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Donovan replaces Keane on MLS All-Star roster

Landon Donovan

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Considering the season he’s had, there’s only one place that Landon Donovan should be on July 31.

The Los Angeles Galaxy star has replaced his club teammate Robbie Keane on the Major League Soccer All-Star Game roster, and will get the chance to play against AS Roma at Sporting Park just three days following the CONCACAF Gold Cup final this Sunday.

It’s Donovan’s 13th straight season as an MLS All Star.

Since returning from his self-imposed sabbatical in late March, Donovan has looked as good as ever, scoring three goals and six assists in 12 MLS matches. Since returning to the U.S. Men’s National team for this summer’s Gold Cup, Donovan has been the best player in the tournament, racking up 5 goals and 7 assists to lead the U.S. to five successive wins. In addition, this summer the 31-year-old forward became the first ever USMNT player with 50 goals and 50 assists.

Although he’s now going to be a part of 12 MLS All-Star games, Donovan’s only MVP honors came in his first All-Star Game in 2001. In that game the then 19-year-old budding star scored four goals as the West tied the East, 6-6.

What do you think of this news? Excited to see Donovan out on the field with the other MLS stars against AS Roma?

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  1. Until Donovan remembers and signs the national anthem before games he will always be a second class citizen to me . Who is he to think he is too good to participate?

  2. There really are a lot of Landon Donovan haters out there. The guy is playing some of the best soccer of his career now and I keep reading nothing but stupid stuff here about Donovan. So the guy took a break from soccer after playing almost non-stop from 16 to 29 or 30 years of age. JK told Cherundolo to take time off after a long German season and recuperating from an injury and no one says anything. Give the guy a break. How many Donovan haters have worked almost 15 years at the same job without a break?

  3. “…consdering the season he’s had…”

    I cnosder myself an MLS fan at large and usually watch two to four games a weekend. I have seen most of the games he has played. And let me tell you – if Zardes and Villareal actually knew how to play already LD’s stats would be at least double where they are now.

    I’m not smacking the kids – they are talented and will be very good. But I have watched time after time thier failure to recognize what Landon is doing – either making runs or putting the ball back where they need to be. The major difference between his play in the season and the GC (other than being particularly fired up at the moment) is the recognition and quality of the players around him.

  4. has anyone asked Donovan lately whether he’d be open to an Everton transfer? Would the Galaxy say yes at this point if someone offered them 4 million for him?

    • Moyes is the man who most wanted Donovan for Everton and he’s gone on to coach some other team (which one?) Who knows maybe the other team may want to pick him up on a free transfer when his contract with the Galaxy end at the end of the season… Hmmmm

      • Yeah, I knew about Moyes and Martinez, but I still feel that Everton would be the fit for Donovan because he’s established himself there and would be welcomed despite his sabbatical. He was voted player of the month during both of his loan spells and Everton need bodies. I wonder if the galaxy would let him go for a reasonable offer? Not sure the European norms with transfer fees and always selling a player to a club higher up on the food chain if he’s about to go free apply to a rich club such as the Galaxy. They may simply choose to say we want to win the league this year and will worry about rebuilding/replacing you after you’re gone.

        Anyways, if I were Everton I would certainly make an inquiry given Donovan’s form and track record with the Toffees. It would be foolish not to.

  5. “Considering the season he’s had, there’s only one place that Landon Donovan should be on July 31.”


  6. Player A takes a break after burning out from soccer overload.

    Player A then put in every game under the sun including unnecessary friendlies immediately following a major tournament.

    Player A takes another break.

    • Let’s hope not. “Player A” came perilously close to burning bridges with the first break, and I am of the opinion that he would succeed in burning them all the way down with a second break.

      All-Star games, and starting “every game under the sun” is the price you pay for the type of salary paid to top players.

  7. Should have added Jack Mac instead. Donovan will have just finished a Gold Cup in which he has played a lot of minutes and could use a little break.

  8. Interesting selection honestly. I am not going to complain … Landycakes is clearly on form and it would be difficult to say someone else deserves it more. That said, him being given this spot as an MLS all star has nothing to do with his 2013 MLS exploits. The fans and others who were choosing all stars clearly spoke and felt that his “sabbatical” coupled with his 2013 performance was not deserving of this honor this year. This is clearly a choice based on name, pre 2013 history and the fact that he is tearing it up in the GoldCup right now.

    I am not a Galaxy fan and frankly love to hate LD in MLS, but as a USMNT fan (which feels stranger than ever with the number of MLS players on the team that I routinely root against), I must say he looks impressive and I am glad he is dominating all of these games. For the sake of both MLS and US Soccer, this is a feeling I can get over after about 90 minutes and I can deal with as it is good for both.

      • To be fair it is a nickname that long overlived its relevance. The name dates way back to the multiple failed attempts in Germany, first coined by a caller to one of Steven Cohen’s shows, either World Soccer Daily or Fox Football fone-in back around 2006 or so, perhaps just after the failed US World Cup campaign.

      • Why would anyone care about the etymology of the word Landycakes? Just stop talking saying it people, you sound stupid.

  9. I’m afraid that he might take another sabbatical if he has to play in the all star game after coming back from the gold cup. We may not see him for the rest of the year!

  10. Apparently injured… you have to click on the link to the galaxy website, apparently typing the extra three words in the article was too much to ask

  11. I was looking forward to seeing Robbie Keane in the all star game represent MLS but congrats to LD for another well deserved appearance.

    • Keane has been nursing a hip flexor injury and although it’s not bad, rest and recuperation are the order of the day. The Galaxy start play in the Guiness Champions Cup on 8/1 and play at least 2-3 of the big Euro teams, so I’m sure the Galaxy will want him ready and rested for those games

  12. Coming off the Final and a grueling month long tourney… he has to turn around and play on 7/31… I don’t think we seem him play more than 30 minutes.


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