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Club suitors from England, Germany and Italy lining up for Altidore

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The start of July has signaled the unofficial start of the Jozy Altidore sweepstakes, with clubs from all over Europe lining up to pry the U.S. Men’s National Team forward away from Dutch side AZ.

Clubs from England, Germany and Italy have already expressed interest, with multiple reports identifying Sunderland as one of two Premier League clubs making a play for Altidore.

Lyle Yorks, Altidore’s agent, confirmed to SBI on Tuesday that there are two Premier League clubs in play, and that one is in advanced discussions with AZ. He would not identify the teams, though AZ’s Earnie Stewart has confirmed Sunderland as one of the teams.

A report from the Netherlands claims AZ has already rejected Sunderland’s initial offer.

Sources have confirmed to SBI that Hull City is not one of the Premier League teams in play for Altidore. The recently-promoted club had been though to be a potential destination due to Altidore’s previous stint there on loan in 2011, but Hull City is not one of the teams making a play for him now.

Fulham is a team that expressed interest in Altidore a year ago, but is not one of the Premier League teams making a play for him this summer, sources confirmed to SBI.

Yorks also confirmed to SBI that two top teams from Italy’s Serie A have expressed interest, with reports identifying Lazio as one of the clubs.

Sources have also told SBI that clubs from Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine made approaches for Altidore, but offers from those countries are not being seriously considered. Zenit St. Petersburg and Bursaspor are just two of the clubs from those countries to make inquiries.

AZ’s recent sale of star midfielder Adam Maher has eased the pressure on the club to sell Altidore, but the club is listening to all offers and an Altidore transfer is very much still a strong possibility. Sources tell SBI the process to determine Altidore’s future should be resolved in the next two weeks.

What do you think of these developments? Where would you like to see Altidore wind up? Hoping he stays at AZ for another season? What league do you see being the best fit for him?

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  1. Jozy should wait until after the 2014 World Cup to move imo. A lot of trepidation from some of the bigger names to pull the trigger on Jozy stem from his struggles prior to joining AZ. Note that most strikers who’ve had similar careers in the Eredivisie (even in recent history) have gotten better offers from better teams. Not only is the fact that Jozy is American being held against him, but his years at Hull, Villa, Bursaspor and elswhere is being held against him as well.

    Fast-forward a year from now and Jozy may not only have an impressive World Cup under his belt, he’ll also be on the last year of his contract, making him a prime target for a good club. Many players in his situation have positioned themselves for a post World Cup move in the past. Jozy should do the same.

  2. People seem to think that Jozy was a total failure at Hull. I watched at least a dozen of his games there and the truth is that Hull City was a total failure as a team. Jozy was a beast. An unfinished beast with a lot to learn but a beast just the same. Defenders in the EPL could not handle his size and strength and were constantly pulling him down just outside the box and inside the box. Hull scored six goals on penalty kicks after Jozy was pulled down in the box. He was a free kick generating machine from just outside the box. Trouble was Hull City could never capitalize.

  3. News out today that Dortumund has signed forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from St Etienne in France. So looks like we will see no surprise move to Dortmund for Jozy. The more I think about it the more I think Sunderland would be a great move for Jozy if he has heart set on the Premier League, although I would rather see him go to Germany. One step at a time and better to see Jozy take a small step up the ladder now and succeed than risking a huge leap forward that carries tremendous risk for another stumble. He has done those risks before and did not turn out well and most likely wants to avoid a repeat. He’s got plenty of time and if he does well at a team like Sunderland he can make the next move in two or three years when he will be all of 25 or 26.

  4. I wish they would seriously consider Zenit, they have one of the best and underrated coaches in the world in Spalletti. That dude not only has success everywhere he goes but he coaches an attractive, attacking creative brand of soccer and has a track record of developing young players. It’s not a glamor location but his game should improve and they consistently play Champions League.

  5. If growth is his concern, Germany or Italy will be the places to look unless AZ decides to keep him (I’d like to see him stay there to be honest at least until the next WC cycle begins). That said, it might not be good for him psychologically to go from a place that plays “Born in the USA” and cheers madly for him to a place that makes monkey calls at black players and throws bananas on the pitch.

    The play in England for the most part is not beautiful, but fast and predictable. He won’t do anything but gas himself chasing wayward balls unless he ends up with one of the top 4 or 5. I want him as far away from the Premiership as possible.

  6. As cool as it would be to have another American to root for in the EPL, I have to say I hope he stays put. Jozy has bounced around clubs and his form has bounced with him. He is finally in a good situation, has improved dramatically, and is in maybe his best form ever. Its become apparent just how important he is to the USMNT, when he’s on the entire team goes from mediocre to really good. Stay put Jozy, get the big deal after next summer and a standout World Cup performance. Signed: a selfish USMNT fan

    • He needs to improve by playing in a league where the quality of players and play is better than the Dutch League. ;AZ has laid the foundation and he has become one of the best strikers in the league; it’s time to move on to something better in order to raise his game still further.

      • Bundesliga. Selfish interests here, but too much of EPL play is too predictable and dumb. For the benefit of the USMNT, I hope he goes somewhere creative.

      • Italy, Germany, Spain, but I believe no offers from Spain…In this case Lazio seems like the strongest team and league to go to. Who is this mystery team in England? If it is Arsenal..then I support going to Arsenal….why? Arsenal are consistently in the Champions League.

      • IF he goes to Arsenal, I’d pee my pants, and it’s not totally fantasy; Arsenal, even with all their money, aren’t used to spending money and will probably lose out on all the top recruits they’re going after! Jozy is young too, which Wenger LOVES

  7. On a side note…

    Ives, this is great reporting and why I come back to this site all day every day. The biggest off-season issue concerning the USMNT and you have it covered from every angle. I would have searched the internet all day to find the info you confirmed and condensed in this one article. Thanks and again, great work!

  8. Bummed that Fulham isn’t one of the two teams. Jozy up top with Berbatov playing just underneath would be magical.

  9. Jozy, the EPL would be a step back from where you are now in your career. Go to Italy, Germany, or stay in Holland. You will not reach your peak as a player in England. Play in a more tactical league like Italy or Germany.

  10. Altidore doesn’t necessarily have to leave AZ. He has a good thing going with them and they’re a good team who’ll be involved in Europa league. Also with the world cup coming up he may have a chance to raise his stock if he performs well.

  11. My opinions…Any side outside of the top 6 teams is a waste. Especially in the EPL where the technical and tactical quality declines quickly. He would get better coaching and develop in Italy or Germany. Lazio is in the Europa League next year and certainly the most high profile club listed…no offense to Sunderland. And they aren’t all nearly the bigots many here would like to believe. Plenty of African players.

  12. Got my fingers crossed that Dortmund swoops in and snags Jozy. Think it would be a great fit and they would love Jozy in Germany.

    • Good call. in spite of my inner cynic thinking that is unlikely, I’ll join you in hoping for a call from Dortmund as it would be a nice fit on many levels… style of play, the training, the service he would receive and the top level competition. Honestly…. I think my preference would be for JA to go to Bundesliga or Serie A before BPL and a top side like Dortmund would be a dream… especially if Levandowski goes.

  13. Why wouldn’t he just stay? He will be playing Champions League. And who’s to say he will play, much less score in those other leagues? As of now he has a spot. I’m not so sure I like him moving before the World Cup where he could get buried on a bench somewhere.

    • I completely agree with this sentiment. Jozy is in a great place right now for the national team and I would hate to see him change his club and lose form. Strikers are fragile creatures and do not adapt well to change. If Jozy stays at AZ for a year and puts on a good show at the World Cup he will be worth so much more on the transfer market than he is today.

      • The Problem from Jozy’s perspective is that AZ just lost their best midfielder. It’s this, very conceivable that Altidore could have a slight dip in production. Also Jozy’s schedule will be really full next year with WCQ and Europa league games. The risk of a dip in production and potential injury means he almost surely doesn’t want to gamble in what should be a big contract move for him right now.

  14. what im saying is we dont know how a team will perform based on recent results. Every year it can change. Based on Sunderlands new acquisitions and more to come they will almost be a brand new team. I was just responding to Freddy as if he was already declaring Sunderland to battle for relegation next yr. Make sense?

  15. I would love to see him as Klose’s strike partner at Lazio. Sunderland makes no sense. I’d like to see him play for a team that’s competing for a title, not one that is trying to stave off relegation.

      • Who is to say they won’t be in a relegation battle? It’s not like they are constantly in the top half of the table.

      • Thats why u play the season…if what u are saying is correct then why have teams play that are outside the big clubs? History doesnt mean anything…..look at fulham and newcastle…fulham was barely in existence before the last decade; Newcastle considered y many as a big club were relegated a few year ago.

      • Well you can’t say for sure whether they will be relegated or not, that was my point. The support I used was their recent results. I don’t understand what you’re getting can you make a statement that implies that they won’t be in a relegation battle, then say that recent results don’t matter, but don’t state why you believe they won’t be in a relegation battle. You can’t state whether they’ll be relegated or not, “that’s why they play the season”.

      • what im saying is we dont know how a team will perform based on recent results. Every year it can change. Based on Sunderlands new acquisitions and more to come they will almost be a brand new team. I was just responding to Freddy as if he was already declaring Sunderland to battle for relegation next yr. Make sense?

      • That’s exactly what I said before you responded to me, just more succinctly…I still don’t get how you don’t see that’s what I was saying. I was just using their recent results as a reference point. Use of reading comprehension has taken a hit in American education, apparently.

      • Francois, im replying back on my post since for whatever reason I dont see a reply on ur last post. Im assume u are talking about urself regarding reading comprehension since Freddy understood me. So if u are going to attack my “education” then lets act like we are in kindergarden (by the way I guess my so called lack of education and college degree gave me an established career; by the way I graduated in Spain). Or should I spell this out in french Francois?

  16. Annoying when people say “I hope wherever he goes the club will play him.” The club in this situation will play depending on how the player is performing in training, opportunities given in games, etc. To me Sunderland is pretty much revamping their roster with their new signings. Jozy should have every opportunity if this comes to fruition for playing time. Sunderland has already stated he has been their primary target for a forward and wouldnt think they could spend a comsiderable amt of money for him and not play him. Playing in the EPL week in and week out can only make him a better player. I say make Sunderland the move along with his personal finances.

    • I think the concern about playing time has to do with just the point that you made about opportunities given in games. A club that is maybe “too big” would be difficult to get said playing time and opportunities to prove himself. No matter how well Jozy performs in training, a club with several strikers ahead of Jozy in the pecking order will make it more difficult to break through. On the other hand, playing at the highest level possible is probably always the player’s goal. It seems important to find the right balance between playing for the best team possible (while challenging himself to get better in order to make the game day roster) and signing with a team that has Jozy seriously in its plans.

      • Agree but Sunderland is not one of those “big clubs” so they wouldnt be able to afford having him on the bench. Sorry I meant to say preseason games not “real” games.

      • I see. You are referring to Sunderland specifically? My assumption was that this discussion included all clubs mentioned (including the mysterious unnamed EPL club). I agree that Altidore is bound to see PLENTY of playing time at Sunderland given that he is healthy and remains in good form.

  17. From a competitive and tactical level I would go for Lazio. Look what Roma and Serie A have done for Michael Bradley. I know he would pick up a lot of information from Miroslav Klose.

  18. I don’t know how much of a say Jozy has but whatever influence he has should be focused on getting him on the team that will pay him the most money. A pro soccer career is a fragile thing and Jozy should focus on raking in the bucks while he can. Everything else is secondary.

    • Agree from Jozy’s perspective, money is good. A serious injury can end his career in an instant. That said, I hope that the team willing to pay the most for him is one that will actually play him.

      • I think the more money a club has invested in a player the more opportunities that player will get to play. None of the teams that are connected with Jozy are the type that can afford to spend big bucks on a bench warmer.

    • That is short sighted. He should focus on the best move for his career. The way you make the most money is by having a great career that which involves several contracts. Looking just for the biggest amount of money and nothing else could be a bad idea for a young player that still has not peaked yet…

  19. With Adam Maher gone, Altidore should leave. He either should pick a better Dutch team or Italian team. I know Italy has a lot of racist, but he had to deal with racism in the Nederlands anyway. I do like Sunderland has a option for Jozy. They have a underrated midfield that can provide good service for Jozy. I think if Sunderland added a player to their defense and Jozy I think they could have a decent season.

  20. Would love to see him in Italy, but for the racism problem. A traditional mid table side like Newcastle, Sunderland or Liverpool (ha) would work, but I think the Bundesliga has the most similar style as to the system he’s in at AZ. Gladbach, Wolfsburg, Hannover, etc would work well. Even Hoffenheim with Fabian would be a really nice combination, though I don’t think Hoffenheim is willing to spend the money.

      • oooo!

        i think (without deep knowledge of these teams) all of Jozy’s options are good. Lazio, Fulham, mid-table yet to be named Bundesliga club.. but I would be 100% fine with him staying another year at AZ too.

      • Theyre the second Merseyside team. They’ve been very solidly mid table the past few seasons, so will hopefully be able to stay up for the next few seasons. I’ve heard rumors that they actually had some success in ancient times and even won a few trophies back in the day.

  21. Sunderland has bad move written all over it.

    I’d like to see Jozy in the Bundesliga. He’ll disappear in England

    • I think AZ has been the right move, and I’d like to see him stay there before the Cup next year. However, it’s hard to tell him not to try and cash in on his recent form, what with the risk of injuries. Somehow, though, I think he’d have less risk if he stayed in Holland.

    • Agree. I think his style of play and his physical attributes make the Bundesliga ideal for him. If Schalke had lost Huntelaar, that would have been a great fit for him. However, Huntelaar is going to stay, so not sure where Jozy could land as I’m not as familiar with the German teams.

      • Other posters said “replace Robert Lewandowski at Dortmund” before I could finish typing it. With Klopp, Jozy could get very sharp in a hurry, leading into WC14.

      • Eintract Frankfurt wouldnt be a bad landing spot. They have Meirer and Inui to provide service and they are looking for a striker, rumored to be looking at Bendtner. Plus they have a history with Yanks, Rico Clark. Hamburg would be another spot with Van Der Vaart underneath to work with and they just sold Son Heung Min to Leverkusen so they have some money and an opening at striker. Son is only 20 or 21 so they have no issues with playing youth.

    • Spurs are constantly trying to one up arsenal and convince Bale to stay. Doubt Jozy would be the marquis signing to do that.

      Not many teams play the free flowing style hes thrived in. Wouldnt mind him at Fulham learning from Berba. DOnt see Sunderland doing him a load of good. West Brom and Swans could work though.

      • While Villa is a prize, he will be 32 in December and Defoe is about the same age, so they do need a younger striker. It could end up being like Friedel and Lloris with the older player getting more playing time at the beginning of the year and then having it reversed by the mid way point. Plus, they will be playing Europa League again and AVB likes to stock up on players. There are worse places than Tottenhame for Jozy.

    • Bad fit for a 23 year old who is still developing and needs playing time. Spurs loves to stack each position with multiple players. He could get buried.

      • They didn’t seem particularly stacked at FW this past season. I think Jozy could definitely compete for PT against the likes of Adebayor and Defoe. But yes, with David Villa in their sights, a move for Jozy would be unlikely.

      • He doesn’t want to compete for pt. he’s 23 not 27. He’s even stated as much. He wants to be in a situation where a team has spent a significant chunk of cash and is committed to his development. 10M to the Spurs is nothing. They’d have no problem eating his contract and sitting him the whole season if Defoe gets hot or they switch formations or acquire a huge ticket striker. If Sunderland spends 10M on him, he gets every possible chance to develop and prove himself.

    • Sadly Jozy is still to unproved to get signed by spurs. I have hope he can reach that level but he needs a year or two in a top flight league to prove himself. I would not sign him if I was the manage of Spurs. That is the reality.

    • So inaccurate. As an Everton fan who has watched almost every single Everton game over the course of the last 5 years, I can tell you emphatically that he has been the best player on the 5/6th best team in England. He is in the top 5 in assists over the past 5 years in the top European leagues, he was second in chances created in Europe last season and first in the prem, he was first in clear cut chances, he strikes great set pieces (free kicks, penalties, and corners), has scored more goals than any other defender in the league over the last 4 seasons and is an incredibly solid defender (leading Everton in completed tackles last season). With all respect, you have no idea what you are talking about… The fact that he has made it into the PFA team of the year two years running and looks set to take Ashley Coles LB spot away from him (one of the most respected LB in Europe) also belays your position.

    • Di Canio is actually a fantastic manager when he’s not upsetting everyone. His teams play attacking soccer and with the recruits they’re bringing in, they’ll be going for the gut more often. They need a good, solid striker so I can see Jozy getting a lot of time. That’s most important coming into the World Cup.

      • Sunderland would not be my first or second or third or fourth choice, but it would not be the bad move that some on this board are worried about. Jozy would be sure to be a starter and get plenty of playing time and would be appreciated by the fans there. It should be noted that in August Sunderland made a bona fide bid for Clint Dempsey in the last week of August that Clint turned down. And I remember reading on one of the local Sunderland boards how excited some of the fans were at the thought of getting Clint. And with Di Canio you cannot be lazy and Jozy would be coming into WC 2014 in very good shape, I think, and ready to fight for glory.

      • +1

        From what I have read about DiCanio’s managerial style, I think the successful American players would appreciate the discipline and professionalism in the club.

  22. I hope the mystery EPL team is Everton, and that they win out over Sunderland and the rest. Would love to see Jozy play in Martinez’s system which seems to be similar to the one he has thrived in for Alkmaar. As for playing with Howard, it is always nice when national team guys are club teammates too. We might have to wait for resolution of the Baines transfer if this pipe dream has any traction.

    • If Sunderland was in the bag this other mystery team wouldn’t be getting so much emphasis. And I’m guessing Everton as well, if only for the fact that Roberto Martinez does US television work and got to meet Jozy while Jozy was on set doing a live interview.

      Don’t see why the Baines potential transfer would have any impact unless Everton’s budget is truly dangling by a shoestring.

    • As an American I would love Everton to sign Altidore, as an Everton fan I am not sure… It would be seen as a bit of a gamble. Though Altidore was young at the time, played for a shit team, and has improved immensely, he only scored one goal for Hull in the prem and one for Villareal in la liga–that is hard to forget. Such a strike rate makes me hesitant to want Altidore at Everton. Personally I think he should go to a lower level team like Villa, Sunderland, West Ham, or Norwich… I think he would get more playing time there. If he bagged 10-15 goals over a season or two, then I might start leading the call to bring him to Everton.

      • Actually this year we have a decent amount of money to play with, in excess of 10 million or so. This is following a restructuring of Everton’s training facility lease and increased TV revenue. If we end up selling Felliani (likely) or baines (possible and something I really hope does not happen), we could have up 30 or 40 million to spend this off season. Like the comment below, Everton sadly looked to have already purchased Kone from Wigan, so I don’t think Altidore is an option. I am not sure Altidore is someone I would want Everton buying either. I am not saying he can’t potentially play at Everton’s level, but if I were Everton I would want to see him succeed in the Premier League with a lower level team before purchasing him given his struggles in La Liga and with Hull (I do realize that Altidore was still young and has improved a lot since that time).

      • I’m pretty sure anyone w/ half a brain evaluating JAs value will give the last 2 years and recent form in international football more weight than what he did as a 19 year old for a complete rubbish, anemic Hull team.

      • Not only was Altidore 19 when he played for Hull, Hull insisted on playing single striker with no MF service. They went from being one of the joys of England during their 1st season to being well rid of by the time they were gone. We’ll see which Hull shows up this time.

        But honestly, I don’t think Altidore would ‘want’ to go back there.

      • Jozy aside, why does anyone want to compare this team to Phil Brown’s damp squib of a team?

        He’s not around anymore and neither are most of those players.

      • “Jozy aside, why does anyone want to compare this team to Phil Brown’s damp squib of a team?”

        Because Steve Bruce is the manager…?!

      • Regardless, Everton is not going to pick up Jozy Altidore after two solid seasons in the Erdivise.

      • Just my opinion, but I think you over rate Everton. I think they were an over achieving team because Moyes is such a good manager, I don’t see them as an elite team. Also, they have been marked by frugality in the past, so I will be surprised if they go on a spending spree, even if they sell Baines and/or Fellaini. We will see, but I somehow doubt that Martinez will have them much more than mid table this year. Regardless, I don’t see that they have that much need up front since Jovetic has proven to be a bargain, even though I am sure that Altidore can play at their level.

      • The problem is not that I overate Everton but that American’s overate the United States national team players. Simply put, Jozy has yet to prove himself in a top 5 league in Europe. I have faith that he can excel, but he needs to prove it before teams such as Everton will be looking to purchase him.

        With all due respect, when you think Jelavic’s name is Jovetic and fail to realize that Jelavic had an awful season last year (only scoring 7 in the prem), I struggle to take your opinion of Everton very seriously. You do realize that Everton has finished top 7 in seven of the previous 8 seasons (the other season they finished 8th). To suggest that they will finish any lower just does not make sense really. No other team outside of the top 7 even comes close to matching Everton in ability. Look at the number of high quality internationals everton posseses (United States: Howard, England: Baines, Jagielka, Osman, Netherlands: Heitinga, Belgium: Felliani, Miralles, Republic of Ireland: Coleman, Gibson, Croatia: Jelavic, Nigeria: Anichebe, South Africa, Pienarr).

        Further, over the past two years Everton, in a table of only the top 8 teams, would have finished in the top 4 both seasons.

        Many fans, including myself, believe that Everton will do better under Martinez. Moyes, while he did discover some transfer bargains, was often tentative, was amazingly unable to make substitutions, and simply lacked a real sense of ambition.

        Lastly, considering that I read everton blogs and articles every single day, I would guess that I have a better sense of how much Money Everton will be spending this summer. Particularly, I would site the 10 million pounds we had available this past January transfer window and the promises made by the board that almost all of any sales would be allowed to be reinvested (a claim that has been supported by past evidence). With the 10 million already available and the sale of both felliani and baines, Everton would have available, at minimun, 40 million pounds to spend.

    • I wish Jozy would stay put until after the World Cup. He’s on form, no need for me to root for anything to risk it

  23. Whatever you do Jozy, don’t go to Lazio…they have a long history of racist/Neo-Nazi fans. I’d much rather you play for a boring team like Sunderland.

    • Last time I checked, Lazio ultras aren’t running Michael Ciani out of town. Though as big as he is, they’d be crazy to do so.

      • so what? that automatically invalidates any concerns one might have about the long, sordid history of Lazio’s fanbase?

      • No, but in general, as I stated above, I think it’s silly to suggest Lazio has to be ruled out based on past incidents involving an extreme wing of the club’s fanbase. You can have all the concerns YOU want to have, but I happen to think that suggesting players are ruling the club out based on that isn’t reality.

      • therefore what exactly? they’re not 100% racist? only 98.7%?

        it was also 70 degrees in January in Chicago that one time, that does not make it a wintertime beach destination….

      • The point is the club does not have a racist policy, or a white only team, and the presence of SOME racist fans shouldn’t prevent a black player from signing there. That’s silly. That’s like saying black players shouldn’t sign with Boston sports teams or say college teams from the South, because the city is known to have some fans who could be considered racist.

        Running away from racism isn’t exactly Jozy Altidore’s preferred approach. Does this mean he’s joining Lazio? No, but the idea that he won’t go there because they have some racist ultras is, in my opinion, silly.

      • not a good comparison, because Boston fans or Southern College teams, as far as I’m aware don’t openly and consistently greet their players with the National Socialist salute and their players (Di Canio) don’t salute them back with it. I think if they did that here in America in 2012 on a consistent basis, then the surrounding uproar would either lead the team or the league to crack down on it to stamp it out completely or if not done away with would significantly alter who sings to play with those teams, don’t you think?

      • If the Lazio ultras problem is THAT extensive, as some here are suggesting, then yes, I’d concede that this is an issue. I would wonder what folks who are actually in Italy would say about the actual extent of the problem as it exists now.

        But honestly, bringing up the DiCanio salute all these years later as some sort of evidence that a problem exists there extensively today feels like a reach.

        If the Lazio fanbase has THAT extensive a problem with racist ultras, then yes, I’d agree that’s something that would dissuade a black player from going there, but I’d make the point again that not every current Lazio player is white yet I can’t think of recent incidents involving those ultras abusing their own players (or visiting black players for that matter). Certainly not en masse. Anyone with publicly reported examples can feel free to pass them on.

      • Ives, don’t waste your time responding. Ogenyi Onazi is a starter for Lazio. He is Nigerian, cant get anymore blacker than that. A group of Lazio fans do not define the entire club.

      • In your first sentence, replace “SOME” with “a whole huge honking ton” — which would be a more accurate description — and that sentence is then a little harder to take seriously, isn’t it?

        Lots of teams have some small segment of racist fans. But anyone paying attention knows that Lazio is one of a small handful of teams with an extremely extensive and well-earned reputation in this regard.

      • You guys are crazy.. There are racists in every single race…whites, blacks, Asians, Latino…Etc.

      • First of Latino is not a race, it’ an ethnicity. You look like anything and be Latino.

        Second, while you are right that there are prejudice people in every ethnicity, unless I’m mistaken no one mentioned ethnicity or race, only the vocal, albeit small, segment of extremists of Lazio fans. This is nothing new, I remember reports of this 12 years ago when my friends and I ere traveling to Rome. The fans were targeting non-white players of the other team. Whenever the Japanese, African or Brazilian players touched the ball, the were heckled.

        However, I will say that while economic conditions and immigration have made things worse, it is still a small segment and most Italians I have met have been great.

      • Last time I checked a lot of English clubs have some racist fans… Given Liverpool’s actions during the Suarez deal I don’t think he would be comfortable there either (although it seems Henry has finally got that front office straightened out).

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