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USMNT vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina (SBI Live Match Commentary)



The U.S. Men’s National Team will look to cap off a record-setting summer with a win against Bosnia and Herzegovina today in Sarajevo (2:30pm, ESPN2).

Jurgen Klinsmann’s side is riding an 11-match winning streak, and come off a successful run to a CONCACAF Gold Cup title. Today’s friendly will be a chance to look at some new faces as John Anthony Brooks and Aron Johannsson stand poised to make their USMNT debuts.

Bosnia and Herzegovina should offer the U.S. team its toughest test in quite some time, as an attack featuring Edin Dzeko and Miralem Pjanic looks to test an inexperienced U.S. defense.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today’s match so please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s commentary is after the jump):


  1. Wow. I only tuned in at the start of at second half, but that was a heck of a game!

    We should have a pretty formidable team offensively going into the next set of qualifiers. Altidore is proving, game by game, that he is capable of carrying the scoring load and can score in a variety of ways. Fabian Johnson and Michael Bradley have done a remarkable job providing service, and I think Fabian’s feed to Altidore on the first goal shows why he needs to continue to play in the midfield rather than along the backline. Once our absent captain Dempsey rounds into form with Sounders, he should continue to be a scoring threat playing under Altidore. And while Eddie Johnson’s turnover cost us a goal today, I think he’s showing us that, so long as you don’t count on him to be your primary scoring threat, he can chip in goals, even against fairly good opponents. Add Donovan to the mix, and we certainly are not hurting for players who can create scoring opportunities for themselves or others.

    As far as the young players go, I’m pretty impressed by Johannson. He seems to position himself well and he’s quick, calm, and pretty creative on the ball. He actually seems to be the player many of us thought Juan Agudelo would develop into earlier in this cycle, only Johannson has had more club success that Agudelo, so he has been able to play his way onto teams that are doing a better job with his development. I wouldn’t pencil him into any line-ups yet, but could see him being a wing option off the bench for 2014, and possibly moving into a 2nd striker position with Altidore next cycle.

    What did people think of Brooks? A lot of TV commentary about him being raw and making mental mistakes, but that’s been the criticism of Gonzalez as well (albeit to a lesser extent). It’s a shame that Orozco got injured, as I think Brooks is probably battling him for the 4th CB spot in our depth chart right now.

    • First Altidore is world class. So is Bradley and so is Howard. Any club anywhere can win with those guys right now. Altidore hads the potential to be the first world superstar for the Yanks,(if Bradley isn’t already, which I don’t think he is quite there in the eyes of the world) if he can harness this going forward.

      Beyond those three, Dempsey, Donovan and Fabian Johnson(the LM- not the LB) are all clear international class players. Jones is close, and serves his role far better than a Ricardo Clark of year’s past, but Sascha is coming on, so is Mixx so he has to lose the penchant for becoming undisciplined. Then you have the defense…

      I am very impressed with Johannsen. Had no idea, thought it was just a hyped somewhat skill guy, but he looked nice today. Seems to me he can be Dempsey’s replacement and even handle some of Altidore’s load up top keeping Dempsey and Donovan in the mix at #10.

      Brooks-His physical gifts are better than any of our current CBs. Don’t think he can ace out Besler by next summer, but Gonzo and Goodson are in reach IMO. (Cameron showed he has a long way to defensively, but as a #5 option at CB, #3 at RB and #3or 4 option at CDM-maybe even the best pure sweeper option- he has to have a place)

  2. Now admittedly I am a HUGE Hertha fanboi, but Jay Brooks did quite well. I sincerely hope he chooses to cap tie to the USMNT. Dit kann nur ein Berliner sein!

  3. IMO, this should be the line up for the upcoming wcq.
    F.Johnson Dempsey Donovan
    Jones Bradley
    Beasley Evans
    Besler Cameron
    Howard Subs: johansson, zusi, brooks

    • I dunno if Donovan gets the start over Zusi just yet. Yes Donovan dominated the Gold Cup, but he was expected to. Zusi’s service was very important to Jozy’s play over the last few games (obviously barring this one, Jozy’s biggest showing, which Zusi wasn’t in.) Zusi’s still the starter and Landon is the sub for just about any hole. Mixx and Eddie Johnson have an argument as subs if we need attacking. Cameron if we need defensive help. Donovan pretty much should come into every game somewhere no matter what we need just for the fresh legs.

  4. I think Eddie J. just played himself far lower on the depth chart. Aron showed more in 30 minutes then he did in 60. A tap in goal means nothing

    We were far better when EJ and Jones left the field. We were also far better when we went to two forwards. I wish JK would just forget the single striker.

    Central defense still shaky IMO and Fabian as a defender too. Fabian as an outside half = good. I wish Mix was still on when the attack started.

    JOZY – best ever for him. Held the ball well, good first touch, good shooting. Nothing to complain about there

    • Yeah, when Eddie wilted on that chance in the opening minutes, you just knew it might put his spot in jeopardy.

      Jozy is definitely entering his stride. No doubt he is the man of the match.

      Brooks has me excited. He is more physically imposing than any other player in our pool and he reads the game well. He got caught napping late, but he also shined in 1v1 situations and broke up some dangerous movements with good positioning. I think with a year of Bundesliga seasoning he will definitely be our best CB (and starting LCB) in Brazil.

      But Aron Bacon is what has me really juiced. He’s going to be a great player over the next 5-8 years.

      • Can’t deny the results the two forward thing has produced in the GC and today, but can’t ignore how the lone striker approach won those last round of qualifiers when teams are parking the bus on us.

      • please explain…my recollection says since the Belgium game and beginning with the Germany game that Jozy has been paired with someone most of the time…not all of the time but the vast majority of it…very little 4 2 3 1, much more 4 1 3 2, 4 4 2 or whatever as long as Jozy wasn’t alone, especially defensively

      • I guess its debatable where Dempsey played early on in that run. If you consider Dempsy incapable of playing the 4-2 3-1 CAM role (which he is) you can say he played off Jozy as a second striker. I did not see it as a strict second striker- he did not get up the field like he is capable and like the guys have been doing lately in the qualifiers- until Donovan moved there in the GC opener.

      • I don’t think he’s incapable, but do believe the whole team does not perform nearly as effectively with that formation, and game after game this keeps playing out, again today imo. I remember him up the field especially defensively, and when the team played well

      • I actually think I was mistaken, it may have been the Guatemala friendly where Donovan asked to be moved up slightly and the goals have flowed since then. (but remember Germany, Panama and Hondorus qualifier were the situation I described 4-2-3-1 and they were all wins as well.)

        i would agree with you and Lalas, the team just seems more comfortable in the 4-4-2 (really a 4-2c-2w-2) than the other and the talent really lends itself best to that as well.

  5. IMO, this should be the line up foe the upupcoming qualifiers!
    F.johnson Dempsey Donovan
    Jones Bradley
    Beasley Evans
    Besler Cameron
    Howard. Subs: Johansson, zusi, Brooks

  6. Awesome to see the team depth chart getting deeper. Impressed with Johannsson as he and Jozy linked up well. Decisions, decisions, when Dempsey, Donovan, Zusi, and so many others are in camp. Competition is a good thing. Granted, most new guys will take a back seat, but the talent on the squad is much younger now, which means the USA looks to be in good hands for a good while.

    • JK to replace Reyna as director of the program after 2014.In JK’s vision and ability to recruits dual nationals we trust!!!

  7. Altidore = Amazing!!!….Bosnia Group Stages, Greece, Lichtenstein and San Marino?? Really? 13th in FIFA Rankings? Really?

    • Ooops!! Bosnia Group stages…..Greece, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Liechtenstein…Still a bunch of cupcakes that are no better than the top 5 of CONCACAF!!!

      • yeah, but 13 teams of equal or better level than Bosnia will make it out of Europe…at least one will face the U.S. plus a Latin American team…

      • European teams are notorious underachievers in the Americas…..You didn’t get this NEWSFLASH??!!

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