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Johannsson chooses USMNT over Iceland

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Just days after reportedly calling up uncapped dual-national John Anthony Brooks to the U.S. Men’s National Team, head coach Jurgen Klinsmann will have another dual-national player to pick from.

Making an announcement on his Facebook page, AZ Alkmaar forward Aron Johannsson has decided to pledge his future to the USMNT, rejecting the nation that raised him, Iceland, despite playing for them in the youth levels.

The 22-year-old Mobile, Alabama native was mentioned by Klinsmann as recently as May as someone he was keeping an eye on, and a player that the USMNT coach wanted to bring into a camp in the near future. It’s unknown whether Johannsson will be able to file his one-time switch in time for the August 14 friendly match against Bosnia and Herzegovina, though it’s certainly possible he could take part in camp regardless.

Last season, Johannsson split the season between AGF Aarhus and AZ Alkmaar, scoring 14 goals in 18 matches until December with AGF, and then three goals in five games with Alkmaar. With Jozy Altidore moving to Sunderland, Johannsson should have a great opportunity to receive a starting place for the coming season.

What do you think of this decision? Happy to see dual-nationals choosing the USMNT? Do you see Johannsson contributing to this team prior to the World Cup in Brazil? How does this affect MLS-based forwards moving forward?

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  1. This is good news. I have read all the dual national comments and understand the “anti” argument some, to the “non-talent” component of this. To me, the standard should be if these plays would be able to, if they wanted to or were called, serve in the US military. Dual citizens can do so. Hence, they should also be able to play for national teams, which obviously includes soccer.

  2. I’m personally happy about Johannsson making this decision. First off this looks good for coach K and the USMNT we are actually getting players to commit to our team. Second I haven’t been impressed with Gomez at all, I really don’t see what K sees in him. Jozy has been the only forward in top form. I know some of you will say Wondo has played well but it was against inferior competition and when it comes to any team ranked above 100 in the FIFA rankings he disappears ( note I did not look up the teams actuall rankings so don’t go off on me if Cuba or Belize are ranked in the top 100). The more options the US has at forward that can actually score the better. I personally would rather have a young promising player than an older player that has proven they disappear when it counts (Wondo) hasn’t impressed me at all (Gomez) or is an enigma (EJ). This is my OPPINION but I would like to hear what other US fans have to say.

    • Gomez has been good at times, and better than most other forwards. He’s been injured and is getting older. This seaon with the Xolos after his return from surgery will be revealing. Johansson adds much needed depth to our up and down pool of forwards. The spot will be his to earn, just like everyone else.

  3. Book is out on this kid National team-wise….

    Needs to get into a camp, mix with the players find a role on the team.

    JK called him in so he has a good feel for his ability to contribute ‘hypothetically’ but he needs to outplay the names in the current forward pool in real time.

    Folks bash the current forwards in the pool, but the mix has been their for some time now.

    If this kids the gamer everyone seems to think he is then excellent…

    If he’s spoken with JK, studied the system, opened himself to stepping up his game or even changing aspects of his game to fit what the USMNT needs him to do then great.

    Good luck to him and Brooks, at the very least-any thing he produces in camp can push the current forward pool.

    • While the current pool of strikers for the US has produced….there are some question marks, and it never hurts to have additional options. Of the current pool we have:
      Jozy – Clearly doing well (4 game scoring streak). Our current Hold-up striker
      Dempsey – Good in the hole playing off Jozy. Can also play Midfield
      Donovan – Good in the hole finding the pockets in the defense. Can also play midfield.
      EJ – OK as a target striker…can fill in wide
      Gomez – Recovering from a knee injury. Will have to get back on track or lose his spot.
      Boyd – Raw talent…but needs to put it together with the USNT.
      Agudelo – Needs a strong run and to stay healthy
      Wondo – Not even worth discussing.

      Johannson is basically on part already with Agudelo & Boyd. Gomez’s injury opens the door. If he or Agudelo/Boyd can show in the remaining camps that they are equal to EJ any 2 of the 3 could leapfrog into the WC squad.

  4. US fans jumping over a player who went from Aarhus to AZ. You’d think it was Zlatan or Ibisevic the association got to switch. Poor Klinsmann, has to keep getting average players from elsewhere since the system here cannot produce better talent.

    • if you did your homework you would have known that Aron got offers from bigger leagues but decided that at this stage in his career it was better to take the next step up in quality so he could play more. If he made the leap to the Bundesliga and did not play it would not be good for his career.

      • So you did your homework and you know he decided to move to AZ because you were there? Please, stop talking like you know anything. Rumors are not the same as a real transfer. AZ was the best tangible/REAL offer he got. Others were all talk nothing else.

  5. Absolute disgrace. This guy is not American, has zero connection to our country and has no business playing on the USMNT. It makes it a little less meaningful each time we engage in gimmicks like this, picking guys with tenuous ties (if that) instead of developing players here.

    Johannsson eyes an opportunity to possibly go to the world cup and earn a move to a bigger club and you guys fall all over yourselves to give him an opportunity. I wish more of my fellow USMNT team fans would have some self-respect. If we do well at the world cup, it’ll mean a lot less if we do with a bunch of foreigners in the lineup.

    • You sound angry, but i Agree with you 100% ,But i will keep my eyes on USA , Many Icelanders call him Judas ,i think that is very stupid to say ,but i might support US a bit more from now on, Mabye he will come as an American tourist,i will never see him as an Icelander .

    • Anyone who holds US Citizenship…either through their parent, their birth on US Soil, Naturalization, or Marriage is welcome to represent the US. You may not like it or think it’s right….and you are welcome to your opinion….that is your right.
      But you need to realize that regardless of how citizenship is obtained they who hold it are AMERICAN…and have every right to represent this country if they are talented enough to do so.
      I would have thought that you would have learned from your comments on the JAB report the other day….but I guess some are truly slower than others.

    • But he IS an American. This dude can be PRESIDENT as long as he moves back here for a bit and yet he’s TOO FOREIGN to play a simple sport for the USA? For Pete’s sake folks, think this stuff through a bit.

    • He was born in the USA. He’s an American citizen. He’s just as American as you are.

      Take your right-wing fanaticism back to free republic.

      • Someone who was born here while their parents happened to be studying here, then moved away at age one never to return is NOT as American as someone who has actually lived here their whole lives (or any portion of their lives for that matter). He’s an opportunist who thinks playing on the stage the USMNT can offer will help his club career. Personally, I’d rather his spot go to an actual American. Please stop with the nonsense. Thanks.

  6. I’m glad he chose the USMT…hope he’s a great addition, however I can’t help but think about all the Mexican-American players, either born and raised here or just raised since infants here who have chosen Mexico rather than the country that raised them (USA).

    • Heck, I know some Mexican-American fans that choose to follow “El TRI” rather than their birth homeland. For each their own.

      • I know some too, and I poke fun at them ALL the time whether the US has the better of Mexico or not on the field. For the same reasons some here are questioning Johannsson

        to each their own, no doubt, whatever side of this equation one falls on

  7. With all of the dual nationals jumping on the USA bandwagon we need to schedule more “meaningless friendlies” to give people a chance to prove themselves. The USA is unusual in that its players are scattered hither and yon so we need opportunities to make apples vs. apples comparisons of players.


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