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MLS Ticker: Aimar considering MLS offer; Bernardello joins Impact as second DP; and more

Pablo Aimar of Benfica

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Although unintentional, it seems the recent Messi & Friends charity tour has potentially helped Major League Soccer.

After taking part in Messi’s charity match in Chicago, former Benfica midfielder Pablo Aimar is reportedly considering an offer from MLS. Specifically, a report in Argentina states that the Los Angeles Galaxy are interested in snatching up the Argentine playmaker.

The 33-year-old Aimar looked set to sign for Malaysian side Johor Darul Takzim, but has decided to wait and evaluate all of his offers, which also includes a return to his first club River Plate in Buenos Aires. At the moment, the former Argentina international is training with his hometown club, Estudiantes de Rio Cuarto, discussing his options.

Despite battling injury issues during his whole career, Aimar lead Valencia to two La Liga titles, the last titles won by a team not named Barcelona or Real Madrid, and has won numerous trophies during his career in Europe and Argentina. Last season at Benfica, Aimar played just 21 times in all competitions, mostly off the bench.

Here are some more stories to catch you up around the league:


With a heavy calendar approaching, the Montreal Impact have completed a major signing for the club.

Argentine midfielder Hernan Bernardello was announced on Tuesday as the club’s second designated player, signing with the Impact per the receipt of his International Transfer Certificate (ITC). Per MLS policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“We are very pleased to have finalized the acquisition of a player who has played at the highest levels,” said Impact sporting director Nick De Santis in a press release. “He fits in well with the identity of the club and we believe he will play an important role for us moving forward.

Added De Santis, “(Bernardello) plays the game with a lot of passion and emotions.”

The 26-year-old midfielder spent last season at Atletico Colon in Argentina, making 25 league appearances and scoring one goal.


The Major League Soccer Disciplinary Committee has issued suspensions to two players and fines to three for actions that occurred this past weekend.

Both Eric Hassli of FC Dallas and Real Salt Lake’s Chris Wingert have been fined undisclosed amounts as well as suspended a match, while the Portland Timbers’ Andrew Jean-Baptiste has been fined for what the Committee feels was “embellishment.”

Hassli’s suspension stems from his “violent conduct” towards Montreal Impact midfielder Davy Arnaud in the 84th minute of their scoreless draw last Saturday. The French forward will be forced to sit out FC Dallas’ next match when they visit the Seattle Sounders on August 3.

Wingert will be missing two games, as the Disciplinary Committee suspension is added on to the one-game suspension he earned for his red card in the 2-1 defeat to Sporting Kansas City. Wingert, like Hassli, was deemed to have used “violent conduct” when he barged into Sporting KC forward Kei Kamara in the first minute of the match. The RSL defender was only given a yellow card at the time.


What do you think of these reports? Do you see Aimar joining the LA Galaxy? Do you see Bernardello helping improve the Impact’s defense and midfield? Do you agree with the Disciplinary Committee’s decisions?

Share you thoughts below.


  1. I agree Billy, I’m looking at Aimar’s cv and he is a proven winner! I was impressed with Zelaya, however can he do it consistently? It won’t hurt to have 4 veteran leaders on the field (Cudicini, LD, Keane, Aimar). It will attract more Argentinans to the Stub Hub Center and I’m sure we will see all the beautiful women flock to the game as well : ) moreover, he would great mentor for our young players!

  2. Well as a Galaxy fan, I think we should sign Aimar. The only reason he didn’t play much last season was because Benfica are actually a decent young side. He’d instantly be one of our most creative midfielder when signed, he has experience and he’s a leader.

    Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just sign a player that would contribute solely on the field. One of my criticisms of the Galaxy FO is this obsession with buying the “perfect player” which benefits us on the pitch and off it. At the moment I don’t really care about that, we had the “perfect” player for years.

    What will people remember more selling a few more shirts or LA winning a 3rd consecutive cup? IMO Zelaya is unrealistic, also he’s getting a bit overrated as he just performed well in a summer tournament. I’m always weary of the summer standout, the list of failures is immense.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I love big name DP signings as much as the next guy. Players like Beckham, Henry, Blanco, and Keane have done a lot to raise the profile of the league. However, I think the signing of unknown 20 something DPs will ultimately raise the level of play in MLS, and profile of the league more. DPs like Valeri, Bengston, Bieler, etc. have a chance to develop in MLS and make their name here. If Montero goes to Portugal and does well, it will be a testament to MLS. If a younger DP, who wasn’t getting time with his national team comes here and starts contributing to his national squad, it will be a testament to MLS. When the Beckhams and Henry’s do well in MLS, you say well they developed and played for the best teams in the world, of course they do well. But when a younger guy from central or South America comes here and does well, you say MLS has helped take their game to te next level. Young players in those places will see MLS as a viable place to take their career to the next level. Ultimately I think, the success of younger, unknown DPs will have a greater impact on the strength and perception of the league than the big name guys. That’s not to say that the Beckham’s and Henry’s didn’t make the whole thing possible to begin with.

    • I could not agree more.

      Signing the big names makes the lesser known younger guys interested in coming here. But it is in developing younger talent that goes on to succeed in Champions League level play that MLS will develop a better reputation and grow.

  4. If we compare Aimar to past Argentine #10 DP’s in MLS, he’ll probably fall somewhere between a Gallardo and a Schelotto.

  5. “The 33-year-old Aimar looked set to sign for Malaysian side Johor Darul Takzim”

    If he’s purely interested in a paycheck, more power to him but he can go get lost in the abyss of Malaysian football then for all I care in favor of cashing checks in MLS.

  6. I’d love to see the NYRB get Aimar. They have a glut of central midfielders, but Aimar would actually qualify as an attacking one.

    • No thank you. It’s a bad sign any time you see a guy mentioned in a headline and your first thought is “that guy still plays?” We just dumped Juninho, we don’t need an Argentine version. If this guy still had anything left, he would’ve had better offers than the Malaysian league.

  7. Aimar is pure quality. I don’t know if this is solid, but if it is then Aimar could be one of the 5 most talented players ever in MLS.

      • It depends on how you want to rate the various DPs. The rankings of MLS players considering their entire careers and considering only their time in MLS would be very VERY different.

        Consider Denilson, Ljungberg, Marquez, Frings…

      • does the article state he will be a DP? for a guy who was about to sign with Johor Darul Takzim, i just don’t know if i see DP. and i don’t see LA filling their 3rd DP with Aimar, as good as he is.

        but maybe they do anyway.

      • I did not mean to imply that Aimar would be a DP. He may not be, although I expect he will try to demand DP wages.

        I meant to point out that where Aimar ranks in “most talented MLS players” depends on if you count only players’ talent level during their time in MLS or if you consider their entire career.

      • no worries, i didn’t take your comment that you were implying that. it was just a question that popped into my head as i read your comment regarding DPs.

      • You play for a team like that for the money. Aimar is talented enough to still land on a sizable team in the top four leagues.

      • Grouping teams from the “top 4 leagues” is silly….Budgets are not the same from top to bottom, and there is a lot of bottom in the “top 4 leagues.”

      • Marquez? Unless you are considering his time in the MLS a complete and utter flop. There is no need ot consider him. His career prior to MLS o.k. But as far as MLS goes c’mon.

    • Top five in MLS for me (contribution + prestige + skill):

      1. Valderrama
      2. Henry
      3. Beckham
      4. Donovan
      5. Etcheverry (yes, I’m a DC snob)

      Sure I’ve forgotten someone..

  8. wengert was a red from the beginning. We’ll a Red in German, Spanish and Italian leagues. If the ball would have been 20 yards closer to the players, then maybe a yellow. Straight Americana style football safety tackle. Glad Kamara was ok.


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