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Chivas USA add former academy striker de la Fuente to roster

Bryan de la Fuente Chivas USA (Chivas USA)


A familiar face has made his way back onto Chivas USA’s first team.

Chivas USA announced Tuesday afternoon the signing of forward Bryan de la Fuente, who was a former academy player for the Goats and a member of their first team in 2010 and 2011. The 21-year-old de la Fuente was most recently with Chivas USA’s Under-23 squad, helping that team become State Champions with three goals in a tournament that capped their undefeated season.

De la Fuente, who made his professional debut on Oct. 23, 2010 and spent some of 2012 under contract with Liga MX side Tijuana, will be eligible for selection in Chivas USA’s Western Conference showdown with FC Dallas on Wednesday.

Per club and league policy, details of the transacation were not made public.

What do you think of Chivas USA’s decision to bring back de la Fuente to their first team? Do you see him making an impact before the end of this season?

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  1. Off-topic but why do the news entries keep getting shuffled? For example about an hour ago the two most recent news entries were about the ref who will be over seeing the US/CR game and the USMNT’s right back situation and who Klinsmann will be considering.

    Now I see that some older entries have been moved to the first page and the two previously mentioned are all the way on the 2nd page?

    Anyone else getting this? It’s been happening an pretty much a daily basis for about the last month, if not longer.

    • Ives would do this to try and get more articles noticed that may not be getting visitors/clicks. It’s a common blogging strategy: the articles at the top of a page are more likely to get read so you put your valuable stuff up top.

      Why he would care to showcase certain articles? May be tied to ads.

  2. why don’t they ever make the $$ involved in transfer deals public?

    For fans of clubs its always nice to know what is being spent on transfers and what money is coming in from transfers.

  3. Being Mexican isn’t a race . . . That said, I guess it is politically incorrect to make a joke about a teams discriminatory practice, but politically correct to actually be discriminatory?


    Chivas USA, probably the most mismanaged *professional* team in the United States.

  4. Hi Ives, big fan. Wanted to ask about the change to the way comments are posted. Have you thought about allowing comments to be sorted chronologically…I mean not everyone prefers to read the latest comments first. I personally prefer to read the comments as they were posted, going down the page. Thanks for all your wonderful entries!


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