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Inter Milan announce friendly with Real Madrid in St. Louis

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After the International Champions Cup finishes, two of the participating squads, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, will meet in one final friendly match.

St. Louis and the Edward Jones Dome will play host on August 10 to the two European sides, who will return to Europe after the match to finish preparations for their upcoming 2013/2014 seasons. Reports stated that Real Madrid officials had been in St. Louis in June to inspect the stadium and city to see if they could set up the friendly on short notice.

Tickets for the match are on sale on Ticketmaster. The two clubs could face each other in the ICC final three days earlier in Miami, Florida.

What do you think of this news? Do you plan on attending the match?

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  1. They did, no one went. Sucks because an MLS team would do wonders there but due to lack of support from teh NASL team as well as the womens team it wont happen anytime soon….

    • ugh! No one WENT because no one KNEW about the team.

      You can’t have a Pro Team with no advertising.

      It was a complete joke.

      another example- the Front Office had 3 FT employees. That’s it!

  2. Avalanche and Nuggets are owned by Kroenke’s son Josh. The NFL issue was decided when Stan bought out Georgia Frontiere’s interest, following her death. I have been following this issue for about 10 years and it is very disappointing! Anheuser Busch should have used their influence, while they had a chance. Kroenke loves real estate, so I can’t believe he would ever move the Rapids. I don’t want another relocated franchise! I have went through that with the Rams.

  3. I’m surprised it has taken you so long to report on this, the Press Conference was almost 2 weeks ago.

    Regardless, you did so thank you. :/

    Already 43k tickets sold out of 66k available. By the end of the year, St.Louis will have held 2 big Friendlies, selling over 100k tickets. I think we could support a MLS team just fine

  4. I live in central Missouri between St. Louis and Kansas City. With the All-Star Game, two European friendlies and then the US Qualifier toward the end of the year I can legitimately say its been a great year for soccer in my region. I think the natural progression is that St. Louis eventually will be awarded an MLS team. It bugs me to no end that a successful ownership bid has not happened and continues to run into road blocks. I’ll remain an SKC fan, however it would be exciting to see a team in St. Louis given the proximity to Chicago as well as Kansas City. The amount of quality players that are from this region has shown through in past (Pat Noon, Taylor Twellman, etc.) The 1930s world cup team which got third place was comprised mostly of players from St. Louis. Similarly in this region, you can look at Kansas City and see some quality homegrowns like Beseler, Sinovic and Jack Jewsbury.


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