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Who is your Mid-Season MLS MVP?



As we sit at what is almost exactly the midpoint of the 2013 MLS season, it is time to talk about the players and coaches who have enjoyed the strongest seasons to date.

SBI will be naming our picks for the MLS Mid-Season awards throughout the day, but we wanted to kick things off by asking readers for their pick for the top award, MLS MVP.

Who is your pick at the halfway point in the season? Is it Philadelphia’s Jack McInerney? Portland’s Will Johnson? Do you prefer Montreal’s Marco DiVaio, or goal machine Mike Magee?

We will reveal our pick later today, but for now please feel free to cast your vote after the jump and tell us why you feel your choice is deserving of the MLS MVP Award at midseason.

  • Will Johnson
  • Jack McInerney
  • Mike Magee
  • Marco DiVaio
  • Graham Zusi
  • Camilo Sanvezzo
  • Kyle Beckerman
  • Thierry Henry
  • Diego Fagundez
  • Michel Garbini
  • Robbie Keane
  • Brad Davis

It should be noted that we kept it to one player per team on the above ballot in order to keep teammates from splitting votes. If you disagree with our pick for a certain team’s MVP, feel free to let us know.

Who did you vote for, and why?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Magee has now won player of the month with both the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Chicago Fire. In effect uniting the West Coast and East Coast in a cause of passionate football. For an encore he will transfer to Toronto in an effort to save the dying franchise.

  2. Magee has made the fire watchable, Portlsnd is stacked already. Valeri , Wallace , Johnson , Chara , Ricketts . The Fire has not nearly as much names and yet somehow are turning it on fast. Magee is my vote he’s been great all season.

  3. It pained me to vote for Wil Johnson (Sounders fan here), but that’s the best of the choices offered. I probably would have voted for Valeri if he’d been here, though. Wil Johnson is a very valuable player, but Valeri gives that Portland team real class going forward. And he’s no prima donna–he puts in he work and has been a good teammate. Take him away and Portland’s vaunted offense becomes a lot more predictable.

  4. I’m holding off on my vote until we see how the Timbers perform without Will Johnson these next couple of weeks. Either way, Will or Magee for me.

    • It’s almost like the fans of PTFC ACTUALLY support the domestic product and care about the content on an awesome site…..unlike the sweet and always rational SSFC and LAG fans. / sarcasm

  5. Magee hit a slump in his final weeks in LA so I just couldn’t vote him. Though he would be second on my ballot behind The Canadian Keebler Elf Will Johnson.

  6. As a Red Bulls fan and as a lifelong Thierry Henry fan, I voted for Will Johnson. I was tempted to vote Magee after noticing that his scoring touch hasn’t left him after leaving the Galaxy. He has played a major part in reversing Chicago’s fortunes. However, considering Portland has 30 points in 17 games this season, just 4 points shy of the 34 points they had all of last season, which was actually down from the 42 points from 2011, I have to give it to Will Johnson. He is, without a doubt, Portland’s engine, their keystone, and their captain. Will Johnson has my vote.

  7. Will Johnson has led Portland to be a true contender this season. Magee has completely turned Chicago around. I get arguments on both sides. At this point, I lean toward Johnson.

  8. I think Magee will have a more legitimate claim to the award at season’s end if the Fire continue on their positive form after turning their whole season around since his arrival.

    However, at this point I have to lean toward Will Johnson and the impact he has had on Portland.

  9. Will Johnson’s been the key cog in the team playing the best soccer in the league. That’s usually the criteria for MVP right? Assuming they continue their success of their season, he gets the nod.

  10. Mine’s not on the list: Donovan Ricketts.

    Will Johson’s been great, but the midseason MVP is Donovan Rickettts. No way PDX has that streak w/o him in goal.

  11. The Chicago Fire went from being the second worst team in the Eastern Conference to having not lost a single match since Magee came aboard–he’s scored in every single match.

    That guy is the quintessential MVP.

    • Uh, you recall where Portland finished last season? A charlie hotel away from DFL – we got swept by freaking Chivas…..let that soak in for you. Will Johnson, as the captain and career highs in goals and assists for a team jostling for the Supporters Shield.

      THAT is the quintessential MVP. Plus he had a beer with us in the Timbers Army Vs. The Rowdies in USOC. Style points.

      • Can’t disagree with you, and I admit I haven’t seen as much Timbers football as I’d like to, but from what I’ve seen, there’s one standout player in the middle. Although his stats don’t stick out, without him the Timbers lose their edge in possession. Timbers fans know who I’m speaking of: The Argentine, Valeri.

  12. Without question it’s Mike Magee (at this point). When talking about MVP, to me, you aren’t talking about “best player in the league”. but rather player who is most valuable to his team. Is there anyone more valuable to a team right now than Magee is to Chicago Fire? I don’t think so.

    • Michel! He is the Key to FC DALLAS success this year. Since they are stil a top 3 team and lead the supporters shield race for most of the season He is the one I go with. DiVaio would be my other as he has had the same affect on Montreal.

    • Well see how much the union fall apart without jack mcinerney over the next few games. Casey has been key and Le Touxs come around but their offense could totally die without macs goalscoring and the attention he draws.

  13. Will Johnson or Mike McGee.. i’l take Johnson who has been most valuable to his team and their impressive midseason standing. Hard not to vote for McGee and all of his goals…

  14. Mr. Magee. Look at his influence. He leaves LA scoring goals and they struggle. He arrives in Chicago scoring goals and they are revitalized, rejuvenated. That’s all the evidence you need. Magee has been brilliant for not one club but two clubs this season. A rarity in this league.


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