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Cherundolo ruled out indefinitely due to third knee surgery

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Steve Cherundolo looks to be down on his luck this summer.

Reports in Germany state that Cherundolo has suffered a major setback in his recovery from another left knee injury this summer, forcing him to have surgery for the second time in eight weeks. The report states that the Hannover captain has been ruled out indefinitely.

Hannover are preparing to bring in reinforcements at right back, as the club have until August 31 to acquire a new player via transfer. Cherundolo last played for Hannover on May 18 in a 3-0 victory over Fortuna Dusseldorf, though he missed a large chunk of the spring due to the first knee surgery of the three he’s received.

The U.S. Men’s National Team veteran hasn’t featured for the squad since October 2012 due to the injuries, and many hoped that he would be able to return for the upcoming September World Cup qualifiers at Costa Rica and against Mexico. However, the news means that Cherundolo will certainly miss the next qualifiers and puts his participation in the October qualifiers into questions as well.

What do you think of this report? Are you frustrated with all injuries to Cherundolo? Expecting to see him don a USMNT jersey again?

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  1. also, sounds like Dolo is fine and will be back soon. German reports were wrong apparently.

    “The very short operation was today. The doctor cut a small scar tissue. Stevie will be back soon.” (Reds press officer Alex Jacob)

  2. I’m bummed for Dolo…probably done with the nats.

    I’m not too worried about the flank fullbacks, I have faith that JK will come up with a competitive combo. Knowing how unpredictable he is I’m sure there will be a few more surprises ahead…could be FJ at RB with Besler or Brooks at LB with the other at CB, could be Williams at RB, could be Ream at LB…Lichaj out of exile?… Maybe he tells Mo his only chance to make team is RB…I wouldn’t put anything past JK. I don’t think we see Evans or Parkhurst starting at the WC. I think Chandler was too immature to realize the opportunity he had and what he needed to do to not be a such a polarizing figure in the locker room. At this moment, if the WC started tomorrow, my guess would be Cameron at RB.

  3. Dolo was our version of javier zanetti. Even at his advanced age i still think JK would have started him in brazil. You cant discount class amd experience. Horrible news but not devistating to our program.

    • It does. But, if you’re worried about the W.C. in Brazil… well, he’s just too old. It’s a young man’s game. Mostly.

  4. Feel absolutely gutted for Dolo…the guy has given everything to both Hannover and the USMNT for over a decade. I hope this isn’t a career-ender for him.

    If ever there was a time for Eric Lichaj to come in out of the cold, that time is now.

      • You mean a natural midfielder and the same Cameron whose performances at right back for the USMNT have left a lot to be desired (I’m sure Belgium still haunts Geoff’s nightmares)?

        I like Evans versatility, and his play against Bosnia make me a believer. But we still need depth at rightback. And Cameron has no doubt played his best for the USMNT as a defensive midfielder, where I could see him truly challenging Jones if Jermaine has any more performances (or lack thereof) like the one he had in Bosnia. Given the rave reviews coming out of Nottingham about Lichaj, Jurgen might not be able to ignore him any longer. Especially with today’s news about Cherundolo, Parkhurst’s lack of playing time at the club level, and Chandler’s recent play and demotion at his club.

      • That’s fantastic. So how has that translated to the USMNT? Because when he suits up for the USMNT and starts at rightback (and even at centerback), his play hasn’t reflected well upon Stoke.. In fact, when wearing a USMNT jersey, he’s been at his best as a defensive midfielder.

      • I truly believe that JK was counting on either Dolo returning to form or for Chandler to step up and claim the starting RB. Since neither appear to be happening, we’ll need others to step in. Evans is the current starting RB, Cameron is the 2nd option CDM/CB, but probably 3rd (emergency) RB.
        That leaves Parkhurst as the backup RB….and Parkhurst hasn’t had any significant minutes with his club in 9+ months. He did well during the GC, but not playing will hurt his form and ability to read/react at game speed.
        Its therefore prudent to have/find an alternative to Parkhurst. Right now Lichaj is the most likely (given Chandler’s poor club performances).

      • Neither Evans or Cameron are natural right backs, and both arguably could be better deployed elsewhere for the MNT. Meanwhile, Lichaj is finally getting a solid 90 minutes per game for a club (something that neither Chandler or Parkhurst can say), and seems to be impressing while doing so. If JK is willing to give Tim Ream a look, no reason why Lichaj shouldn’t get a look as well.

      • I wouldn’t count out Chandler. He’s young and will get more chances to prove himself. He has a higher ceiling at that position than Cameron, Evans, Lichaj or Parkhurst

      • I agree. I love Chandler’s speed and ability to push up the flanks. But if his play is subpar and he isn’t a consistent starter, others deserve the chance. And lets not forget, whenever Lichaj saw the pitch for the USMNT, his play stood out and was of high quality. He’s not exactly a bum. I’d take him as a back up plan behind Evans next summer.

        And I know he plays rightback for Stoke, but after seeing how he does for the USMNT on the backline, people by now should realize Cameron is not the answer as a defender. I’m not a Cameron hateer however. Currently, I’d start him over Jones as a defensive midfielder after the qualifiers in May and June. But he is not a defender on the international level.

      • Actually, before his latest injury, he was being tested out in the preseason as a center back which is a pretty interesting development. It remains to be seen where he will play when he returns to the pitch in September.

      • unless that was sarcasm, that’s one of the worst answers you could give.

        yeah, we have two natural mids there, one of whom does not play right back *except* with the national team. why should we even look at other options? we’re set!

  5. It will be ok. Luckily Klinsmann has groomed Lichaj for the role by consistently calling him into camps and letting him build experience in friendlies.

  6. Terrible to see. He’s had a great career with club and country. Hopefully he can have one more run in him.

    This is actually good for Lichaj (not that an injury to someone is ever good) as it’ll give him a better shot at making Brazil. Not that Lichaj will be the starter as Evans has earned that, but at least someone is a outside back by position. You can only find so many guys who can play multiple positions well on the back line. Cameron can in emergencies, but he isn’t great going forward. Evans and Lichaj can provide that total game.

      • He doesn’t for klinsmams system. He wants back who can fly up the wing in attack and pass and cross. Hence no Simek and no Lichaj.
        Cameron probably has the athleticism and skill set to do those things….but he doesn’t do them

      • Didn’t mean to imply Cameron is incapable of the position, but he isn’t a right back that will go up and down overlapping much on the wing. He strength is his defensive skills especially in the middle. Stoke utilizes many long balls, hence he doesn’t have to do it much. The national team’s system wants backs who can overlap a lot.

    • He has been rock solid for so long and in my opinion under appreciated. I met him a couple if times and he was the nicest guy. I feel bad for him in regards to his injuries.

  7. Dolo has had a glorious career. He is a God in Hannover. If he can’t make it back he could be the first American to run and win Mayor of Hannover. Here’s one guy hoping he makes it back. The more legit players in contention the the more depth we have and the better we are.

  8. Why are people always looking for an answer? Brad Evans is our current starting right back and has certainly proven himself to be up to the task against good international players.

    He isn’t a placeholder or temporary player. He is the starter and it will take a real talent to displace him. Barring something incredible Brad Evans will be on that plane to to Brazil and suiting up for us.

    I see so comments saying “he’s player well buy can he keep it up.” That’s just mindless commenting that you could attribute to anybody on the squad.

    • The issue is that it’s hard to have faith in a guy that, while performing admirably when called upon, only plays the position once or twice a month during USMNT games.

      Do we really want a part-time defender securing the right flank against the best attacking players in the world during the WC? The answer is yes, if he’s the best player available, but hoping a week in week out RB emerges and solidifies the position is understandable.

      That being said, Evans is making it harder and harder for the other guys in the pecking order to pass him with every game he plays.

      • By that logic we should also be constantly questioning our goalkeepers because they only play with the national team backline on such rare occasion. And our outfield players are so unfamiliar with how their teammates because they don’t play club together. And Michael Bradley should be questioned because he doesn’t play the high CM role with Roma that he does with the USMNT and Donovan plays forward with the USMNT but deeper in the midfield for the Galaxy.

      • The concern is that Evans rarely plays right back, period. The only times he seems to do it lately is when with the NT.

        Some of analogies are not on point, either: our Goalkeepers never play anywhere but in the goal; our outfield players rarely play together but mostly (a few exceptions, sure) play at least on the same line with club and country; the MB90 comment is the most pertinent, and susceptible to the same logic as CroCajun above w/r/t Evans–sure, he’s been good at it, and performing so well that any other players with pretentions of displacing him are suffering, BUT if someone who plays there naturally asserts himself, I’d feel better.

        Tell me you wouldn’t be happy to either have MB playing AM at Roma weekly, or some other player on MB’s level of quality playing AM weekly in a good league. Both of those things are versions of what many people think about playin Evans (among others) out of position.

        Also, MB90 has been venturing forward but not living there-he’s been a integral box to box MF leaning to the defensive half with the Nats. Check the heatmaps.

      • “The issue is that it’s hard to have faith in a guy that, while performing admirably when called upon, only plays the position once or twice a month during USMNT games.”

        The flaw with that argument is the fact that Evans rarely plays RB outside of USMNT duty. Doesn’t that speak to the overall skills, smarts, and ability of that player?

        I mean, you have a guy who typically plays outside mid (left and right), sometimes CAM, and can fill in just about anywhere, starting at RB for the USMNT over all other options in the player pool. Including Eric Lichaj, who I bring up as a trolljoke for most of you here. (Much the same way Evans has locked down the RB spot, despite never playing there in real life, Lichaj doesn’t even get a sniff of the USMNT despite playing there often. Must be a reason for that.)

      • Iggy you are correct there was a reason that Lichaj has been left out when he returned to villa after the Gold Cup he picked up an injury that forced him to miss about half the season but when he returned he played well at RB/LB for Villa but JK said he hadnt gotten enough games. And last season he struggled to get for playing time against the future RB for England. Now he is starting and impressing at Forrest and is the only RB in the pool playing right now. JK can’t ignore him anymore wo/ people starting to ask questions.

    • @Mike E. – I like Brad Evans, but the truth is that Geoff Cameron already is much better defensively at RB than Evans and a bit better offensively. We won’t know until next summer, but I would bet that Evans will not be playing right back for the USMNT in Brazil.

      • Could you please support your argument that Cameron is better offensively at the RB position than Evans?

      • hey, Hunt Daddy-Oh. Of course, I can’t prove it. So let me ask you a question: Do you think Brad Evans would have done a better job attacking as a right back Saturday against Liverpool than Geoff Cameron did?

        Did I saw A question? I meant two questions.

        Do you think Brad Evans would have even come close to doing as good a job defensively against Liverpool than Cameron? You know as well as I that Evans would have been punished bad.

        Conclusion: Cameron would be preferred at right back for the USMNT over Evans.

      • You have no idea how Brad Evans would have done against Liverpool–simply no idea.

        And yes, Brad Evans would probably have done as good a job in the game.

        Not sure you noticed–but he just handled the attacking players of Bosnia pretty well–and they have a great attacking squad.

        Not sure you noticed that all respectable news sources rated Evans as better than Cameron in that match.

      • Oh. I had forgotten that Cameron also played right back in that game so we can compare their respective performances.

    • Jonathan Bornstein also looked like “the answer at LB” to some after doing merely an adequate job in a couple of games in the WC-mind you he did nothing positive of note (no scoring opportunities created or prevented), but also didn’t puke all over himself then-the meltdown came later and in retrospect it appears obvious that the 180 minutes at WC 2010 was an aberration, the other shaky performances were more indicative of his true ability and how foolish was Bradley to trust him at all-hindsight 20/20.

      Brad Evas has done an adequate job at RB (depsite surrendering what seemed like a dozen corners vs B&H) but the risk of failure in a critical situation is higher from someone who does not play the position regularly (see Eddie Lewis WC 2006) and isn’t even the best available option based on other regularly playing RBs in more competitive leagues (EPL, Bundesliga-I’ll leave Championship aside for now)

      • Your argument is backwards. You say how foolish it was for Bradley to put faith in Bornstein since he didn’t do as well many times prior and after the world cup. But, the whole point is how you do at the world cup. And also, in how many very important games for NATS did Bornstein completely blow it? He wasn’t always the weakest link in defense, especially in the tough, important games. By far, Bradley’s worst decision was to stick with Onyewu and consider him such a centerpiece of our defense, but at least he gave Demerit a shot. And also you say that at the WC “he did nothing positive of note”… you don’t consider a defender defending well and playing his heart out, a positive result?

    • the more experience a player has at a position the faster thinking becomes instinct.

      Playing RB 2x’s every 4 months isn’t enough, and if this situation isn’t solved quickly there’ll be he-ll to pay.

  9. Too bad for Dolo, one of the pillars of the USMNT for a long time now. Hope they give him and others a good send off game after the WC.

    Boca, Landon, Dolo, Beasley send off game in S. California late 2014

  10. Gotta think his career as an international is done.

    Evans is the placeholder, but I hope Lichaj earns a callup or we get Yedlin involved in the full team soon.

    • Yedlin’s got some learning to do. By all accounts, he should make the January camp, but we never know how JK’s mind works in the selection process.

      That said, he will need a miracle of personal development to make the 2014 squad.

      • It will help Yedlin with the fact that he gets to train everyday with Dempsey, Johnson, Martins, Rosales, Evans, Zakuani (soon). That will help his defense grow and he has been pretty good defensively. I know the argument that Evans is in the midfield because the Sounders need the help but Im not so sure anymore. If the Sounders are gonna play Dempsey as a CAM with Johnson and Martins at striker that may push Evans out of then lineup with Neagle on the left and Rosales on the right. Yedlin will still be the RB because Schmid believes he is better. That means he believes that Yedlin is better than the starter for the USMNT at RB. I get that he is younger so Schmid is banking on the long term gain but I think Yedlin is better than Evans at RB so that is while he will start over him if Evans gets pushed out of the midfield.

  11. That pretty much ends his international career now. Time for other players to step it up. Looking like Lichaj may get that call-up sooner rather than later.

  12. 3rd surgery in 9 months leads me to believe that Dolo will be done at the international level. I just can’t see him recovering enough to break back into the WC picture. With this news a closer look at the RB depth chart needs to be made. IMO as of right now our options are:
    1) Brad Evans – Has played well (even if not his club possition). But can he continue to do so?
    2) Cameron – Has played OK @ RB for the national team. Gets time there at the club level, but probably better suited as a CDM or CB.
    2) Parkhurst – played well with the GC team and against B&H. But if he doesn’t start seeing minutes for his club he’s likely to fall out of contention.
    3) Lichaj – Performing well for his Championship side (3 90 min shifts). If he keeps this up he’ll jump Parkhurst.
    4) Chandler – Big potential, but questionable at the moment do to poor form. Will need to get his act toegher (and quick) if he hopes to be included in the discussion.
    5) Orozco – Versitile in the back (RB/CB). Played well during the GC, will see how he fits in over time.
    5) Yedlin/Ferrell – Too soon for either, but making a case for themselves to be called into the January Camp-Cup-Cake. IF they perform there they could be added to the conversation. Till then it’s not a real consideration.

    • Evans has earned to spot, but Cameron or Lichaj could take over if given the opportunity. I have more faith in Yedlin than Chandler at this point.

    • Yedlin is a good prospect, he is great going forward, fast and always looking to make something happen. Unfortunately, he is not great at defending, he is so-so at best.

      • So so at defending? Yedlin is on a defense that is actually better than most people think. Yedlin has played all year with a RCB position that has been dreadful. Traore is the only CB that has been good. Yedlin has been a lot better at defense than people give him credit for. In fact I would say he has been better on defense than offense. He has the speed so he looks great offensively moving forward but he leaves a lot to be desired in his crossing.

      • I disagree, Yedlin has tons of potential, but defensively right now he has a lot to learn even at the MLS level. His recovery speed is the only thing that saves him from his positional sense. He just needs to gain more experience…he has a bright future.

    • I think we are pretty well committed to numbers 1) – 2″A”) on your list for most of the remainder of qualifying because of the way the summer was handled. Evans, Cameron, and Parkhurst played there, so they are the integrated options you have to play with. Chandler is arguably a better player than some or all of them but for whatever reason is not involved. Ditto Lichaj. In theory once we clinch you could bring in Chandler and Lichaj on de facto trial, but unless the incumbents fall on their face, that is unlikely — even if I worry the top 3 are not that ready for real Prime Time.

      I’ll be interested how Camp Cupcake is handled this MLS offseason because in a World Cup year there may be more reason to call up serious players to try and bridge their MLS offseason. The Gold Cup and Bosnia were to me the last big player development window. Now we’re looking at getting the A team ready for next summer. If a player was playing out of their mind and was perceived as ready for the A squad they might leapfrog in, but I find it hard to believe we bother with open tryout callups again until fall 2014.

    • I’d bump Orozco ahead of Chandler, and unfortunately, move Lichaj down.

      By all indications, Lichaj deserves a look… 1) established USMNT player, 2) fills area of need, 3) getting stable PT (despite poor form last season)

      He hasn’t even gotten a sniff. Despite his 3 (so far) shutouts on D w/ Nottingham Forest, I don’t see that changing soon. Again, I think this is unfortunate, but true.

  13. Time to accept a life after Dolo. After that many surgeries in such a small amount of time, at his age, he may hang up his international boots to prolong his club career.

    Hopefully we see Lichaj continue getting playing time, Chandler wakes up with his career (club and international), Evans continues his streak, and Cameron makes a name for himself at RB this season.

    Luckily we have depth. Sadly, that depth isn’t close to what a healthy Dolo offers.

    • With all due respect for Dolo and wishing him all the best and hoping that he can eventually recover, Geoff Cameron defensively over the weekend against Liverpool was excellent against some very good attackers. If Cameron remains in that slot this season, I personally think he might become the best RB defender for WC 2014. Offensively, he still has plenty of room to improve, but he has the basic skills and athleticism and heart to do it and we all know that he will work his you-know-what-off this season on trying to improve. All that said, it all depends on which slot Mark Hughes ends up playing him regularly.

      As for Chandler, I don’t think Klinsmann is going to risk the potential for bad chemistry by bringing him back into the team this cycle. I think he is done. Chandler will have a clean slate after WC 2014 to try to win a ticket for WC 2018.

    • Yedlin will be 21 by the time WC rolls around. Not saying he’s the answer, but if he continues progressing he may be in the mix.

      Brad Evans has played so well over the win streak that I’m not worried at this point.

    • He has been a silent rock for many years. When Dolo asked out of the summer with the Nats, it was a pretty good sign that he had more than a knock. An athlete knows his body and when “this one is different”. Could be this is the beginning of the end, but with his character,I wouldn’t be shocked if he fights his way back. Regardless, can’t count on him returning, or if he does, being durable enough to be a 90 minute starter through a tourney, so we’d best have some quality options getting playing time and think if he gets back, it may be as a quality sub/lockeroom guy.

  14. Exactly. Why Lichaj hasn’t been called up to this point is very curious. Hopefully that will change. USMNT needs to keep piling up the youth and mid-20 something pipeline to get ready for next summer’s World Cup. With all the knee injuries, both new and recurrent, for our boys this year, the team will need to have as many prepared reinforcements as possible. Also this is another reason why some readers on this site need to stop predicting who will go to Brazil. That is like trying to determine how many hurricanes will hit the east coast next summer. Absurd. Ives has it right. His predictions are based progress to this point, which is the only thing that makes sense.

      • Lichaj has never been an important player for his club. That is a big part of it. He’s 3 weeks into a new season and establishing himself well. He’ll get a look soon I would bet.

      • Do not know what to make of the “not important to his club” comment, but Paul Lambert gave him a run out at LB (weaker position) last year before Joe Bennett eventually won the job. Matthew Lowton was brought into AV by Lambert as he is a better RB than Lichaj.

        Lichaj played very well when he was loaned out to Leeds and it appears his level of talent, for the time being, is at Championship level. His speed offers a bit in attack (crossing could use a little polish) but while his positioning is OK, he gets beaten easily by PL-caliber wingers.

      • I wouldnt say he gets beat easily at the PL level. Maybe when he has played LB but he has never been worse than serviceable at RB. He played so well against Bale vs Tottenham that they switched him with Lennon in the second half to get him off Eric.

      • The “not an important player” argument does not hold water. Danny Williams, Mo Edu, Brek Shea, Stu Holden. Joe Gyau etc. All were not important players to their clubs, yet got call ups.

        The correct answer is: JK likes all the other outside defenders better, whatever the reason. I do wish that he’d at least address it, (or someone at least bring up the kid’s name). With Danny Williams in the Championship, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with him.

      • The comment was meant more over the course of his career/last few years. Aside from his run at leeds, which was a half season loan a few years ago, he hasn’t been an established go to guy. This is important and it judges the consistency he can bring.

        Danny, Brek, Mo, and especially Stu have been important players (at various club levels over their careers).

        Don’t get me wrong, I am all for EL getting a chance, I just believe he A) has to earn it by putting together a string of at least a few months of consistent performances, and B) appear at least to have some upside on a guy like Parkhurst.

        I think both of these things can and will happen this fall. That said JK has had some peculiar callups of guys out of form/playing time, so you never know.

      • I won’t refute your logic, but it is very strange that JK only seems to apply it to Eric Lichaj.

        Klinsmann has shown a willingness to call up plays both 1) out of form, and 2) not earning PT for their clubs. Usually, these players are getting even less club PT than Lichaj was last year.

        Also, Lichaj has a good amount of caps for the USMNT, mostly above average.

        It’s simply very strange that he hasn’t even been looked at in a camp, especially with the FB situation up in the air.

        It’s not like JK is regularly (or ever was) attending Aston-Villa matches to see EL in person.

        That said, maybe there was some behind the scenes stuff (which I would think unlikely) that we don’t know about.

      • I’m also not saying he should be handed the RB slot. But, let’s consider:

        1. He’s faster/stronger than most other USMNT fullbacks.

        2. He can play either side.

        3. He’s probably better offensively than Cameron, Evans, and Parkhurst.

      • ‘I just believe he A) has to earn it by putting together a string of at least a few months of consistent performances, and B) appear at least to have some upside on a guy like Parkhurst.’

        A) he has, previously.
        B) he does, especially considering one of them isn’t even getting minutes.

      • Lichaj has been much better now that he is only being used as a RB. Lichaj struggled in the EPL when he was moved to LB, I believe he will get a call up and will make it to Brazil.

    • Actually, it was fairly easy to predict when this cycle began that Boca and Dolo were age and injury risks. Both are 34 this year and you could do that math in 2010, or at any time really. Dolo in particular has been playing professionally since 1998 and at some point that has to wear you down. A lot of the ageless wonders people point to are CBs or GKs who don’t have the same running demands.

  15. Two comments:

    First, “Are you frustrated at with back injury luck?” Um… not sure how to reply to this question. I have not been able to translate it into English yet.

    Second: I think we may be looking at the end of the road for ‘Dolo.


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