcorn in my mouth.

  8. Is the game actually being shown by Bein at 6:30 PT? I’m not showing it on the Comcast guide until 11pm. It doesn’t appear they are even going to be broadcasting it live. What a f’n joke.

    • Make sure you’re looking at the English version BeIn listings. The Spanish version often shows a different game when the US is live.

      • Is there an English version? I’ve only seen the Spanish version since they started up last year…

      • Comcast in Philly is not showing the game until 2 AM according to the listing. Great soocer nation that we are, I can watch every other freaking game live except the US. This sucks! BeIn Sucks more.

      • That’s what I’m showing as well, but it starts at 11pm in Seattle. I’m not thrilled….

      • Are you looking at the spanish Bein in the 500s or the english Bein on 726 (the old gol channel)?

      • The only one I can find is on channel 785 and that is the same Bein channel that has been out there since last September I believe. I get the channel as part of my package, but they aren’t showing the game live. It is absolutely pathetic in my opinion.

      • i make them put it on. lol they have DirectTV. they had the US game on last time without even having to ask..and put the sound on throughout the entire bar. no NBA Finals tonight, so it should be easy.

    • Glad I found this! My wife and I will be there!…We just moved to Bham and was beginning to think the only football people supported was AL and Auburn.

    • I might crash the Good People gathering as well, with a buddy of mine. How many people do y’all expect? Roll Nats, Roll!

    • Me too; Molly Malone’s is a great place to watch BPL and of course the Nat’s.
      Here’s hoping Klinsi doesn’t get a wild hair up his ass and play too many D-mid’s.

  9. Anybody watching the game in Boston/Cambridge MA tonight? I’m looking for a place to watch, but it will be tough with the Bruins game on.


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