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USMNT 4, Bosnia & Herzegovina 3: Match Highlights

Aron Johannsson

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The U.S. Men’s National Team picked up a historic result on Wednesday, as they rallied behind a sterling performance from Jozy Altidore to grab their first-ever come-from-behind victory on European soil.

The U.S. came back from a 2-0 deficit at halftime to beat Bosnia & Herzegovina, 4-3, in Sarajevo thanks to a dominant showing from Jozy Altidore, who scored three goals and had one assist in one of his finest performances in U.S. jersey.

The win leaves the Americans riding high as they head into next month’s pair of World Cup qualifiers and also serves as the latest milestone in Jurgen Klinsmann’s tenure as U.S. head coach.

Here are the match highlights:



  1. That 4th goal was fantastic!! Wow, I absolutely prefer goals with a build like that over wonder strikes!!! The run and deft touch by Bradley amazing and Jozy knew where he was going with it immediately! You can see it and anticipate the goal coming… can go on for days describing it but great goal, great great goal!

    • I agree. Starting with the pass in to Kljestan, you see the recognition in the run from Bradley, the layoff from AJ7, and then the killer pass and run in the box to finish it off. Beautiful goal.

  2. Haters will say what they will about AJ suiting up for the US, but I for one am glad that boy was born with a banjo on his knee.

  3. Undoubtedly, I believe we need to play a 4-4-2, and our depth is causing problem for me figuring out who we should play.

    Jozy on top with a partner, with probably Duece, but I will say it…Duece needs to get the ball of his foot quicker with the Nats, too much dribbling and turnovers. I See Bacon as a possible partner with Jozy…need to see more of him but he was smooth, slick, passed well and looked to go to goal.

    The Center Midfield starts with MB, but who partner’s with him? JJ is quality, but he has had bad form lately, and MB is better going forward when he has a DM behind him…so that means no Mix. Cameron? Not sure I am comfortable with that yet, and Dreads had a great run in the Gold Cup, but not sure it is him either?

    The outside mids are difficult for me. Donovan on one side, and who on the other? If Duece is on top, then it needs to Fabian…he is dangerous!! If Duece is not on top, then Duece on the other side. That means Zusi is odd man out, but I always thought he was the Donovan replacement (I hate tom use the term “poor mans Donovan” but that is what he is).

    The D is still up for grabs. FJ will be on the left, unless he is the midfield, then it will be Beas. Evans on the right. Dolo will have his chance, but I believe his time has passed.

    Central defense has Besler for sure, and after one game watching Brooks, don’t you feel that it will JAB…JAB will be cap tied in Sept, will start one of those games, and will mesh with Besler well in quick time.

    Oh, and Timmy in goal, unless he splits time at Everton. Guzan is quality, really Ok with him.

    Jozy with Duece on top


    Beas–Besler—Brook—Brad…can be dubbed the killer B’s

    • I think that Dempsey was trying to do more than necessary. Let him settle with the first choice lineup around him some more and he’ll show.

      Someone was talking about doing a diamond midfield–not very popular at high level, but I can see it. If JJ rounds back into form and he and Il Generale get some quality time to come to an understanding, though, it probably isn’t necessary.

    • Whoever is on top with Altidore had better start playing defense, whether that is Eddie Johnson or Clint Dempsey. Neither plays defense particularly well. You may consider Zusi a “poor man’s Landon Donovan,” but he plays pretty good defense. That is something to take into consideration. Herculez Gomez always plays great defense on top.

      I like DeMarcus Beasley and think he is serviceable as a LB until we go against the top 10 teams in the world. Against the better teams, I think he is vulnerable. However, it’s obvious that Fabian Johnson is the midfield winger that we need.

      Landon Donovan, in my opinion, has never been the player that amazes for a full 90 minutes. His passing is sometimes suspect. However, his midfield creativity is better than anyone else on the team. Sure, he may do little for 70 minutes that is notable, but for 20 minutes during the game he can frustrate the opponent with his brilliance.

      If the USMNT had stellar LB, RB, and CBs, I would consider playing Bradley as the defensive midfielder and try to get an extra offensive midfielder. However, the fact that Bradley was much better than Mix Diskerud during the Bosnia game suggests that Bradley should NOT be the the one to play deep defensively.

      Let’s assume Landon gets a start as right wing in the midfield. That’s going to put a lot of extra defensive pressure on the right back because I don’t think Landon is as good defensively as Zusi.

      The really good news is that Klejstan, Donovan, Eddie Johnson, Clint Dempsey, Diskerud, Zusi, Beckerman, and Johannsson all look like they could start or come in as substitutes without much loss in strength. However, they don’t get six substitutes during World Cup games.

      Warning to Dempsey and Eddie Johnson: If you guys don’t start playing better defense, both of you will be sitting the bench soon.

      • The warning to Dempsey is an honest statement. As magical as he can be, he also has a way of killing the offensive flow we have found. LD could start on top, with Zusi on the right in midfield. That would be a great tandem on top….but I still cannot imagine Dempsey not starting. My mind tells me one thing, but my heart tells me another.

        The problem (and it is a good one), is where does Dempsey play?

      • What? The forwards need to play better defense? hahaha no, just no. What Jozy needs is a partner up top who’s got decent feet, some aerial ability, can combine well, can finish and most importantly commands attention. Clint Dempsey is all of these things. CD carried the team in early WCQ with his goals and has always been clutch. Defenders give Dempsey just as much respect as they do Jozy allowing both to have more space to operate.

        Clint can play defense just fine and Zusi is not a forward.

        Fabian Johnson can be involved in the attack at LB. He got an assist vs Italy and Brazil in defense. He is by far our best LB and more valuable to the team in defense.

        Maybe the Bosnia game suggests you underrate Bradley’s offensive abilities. You really think MIx, who is decent in a weak Norwegian league, is better offensively than Bradley? Bradley was scoring 16 goals in the Eredivise at Mix’s age. He is a box to box midfielder and thats where he should be playing. He’s the closest thing we got to a complete midfielder

        Donovan has always been a good two way player and tracks back on defence all the time. Dont know what games you’ve been watching.

  4. Rewatching the highlights, it seemed that on the first two Bosnia goals, our defenders could have helped more if they weren’t all holding their hands up. Especially the first one. Evans and brooks were a second late to the rebound shot… A second they spent asking for offsides instead of running.

    • Agree on the first one. The second one was not great defending. The third, also, though the relatively poor defending pales in comparison to that circus-header. Jeez.

      • People are too tough on Cameron on the second goal. He had his arm wrapped around Ibezivic and his head was like 4 inches from the ball. He was goal side, and in position. That cross was pinpoint. I don’t know what you all think Cameron should have done. Even the best defenders in the world cannot prevent goals when the attacking execution is flawless. That being said, if Cameron plays all season for Stoke as an outside back, I’d rather not see him in the middle. If he’s in good form in the Premiere League, he should start over Evans.

  5. Anyone still sticking up 4 JJ?
    By my count that’s 3 games in a row where the midfield looked terrible until he was taken out. After which they immediately look like a new team.

    • I attribute the change in how the midfield looked more to Fabian moving up to the left midfield, although to be fair both of our points can only be half true, as Jermaine and Fabian were bothed subbed off after the first two goals but before the last two.

      I think Jermaine played a fine game. Nothing stellar but I thought he was generally solid, so I am not sure why you point to him in particular. I think there are certainly people champing at the opportunity to replace him (Mix or even Geoff b/c he sure did look good at that 6 role), but in the meantime I think michael and jermaine are what the rocks, and what we need is people like Fabian and Donovan on the wings for them to work with (with Dempsey and Jozy up top)

    • I’m still sticking up for JJ. The criticism around here to his decision making was comically exaggerated. He actually had several good entry passes in the opening twenty minutes. I’ll grant that he checked out of the play several times in transition, which was concerning, but that is uncharacteristic.

      The only viable alternative right now is cameron but we’ve only seen him in that role for 90 minutes against a VERY low pressure panama side. Danny williams was annointed as JJ’s replacement after a similar central debut.

  6. Fabian Johnson, after playing LW, again gets an assist. Just keep him there Klinnsman. I agree with what other people have said, and I have said it a longtime ago, we need to play with two strikers.

  7. Is it me or are people taking Tim Howard for granted? He made at least one ridiculous reaction save that I can remember. Game could have easily ended 4-4. I know the US puts out a lot of of Quality keepers, but Fridel, Keller and Howard have been good for at least 1 or 2 killer saves in games that count for a loooong time. The day that the US goes through tough spell of having a merely good keeper rather than a total bad ass, some pain may ensue.

      • I want the World Cup to start now. Howard, Dempsey is on fire, Jozy, Donovan, EJ is pulling weight, Iceman looks good, Bradley, always awesome. Our time is now!

      • I personally want to give Ghana more time to screw up their qualifying group. As of now American Kryptonite is holding on to the lead of their group by one point πŸ™‚

      • If we played Ghana right now we would beat them. We can beat anyone right now. Bring on Spain, Bring on Brazil, Bring on Germany.

    • Yeah, the US probably should have gotten a PK and one of Bosnia’s goals was off sides… It nets outs. That’s just how it goes.

    • Thought Howards game was pretty un-impressive. He let in 3 goals and made one quality save the entire game…. get tired of watching him overreactively yelling at people too.

      I think Guzan is better

      • What are you talking about……. which one quality save are you giving him credit for?

        He stopped Dzeko’s initial shot, and then the one handed save late, that’s two right there, discrediting your comment.

    • Add Brad Guzan to your list of great goalkeepers.

      A detailed look on the replay will show that on the free kick in which Altidore scored his goal, the goalkeeper for Bosnia hesitated ever so slightly because he had no idea whether the ball was going left or right until it got above the heads of the line of defenders in front of the ball.

      If instead the goalkeeper assumed the ball was going to his right, he might have had a chance at getting A hand on the ball.

    • I’d say I was excited about both of them but yeah, Johannsson was much more polished than I expected him to be. He was calm on the ball, took people on, and made nice passes. Would have to watch again to comment on his runs but he seemed to be making the right run often. Had his finishing be just a bit better he would have gotten one too. EJ better watch out, if AJ plays well for AZ this year he could take EJ’s spot.

      • Was interesting to see how big a cheerleader Jozy was of Johannsson. JA is clapping and encouraging after every one of AJ’s attempts.

      • I would make sure Brooks gets cap-tied in the game in Costa Rica, and I’d bring Johannsson on in the Brek Shea role at the end of the Mexico game to get him cap-tied as well.

    • Dear Klinsmann, never play with two strikers without midfield players who can service them. Let’s face it, if the USMNT didn’t have great service into the forwards, we’d still be having problems scoring. Here is a short list of players who are good at serving into the forwards:

      Fabian Johnson

  8. Enjoying this run, but wish the World Cup was sooner as the USMNT look ready now. Jozy is so hot right now and Klinsmann’s decisions, subs and adjustments have been equally so. Unreal – loving the ride.

    • I’d like a little more time to get the CB situation sorted before we jump into the WC. I want to see Besler and Brooks paired for a couple games. I think Cameron belongs as a utility guy. I think Orozco has closed the gap on Gonzo and Gonzo makes me nervous still. Let’s see what Brooks can do.

  9. bosnia has a good team. usa was unfortunate not to get any shots on target in the first half though. these teams meet in brasil next summer and USA will have its way with this team.

    • The USMNT won’t be scoring four goals on Bosnia in Brasil. More likely there will be two or three goals total that will be scored. The USMNT defense must get better.

  10. ————————-ALTIDORE————————-




    1. Jozy is a beast. He has transformed into the top striker this team has been looking for
    2. Aron Johannson has moved up ahead of Gomez, Wondo and Boyd. He’s speed and skill
    is going to put a hurting on teams…. he creates opennings
    3. Castillo showed why Klinsmann likes him , against a 13th ranked team. His defending,
    passing and dribbling ability was impressive
    4. Evans is an MLS player that is able to roll with the big boys. He handled his territory in
    controlled fashion with confidence
    5. Brooks the wait was well worth it

    • No on beasley.
      Definitely stake till Goodson over Brooks at this point.
      Altidore clearly needs an partner.
      Otherwise… +1

      • lol Goodson

        Goodson will be like #5 in the CB rankings, behind Besler, Brooks, Gonzalez, and Cameron, but ahead of Orozco and Ream. Forget about starting when the full A team is assembled and healthy, whether or not he makes the World Cup roster is up in the air.

    • I have to think that Omar Gonzalez is lower on the depth chart. Goodson, Cameron, Besler, and Brooks are ranked higher. I see Cameron taking over Jermaine Jones’ position. Have you seen the horrendous defending in LA Galaxy’s recent games? Omar needs to change his ways or he won’t make the WC team.

      Brooks will not start against Costa Rica. He hasn’t even seen or played on these Central American fields or experienced their crowds. But I expect to see him play either late in the Costa Rica game or sometime against Mexico when the game is played in Columbus, OH.

    • This is the best lineup I’ve seen. If you’re talking world cup, I might choose a different RB over Evans depending on the form of Chandler and Dolo. But I like this a lot and I agree with your analysis.

  11. I don’t know… if you carefully watched the 1st half, it seems unequivocally clear that Bosnia was tactically toying with the U.S. By no means should any credit be taken away from Altidore and the Yanks. However – big however – the Bosnian’s weakness was not taking the U.S. come-back mentality seriously. That said, the U.S. still exhibits habits and traits of a 2nd class team on the world stage. Tough pill to swallow in light of the 4-3 win.

    • Also agreed that Bosnia didn’t take us seriously.They gave us possession in the final third so they could counter.Once we equalized it was game over though.

      • Hey, Bosnia started their A-Team. We left LD, Deuce, DMB, Zeus, Besler, Gonzo among others off this team. Great to see the depth and team spirit that Jurgen has instilled. We are going to Brazil and making some serious noise in 2014!

    • I agree that their attackers had our number. But their midfield was bad in the first and worse in the second. They gave the ball away lot.

      Also that is not really our starting defense either.(Starters are pretty bad too sometimes.)

    • Spain also did not take the US seriously back in 2009. For that matter neither did Brazil in the Final. It took being down 2-0 to get Brazil going.

      But that is okay because no one will take the US seriously in the World Cup either.

      Even US fans don’t.

    • In general agree, Bosnia looked much better in the first half, but a) the US team didn’t have a lot of time to put this line up on the training pitch together, so it shouldn’t be a shock that the first half was shaky, and b) While the talent level on the Bosnia side dropped after half time with all their changes, one can’t argue they weren’t fresh. If the game had counted I’m willing to bet there would have been a lot of tired legs on the Bosnia side in the last 20 minutes after tangling with Jozy and EJ up top, and Bradely and Jones in the midfield for 70 minutes. I suspect once Klinsman settles on his “A” team, just like in the Bradly and Arenas periods, wearing teams down is going to be part of the playbook.

    • You say the USMNT is a second class team? Who do you consider first class? Only those ranked in the top five? Only European clubs? Only European clubs, Brasil, and Argentina? You are foolish.


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