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SBI MLS Team of the Week: Los Angeles Galaxy

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The Los Angeles Galaxy were mired in a miserable slump and desperately needed to break out of the rut that had seen them post just one win in five matches.

With the help of Robbie Keane’s penalties and a defense that allowed just one goal in 180 minutes, the Galaxy re-asserted their place in the heart of the race for the top spot in the Western Conference. Their two victories last week moved them to within four points of first-place Real Salt Lake, and made the Galaxy the SBI MLS Team of the Week.

The Galaxy beat out the Vancouver Whitecaps for this week’s honor.

What did you think of the Galaxy’s performance last week. See them catching Real Salt Lake atop the West, or still think they have issues to sort out?

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  1. The reality is that the Galaxy are woefully thin, and there performance thus far has shown it. Do you really think Arena, a “veteran guy” if ever there was one, would be playing so many rookies if he didn’t have to? Zardes would have been at the far end of the bench by now, with his 2-35 goals/shots ratio. Cochrane, Rugg, Garcia – these guys wouldn’t see the bright lights of the senior team field ever if Arena had a choice. (Frankly I’m not sure how Rogers continues to “earn” minutes with his poor form). But he doesn’t, and so the Galaxy, the team that everyone else in the league thinks gets special big-money treatment, have to hope that somehow they can survive playing reserve-teamers for the rest of the summer and magically flick a switch come October and everything will be golden. Be scared of the Galaxy all you want, but “magical switches” make this Galaxy fan very very nervous.

    • Amen…that second PK call was horrible. Keane fell down easier than a 1 year old learning to walk, and the MLS front office won’t have the balls to call him on it.

    • IF anybody else in the league fell down like that sack of potatoes on the second “penalty” he’d be carded for simulation and fined by the league. Since it was All-Star Keene and the big money Galaxy, expect silence from the head office.

    • Well it’s nice to see there’s some Crew fans in the house. Bitter much? How about “we got completely outplayed and the result was fair, even if the calls were questionable?” You gave up 25 freaking shots. Get over it.

    • Unfortunately for the Crew the poor calls against them restablished justice for the Galaxy who suffered three terrible calls against them up at Stanford stadium. In one case Salinas was issued a suspension for a blow that wasn’t even called a foul in the game. Guess who served up the game winner against the Galaxy?

      Poor officiating has been a real problem in MLS, but the Galaxy have suffered as well as benefitted. Unfortunately, the Crew were hard done by in this game. Hopefully they will get it back at some point down the road. Seems to be the way the law of averages works out.

      It’s a shame that the officiating is even a talking point when one team dominates the other but fails to capitalize. The Galaxy didn’t deserve the win against the Crew, but they didn’t deserve to lose against the Smurfs, either. So I’ll stick with the actual results. A win is a win and a loss is a loss.

    • Two in a row is a habit? Three years ago they had the best record in MLS and went on to win the supporters shield and then MLS Cup, definitely not a slow start.

      The problem was and is that the regular season doesn’t matter, its winning the Cup that matters so why not stroll through the regular season, and then show up win the cup and then do it again. #3peat

  2. They’re still not a complete team without Donovan in proper form. Good news is, it looks like Donovan has finally found his form with the Nats.

  3. They obviously have issues (Zardes’ on the job training, International call-ups, back up for Juninho, Rogers’ form, etc.), but the table doesn’t lie.


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