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The SBI Show: Episode 58 (Breaking down the Gold Cup Final; looking back at MLS Week 22; and more)



The U.S. Men’s National Team rolled to the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup title with a dominating run through the tournament, and Episode 58 of The SBI Show breaks down the final step in that journey, Sunday’s 1-0 victory vs. Panama.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I take a closer look at the victory over Panama, discuss the top performers for the U.S. and look at which American players boosted their stock the most in the Gold Cup.

We also discuss Aron Johannsson’s decision to play for the United States, and break down the action in MLS Week 22.

Give Episode 58 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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What did you think of the show? Agree with our take on the field? Excited about the news that Johannsson will play for the United States? What MLS result last weekend surprised you the most?

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  1. What the hell is Frankie Hedjuk doing there? Is he still trying to be a hippie and hitchhiking on US Soccer’s tab?

  2. For all of you that love to talk about A, B, C, A-, B+, etc teams.. here’s my list using only bench players that are likely to be used. So not a full 22 man squad:

    A Team:
    F Johnson——Dempsey——Donovan
    Beasley——Besler—-JA Brooks—Chandler/Cherundolo
    Bench: A Johannsson, EJ, Suzi, Shea, Kljestan, O Gonzalez, Guzan.

    B Team (Bench players are C Team):
    ————————–T Boyd/H Gomez———————–
    ?????———Fiscal———-Goodson———B Evans—
    Bench (C Team): Sean Johnson, Jack Mack, Brad Davis, Joe Gyau, F Adu, Luis Guil, Joya, Villareal, Bocanegra, Beltran, Morrow, Yedlin, Lichaj, George John, W Bruin.

    • I agree with ozotkd….drop Kljestian to the “B” team & insert Mix into the “A” team.
      I wouldn’t be supprised to see F. Johnson dropped into the starting LB slot and Johannson slotted into the more advanced Left wing possition. Could also see Donovan on the Left & Zusi on the right.
      Additionally you’ve got a number of playerswho are currently on the sidelines with injuries. These players (Gomez, Gatt, Holden, Dolo) are going to have to make an big impact with their club teams to prove that they are healthy and able to contribute to the A, B, or C team.

  3. I really don’t understand Ives’ problem with Mix. Yes, he said he was a likable guy and did well in the Gold Cup Final, but he never gave him a chance to start, and now he says he won’t be on the Qualifier Roster.

    You are usually right about players, but I respectfully disagree with your opinion on Mix.

    • He could be on the qualifying squad, and if I was asked to bet, I’d bet he is on. With Holden being seriously hurt, it makes it that much more likely. He played really well, and I made him Man of the Match so I rated his performance and his stock went up in my eyes.

  4. Good time to be following US soccer. Nice for my children to have a team to follow and a dream to shoot for.

    The beautiful game!

    • It’s great, isn’t it?

      And the best thing is that, the USMNT is only going to get better as years passed. I’m really hoping to see them win the World Cup within our lifetime, that would be amazing!

      Got to love how the sport is growing in the US.


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