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Evans winner in stoppage time lifts USMNT over Jamaica

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When Jermaine Beckford delivered a late header goal to give Jamaica a 1-1 tie vs. the U.S. Men’s National Team, it looked for a second like the Americans would once again be doomed to a disappointing World Cup qualifying result on the Caribbean Island.

There was no quit in this U.S. team though. Rather than hang their heads and settle for a respectable road point, the Americans kept pushing for a win and their determination was rewarded in stoppage time when Brad Evans took a Michael Bradley pass and slotted a shot past Donovan Ricketts in the second minute of stoppage time to help give the U.S. a 2-1 victory on Friday night in Kingston.

The U.S. didn’t play their prettiest match, but they held a lead for a large part of the 90 minutes, with Jozy Alidore opening the scoring with a 30th minute header off a quality Graham Zusi cross. That goal seemed to wobble the Jamaicans, but the U.S. couldn’t find a killer blow to finish off the home team.

Jamaica threatened with chances throughout the match, even hitting the woodwork late in the first half on a Rodolph Austin shot. The Americans struggled to put the ‘Reggae Boyz’ away and appeared to pay the price when Beckford snuck behind the U.S. defense to head home a long free kick in the 89th minute.

Jamaica looked like they might rally for a late win but the U.S. eventually settled down in the closing minutes and Michael Bradley took control of matters, keeping hold of the ball and probing the Jamaica defense until he worked a give-and-go off a corner kick and put a quick move on Alvas Powell to free himself before sending a quick pass to an unmarked Evans. The Seattle standout turned quickly and fired a shot past Rickets from 10 yards out for the winning goal, and the latest game-winning goal in U.S. Men’s National Team history.

The U.S. trotted out the same starting lineup that beat Germany, 4-3, in a friendly last Sunday and Klinsmann’s decision to stick with the same group looked like it would pay off early on as the Americans took control early on. Zusi and Altidore combined on a goal for the second straight match, with Zusi once again creating space to deliver a quality cross in to Altidore, who rose up to head home the 15th goal of his U.S. national team career.

Jamaica eventually shook off the shock of that Altidore goal and slowly found a rhythm and started to find chances, though the home team never really took complete control of the match. The midfield pairing of Bradley and Jermaine Jones did well to keep Jamaica from building through the middle, though Rodolph Austin still found some dangerous looks, his best coming just before halftime on a give-and-go with Ryan Johnson that produced a shot off the right post.

Bradley nearly made it 2-0 in the first half, but saw a 20-yard shot past off the left post to keep the score 1-0.

The second half saw Jamaica press and press in search of an equalizer, but the U.S. defend kept bending without breaking. Jamaica’s speed on the wings caused problems for American fullbacks Evans and Beasley but they couldn’t translate that pressure into quality chances.

The U.S. lost Jermaine Jones in the 56th minute after he collided heads with Daniel Gordon on a set piece. He left the match with what was later determined to be a concussion. Geoff Cameron replaced Jones and slid into a central midfield role and looked comfortable there despite not having played there for the U.S. before.

Klinsmann’s experimentation continued in the 73rd minute when he slotted Edgar Castillo into a left wing role, replacing Fabian Johnson, who was largely ineffective on the night despite being matched up against 18-year-old Jamaican fullback Alvas Powell. Castillo turned in a respectable shift on the left wing.

Evans goal helped the Americans record their first qualifying win in Jamaica after five previous attempts without a win. The victory helped move the U.S. up the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying standings with seven points. They are currently in second place, behind leaders Costa Rica on goal difference. Mexico also has seven points, but have played one match more. Panama sits in fourth place with six points.

The Americans will return to the United States to play a pair of home World Cup qualifiers, starting Tuesday in Seattle against Panama. Klinsmann will have to make some changes to his squad given Jones’ concussion situation and the fact Graham Zusi is suspended due to yellow cards.

Regardless who Klinsmann turns to, he will be fielding a U.S. team sitting pretty in qualifying with seven points from four matches, a good clip considering three of those first four matches have been on the road. That means the U.S. now has four of their final six HEX qualifiers at home.

The loss leaves Jamaica in last place in the qualifying group, with their World Cup hopes all but faded. The Reggae Boyz would need to win all five remaining matches to finish with 17 points

What did you think of the match? Impressed with the U.S. team’s determination? Still worried about the U.S. defense? Starting to believe in Klinsmann’s decisions? Think the U.S. can win all three June qualifiers?

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  1. from the NYTimes today,

    “The time is now for Evans, Klinsmann said, adding, “The other ones are behind, and they have to steal it back from you.” “

  2. great win, another late winner for the US in a quali, that’s 2 under Klinnsman and I don’t know how many for the team over the years

    unless Klinnsman goes for a formation change, I think Corona gets the start for Zusi. Otherwise, it’s back to a 4-2-3-1 with EJ out there and Jozy up on the island again…but I don’t think that happens. It’s clear the formation 4-4-2 is the answer and Jozy not only likes it, but so does the rest of the team, especially the flank players

  3. Jamaica did not press the US backs, the same mistake that Germany made. The result was time to pick out players and complete p-a-s-ses. Also, Bradley and Jones were given too much respect, again something the Germans did, that permitted them to launch the attack. After the Germany game, I really thought no team going for a win vs the US would fail to keep the US backs under pressure. The US back 4 proved that. at least if you do not harra-s-s them they can keep possession. It seems to me that Panama does play higher pressure, is that what we will see in Seattle and how will the US back 4 handle it without one of the favored D-mids?

  4. I’m loving the USA supporters go through the same phases of Evans support as the Sounders supporters did.

    1. He’s not impressive, he shouldn’t be out there.
    2. Okay, he’s solid, but he shouldn’t be starting (I think this is where we are now in the USA)
    3. Alright, his positioning is good, he provides good support for those around him, he’s a borderline starter.
    4. He’s automatic from the mark? All else equal, he should start at right back (or mid in Sounders case), you know… just in case.
    5. (Player gets hurt, Evans slides to mid) He’s a good guy to have out there, because he will adjust how the rest of the team needs him to adjust.
    6. Don’t care where, put him on the damn pitch.

    • I’ve always kind of liked those kind of players, whatever the sport. They’re not flashy or overly talented, but succeed by grit, determination, and hard work. They often do the little things that make others look better and are the glue that holds the team together. I hope you’re right about Davis being this way.

  5. Zusi’s suspension is why JK’s ego trip over Donovan has to end now. We can just scrape by w/o Landon when everyone’s there and healthy, but he sure would be nice to have on the bench at least come Tuesday. And Cameron did fine in CM, and will do fine on Tuesday.

    • There is no “ego trip.” Donovan’s current form is not good enough for the NT, simple as that. Will be interesting to see who plays that right mid.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me to see Fabian start on the right and Davis on the left. The bigger issue is who starts next to MB

      • I said it above, but I’ll say it again. What if we started no one next to MB?




        First of all, maybe Corona doesnt get hus first start/substantial minutes in a WCQ. but i personally would rather see him than Kljestan and i dont think Holden is physically there yet. Panama is most likely going to be bunkering and trying to hit us on the counter. Those three midfielders can possess the ball and knock it around while EJ and Fabian stretch defenders and try to find lanes. EJ’s not going to provide the service Zusi has, but Corona can and Evans should have more opportunities to get into the box. Although, EJ can be a liability defensively, Corona could help him track back, and I don’t think Panama is going to apply the kind of pressure that even Jamaica did last night. Just a thought

      • And Holden’s currently in-form? Don’t think think its ego trip either, but its more than “form”

      • just stop. whatever the reason, it’s not becasue LD is not in good enough form to make that team and contribute.

  6. Let me start with saying I’m very glad to have won in Kingston. BUT
    Omar knew and played like his head was on the guillotine and I’m still concerned long term with our defense. I hate to piss on a parade but is beasley our lock at left back now? ( i love dmb ( as a lm)) Do we go forward with gonzo besler as our center pairing from this point on? If so, color me concerned. i know we have to look short term for qualifying, but if we can’t expose an 18 year old for what he is, how are we going to squeak through a group come Brazil? At this point I am looking forward to home dominance sans officiating. Besler has been the diamond found in this squeeze and like most I still hold out hope for ld and stu to return top form creating options in abundance, but after watching so many qualifying games our defense still scares the feces out of my glutes ( awaiting moderation). Go usmnt.

    • I’ve said it a few times recently, but I feel like Cameron is now our “experienced” CB. He had the same shaky moments that Gonzo is having now during that 5 game run last June. But, he seemed to figure them out more quickly. (People will cite the Honduras game, but I would counter with the fact that he was partnered with…) Gonzales has had 6 straight starts and is still good for a couple mental lapses a game, at least. Plus, when he has the ball at his feet I’m nervous. Goodson, even more so.

      Cameron, on the other hand, has all the physical tools that Gonzo has, but he’s faster and more cerebral. He also passes much better out of the back. Plus, he plays week in and week out in arguably the best league in the world. A Cameron–Besler tandem has, in my opinion, the best combination of positioning, speed, althletic prowess, tactical skill and soccer IQ of any of the possible CB pairings. Plus, when we get to the WC we’re going to be playing teams with forwards and midfielders who make runs like the Belgians, not the Jamaicans, and we’re going to need two CB’s who not only understand each other, but understand how to track that kind of movement. For me, that’s Cameron and Besler.

    • I’ve said it a few times recently, but I feel like Cameron is now our “experienced” CB. He had the same shaky moments that Gonzo is having now during that 5 game run last June. But, he seemed to figure them out more quickly. (People will cite the Honduras game, but I would counter with the fact that he was partnered with…) Gonzales has had 6 straight starts and is still good for a couple mental lapses a game, at least. Plus, when he has the ball at his feet I’m nervous. Goodson, even more so.
      Cameron, on the other hand, has all the physical tools that Gonzo has, but he’s faster and more cerebral. He also pa$$es much better out of the back. Plus, he plays week in and week out in arguably the best league in the world, albeit at RB. A Cameron–Besler tandem has, in my opinion, the best combination of positioning, speed, althletic prowess, tactical skill, distribution skills, and soccer IQ of any of the possible CB pairings. Plus, when we get to the WC we’re going to be playing teams with forwards and midfielders who make runs like the Belgians, not the Jamaicans, and we’re going to need two CB’s who not only understand each other, but understand how to track that kind of movement. For me, that’s Cameron and Besler.

    • you’re not pissing on anything, good questions to ask you have

      was I surprised Fabian couldn’t take advantage of Powell the 18 year old? heck yes, and the US tried, just couldn’t. Beasley and Evans both showed well and were also both over run at times but Jamaica could not do anything to capitalize on it. Besler-Gonzo continue to be a work in progress, but I thought they were good, and Gonzo came up BIG late with some key interventions

      the biggest positive for me is Klinnsman going 4-4-2, even thought it ;looked like he changed to a 4-1-3-2 once JJ went out and Cameron came on. The team likes this formation, especially Jozy it appears, as he has a partner up top to create space AND the flanks finally provide width and the service Jozy thrives on

  7. Just out of curiosity. Ive been wondering when dolo and chandler return maybe we can go with either chandler at lb and Fabian at lm or chandler at rm and dolo at rb with Fabian and dmb using the left flank don’t really care who’s where.




  8. Liked the U.S. showing some grit and snatching the three points back when it seemed they were lost. But I hated watching them play down to the level of the opponent. For the first 20-30 minutes, that Jamaica side was one of the sorriest things I’ve ever seen in competitive CONCACAF matches (I know they had some injuries, but t doesn’t change the fact that they were intergalactic rubbish). Game should’ve been over by halftime. Way too much energy spent on what should have been a really easy win. But 3 points on the road works– I guess that’s the bottom line.

    • I wonder if the Reggae Boyz just like the US’s style or energy or something, because they definitely picked it up after being awful for the first 20 minutes, and defended better, and looked dangerous in attack. Conversely, suddenly I was yelling at the US through the screen for making boring or momentum killing decisions or mistakes.

  9. Substitutions: Cameron and Castillo played out of position, but there inclusion was to protect a 1-0 lead. I was expecting Kljestan for Jones. I would have put Castillo at LB and move Beasley to LW, but I am not the coach. Beasley is NOT A LEFT BACK. Beasley would have owned the Jamaican LB while playing LW (who missed that tactical opportunity)? I would have liked more possession with Kljestan. Possession would have taken pressure off of the defense and do more to secure a lead. Pressure on D eventually turns into a goal. Jamaica got a late goal. This kind of game makes me think of Onyewu and Bocanegra. It also makes me think of Donovan and Holden. I cannot help but mention the could have, should have, and would have, but Klinnsman is beyond my logic..he sure is a philosophical guy.

  10. Another great performance building on the Germany win. For all those waiting for the changes Klinsmann promised, you’ve seen some of it in the last two games. The patient possession, less reliance on the counter, fluid goals from the run of play, and high pressure.

    Some rough spots still, but overall vastly positive.

    Altidore bags another goal. Brad Evans continues to impress. MB was brilliant. Zusi was excellent. The team’s really coming together as a team.

    Klinsmann’s grade: A

    • perhaps we define great performance differently. The 3 points are great, the late winner was great, the response to giving up that late equalizer was great. But that Jamaica team is as bad as we’ve seen in some time, and they were depleted as well, and gave our boys all they could handle anyway. Also, the formation was old school, and the US used the counter often and played up the flanks as they always have to attack

      but I love the win. the high pressure was used in stretches; the key to that imo is not leaving Jozy alone up there to initiate it.

    • I, for one, completely disagree with your assessment of MB. I though Bradley played his worst game in a long, long time tonight.

      MB plays his worst game, still get the W on the road in CONCACAF, I’ll take the everyday and twice on Sunday.

  11. As a Seattle fan, I know we criticize Brad a lot. I tend to give him a lot of slack because of his versatility, but damn that was fun. Great end. Loved that Brad did it. he tries so hard and gets so much crap thrown at him that he deserves some greatness to be thrown his way

  12. Great game can’t wait to see Donovan back in the fold, the word haters is idiotic . Zusi did a great job tonight as did Evans. I would love to see Beas attack more as he had way to many back passes ala 2006. However I can understand he was at leftback. The defense was solid with a few moments of insecurity. Howard was his usual solid self . Josh and Jones looked real nice tonight and Bradleys influence was felt throughout. Fabian Johnson was nowhere to be found I wouldn’t mind seeing Herc in his stead. Overall a solid outing minus the goal, I can’t wait til Seattle! USA!

  13. I don’t understand why some of my comments await moderation while most don’t as they aren’t much different. Also, it often takes hours before someone “moderates” anything. Please speed it up if you are going to take this step.

    • the word p-a-s-s or any word with a-s-s in it will get moderated. There are probably also traps for things like d-u-c-k.

      Not sure the dashes will escape moderation, but p@ss will escape and so will pa$$

  14. As a long time US fan, I was disappointed in the US tonight even though we won. I saw what i consider to be a lot of stupid play because of poor decision making. Jamaica did a much better job of stringing together passes and they aren’t known for their ball skills. Too often the US would make long passes to nobody, fail to make the pass to the open man, and make one poor decision after another. One example, I think it was Zusi came down the right flank and made a quick cross when there was no one within 5 or 10 yards. He could have driven much close to the goal, drawn defenders to him, and then made a pass back or across goal from a much closer point. Basic rule of soccer–if the other team is giving you time and space, then take it. Toward the end of the game Klinsmann kept yelling “Keep it simple.” It’s advice they often seem to forget. They did a poor job in ball possession overall.On the Jamaican goal, why was Howard rooted to the goal line? Was he afraid that the guy was going to beat him on a shot into goal from 45 yards out? For those who remember, I was reminded of the winning goal by Germany in the 2002 WC on a header by Ballack in a similar situation. Even before that kick I could see what would happen and I didn’t understand why Friedel didn’t come out then and the case tonight with Howard was even worse. I’ve never played goalie, but it sure makes sense to me that Howard should have started about 5 yards out from the goal. That way he has plenty of time to get back to the line if necessary, but can come out all the way to the 18 if necessary. Just standing there like he did was a terrible mistake, IMO. I really think Guzan is now the better keeper. Additionally, there were about 3 Jamaican players that got ahead of the US backline on that goal. Just not acceptable. While a win is certainly better than the last visit, the US needs to play better both in the remaining games in the Hex and certainly in Brazil.

  15. Howard is getting timid in his old age… he should have seen a bunch of yellow jerseys coming clear on goal in his periphery and gone out to challenge instead of standing on his line like a dear in headlights.

  16. Does anyone else find Howard a bit troublesome? He comes out to claim absolutely nothing. Every free kick against us is a threat beacuse howard will never come and get it. I’m not saying the goalie should get everything, but it is tending to the point where he gets rather little, no?

    • While I wouldn’t be ready to bench him for Guzan, my confidence in Howard is not strong as it used to be. The only game I can think of in recent memory where I felt he was a massive factor positively, was the win in Azteca. In that game, it was the best game I ever saw him play. He was the man of the match, and we don’t win it without him.

      I will admit, that after Guzan won against Costa Rica (in fairness, he pretty much had to do nothing, and if memory serves me correctly, he even made a big error in the game that was negated by an offside), and had the draw in Azteca, I was quietly one of those who began to wonder if he should be the #1. Again though, while I don’t have extreme confidence in Howard….at the moment, I still think he is our # 1.

      I do agree though with the concern. Plus, I wonder sometimes how much the defenders truly want to play for him. Its one thing to have a goalkeeper lead and be vocal…..but another to have him embarrass his defenders by screaming at the like they are teenagers. Even when a defender is in the wrong…..not sure how beneficial it is to always be throwing your hands in the air, and instantly passing the blame so that everyone in the stadium knows who’s fault it is for the mistake. Not saying the defenders let in goals on purpose…..but its only human nature to feel some resentment in that case.

      • I know what you mean. That histrionic “W T F!!!” vocal display that the cameras caught against Belgium was not Timmy’s finest moment.

        That said, on his best day, Howard can still make saves that only the best goal keepers in the world are capable of making. That, plus his years of experience still give him the edge.

        But Guzan is probably right there with him now, in average game-to-game performance. If we get comfortably ahead in the Hex, I would like to see Klinsi give Guzan some starts.

    • I think that is why Keller, IMO, was better than Friedel. Friedel and Howard are alike in that they don’t come out of their goal mouth often, certainly not often enough it seems to me. Tonight’s Jamaican goal was much like the goal Germany scored against Friedel to win the quarterfinal game in the 2002 WC.

  17. Projection for how I am guessing it plays out……went game by game with projections. Have us winning at home against Panama, Honduras and Jamaica. A draw on the road at Panama. Loses at home to Mexico and on the road to Costa Rica. I am very conservative by having both of those as loses. Even if we turn that loss to Mexico to a draw, then we would finish tied at the top of the group with Mexico with 18 points.

    Just my opinion, with a hint towards being conservative.

    Mexico 20 points
    US 17 points
    Costa Rica 16 points
    Honduras 12 points
    Panama 10 points
    Jamaica 4 points

    • If I had a way to bet you, I would absolutely bet that Mexico does not make it to 20 points. But I have limited options on the internet toughguy stage.

      And Jamaica at 4? Come on now

      • Mexico has almost as much trouble beating us here as we do beating them in Azteca. You cannot just gift them points based on name

      • Thats true, but the last two times we played in the US, I have to say that Mexico has been the better side. Arguable for the 1-1 draw, especially late when we definitely were the better team, but I would still say that Mexico outplayed us overall. Of course in the Gold Cup, we looked like we didn’t belong on the same field.

        I need to see a US win before I go back to chalking up 3 points for a US-Mexico home game. You are also right that its not right to give Mexico the 3 points either…..but this projection was being ultra conservative and giving Mexico the 3 points. Good to know that even in that case, we should qualify with room to spare.

      • Where do you see Jamaica picking up more than 4 points?

        I have them with loses at Honduras, Panama and the US

        Draws at home against Panama and Costa Rica

        Maybe they win one of those home games, and draw another game. That puts them 6. Not way off from 4

        They have 2 points through 5 games with 3 home games. Not sure why 4 total is out of the question.

        Nonetheless, we can probably agree they won’t qualify, which is obviously what matters most.

    • Have you actually watched Mexico in any of their qualifiers? They are not playing well and looked very disjointed and ineffective. They’ll be lucky if they finish in third, and there’s no way they’re beating the US in the US.

      • How do you see Mexico finishing less than third….or lucky to finish in 3rd?

        Even if they lose both road games to the US and Costa Rica (hard to imagine they don’t pull at least a point in one of those), they will be heavy favorites in their 3 homes games and should be 3 wins. That will be 16 points. Easily 3rd place.

        This is the worst that Mexico has played in years. Its unreasonable to think that it will continue. Even if it does, they should still win their three home games.

        I would be thrilled to be wrong…..but the fact is that as bad as Mexico is playing, they (like us), are in okay shape.

    • if you’re talking about ‘hating’ klinsmann, it could also be that people were criticizing klinsmann when he was doing one thing (i.e. 3 d-mids, playing an agonizingly slow attacking scheme, etc.), and then not criticizing him when he corrected his mistakes (i.e. only 2 d-mids, playing a more direct attacking scheme). but yeah, it’s easier to just dismiss the critics as ‘haters’.

      if you’re referring to ‘hating’ brad evans, well, i am so freaking guilty, and i’ve been silenced.

  18. A win is a win, but Ives said Jamaica was not at full strength and we could not dominate!?

    Fabian had the one shot but was anonymous after that. Deuce and MB were fine but did not seem to have many attacking ideas. Beas got toasted a couple of times. They still do not get the ball to Jozy enough.

    Defense was still shaky.

    To do anything in the WC we still have much room for improvement.

    I hope Stu Holden rounds back to his old form.

    • Well Beas had a couple shaky moments, but I think you have to live with that. More unfortunately, Gonzo was clearly nervous during the game. Still, credit to Besler, he is, as of this moment, our best centerback.

      • see, i’m not sure we do have to live with that. seems like most people wanted to see fabian up front, but i think we’ve seen enough to say that he’s just not as good when he starts in an advanced position.

        if you move him to LB (where he seems more comfortable than beasley), than you can move beasley up to his natural position. win-win.

  19. Now how do we replace Zusi and most likely Jones in the line up. Could you put Dempsey on the right and pair EJ up top with with Jozy? Is Holden ready to give the team some minutes? A few things to figure out in only a few days.

    • Does he start Cameron at CM with Bradley? Putting EJ on the right is too much of a defensive liability. Gomez must have an injury. Sacha could play there, but I’d rather have an untested Corona or a not 100 % Holden.

    • Actually, not a terrible thought, though I reserve the right to reverse myself in the morning. I’m talking in term of Johnson replacing Zusi. I’m still worried about Jones.

    • Could also see F.Johnson go to the right and Davis play on the left. F.Johnson didn’t show too much today, but I wonder if Corona or Holden would do much better out wide. Probably way to early for Holden to go 90 in any capacity, but he could hopefully provide some minutes off the bench.

      Another thought would be to have Kljestan join Bradley and Cameron centrally and let Dempsey drift inside from the left; F.Johnson or Corona could play wide on the right.

      • I tend to agree with you. i dont see how holden starts and im not comfortable with kljestan (although bradley may be a better partner for him than Jones). another thought, since we’re at home, (and I’m just throwing this out there) is something like…




        Maybe that’s too offensive and doesn’t provide enough cover for a back line that’s still figuring it out. But maybe, just maybe, the ball movement and control coming from the three midfielders allows us to dominate possession and control the tempo to try and unlock a Panama side that will surely be bunkering it in for the tie and looking to hit on the counter.

  20. The Brad Evans story is remarkable. I had SERIOUS doubts, even after the Germany match. Put aside the goal, he’s been excellent. The goal is the icing on the cake. It takes a lot of moments and plays to make a WC run. He’s already played his part. I really hope he’s on the plane to brazil (not starting please), he deserves it.

    • I was absolutely ready to through JK/Evans under the bus. I feel it will end poorly playing a MF and a DEF position, but for now, Evans is killing it. I wanted to yell at the decision but Evans is proving me wrong time after time. Love it

  21. Pleased with the win, but an worried about missing zusi and jones for panama. We were just starting to get some chemistry

    • I’m concerned about this as well. Assuming EJ starts for Zusi, and hopefully has a strong outing since they’re playing in Seattle. I’m also interested to see who lines up next to Bradley, especially after Cameron was called in for Jones.

    • No one has mentioned how bogus Zusi’s yellow was on the foul that led to the goal. Legitimate challenge that went bad. A foul certainly, but not cardable when compared to some of the assaults by Jamaicans.

    • Sorry to see the Jone’s injury. We have a lot of guys on one yellow and was really worried that we’d lose someone for the Panama game. Those with yellows were DaMarcus Beasley, Michael Bradley, Matt Besler, Brad Davis, Clint Dempsey, Graham Zusi and Fabian Johnson – so fortunate to only lose Zusi. Now can add Brad Davis to the list. As ugly as the officiating was at least the ref keep the cards in his pocket most of the times.

  22. BeIn is an abomination.

    Klinsmann knows what he is doing. And he was right–there is somebody playing better than Donovan. His name is Graham Zusi. Brad Evans says hello.

    Glad that rugby match is over. Is it too much to ask for just a smidgen of consistency in officiating? Jamaica players are sweeping legs out, pulling guys down by jerseys and running into them all over the field. We go near them and it’s a whistle.

    Koman Coulibaly, is that you? Their goal was a blatant foul and offside.

    Happy to be out of that garbage place with our first ever 3 well fought points.

    • The ref played some ridiculous “advantages” as we’ll. There were a couple of times when the US was fouled in front of the goal (maybe 25 yards out) and the ball is played to someone on the touch line or backwards and the ref played on. Simply because the ball ends up with the same team doesn’t mean there is an advantage.

      • Some guy at the bar behind us was wondering aloud if the referee was playing “Advantage” all the time so he wouldn’t have to do anything to the Jamaica players.

        Jamaica had 10 CALLED fouls and probably 10-15 “Advantages” played and ZERO FREAKING CARDS.

      • There was even one ‘advantage’ in the second half I thought he was going to throw a card for but didn’t. I don’t know what they had to do to earn a card. It really could have a been a red when they tackled EJ at the end.

      • I can remember 4 different instances where we should have had a free kick right on the edge of their box.

        He honestly refused to give us a call. It was mind-numbing. Either he was scared of the fans (unlikely since they’re all high) or he had an agenda.

        He was calling advantages in our own d*mn half on back p@sses for reckless crap.

        And we end up with an injured player–thankfully not more given some other big falls–and another our on dubious yellow card suspension.

      • Absolutely with you about BeIn: their two sideline reporters were truly terrible. The girl has no idea about soccer at all and isn’t comfortable on camera anyway. There was that awkward moment where she asked a totally off-topic follow-up question to Brad Evans about what he’d say to the US fans who’d traveled. Ridiculous. The other guy had at least some sense of the sport, but he looked like he’d had three too many cups of coffee, and also was totally awkward on camera.

        Plenty of times where Schoen seemed to be watching a slightly different match than me as well.

    • Zusi is good, but he’s no Donovan. He’s like Donovan-lite. Donovan has better touch, speed, and vision … and can shoot to score goals.

    • The ref was a joke right from the beginning. Remember Evans getting an ‘bow thrown in his face in the first ten minutes? And there were several clear pushes and fouls, but the ref just let it go.

      • It’s time to stop blaming the; ref, field, weather, injuries. It simply wasn’t good enough. I know it was a win but somewhat lucky there was no attacking initiative. There were several instances when the US had numbers on the break and didn’t even get a shot off, it seemed they were time wasting as son as Altidore scored in the 30th minute. Man that game was boring.

  23. As I was walking from the bar to my car (wearing my US jersey, of course), a guy in a passing car yelled (in an American accent), “MANCHESTER UNITED! Wear a real jersey!”

    I decided that’s my least favorite segment of the American soccer community: people who root for Brazil and Man U/Chelsea/Barça for no apparent reason. I wish all of them would switch to lacrosse or something.

    • That’s not isolated to just the soccer community, that segment of fair-weather fans and front running applies to all genres of sports, unfortunately.

      I absolutely agree, though. They’re an embarrassment to what being a true fan actually represents.

      • I’ve always been a Man U, Yankees, Steelers/Patriots/Colts fan for all time. In the NBA I switch between the Lakers and Celtics but now I’m all about the Heat. Totally my team for all “time”

    • When I see Americans wearing another country’s jersey I ususly walk up to the and let them know what a moron they are.

    • This is pretty despicable but I have to say this in regards to the fair weather fan-ness of people. As you can see I’m in Miami. I have no MLS team. I have a slight allegiance to DC United but only because I’m a fan of Ben Olson (as sad as that is) and the Galaxy due to LD and Bruce Arena. But each season I start watching as many games as possible. There are certain teams each season whose story or style of play catch my eyes. By the end of season many times these teams have risen to the top of the standings. I’ll even root against LAG and DCU sometimes if one of these teams is playing them. The first year I noticed this was the year Columbus won the title. Then it was years the Sounders were playing exciting football and the atmosphere at their home game s was addictive. This year I really l Timbers style of play. I also like watching Montreal and Vancouver (at home). But if they stop playing what I consider fun to watch football I’ll stop paying attention – I haven’t followed Columbus closely since Sigi left. Anyway, the mind of the fair weather fan isn’t always so straight forward.

      That being said – that Man U fan…SMH…

    • I watched the game at the AO bar in Austin. Two younger guys I was talking to asked me what team I supported. I said Sounders. They looked at me like I was from outer-space. i told them when I watched Euro soccer I tended to back Arsenal. Then they were like “cool, it was awesome how they beat out Tottenham.”

      These were two guys who live in Texas within driving distance of FC Dallas. They had never been to a game. They had no idea that Gonzo is from the Dallas area. I had to point out to them how many MLS players were on the field last night.

      They loved Brek Shea, though, because he plays at Stoke. And when I explained to them that Geoff Cameron played most of his career in Houston as a midfielder, so he wasn’t out of position last night, they admitted having never watched Cameron in Houston but loved him at Stoke.


      • It is beautiful that you are growing the beautiful game with people! I work for FC Dallas and it is hard to not be condescending to that fan and I must applaud you for this, pure class and the more we realize any support of soccer in America is a good thing, true fans of the game will jump over! That fool better go to the Stoke FCD game then haha Also go FCD (shameless plug)

        Thanks Scott! You are the reason soccer will continue to grow!

      • There’s nothing wrong with living in the United States and supporting a European team. The quality of soccer in the MLS is substandard, so I wouldn’t fault someone for not following the MLS. I would love for MLS to become a better league, but it currently operates like a system that rewards mediocrity- no promotion/relegation, salary cap, tiny soccer specific stadiums, etc. When it changes, there will be more fans that come to the games. European teams fill NFL size stadiums for meaningless friendlies on their summer tours in the US, because they offer a better product on the field.

      • and one more thought.
        this idea that european teams are better are silly. there are thousands and thousands of clubs in europe.
        when people tell me they like European soccer I ask them who their favorite team in Sweden is, or what they thought of Red Star Belgrade’s last game?
        There are about 10 teams in Europe that most American Eurosnobs even know anything about. Even the guys I mentioned who knew about Shea and Cameron at Stoke had never actually watched a Stoke game.
        It’s ridiculous for people to say that “Europeans put a better product on the field.” The EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga are not “Europe.”

      • + 100

        I have friends who love bantering on and on about Euro teams but have no idea about the history of the team, where they play, who their rivals are and in some cases the players on the squad.

      • Scott, this is silly. Folks can love European soccer without knowing who won the Albanian league last year. This is not a trivia competition. And Europeans do generally put much better product on the field than MLS, although they also have crappy teams. Bundesliga no less European than MLS is North American. And if you are looking for a pure pan-European competition, it is available in the form of the UEFA Champions league and Europa league.

      • Eurosnob, that is a weak argument. Team affiliation, at it’s best is about identity and ownership. Do you know why there are lower leagues in Europe in the first place? It’s not about the quality of soccer or how those leagues are ran. It’s about growing up with a team in your backyard, your neighborhood, in your family, in your town and going to games with your family. It’s about tradition. It’s about ownership and belonging.

        By your argument Rangers New Co fans should just pickup, abandon their team and become Celtic fans. That will NEVER happen because there is more to following a team, a club than quality of players, wins or the league they play in.

        I have heard this argument as far back as the early years of MLS when it truly was crap. But we followed and I am DC United through and through – during the glory years and especially during these unfortunate rough years. Because it is my team and my tradition.

        I love Manchester United and followed them since I was a kid back in Africa. But they are second in my heart to DC United – and it’s certainly not for the quality of play, or prestige, or the league. Why? Because MLS is ours – here in the States. It may not be the best or sexiest, yet. But it is ours and I am proud of it and will love it to the day I die.

      • Kosh, I don’t think you fully understood my argument. In Europe, South America and pretty much everywhere, except the US, things are based on merit. Rangers have fallen on the hard times, but they can, and eventually will, win the promotion to SPL. Swansea hired smart managers, made good choices in selecting and developing players and worked its way up to the EPL. The merit is rewarded. A team from a smallest community has a chance, even if it is a small chance. You beat the competition, you get promoted. In contrast, MSL is an exclusive country club, where owners can put crappy squads on the field without any fear of relegation. A team from a third division will not be able to earn a promotion to a higher division in the US. Is it really good for the US soccer? Is it good for the fans, who don’t have an MLS team in their back yard? And quality does matter. You were a ManUtd supporter when growing up in Africa. It was not one of the local teams that captured your heart, but the one from a far away Manchester that routinely plays in front of 75,000 passionate fans. Now you support DCU, which is great. But they are not the team that you grew up with. My point is that high quality soccer can attract 70,000 of fans in the US, but it does not occur under MLS’ business model. MLS fans deserve better.

      • I get some of what you are saying but…

        Merit in Europe? Myth – Crewe Alexandria is not winning the Prem EVER and with the way debt is getting out of hand in Europe, small clubs like these may not even be around for much longer. Promotion and relegation is not so much about quality anymore than it is money.

        Plus promotion/relegation is a European model that works for Europeans. It was once based on a model of “someday your club may have the chance to do…”. Now, with the way money is destroying the game – promotion/relegation is a way to keep fans interested. That works for teams over there because of the “tribal” model that club association is based on. Here in the States there is no such strong affiliation so if you are not performing fans don’t show. No fans, no team. No team, no league. We can’t even get our fans to understand other competitions like the USOC and CC and you think promotion/relegation will somehow make the “quality” of our league match that of the top teams in the world? Not buying it.

        If you want to make a loaded case for promotion/relegation = quality then just go ahead and do so. There are tons of posts on here and on many other sites that argue against that, so I’ll pa$$. However, I’ll say this the last time I checked Scandinavia had promotion/relegation and I can see how it’s done wonders to the quality of their play and their leagues.

        Oh and the reason why I followed United instead of my local clubs was because of the blatant, in your face, corruption and cheating that ruled the day. I grew up with BBC and loved United even in the Liverpool heyday years. So your point that I purely followed them for quality of play is off because I didn’t even have a TV to watch and see the quality of their play.

        MLS is a slow growth model and is getting better every year. Where Euro fans falter with it is that they expect it to be fully based on the Euro model right now or bust.

      • How many fans did those teams bring in when their leagues were 12 years old?
        How big are the vast majority of football stadiums in Europe? Very few European teams draw 50,000+ fans a game.

        You are an idiot.

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