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Report: Gomez to miss four to eight weeks with knee injury

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When Herculez Gomez was sent back to Club Tijuana from the USMNT Gold Cup squad, most assumed it was because the Liga MX club wanted him around to start the season.

As it turns out, the reason may be much worse.

According to an ESPN Deportes report, Gomez will have his banged-up right knee cleaned out, leaving him on the sidelines for a period of four to eight weeks. Gomez was sent to Los Angeles during the USMNT World Cup qualifying camp in June because of knee trouble, but was included in the Gold Cup squad when it appeared that he had healed.

Instead, it appears that Gomez picked up a knock that aggravated the injury. The news is a huge blow to Xolos’ Apertura expectations, having let Duvier Riascos go in the summer transfer window in order to bring in Gomez. Xolos begin their season on Friday evening against Atlas.

What do you think of this news? How do you see Xolos playing without Gomez? What kind of impact will this have on the team’s Apertura campaign?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Tiene un equipaso el xolos, aun así sabra seguir adelante antes de que hercules se recupere, el llegara en buen momento, cuando se requiera de su presencia, cuando falten pocos partidos en la liguilla el sera el gran toque y fuerza que terminen los partidos restantes.

    • Traductor google translate. It equipaso the xolos, sabra still go ahead before hercules recovers, it came at a good time when their presence is required when missing a few games in the playoffs he will be the great touch and force Finalise remaining parties .

  2. bummer news, not easy to recover and get it back as you get older but it’s doable. the guy works hard so have to believe he’ll make it all the way back. here’s hoping

  3. I was hoping he’d debut last night. Now it’s one to two months. Damn. Hope he comes back stronger. Vamos Xolos!

  4. sucks about herc’s injure his a great player, and a better person
    usa team will miss out ,after all hi is the only american to ever
    win the boot award in mexico man what an honor that is awsome
    all this time ,and no other player did it .

  5. is not a tragedy it comes with he territory 8 weeks is not bad
    it takes more than that to break herc his a great player.

  6. dangit! i think it’s a shame because he’s such a good player and has rarely been given the chance to shine. looks like he could have gotten that at Tijuana. maybe it’s still on the way…

  7. totally makes sense. He was not running at full speed during recent US matches. Also I guess his tweet the other day about leaving camp accompanied by the #downbutnotout was a dead giveaway.

  8. Ugh. In a guy in his thirties who relies on his speed and his legs to start developing repeated nagging knee injuries? That’s not a good sign at all.

    • Yeah…I hope the surgery clears this up and this doesn’t linger for the next year.

      Even in the best case scenario, he’s back and gets maybe 3 games prior to September WCQ. Tough to see him being there…so does that mean Landon slides in his spot as a FW (even if we all believe his spot has to be left MF with the A Squad) or does that mean another FW (Wondo?!) gets in?

  9. from what i have read, injury or not, he was going to be going back. but this is terrible news. at least it’s at the start of the season. gives him plenty of time to recover. really stinks though.

  10. Tough blow for the Xolos, I was no expecting this. They still hired Dar
    io Benedetto who is a rising star. He will probably be the starting stryker, while Hercules recovers.


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