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USMNT 6, Guatemala 0: Match Highlights

DaMarcus Beasley



  1. As much as I enjoyed watching the second half the defensive scheme had changed as Guate was no longer pressing the midfield “brazil v Spain” style and had pushed more numbers forward. Fortunately for the second shift, the game had already opened up and Holden, Disk and Shea all benefitted from it. Does the second shift get the opportunities to make the great through pass or be in position to collect the loose balls played in the first half? I don’t think so. Great tune-up for the games that count. With that said, I will temper the optimism for now

  2. If JK can get 3 to 5 guys from this team (and it’s looking like it could happen) to become solid members of the A team then the Nats will enjoy watching one of the deepest and most talented team in a very long time, if not ever.

    Depth – it will make a huge difference come next summer…and beyond.

    • Depth of the USMNT is the best I’ve ever seen it….
      GK – Howard, Guzan, Rimando, Hamid, Johnson, Hall
      RB – Chandler, Dolo, Evans, Lichaj, Parkhurst/Orozco
      CB – Besler, Gonzalez, Cameron, Goodson,….still a position of need
      LB – F. Johnson, Beasley, Lichaj, Castillo, Chandler, Morrow
      RM – Zusi, Donovan, Corona, Bedoya, Gatt
      CM – Bradley, Jones, Holden, Edu, D. Williams, Diskerud, Kljestan, Torres
      LM – F. Johnson, Donovan, Shea, Diskerud, Pontius, Gyau, Davis
      F – Dempsey, Altidore, Gomez, Boyd, E. Johnson, Agudelo, Bruin, McInerney

      IF we could dig up a couple more CB’s other than (Goodson, Boca, Gooch) I’d feel much happier….(Hoping to see Brooks and maybe Hines added to the pool) but outside of that one position there is some very talented players to make up a 23 man squad.

  3. this is the first USMNT game i haven’t watched since 2005. i couldn’t record it or find replays online. i did watch the highlights, and this is what i gained from them:

    – this guatemala team is not very good. this idea should preface all following comments…

    – donovan is still the best set piece man we have. although i don’t know where he fits in to our current a-team formation and playing style. altidore, dempsey, and bradley seem to have the middle secured, which is where i think he is most effective at this point.

    – holden is close to back. i was worried he wouldn’t be able to regain his confidence and tenacity after two harsh injuries, but the dude is playing the style of his old self, and i doubt he fails to fulfill his potential, if he can stay healthy.

    – beasley, so far, looks like a must start in 2014. lb, lm, or lw, he simply knows how to play the game, and can still do it with sharpness and speed.

    – i may be reaching, judging from only highlights, but i don’t think i can say much else about the other players. i will need to see more.

    • Hmm….Altidore, Dempsey and Bradley have the middle locked up? Altidore is a pure striker so I don’t see how Landon competes with him anyways and its odd how Landon fit fine on the field with all of those players at one time. I am a little confused by your comment and evaluation. Everything else you said was pretty obvious so thanks? I guess…for an average to obvious evaluation?

      • ok. let’s say for argument sake LD should start with the “A” team, where would you put him? against Guatemala he was playing Dempsey’s spot, I don’t think JK is going to change his formation just for the sake of LD or bench Dempsey for LD, Dempsey on the wing will not his strength since he is not that fast or a better defender.

      • The big winners so far. Donovan, Holden, mix, Shea , and Goodson.

        On the a team, I can see Donovan making the case to start at lw and Holden in midfield with Bradley, Fabian Johnson moves back to lb.

        Starting team would be

        Donovan, Dempsey, Zusi
        Bradley, Holden
        F. Johnson, Beasler, Omar, chandler

        There could be some significant depth if that’s the starting team.

      • Roster looks about right, although two minor issues I have with it…

        First – I’m worried about Fabian going back to LB. Not because he can’t play the position, but because I think he’s much much better and much much more confident/happy/daring when he’s at left mid. I think he has the potential to be our most creative/dangerous wing player and I don’t feel that Lando has done enough lately to take that position away from him. I’d say, throw DMB at LB and Fabian at LW and pull Landon off the bench.

        2) Why Chandler at right back? I agree Evans isn’t the answer, but why Chandler? Chandler’s played ONE good game in a US uniform. Outside of that, he’s been frankly terrible at RB for the US. He certainly has the potential, but he’s been an overhyped name because he plays well for Nuremburg. I’d be happier with Dolo.

      • While I don’t think Chandler is a forgone conclusion to be the starting RB…the fact that Dolo underwent surgery on his knee again puts a big question mark on his availability let alone him starting.
        If not Chandler…than who? Parkhurst got beat out by Evans…and Evans isn’t a proven option (yet). The only other option IMO would be Lichaj….but he’s got to do really well to break back in after 2 years out of the picture.

  4. How about Holden spraying the ball around and playin’ like (possibly) Michael Bradley’s world cup backup? Great job and can’t wait to see him all over the National Team “A-squad.”

  5. Looks like we’re going to get to see more of Shea running down the left in the Gold Cup. I for one I’m excited.


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