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A look back at which USMNT players saw their stock rise, and fall, at the Gold Cup

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After what has to be considered the most dominating tournament performance by a U.S. Men’s National Team in recent memory, and possibly of all time, it isn’t easy singling out which players were most responsible for the Gold Cup triumph (well, unless you are talking about Landon Donovan).

The reality is the list of players who stepped up with strong tournaments is a long one, a much longer list than most could have expected from this team when it came together at the beginning of the month in San Diego.

Jurgen Klinsmann knew different. Even back then, he got a sense that this team had the makings of a special group. One with depth to spare, and one that would feature some fierce battles for playing time.

The result was a tournament that saw the U.S. dominate the competition and saw the USMNT player pool grow that much deeper and stronger.

So which players boosted their stock the most during the 2013 Gold Cup? Here is a rundown of which players saw their stock rise, fall and hold steady on the USMNT:


Landon Donovan. Nothing more can be said than he was the best player in the Gold Cup by a mile, and has reasserted his place on the full USMNT squad.

Clarence Goodson. He came into the tournament looking like a fringe bench defender on the full team. Now, after an outstanding Gold Cup, Goodson is looking like a first-team starter.

Alejandro Bedoya. It looked like Bedoya might be on the “Stock Falling” list before the  Gold Cup semifinals, but two quality showings later and Bedoya has given his first-team chances whole new life.

Joe Corona. Had some real quality games on the right wing for the U.S., and while his Gold Cup Final on the left wing wasn’t his best showing, he still leaves the Gold Cup looking very much like a building block for the future.

Mix Diskerud. His standout turn in the Gold Cup final is what will be remembered, but he did have good moments throughout the tournament and looks much more like a first-team option going forward.

Kyle Beckerman. A real rock in central midfield for the U.S., Beckerman showed that he can absolutely dominate CONCACAF competition, and while he isn’t about to unseat regulars like Michael Bradley and Jermaine Jones, he definitely re-asserted his place as someone Klinsmann wants on his full team.

Michael Orozco. He didn’t really get to play in the knockout rounds, but Orozco’s impressive showing in the group stage turned heads, and he has gone from someone on the furthest fringes of the full squad to someone Klinsmann has to have higher up on his centerback depth chart now.

Michael Parkhurst. When he didn’t play a minute in the June qualifiers, Parkhurst looked like someone ready to be cast aside by the USMNT. Klinsmann turned to him in the Gold Cup and Parkhurst made the most of the chance, playing steady defense and looking like a very viable right back option for the full U.S. team.

Jose Torres. Another player who looked to be on the verge of floating into USMNT oblivion before the Gold Cup, Torres showed well playing in a left wing role that isn’t really his natural position.


Matt Besler. Why isn’t he on the stock rising list after three dominating performances in the knockout rounds? Well, he was already considered the best centerback in the pool, so it’s tough to have stock rise that is already at the top. 

Eddie Johnson. Showed why he has become a staple of the full first team, and in this Gold Cup he reminded us that is still very much a strong forward option for the first team.

DaMarcus Beasley. Another player for a case in the Stock Rising category, but Beasley’s stock did the majority of its rising in the March and June qualifiers, and now he can add Gold Cup-winning captain to his already-impressive resume.

Nick Rimando. He didn’t exactly have the busiest Gold Cup, but he stepped up when needed and showed the qualities that have made him establish himself as the clear-cut No. 3 goalkeeper in the U.S. pool.

Brek Shea. You might think it’s odd to see him here rather than the Stock Rising category, but the reality is his goals helped him overcome what was a truly awful showing against Cuba in the group stage. He played limited minutes, but made things happen, which is why he has managed to keep himself on the radar.

Chris Wondolowski. He tore it up in the group stages, but quickly faded from the picture once the opponents got tougher. He did do well enough to keep himself in the conversation at forward.

Jack McInerney. How does your stock hold steady without playing a minute? The word from USMNT camp was that McInerney was very impressive, and will certainly be called up in the future.

Sean Johnson. Was given a great chance to impress and did just that with his shutout vs. Costa Rica. Is still No. 4 on the depth chart, ahead of Bill Hamid.

Alan Gordon. The fact he was even called in is good news for him, and could just as easily be in the stock falling list since he didn’t play.

Corey Ashe. Didn’t get a minute in the group stage, but we’ll leave him here for now given the fact Edgar Castillo didn’t exactly lock down his spot on the left back depth chart.


Oguchi Onyewu. A poorly-timed injury kept him from making this his Gold Cup to re-establish himself. Now, instead of being back in the full team picture, he has even more competition for centerback minutes.

Herculez Gomez. His balky right knee limited him to just one game, and the play of Eddie Johnson might just have pushed him down the depth chart.

Omar Gonzalez. Looks like he just might have lost his starting centerback spot to Clarence Goodson.

Bill Hamid. You can make the argument he hasn’t really lost ground since he went into the Gold Cup considered No. 5 on the overall goalkeeper depth chart, but Rimando and Johnson both did well, so that probably cost him some ground as he tries to climb up.

Edgar Castillo. Showed some promising signs getting forward, but the ultimate takeaway from this Gold Cup was the reminder that Castillo just isn’t a reliable defender.

Stuart Holden. It’s sad to have to list him here, especially when he went into the Gold Cup Final with a clear-cut place on the “Stock Rising” list, but a torn ACL will force him out until spring and drops him out of the USMNT picture for a long while.

Will Bruin. With more and more forward options coming along, and with Wondolowski helping his case, Bruin might have lost some ground on the depth chart.

Tony Beltran. Played one game, the Cuba win, and didn’t really have an outstanding match. He also falls on this list because of Parkhurst’s successful turn, which solidifies his place on the right back depth chart.


What do you think of our post-Gold Cup USMNT stock report? Which players do you think weren’t rated properly? Who are you happy to see acknowledged for having had a strong Gold Cup?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. If I had to pick a World Cup 23 today:

    GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando

    D: Beasley, Besler, Gonzalez, Chandler, Goodson, Cameron, Orozco, Castillo

    MF: Bradley, Jones, F. Johnson, Dempsey, Donovan, Diskerud, Zusi, Corona, Torres

    F: Altidore, E. Johnson, Wondolowski

    MISSED CUT: Gomez, Shea, Johannson, Bedoya, Boyd, Parkhurst, Brooks, Cherundolo

    Wondolowski, Torres, Orozco, and Castillo are the last 4 picks on my roster, and are all (except Torres) likely to be replaced over the next few months:

    1. Wondolowski played well in the first few Gold Cup matches and Gomez is now injured, so I have Wondo temporarily overtaking Gomez for the 3rd striker slot. Wondo’s going to get serious competition, however, from Gomez (if he comes back strong from injury), Johannson (if he scores consistently with AZ and trains well during NT camps), and — to a lesser extent — Boyd (if he has a strong 2nd season in Austria). I could also see Klinsmann taking only Altidore and Eddie Johnson as strikers, on the argument that either Dempsey or Donovan could be pushed up top (although that’s unlikely, since neither Dempsey nor Donovan is a pure striker). Basically, the team needs a 3rd striker, and the competition is now wide open, with Wondolowski sitting at #3 on the striker depth chart for the moment.

    2. Torres is a nice utility player — he’s comfortable on the ball and can play centrally in the midfield or on the wing. He’s not very big (compared to central midfielders) or fast (compared to wingers), but his composure on the ball and passing ability are real assets, particularly given that elite teams will pressure the ball much more effectively than most of our CONCACAF opponents. However, I could see Klinsmann deciding that Torres’s spot is better used on someone who is more versatile (e.g. Evans, who can play both midfield and right back), more aggressive offensively (Bedoya, Shea), or having a strong enough club season to play himself onto the roster, regardless of position (most likely candidates: Johannson, Boyd).

    3. Orozco is there as an emergency center back/right back, since I have Cameron as the primary back-up at 3 positions (CB, RB, and DM). It would take a weird combination of injuries and card accumulation for him to actually see the field. Precisely because he is unlikely to play, though, there’s a strong argument that we could get away with dropping him from the roster entirely and adding the next best player regardless of position (probably Shea, Johannson, Bedoya, Boyd, or Gomez). Klinsmann could also drop Orozco and replace him with Parkhurst, but I suspect that Orozco can do everything that Parkhurst can (play RB reliably without adding anything in attack) while also playing CB if something catastrophic happens to the players ahead of him on the CB depth chart.

    4. To be clear, I don’t actually like Castillo. He is (by his own admission) not a good defender, and realistically, he’s pretty far down the depth chart of players who could conceivably play left wing (behind F. Johnson, Donovan, Zusi, E. Johnson, Corona, Torres, and possibly even Beasley). He’s on my roster exclusively as an emergency left back, since both my 2nd and 3rd LB options (F. Johnson, Chandler) are starters at other positions and Chandler’s coming off an injury. If Chandler comes back and has a solid club season, then there’s no need to keep Castillo around, since we can use Beasley, F. Johnson, and Chandler (in that order) as left backs. Dropping Castillo would allow us to add the next best player (again, probably Shea, Johannson, Bedoya, Boyd, or Gomez) even if we kept Torres and Orozco.

    5. Brooks and Cherundolo are wild cards here. If Brooks integrates well into the team in training, he could upset the CB depth chart, falling anywhere between Gonzo’s slot (starter next to Besler) and Orozco’s (emergency depth on the back line). I suspect Cherundolo’s international career is over (I’m not sure that his body can hold up through a club season and a full summer of training/playing), but given his experience and Chandler’s extended absence from the team, he could also affect the RB depth chart with a strong enough club season.

  2. I would put Shea in the stock rising list, only because we know how to use him – a change of pace off the bench. Imagine bringing him and Donovan off the bench in the 75th minute as a change of pace. Far better than Benny Feilhaber and whoever else came off the bench in 2010.

  3. Based on most recent form, the first 11 are pretty straight-forward
    Evans Goodson Besler Beasley
    Jones Bradley
    Dempsey Donavon F. Johnson

    Only real questions concern Goodson and Gonzales at CB and Evans and Cameron at RB

    Of course, injuries happen and some guys like Evans and Beasley who are in positions not often considered their norm might not stay there.

  4. 4-3-3 and some people are left off b/c of injury not because I don’t rate the (Dolo, Gomez, Holden)
    Starting XI
    GK: Howard
    RB: Chandler
    CB: Gonzalez
    CB: Besler
    LB: Beasley
    DM: Jones
    CM: Bradley (offset to the right so Donovan can push forward)
    AM: Dempsey (plays where he wants, when he wants)
    RW: Donovan
    LW: F. Johnson
    F: Altidore

    2nd XI
    GK: Guzan
    RB: Evans
    CB: Goodson
    LB: (F. Johnson already mentioned)
    DM: Cameron (who could easily start over Jones or fill in at either CB or RB)
    CM: Mix
    AM: Corona
    RW: Zusi
    LW: Shea
    F: E. Johnson

    3rd GK: Rimando
    23rd Player: Edu, but the combination of need and form will decide it.

    Missed the cut:
    GK: S. Johnson, Hamid
    Defenders: Cherundolo, Boca, JAB (Need bigger sample size), Parkhurst
    Midfielders: Beckerman, Williams, Torres
    Wingers: Gatt, Bedoya
    Forwards: Wondo, Johansson (Need bigger sample size), Agudelo

  5. This might be overly harsh but I would put Wondo in the stock falling category. I know he lit it up in a few games but in the games against what I would consider the next step up in competition, he simply didn’t show very well.

    I like the guy and think he plays with a ton of heart but I think we’ve got better options up top (wouldn’t have dreamed this possible even a year ago!).

    Also, I would put Shea in the falling category (I know…harsh). His first touch let him down…a lot. If he gets serious minutes at Stoke then that could change. However, I have a bad feeling that he doesn’t find the minutes.

    • I don’t think wondo could fall after scoring 5 goals. You have to remember, he wasn’t in great standing in the first place. I think he moved up above Boyd, and possibly in the discussion against gomez. EJ had solidified the backup role, but other than that Wondo is right there, and a month ago nobody would have argued that.

    • Well now Shea is injured and is going to miss a few weeks. Most likely putting him out for the start of the season and September Qualifiers.

  6. Good analysis Ives. JK has created healthy competition at nearly every position.
    – Great psychology having Gonzales watch Goodson perform well. I’d still favor Gonzales long-term, who I think is due for a promotion to Europe. I don’t see an upward move for Goodson.
    – Orozco needs to get consistent playing time in Mexico, and he may get a good look at the back line.
    – I’d still favor a healthy Cherundolo over Chandler and Parkhurst. Time will tell if he makes a full recovery. Chandler is coming off as indifferent so far. Parkhurst needs to use the momentum to win a starting job in Germany. It’s good to know there’s a reliable backup when you need him.
    – Bedoya should continue to catch JK’s eye. A good two-way MF with vision and a good shot. He’s moving up to the Dutch league, and should only gain more experience if he earns playing time. Not a WCQ starter, but a possible sub. Castillo and probably Torres may slide if he performs at Twente.
    – Gomes may have to try to carve a nitch in the crowded MF. Long shot.
    – Mixx has shown he can play tough D. A major improvement.
    – Maybe Beckerman makes the bench. Too much depth at CDM. Probably bumps Edu.

    • Gonzales *was* due for a promotion to Europe, but injuries and his recent form (both with club and the NT) made it so that he needs to earn back that promotion to Europe. This may be Goodson’s ceiling, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he’s currently playing well and with consistency, which can’t be said for Gonzales, hence why Goodson may have moved past him on the depth chart.

      • Tyrone,

        I agree with Goodson’s recent good form, but I’m thinking in more longer terms.

        All of these discussions are based on performances in the last few weeks. Going forward, certain players need to prove themselves at the club level to warrant more attention, many of whom I highlighted. That is why I think a player like Goodson is limited, while Gonzales has upside potential. He has nothing left to prove in LA and MLS.

        One can see why players such as Bedoya, Mixx, and even Parkhurst can really benefit from their recent GC form. If they continue that same form at the club level in Europe in the coming months, it shows growth and continued improvement.

        Shea would be another player who is taking the risk with a jump to Stoke. If he breaks into the lineup and becomes productive, is raises his stock. If he falters….

        Beckerman is really competing with Edu and Williams right now, and he has shown well. Edu really has to situate himself in a club that need him, and earn minutes. Williams is jumping to England, but not the EPL. He has to show well there to catch people’s eyes. If neither makes progress in the coming month or two, we may see Beckerman on the bench for WCQs.

  7. “Michael Parkhurst….looking like a very viable right back option.”

    That’s the problem: “viable.” That’s not praise. That doesn’t inspire confidence. Even calling him “very” viable doesn’t help. That’s like being “very” okay or “very” average.

    So yes, Parkhurst improved his stock, but only because there really is no one at RB right now that anyone would call “great.”

  8. I initially thought Holden’s injury was minor. The replay showed it was a collision of knee to knee but it didn’t appear to be serious. Now it involves ligament damage. I keep thinking back to Joe Namath and the many knee operations he had. Today, he has difficulty walking through airport security with all that metal. I think Holden will be severely limited from here on out. I am not riding him off but I don’t think he will be the same when he finally heals. Too bad, I am a huge fan of his and truly wish him the best.

  9. I do not think Omar Gonzales stock was falling. I think JK had a decision to make at center back and the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality of keeping the back line consistent was more important.

    The fact that the sub in the 90th minute in the final says that JK was expecting what Panama would do and accordingly put in Gonzales who then dominated the box in the air, clearing about 3-5 headers in the last 4 minutes of stoppage time, to preserve the US win.

    It was a excellent performance and somewhat lost as fouls and fights broke out up field. Nonetheless, we would have heard about it had those balls not been cleared and Panama scored on a flick on or poor clearance.

    Also, if JK had not used Gonzo in the last two games after calling him up from the Galaxy, who were very shorthanded, Arena would have never let JK hear the end of it.

    All in all JK put Gonzo in at a critical moment and he came through big time, hardly a statement that he had lost his spot to Goodson. The fact is, that you still have Cameron in the picture and even Onyewu who has a good showing against Cuba but suffered an injury that kept him out of the other games (and having JK to call Gonzo in to cover)

    One of the pleasures that JK has is the fact that he has mow an embarrassment of riches a center back, where at one time it looked pretty shaky. The last piece of the puzzle is to lock down the corner backs. While I do not think before that nobody gave Beasley much of a chance of holding down a corner back position, especially at the left back, Until someone can knock Beasley off that position with superior play. it’s his. But then that is how JK is building this team, with competition at each position, and nobody is safe until the team is on the flight to Brazil.

  10. Locks:
    G: Howard, Guzan
    D: F Johnson, Beasley, Besler, Goodson, Gonzalez, Cameron, Cherundolo (assuming health)
    M: Jones, Bradley, Zusi
    F: LD, Dompsey, Altidore, Johnson

    Rimando v S Johnson (prediction- Rimando)
    Orozco v Brooks (If cameron goes as a Mid, prediction- brooks)
    Chandler v Parkhurst (prediction- Chandler)
    Beckerman v Edu v Cameron (prediction- Cameron)
    Diskerud v Davis (prediction- Diskerud)
    Torres v Shea (prediction- Torres)
    Corona v Bedoya (prediction- Bedoya)
    Johanson v Gomez (prediction- Johanson)

    Final Roster prediction:
    G: Howard, Guzan, Rimando
    D: F Johnson, Beasley, Besler, Goodson, Gonzalez, Brooks, Cherundolo, Chandler
    M: Jones, Bradley, Zusi, Cameron, Diskerud, Torres, Bedoya
    F: LD, Dompsey, Altidore, Johnson, Johanson

  11. 2014 on the plane prediction:
    GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando
    D: Chandler, Dolo, Besler, Brooks, Cameron, Gonzo, Beasley, F-John
    M: Bedoya, Corona, Bradley, Diskerud, Jones, Beckerman, Torres
    F: Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, A-John, E-John
    Just missed: Zusi, Shea, Holden (bummer), Williams, Gomez, Goodson, Edu, Castillo, Orozco

    • Disagree with some of these picks. Zusi makes it ahead of Torres and Corona. Goodson makes the team. Shea also brings something that no one else does. He is on the 23 as long as he’s in good shape.

      • Shea’s not going… at least not in current form… know why? Because the followign players rank ahead of him as far as wing options go:

        Donovan/Dempsey (whichever isn’t the 2nd striker)
        Fabian Johnson
        Graham Zusi
        Damarcus Beasley
        Joe Corona
        Alejandro Bedoya

        that’s 6 players who can play Shea’s spot, who exacly is he going to surpass at current form?

  12. For the upcoming friendly I put together a few line-ups comprised of potential players. I tried to balance the teams and don’t get caught up with the selections its just an idea.

    McInery Gomez
    Torres Feilhaber Beckerman Bedoya
    Pearce Brooks Gonzalez Cherundolo

    Boyd Johnson
    O’Brian Diskerud Edu Zusi
    Castillo Ream Goodson Chandler

    Johannson Wondolowski
    Shea Kljestan Cameron Corona
    Ashe Bocanegra Orozco Parkhurst

  13. A lot can happen between now and Brazil, but I think the fringe guys who made the trip in 2010 (Edu, Gomez, Goodson, Torres, Spector, not talking about Feilhaber, Clark, Findley, Borno) still have a big plus in their favor IF in a toss up to get on the plane. Obviously have to be in good club form, but can’t discount the experience gained by playing on the biggest stage. Let’s not forget Mo Edu knows what if feels like to score a goal in the World Cup, ha, even if only for a few seconds….

    • “Let’s not forget Mo Edu knows what if feels like to score a goal in the World Cup, ha, even if only for a few seconds….”

      Still too soon…

      • in my mind, U.S. won the group with 7 points having tied England, beaten Slovenia 3-2 and Algeria 2-0 with an insurance LD goal to ice it after a first half dempsey strike

  14. I would take Stuart Holden to WC14 as an Honorary member if the roster would let him be on it without hurting the team. That would send a message that we care about guys on the team that try to overcome obstacles of extraordinary measures, and boy he fits that bill.. Maybe take one less goal keeper. My opinion.

  15. The ultimate 23 for Brazil are:

    G: Howard, Guzan, Rimando
    CB: Besler, Gonzalez, Goodson, Fiscal
    LB/RB: Dolo, Cameron, Beasley, Parkhurst
    CM: Bradley, Jones, Mixx, Edu
    Wings: Zusi, Donovan, FJ, Corona
    F: Jozy, Dempsey, EJ, Gomez

    most fringe-like:
    Corona/Bedoya could flip
    Chandler (if he decides to forgo vacation for WC) for Parkhurst
    and if Johansson and Brooks find their way here, Gomez and Fiscal are staying home

  16. Sure Parkhurst did an adequate job on defense, but offense from your backs is an essential part of today’s game and Parkhurst failed to do much there. And since some of us think that a strong offense is a critical part of your defense, I don’t see how we can afford Parkhurst on the field versus World Cup level competition. And, by the way, Beasley can’t cross to save his life and scares me to death with how easily he gets knocked down.

    • name better, healthier and more reliable options, please… parkhurst will be a back-up (hopefully) a 3rd option behind Dolo and Cameron at RB, same for Lb behind Beasley and FJ

      • Well, that’s the problem isn’t it? To say there are no better options than Parkhurst is not to deny that we cannot afford to have him at RB against World Cup teams.

  17. Everyone seems convinced that LD will feature as a mid-fielder. Personally, I like him in the hole playing behind Jozy. That’s where he plays in LA and where he earned all of his accolades in the Gold Cup. More pace, better runs and better first touch distribution than Clint. Most of Clint’s success at club level has come from left, in the role occupied by Torres et al in the Gold Cup.

    • Interesting…I think coach likes the FabJo/DMB combo on the left, and I think he WANTS a FabJo/ Shea combo over there, but the player is not earning that spot- but your line up (assuming dempsey on left and Zusi on right) would put the best attackers on the field IMO.

      I also like Landon in the middle, for the reasons you listed.

    • Clint is more efficient close to goal than donovan. He isn’t afraid of physical contact, is skillful in tight spaces and a more opportunistic finisher. Donovan prefers to be in the open spaces with room to run.

      • UGH. You are so right as well, but Dempsey can still get into those areas like Shea did in the tournament and like Fabian has in his chances (Torres is not the type of player who goes to those areas and he spent most of the tournament on the LM.)

        Dempsey is not as good at combo play as Landon is though…I dunno, gotta play em both as long as they are both in, I won’t moan no matter how they line up

  18. These comments about Holden needed to retire are absurd. The injury Nigel De Jong was not due to Holden’s fragility. If that tackle had happened to anyone else on the USMNT, the result would likely have been the same. The horrific thing about that whole affair is the De Jong was not thrown out of the game like he was later in the World Cup Final against Spain. The incident with Jonny Evans, however, raises concerns less about Holden’s durability and more about how his recovery and treatment have been managed. The injury with Evans impacted his ligaments and his cartilage and upon his return he needed more surgery. I am not sure if the Bolton medical staff or the USMNT medical staff have done a credible job. Athletes like Robert Griffin and Adrian Peterson have come back from full knee reconstructions and performed. In the case of RG III, this is the second time he had the ACL in his right knee repaired. If you look at the tape of Holden’s injury, he didn’t hit the ground with that much force nor was his leg hit from the side which is what causes many ACL tears. His knee obviously lacks stability. Something in his surgery, rehab, and management during the Gold Cup happened. Most likely his knee was not doing so well prior to the final. If I am his agent and him, I would reassess who it is operates and does the repair. A solid job by someone like Dr. James Andrews should get him back to where he needs to be. His problem has been mismanaged. That shouldn’t be a surprise given how crappy some squads in soccer manager their players health. See Benitez’s death if you have any questions or Fabrice Muamba. Some of these players have serious congenital heart conditions that could be detected with the appropriate testing, but many professional sports clubs don’t take the time to find out. Look at the medical history of the NFL, it is a sick joke. As for Taylor Twellman, he retired because of complications from concussions, another area that has been far to overlooked in sports medicine.

    • RGIII and AP are likely using PEDs to return so quickly.

      ACLs are mostly non-contact, not from being hit from the side. Stu probably tore the ACL just before and causing him to bump into the Panamanian, not from the bump and subsequent leg plant.

      Other than that, continue your overinclusive, ill informed rant.

      • Misinformed really. Do some research. RG III on PEDs perhaps. But he has a much better surgeon than Holden had. By the way, most ACLs in football usually involve some form of contact. That is why clipping was made illegal. Also it why certain hits in hockey are also illegal.

        The comments about Twellman and heart the conditions of certain athletes are not misinformed. There is a ton of research on this. You have to question the wisdom of USMNT’s medical staff of having this guy’s knee exposed to poor playing surfaces like one in Dallas. And know PEDs would have little do with returning from ACL surgery. Average time is 6 to 9 months. Read and learn fool

      • Even your article says they are non-contact injuries. And I am still laughing at your assertion that if only Stu had the right doctor he would be whole today.

        You are free to have any opinions you want, but I just thought I would let you know you are off on your facts.

      • I understand what the article said about non contact and ACL and agree with it. My original point was all this hyperbole comparing him to Taylor Twellman and saying his career is done. That’s not the case. And given his subsequent injuries after two procedures now on the same leg one might ask the question as to whether the procedures and treatment have been sufficient. You might also question the wisdom of playing him in back to back games on turf with suspect conditions after not playing back to back games for almost two years. Also don’t forget Brian McBride dislocated his patella and returned in the same season after surgery and missing about 4.5 month. This injury is not exactly the same, although some patella dislocations can result in ligament damage. By the way the most common form of an ACL injury (non-contact) is often caused by hyperextension or change of direction, cutting. One reason why non-contact ACL injuries are more prevalent is due to their higher incidence among females who generally due not play rugby or football in large numbers. That said, it is fair game to raise some concerns about Holden’s medical treatment. There is also an interesting array of misinformation of news sites as to whether his previous injury involved the right or left knee. Judging by the video and some reports he hurt his left knee. Some of the most recent are suggesting that this is the second or even third injury to right knee. So, if in fact he hurt his right knee for the first time, the ACL repair should be a big deal. He can back in 7 months and playing a full 90 in 9 to 10. His career is not dead. Even the John O’Brien comparisons are weak. A better point/example would be Owen Hargreaves. O’Brien never suffered the catastrophic injuries that Holden has.

        Also it would be great SBI would do an article on this subject and clarify the conflicting reports on which knees have been injured and whether or not the injuries are related.

      • Meant to say that if this is actually the first surgery on his right ACL then it should not be a big deal. This seems more like a bad run of a luck.

      • AAGAGAHGAH! You win! Your large blocks of uninterrupted text have beaten me down, I concede! Send Stu to Dr Andrews, miracle worker! Shea too! Probably an ACL from that tackle in Philly! You win!

  19. Aron Johannsson will replace somebody. I say Zusi is out.

    And Edu offers nothing. Beckerman is better than Edu and I hate Beckerman….he has turned panic passing into an art form

  20. Also stock dropped: guys we didn’t get to see at all over the summer. Boyd, Edu, D Williams, Chandler, Gatt. Simply because of the number of guys whose stock rose.

    • Gatt, Holden, & Gomez’s stock dropped due to recient injuries.
      Edu is looking for a club, D. Williams just transfered.
      Chandler & Boyd I kind of agree with.

  21. Like everyone else, I am REALLY looking forward to the next 23 For 2014. Some guys like Parkhurst and Mixx were not even on Ives’s “Missed The Cut” list in June.

  22. I did not like EJ’s, and Brek Shea’s behavior while trying to close out a 1-0 match against a tough opponent. They played a very dangerous game getting drawn into the drama with the Panamanians. World Cup referees will likely not be as blind. Their stock has dropped a bit in my mind.

    • ives,

      I’ll save you time with the “line-up fans want to see” feature, here it is:

      FJ Zusi
      DMB Besler Gonzo Dolo
      Guzan 😉

  23. Parkhurst both raised his profile and yet also capped the potential he might otherwise show imho. Defensively, he was incredibly solid and, for that reason alone, will have put himself well into the conversation for Brazil. On the other hand, he was infuriatingly reluctant to go forward against inferior opposition and never really clicked. For that reason, I don’t think he’s really earned the starting position despite having a glorious opportunity to do so with Cherundolo injured, Chandler not yet integrated into the USMNT, Klinsmann preferring Fabian in the left midfield and Evans being a convert to the position. He’s put himself in Brazil but not as a starter.

  24. I don’t see Jose Torres in the Rising category after Corona moved over to the left to replace him for the final. He looks more like a steady with downward trend.

  25. Torres and Bedoya had some great flashes, but were absent for massive parts of games. Not impressed by either. Bedoya might have a shot, but he really only looks good within 20ish yards of goal, which just isn’t diverse enough.

  26. The great thing about from now tell WC is that there are so many middle players that really need to have a good season to make the plane trip. Espically with adding Brooks and Aron on the roster now. I think players like Shea know they have to have a good season from now tell then or there ticket will not be punched.

  27. While the performance of the team at the Gold Cup was great to see, it seems a bit shaky to have so many of these players potentially surpassing A Team players on the depth chart. Like while Goodson was very good in the tournament, I still wouldn’t trust him against A Team level competition more than Gonzalez.

    • I think many fans aren’t fully trusting of Gonzo, as well. He’s made a number of mental mistakes while with the A Team, only to have them written off as “he’s learning”. The NT’s purpose isn’t to help players “learn”, it’s to put our best 11 on the pitch. Gonzo hasn’t proved that at this point.

  28. I’d say your stock is falling if you didn’t get to play. If Klinsmann wanted to see someone play and get a sense if they are a real option, he’d play them. As a player, if the coach isn’t putting you in at all in any match, you can’t walk away feeling good about your prospects.

      • Castillo, Ashe, Gordon, to name 3….Jack Mack may have shown well in practice…but if he’s not seeing time in the “B” team against week opponents (Guat, Cuba, etc…) he’ll have a hard time breaking in.

      • isnt he 20? Even if he doesn’t crack the 23 going to Brazil next summer, he’ll be 25 during Russia… If he’s got a future for the USMNT, it doesn’t mean it has to start immediately. He’ll get january camps, etc and will develop his game. Hes still really young.

  29. Donovan, Beasley, Rimando, Mixx, EJ, and Besler made their cases. Maybe start maybe sub but in the team right now. The way Gonzo was used suggests he is also seen as a routine guy.

    Bedoya, Corona, Beckerman, Shea, and…..against my better judgment….Wondo, Torres, Parkhurst, and Goodson maintained relevance to the pool. Maybe subs, maybe in consideration for a call. I say against better judgment because I see how their performance could be deemed sufficient but I think it would be a mistake to take it for more than it’s worth, the last four are flawed and won’t help you win on the big stage. Goodson in particular can be a defensive nightmare.

    I don’t see how being called in for a B team you barely or don’t play for helps you any, so Jack I, Bruin, Ashe, Orozco, Johnson, Hamid, Gordon, Beltran and to some extent Castillo suffered. In terms of Castillo, he should be done as a defender.

    Gomez has taken a big plummet because he is a class striker in a way Wondo or EJ is not, and he was scoring important goals and a routine call. Now he’s convalesced through two sets of A and B team games and will face new competition in Aron Johannson and Landon when he comes back. Jozy also brushed him aside. Relevance fading fast.

    Holden is physically unable to perform and thus his status is obvious, but I felt he dropped in stature during the tournament because the performances eroded. He went from dominant to anonymous. I felt like he mirrored Wondo in fading as the tournament progressed. There were others who stepped up as things progressed and I can’t believe the coach didn’t notice. If you were excellent against Belize or Cuba I don’t know if that does anything for you in terms of pecking order…..Wondo, Holden.

  30. Gonzalez losing his starting spot to Goodson. Not likely. Not based on this tourney anyway. This was clearly an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” decision by JK.

    • I’m with you on this. I don’t think Gonzalez moved out of the top two. If Omar had been available from the git go he would have been in the middle for most, if not all of the tournament.

      Kudos to Goodsen for having a good tournament, but I have too many bad memories of him in games for the US in Europe and other matches where he was overmatched.

      I still think it’s Gonzalez-Besler and then Goodsen right behind should either of the top two falter..

      6 months ago none of us could have said this. Good times right now..

      • Exactly right about Goodson! Much like Beckerman, he excels against mediocre talent and is abused by quicker more talented teams. Goodson has reached his ceiling. Gonzales on the other hand, needs to use the next year to improve his game. I dont think Gonzales has yet reached his potential. i expect Juergen to bring him to Bosnia to see how he fares against very good European talent. I also think EJ may make the squad but fail to make an impact, if he starts with those stepovers in Brazil, opposing defenders (who will have scouted him will stand there, watch, have a good laugh then when he is done, take the ball away – just like Panama did. i think a healthy Gomez offers a little less speed but more versatility as far as options go. We have plenty of wing options in the midfield with more touch and skill than EJ – I would rather see one of those talented young guys get the spot but suspect EJ is on the plane.

  31. My 23:
    Gk: Howard, Guzan, Rimando
    Def: DMB, FJ, Besler, Gonzo, Goodson, Orozco, Parkhurst, Cameron
    Mid: Donovan, Bedoya, Jones, Bradley, Mix, Beckerman, Corona, Zusi
    Fwd: Dempsey, EJ, Altidore, Boyd

    On the bubble:
    Shea, Edu, Williams, Chandler, Gomez, Hamid, Castillo, Wondo, SJohnson, Evans


    A lot can change in the next few months tho

    • Your starters, I agree with. (Minor question about Goodson v. Gonzo, but I think it will be Gonzo.)

      Did you forget Torres in there, or was that an intentional drop? I think he’d at least be on the bubble. And I think Shea makes it as well, as a supersub. So if I had to replace two midfielders on your list, it would probably be Torres and Shea for Bedoya and Beckerman.

      The only other question I have is Boyd – I don’t know whether there’s necessarily a better option than him for a backup-backup striker (I’m not buying Wondo in that role.) Mayyybe Gomez, but probably not.

      A solid 23, all in all.

      • Thanks, i should have torres on the bubble; i rate bedoya, beckerman, williams, shea etc above him but those final spots are all very close

    • I like your lineup. Based on what we saw at Gold cup, I could see Donovan listed as a forward and Shea as a bench option. Also, StevieC is my hero, so I have to see the Mayor of Hanover on the roster (barring injury) in place of Orozco (Cameron as backup for center or right back). I agree with those that think the rise in Cameron’s form is the end of Edu on the roster. I like Edu, and love how he’s contributed in past world cups (if only he got every start in place of RClark!), but Cameron has better distribution, and more defensive flexibility.

      • GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando
        D: Cherundolo, Chandler, Goodson, Gonzalez, Besler, Beasley, FJohnson, Parkhurst
        M: Bradley, Jones, Corona, Beckerman, Zusi, Donovan, Diskerud, Shea
        F: Dempsey, Altidore, Gomez, EJohnson

      • It’s a good list, but I’d be surprized if Klinsman takes less than 4 CBs (you have to account for potential card accumilation and injuries). I think that one of the 3 right backs (Dolo, Chandler or Parkhurst) will be replaced by a CB – perhaps someone who can play several positions like Orozco Fiscal or Cameron.

      • I like this except that I believe Klinsmann will take a “utility”-type guy in either Cameron or Edu that can play CM, CB, or even an outside back if really needed in Cameron’s case. Id probably drop Chandler from the list for one of those two.

      • Agreed, but I’d say Parkhurst out and Chandler in (though I admit that’s a big gamble on how Chandler does over the next year).

      • I’m not Ives, but I agree with most of HoboMike. Anyone Else?

        GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando

        D: Parkhurst, Chandler, Besler, Orozco, Goodson, Cameron, Gonzalas, Beasley, F Johnson

        M: Zusi, Corona, Bradley, Diskerud, Jones, Beckerman, Torres,

        F: Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, E Johnson

      • Keepers- TH, BG, NR

        Backs(you said if they leave tomorrow)- Evans, Parkhurst, Orozco Fiscal, Cameron, Goodson, Gonzo, Besler, FabJo, Beasley

        Mids- MB, JJ, Mix, Donovan, Zusi, Shea, Torres

        F- Dempsey, Altidore, EJ, Wondo(you said leaving tomorrow)

        All in all I really struggled with Wondo v. Beckerman v. Corona v. Torres for the last 2 spots. I went with Wondo, because of his poacher’s ability that is not in abundance with the above squad and Torres because he can hit a cross with his left, another skill not in abundance on the USMNT.

        My 11:

        Planned subs: Shea for DMB with FabJo dropping in a tie game or come from behind attempt.

        All other subs based on yellow status, game flow and injury. I think Donovan and Dempsey should be nearly interchangable, but that gives a lot of trust to the players to cover eachother. I chose Donovan up front as the base plan because he makes more stretching runs than Dempsey or Altidore, but certainly will not argue with any of you who see it the other way.

      • Like Wondo, I believe Donovan is not very effective as a forward against top level, physical defenses. He is more useful playing on the wing and running at the defense. He shies away from physical play. Look at the Panama game. he was ineffective when it came to mixing things up. for the first half an hour he barely touched the game.

      • I think the roster will look like this:
        S: Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, Johanson
        MF: Fab Johnson, Bradley, Jones, Beckerman, Diskerud, Corona, Bedoya, Zusi
        D: Evans, Parkhurst, Besler, Goodson, Orozco, JAB, Gonzalez, Beasley
        GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando

        Other Predictions:
        *Gomez will be out w/ injury

      • I can’t believe people are seriously putting Johannson on the Brazil roster. He has yet to play a single game for the US.

      • That was my initial thought, but after going through names for a while I like him making it. Two reasons: 1. JK clearly rates him. Why? 2. because he’s perfect for the withdrawn striker role. He’s not a physical as other striker options, but he fills the a role we aren’t very deep in.

      • GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando
        CB: Besler, Goodson, Gonzalez, Orozco
        LB: F. Johson, Beasley
        RB: Chandler, Parkhurst
        DM: Bradley, Jones, Beckerman
        AM: Dempsey, Donovan, Zusi, Corona, Mix
        FW: Altidore, Johnson, Wondo
        Utility: Cameron

        I think Herculez is going the wrong direction right now due to injury and was before that. EJ’s emergence making it tough.

        Don’t think Shea will have a good year. This injury hasn’t helped and don’t think he’s consistent enough yet.

        Also, think Dolo will be victim of Bocanegra syndrome.

        I’m not sold on Mix quite yet as the #23 player. Could end up with Evans due to versatility, AJ if he integrates quickly, etc.

      • Also, both F. Johnson and Beasley can play in midfield as well (and may be better there), so this gives us more versatility.

    • There’s uncertainty around the final 5-7 spots, but that’s probably no different than any other country at this stage.

      Barring injury, here are the locks for brazil (locks to start in all caps, may not start in position listed):

      GK: HOWARD, guzan, rimando
      LB: FABIAN, beasley
      CB: BESLER, goodson, gonzalez, cameron
      CM: BRADLEY, jones
      RM: zusi
      F: ALTIDORE, DEMPSEY, eddie

      2 and only 2 of dolo, chander, parkhurst, evans cover right back.

      That leaves 5 midfielders/forwards taken from this lot:
      mix, beckerman, dwilliams, edu
      corona, bedoya, shea, torres
      gomez, wondo, boyd, johannsson(?)

      If brooks proves competent in the bundesliga he could challenge for a center back spot. Otherwise that’s the pool.

      • That’s the pool…until Jurgen surprises everyone with another call up that has everyone salivating and wonder where they will fit. Exciting times.

    • I’m sure Ives will do it soon, here’s my guess on what Klinnsmann is thinking:
      Forwards: Altidore, Dempsey, Johnson, Boyd
      Mids: Donovan, Zusi, Bradley, Jones, Corona, Diskerud, Shea, Beckerman and Bedoya.
      Def: F. Johnson, Besler, Goodson, Chandler, Cameron, Gonzales, Beasley and Parkhurst.
      Goalie: Howard and Guzan.

      I could see Johanssen making it. Players on the bubble: Torres, Williams, Cherundolo, Brad Davis and Herculez Gomez. Outside the bubble: Klesjtan, Lichaj, Bocanegra and Agudelo.

  32. Ives, much like some fantasy football sites do, when you submit your 23 for Brazil pieces, please also include up and down arrows for players, including those who “missed the cut”. Thanks.

  33. Count me in the group of people that thinks Stu Holden should retire from international competition. After this many injuries to that knee he should really just focus on his club career and make sure he can make as much $$$ as possible while he can. He’s 27. He’s set to miss another year (give or take) in his playing prime.

    We love you Stu. We love seeing you in red, white, and blue. We want you on the team, but we’re also all perfectly happy to see you playing for Bolton. It’s tough, but focus on you, and on your club career.

      • Sorry, cut off early. I meant to go on to say that any talk of retirement is premature. His right leg/ankle shouldn’t have any bearing on the knee. The left knee now gets a longer recovery time.

        Still a long shot.

      • Stu is officially off usmnt radar. After the latest injury, he will have gone nearly 3 years without playing consistently. His body falls apart when he plays at the top level, simple as that. This has happened to millions of athletes and will happen to millions more. Stu’s done but the first commentater is right, he should get paid while he can.

      • You and your handle are moronic. You know absolutely nothing about Holden’s problems or his likelihood of returning.

      • Lol cuncel da international career. Wishing him the best but the guy is unlucky/ made out of glass. A torn ACL on a very regular moment in the game, don’t fool yourself into thinking he’s not injury prone. He should be able to find a niche in a championship side or at least MLS provided he stays healthy. His future contracts will be very limited to his health and ability to play consistently.

      • Wish we can create a SBI Hall of Fame for posters and by Fame, I mean People Who Make this Country A Little Worst.

        I vote Rimjob for #1 on that list so far.

      • I third that motion. Sounds like some of you havent graduated kindergarten yet and/or aren’t getting rimmed enough.

    • It’s not even a matter of retiring from international competition – he has a persistent injury problem and for his own health and safety, he should take a page from Taylor Twellman’s playbook and retire from his playing career (both club and country) and try to get a commentator/analyst position. He can continue to make good money as an analyst. I’d even like to see him maybe involved with the coaching staff for the USMNT, as I think he’s a good guy to have around the team, but I don’t know if emotionally/psychologically he’d want to be in that position.

  34. I would add Graham Zusi to the stock falling list. Not due to anything he did, but because a number of options that threaten his place in the stating XI have made themsleves apparent, starting with Donovan, and including Corona and Bedoya.

    • I don’t understand the Zusi dislike. The guy regularly gets high quality crosses into the box against good competition. Somethign sorly lacking during gold cup play. He is still tops for me on the right. Landon on the left

      • He’s not Landon. That’s the dislike. That’s the only thing.

        I’m not one of those dislike-ers.

    • Here we go again!!! Even when Zusi isn’t mentioned in an article people still hate on him. Listen, he isn’t Landon Donovan and he never will be. What he is, is one of the hardest workers on the USMNT that provides excellent service from the flanks, helps the attack, and does a great job of helping defensively. He has proved all of those against competition such as Germany and Mexico. What more does he have to do to keep people from trying to replace him with any random winger who has a few good games?

      I know Corona and Bedoya both had a good Gold Cup, but remember, if Vermes would have let Zusi go to the Gold Cup, Bedoya likely wouldn’t have seen the field in those last 2 games.

      • Right on. People somehow think that just because someone plays the same position, they have to be the exact same player.

        Zusi is an excellent crosser and a very good defender. Saved us a point in Azteca with the 40 yard run to head the ball out.

        Bedoya’s not going to unseat Zusi and neither is Corona. EJ is his biggest competition as LD can simply slide over to the left, Dempsey in the hole, and Zusi on right.

      • yes, it will be interesting to see what squad JK goes with in August. Considering that the match is abroad, it’s unlikely he’ll take all of his go-to MLSers. So I suspect the A-team Euro-based players and maybe a few new faces. Will he take Donovan though? (he’s definitely in for the qualifiers)

    • The August Euro Camp vs Bosnia could be interesting but the build up for qualifiers just makes them that more intense

    • Eddie Johnson’s stock has really been rising over the past qualifiers and for most of the Gold Cup although we saw him revert back to some dumb and lazy antics in the final.

      His attempts to go one-one-one were not of the same caliber of late and lost the ball several times as he got tired later in the game. Also, how in the heck did he miss that sitter!? He should have sealed off the win with an easy tap-in. He didn’t keep his head in the game for the entire 90 minutes as further evidenced by starting a fight late in the game and getting a yellow card? He needs to show maturity late in a final game.

      I think we will see him continue to be used a a substitute, as he doesn’t show the mental fortitude to go the whole 90.


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