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The SBI Show: Episode 49 (Breaking down USA-Belize, catching up on MLS news, and more)

USMNTBelizeWin (JaneGershovich)

Photo by Jane Gershovich/Soccer By Ives


The U.S. Men’s National Team registered a second consecutive six-goal blowout win, routing Belize to kick off the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup in grand fashion.

Episode 49 of The SBI Show takes an in-depth look at the 6-1 win vs. Belize, as we take a close look at how all of the U.S. players fared in the Gold Cup opener.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss topics ranging from Chris Wondolowski’s sudden success to the struggles of Michael Parkhurst and the latest excellent showing from Stuart Holden.

We also talk MLS, and discuss D.C. United’s extremely busy Tuesday, as well as taking guesses at what the big MLS press conference set for Wednesday in Portland is all about. And as always, we have the latest installment of The SBI Show Q&A.

Give Episode 49 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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What did you think of the show? Agree with our takes on the USMNT’s performance vs. Belize? Think we’re right in pointing out that Kyle Beckerman is receiving too much criticism? Enjoy the rant about fans wearing MLS club attire at USMNT matches?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I’m an RSL and Beckerman fan. I’m glad that you have a clear and neutral head when it comes to Beckerman… he is not going to be our number 1 defensive midfielder in the World Cup, you know that if he makes the squad, he will be on the bench. So all of this negative criticism and unrealistic expectations gets really annoying. I’m also pretty tired of the comments about his hair… like that joke hasn’t been made a million times! It wasn’t funny the first time, and it’s not funny now. I think that he does the job that is asked of him, and that is all that matters. Having flash isn’t everything. I would actually love the have Holden and Beckerman together on the field for the Gold Cup, it would be fun to watch Stu create and Kyle help out the defense. Thanks again for the podcast, love listening!

    • Well put. It’s funny how the unsexy (from a playing standpoint) Beckerman generates so much vitriol from USMNT fans. He isn’t smooth but people are acting like he didn’t have an assist to Wondo and followed that play with another great lofted pass that found the head of a teamate (Torres I think) who headed it right at the keeper. He wasn’t perfect like Ives said but he has a function on the team.

      I’m pretty sure he’ll start against Cuba at his home stadium (RioT). He also may come off at the half like the Belize game depending on the score of the game.

  2. I’m pretty bummed that the one time I stayed up late enough to ask a question for the Q&A it wasn’t included. Way to kill my dreams Garrett…

  3. Ives, you are going to rant big time when you get to Brazil next summer. Get ready to see Flamengo and Botafogo jerseys at Brazil games in Rio, or Inter and Gremio in Porto Alegre, Corinthians in Sao Paulo, etc…

    Unfortunately for a lot of Brazilians club > country and they even wear jerseys to the NT games.

  4. Nice show guys. So let me get this straight Ives, because I am not sure I was understanding, I am not supposed to wear my club jersey when I go to a national team game.

    That was an epic rant. Beware of the wrath of Ives.

  5. Why does it appear Twitter is the only venue you’re utilizing to solicit questions from listeners? How about an email address or an SBI Show Facebook page, or even a “Contact Us” link on the website?

    • No kidding…it’s almost as if Ives want to spread his brand awareness via Twitter rather than using anonymous posts on the website. WTF man?

    • I’m torn on this. On the one hand, I want to support and participate with the show, as well as support the website. On the other hand, I have very little love for iTunes and Twitter, and don’t want to make accounts just to use for the podcast. More options for fan participation woild be preferred, if that’s possible, Ives…

      • Precisely my point. I get the brand awareness thing, but I don’t want to create a Twitter account solely to participate in this. I know Ives uses Google+ and there’s an SBI Facebook page – why not utilize those for this as well, and make it easier for fans to take part?

    • Don’t be that guy who wears a t-shirt of the band you are going to see!
      Don’t be that guy.

      Ives, killer rant. Beware the bear after he’s had five energy drinks!!

  6. Re: Beckerman – he had a good game, people dont give him credit for his quality service to Wondow and his hard work as the collector in the middle of the field. Without someone to hold the line, collect the ball and send it back up into the attack the game would have been much more even sided. Certainly a starter for the rest of the GC.

    Re: other teams jerseys! – the mls, especially host team jerseys, isnt even that bad conpared to when ppl show up to US or other games with their Messi, ManU or other unrelated soccer team shirts! Ppl do it at every sporting event and it just makes them look clueless!

    • I pretty much agree with what Ives had to say about Beckerman in this game – not stellar (he got subbed out at the half, though, so it’s not entirely fair to judge him as thought it was a full performance). As an RSL fan since the day the club was announced, I’ve watched Beckerman play A LOT, so I’m very aware of his quality and what exactly he brings to the game. A lot of USMNT fans won’t give him any love, seemingly no matter what he does, but clearly Klinsmann thinks highly of him, since he is the only DM on the Gold Cup roster.

      To those USMNT fans who rag on Beckerman – Ives is spot on when he says, don’t evaluate him in offensive terms but rather in defensive terms. He does the “dirty work” of winning balls in the middle of the field and maintaining possession – often by distribution back and to the wings, so the ball can then be moved up the wings into the attack. This is the nature of his role in RSL’s diamond formation (which the US was more or less de facto playing with Diskerud playing more of an attacking role against Belize). He typically makes smart passes that maintain possession, and he can be an absolute wrecking ball in the taking the ball away from the opponent (watch RSL’s match vs. Sounders at the end of June), but as his one-time swung-in cross for the assist on Wondo’s 2nd goal last night shows, he’s also capable of putting it in from distance with accuracy.

      I don’t trust Holden’s fragility yet, but I would be interested to see what happens with Beckerman as a DM and Holden as a CAM.

    • Is it really that bad? I travel a lot for work and when I can catch an MLS game wherever I am, I go no matter which teams are playing, even if I could care less about the teams. I go for the experience. I have been to 12 of the 19 MLS venues, but I don’t have a jersey for any of the teams I have seen. While I’ve never worn any of the jerseys I do have to a game, I’m never going to think to myself “I should probably not where this article of clothing because I might look clueless”.

      I view wearing jerseys for any sport as I do for band T-shirts. When you go to concerts you see hundreds of differnet bands’ shirts being worn. It doesn’t make those people look clueless. You can say “Hey that dude likes metal” or “Hey that lady likes country”, why can’t you just say “Hey this guy likes soccer”.

    • As an audio engineer guy, I can’t help but cring when that happens, but for what they’re working with, it’s not that serious. Other than that small little detail, fantastic show as always…


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