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Donovan says he would like to finish career with the Galaxy

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One of the biggest stories this week has centered around the future of Los Angeles Galaxy forward Landon Donovan.

The 31-year-old said in an interview last Monday that with his contract with Major League Soccer ending in December, he has already received a number of offers from abroad and is considering them if he can’t find common ground with the Galaxy. On Wednesday, in an interview with TWC Sportsnet, Donovan further commented on his contract situation, making clear his preference to remain in LA.

“I would like that,” Donovan said, in response to being asked if he’d like to finish his career with the Galaxy. ” Obviously as you get older, you only have so many more opportunities to do things you want to do. Financially, things come into play. All things being equal, I would love to be here and we’re working towards that, and I’m hopeful that will happen.”

When asked if anything specifically would prevent him from remaining with the Galaxy, Donovan responded “(The Galaxy) telling me they don’t want me.”

Since taking his sabbatical from the game last winter, Donovan has had a huge resurgence, scoring six goals and seven assists so far in MLS play for the Galaxy and topping the career 50 goals 50 assists mark for the U.S. Men’s National Team during this summer’s Gold Cup, where he was named the Golden Boot winner.

Donovan also hinted in the interview that he would be a part of the USMNT squad for two crucial World Cup qualifiers in September, first away to Costa Rica and second home against Mexico.


What do you make of this development? Do you believe the Galaxy can keep Donovan with the club? Do you see Donovan staying or leaving?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Some of you guys are really pathetic trying to live vicariously through US soccer players. Why does it matter to you where LD, or any other US player, wants to play their soccer? Everybody gets a freaking chubby over a player going off to Europe as if it impacts their own pathetic little lives in some way. Donovan has been the heart and soul of the National team for years, all while playing in MLS. Other players were in Europe and if that had some mystical affect on them being better all of a sudden it didn’t show because Donovan was still the man. Only now are we seeing a Europe based player take over for Donovan as the driving force of the Nats with Michael Bradley, who by the way was practically born and raised in MLS. Quit worrying about where a player is playing. As long as they are doing what they want it shouldn’t matter, it clearly isn’t affecting them negatively to stay in MLS. Hell, in some cases players have fallen off when going over to Europe and then all of a sudden they are back and better than ever when returning to MLS.

    • You’re psycho analyzing things way too much. Many fans want to see their favorite players play at the highest level possible, if they aren’t already invested in that player playing on their favorite team. It’s hardly worth such judgemental condemnation on your part. Yes, it doesn’t really matter much in people’s lives, but neither does soccer, or sports in general.

  2. i told everyone this last week. LD has no ambition.

    He’s been a legend for the national team so that’s good enough for me. But don’t expect him to challenge himself in the best leagues. He’s just not ambitious in that way.

  3. Did anybody ever stop to think that Donovan might have enjoyed playing in his home country, his home state of sunny California, making $2 million+ per year, rather than going to rainy ass England and playing for a mid table team, far away from family and friends??? Even had he played for a top tier team like Arsenal or or Chelsea, which he could, he still might not have WANTED that. We as US soccer fans get so riled up about what these guys should do, when we don’t really understand the player’s perspective.

    Did Donovan’s MNT career suffer because of playing in MLS? I would say the answer is a resounding “NO.”The guy has more goals and more assists that any player in MNT history. Our success in the last Gold Cup was in LARGE PART to Donovan’s play. Much of our MNT success for many years has been in large part to him.

    Whatever he decides, it’s HIS business.

  4. Honestly you people should read the article, he says his preference is to stay. He doesn’t care who you think he should play for, or if you think he would make it or not, get over it.

    BTW I understand he is looking for a clause in his new contract giving him an annual 3 month sabbatical in Cambodia.

  5. MLS is about 20 years from being on the same level as England or Spain.

    The question is do we want our best players going pro in Europe or staying home?

    what do you guys say? Or should they play first in MLS than head to Europe or pro in Europe and return home around 28/30 and play a few years?

    what will help advance the league? How do we get higher tv ratings?

    • 20 years? When MLS started, many were saying that it would surpass La LigaMX in 10 years, its almost 20 years now and it doesn’t appear that it will surpass it anytime soon. I honestly don’t ever see MLS at the level of La Liga or EPL, maybe France or Italy.

    • MLS won’t be anywhere near the level of the top leagues in Europe until:

      A. The countries around us need to start producing world class talent

      B. Transportation to our neighboring countries needs to get way cheaper.

      C. The leagues around us need to get far better.

      D. The refereeing needs to get better.

      E. People need to start watching our league. Which means they need to somehow stop watching the EPL, etc.

      F. We need to attract players at their prime, not 30+.

      Etc, etc, etc. Our success is not dependent on us alone. It’s our perception in the eyes of the world, and at this moment, we are barely a dot.

      • you left out having a salary cap. A league with a salary cap cannot compete with leagues with no salary caps.

        As long as MLS has a salary cap its going to be a pretty poor league. You simply cannot have a league where each team has its two stars who play with players making League 1 wages and then expect the league to be great. Soccer is not the same as the NBA. In the NBA you can do the 2 stars + also-ran players.

      • +1. (Also the NBA, even with salary caps, still has more money than other leagues to get top talent. When that starts changing, watch out.)

      • I have seen home grown players play at a higher level with better anticipation of play, skill, team support, and vision than some recently drafted from the NCAA on the same team. Zardes for example. I see this as the right step and if continued will only get better for MLS.

    • MLS and coaching is not technically and tactically on the same level as UEFA. Too much of an English foot print in the USA. Too many how to play soccer and how to coach soccer are written by former English players. I read my fair share. When I bought my share of German and Dutch coaching material it elevated my soccer IQ big time. Look at what England did in 1966. Look at what Germany has done in the history of German soccer. Somebody is doing something right.

      • German history in the World Cup. Think of Brazil history in the World Cup. They are doing something right.

  6. With Moyes gone Everton isn’t likely…however, what would be stopping Moyes from bringing him to Man U on a 2-year free transfer?

  7. I doubt Donovan could hack it in Europe. Probably couldn’t get any offer beyond a relegation fodder club. So yes stay in MLS. You’re not like DEMPSEY

    • I seem to remember Donovan doing quite well in his two loan stints at Everton. If he goes to Europe, his success will depend on the team and the league he goes to (as well as himself, of course), and his role.

      • People always make this argument and it is intellectually dishonest. His loans were for half a season. The hardest part about England or other top 4 teams fighting for your place through bad form, injuries, and/or coaching changes. Dempsey fought in the EPL for seven years with new coaches constantly giving his spot away. Donovan’s loan spells aren’t comparable because he always had the safety net of MLS.

  8. I want to see Landon leave the Galaxy and play in Europe. Not for any good reason other than to be able to say that Europe is where MLS players go when they are over the hill and in need of a final pay check!

  9. O/T but how bad is the show STRIKE BACK? I mean seriously?

    can’t they do a solid special forces type series that’s realistic and entertaining?

  10. SEND OUR YOUTH PLAYERS TO NETHERLANDS. They will become stars in no time.

    MLS shouldn’t try to copy the EPL. It’s not doable anytime soon unless they either drastically raise the salary cap or get rid of it altogether. mAYBE in 2 decades but I doubt it then

  11. Donovan is the past. Once the WORLD CUP is over, let him retire. We need to bleed the young’ins. Give them a shot at the NT. Letting Donovan collect 200 caps doesn’t really help the NT moving forward since he’s 31.

    Why didn’t this guy ever leave MLS? He could have been a big star at a mid-table club or higher in any top 5 league. ah regrets

    • You seriously have regrets that he didn’t piss away his career losing all the time in England ? Wow.

      • how is playing in England or Spain or Italy “pissing a career away”. would you have told Ronaldo or Tim Cahill to remain in their respective homelands?

      • No because they would have made a LOT less money.

        Money equal Ronaldo for sure, playing for championships in Brazil ? Are you kidding ?

        Cahill tougher question.

      • Plus your question is a dumb one, because they played for the haves…not Everton or worse Fulham.

      • you MLS-snobs need your head examined. Playing in the EPL even if it is for Fulham or even a relegated side, is much more prestigious than playing in MLS.

      • Prestigious ?

        Are you guys just messing with us ? Prestigious ?

        I guess that is what soccer players in England are striving for….
        makes sense they aren’t going to win anything…I will be prestigious intead of a winner.

    • Dempsey couldn’t outsell Donovan anywhere but Seattle and London. They’ll both be out of the USMNT picture after the World Cup, except possibly a Olympics 2016 appearance.

    • We get it NATO, you hate Landon smh! Did Donovan take your girl from you or something because I just don’t get why americans hate on American players? THE BEST American player of all time up to this point by the way! Baffles me!

  12. Nooo. You mean all the commentors on the blogs were wrong, you don’t want to play for Everton.

    Who woulda thought ?

    His best option is where he is at, if LA doesn’t pay close to Dempsey’s benchmark….THEN his best option a losing team in Europe.

  13. Haha, love the shut up comments! He’s a centerpiece of a big team in MLS. He is going to be picked out by media for interviews. He’s going to answer questions as honest as possible. What’s he supposed to do, just stare blankly at the camera? Being interviewed by media is part of being a popular figure in a sport. I guess we’re the “experts” here and know what’s best for him though.

  14. Gosh! Donovan gets more annoying, when he speaks! Stop being so damn comfortable! It’s so much exciting and fun challenging yourself. Get your a** to Europe!

  15. Ah, Landon, Landon, who knows what heu’ll do? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. But I am pleased to see him serve up a little bit of Eurosnob butthurt to brighten a morning.

  16. Landon will stay with LA. If he doesn’t get paid what he wants he will just retire.
    It would be fun to watch him play in Mex thou

  17. Should I stay or should I go now?
    Should I stay or should I go now?
    If I go there will be trouble
    An if I stay it will be double
    So come on and let me know
    This indecision is bugging me!

  18. he’s coming up on being basically a free agent, thus he’s discussing his future

    some of you should take your own advice

      • Actually, what he meant to say was “Dempsey’s getting $8m/year and I’m getting $2m/year? What the…?”

        When asked if anything specifically would prevent him from remaining with the Galaxy, Donovan responded β€œ(The Galaxy) telling me they don’t want me.” That means Dempsey+ money.

        But the international market has shown the demand for a 30 year-old, US-born, mid-table striker/mid, with tons of experience: relatively nothing. What would be the demand for a 31 year-old one with moderate experience?

        So the difference needs to be made up by the LAG/MLS. Just because they paid over market for Deuce, does it mean they have to for Prima?


      • Hasn’t really talked that much since coming back. This was an interview on a channel that pays lots of $$$ to broadcast these games and cover the team. Doubt he had much of a choice from the club

      • And his comment re his future is a business move to ask for more money from galaxy. If you don’t understand this then it is prob the same reason why we are commenting on a blog comment section in the first place.

  19. This guy is a trip πŸ™‚ he just took a break n barely came back to the national team n he still talking……… How about take less money, help lag attract another DP or just go to europe for 2 years n retire in a galazy jersey. Its simple but mr.donovan cant shut it! By the way, what if gonzalez heads to europe with donovan as his bit%h n bith live happily ever after

  20. Landon Donovan doesn’t owe us anything. He’s given us plenty. Now he’s giving us more stuff to talk about. Stay in LA? Go to Italy? Whatever! If you don’t like to listen to him, tune him out. He’s looking like a great player for the USA, and for me that’s all that matters.

  21. Definitely not liking the lack of options regarding the comments being sorted reverse chronologically. How about providing a sort option, Ives?

    • Thank you, the reverse order of comments is simply dreadful. It is especially confusing on threads with a lot of comments because REPLIES to comments go against the grain of the comments, running DOWN the page in normal fashion. Some posts generate huge numbers of comments and replies, it is very difficult at times to figure out, especially when there are multiple replies to a comment, which are original comments and which are replies because they are going in two different directions. Up and down, and all mixed up. I’m very tired already of having to examine the time on a comment to figure out which was made first. Please give the reader the option of selecting their own preference as to which posts appear first!

      • Comment ordering on message boards is like which way the toilet paper goes on the bar.

        There are two options, and both are wrong according to many people.

      • I prefer Disqus. It goes the natural way, first on top, newest at bottom. But you can vote so the most popular comments/conversations are on top where they should be.

        It’s community focused.

      • Sorry, was there a game today I didn’t hear about?

        I’ll go ahead and tell you I’m being sarcastic, since judging from your comment, I’m not sure if you’d get it.

      • Thanks for keeping us all in line Shake, but i’m sure you smart enough to know what I meant.

        However, since you apparently didn’t get it. LD is a good player. He should let his play show the kind of player he is. When he opens his mouth, he gives ammo to the crowd that think he’s a mamby-pamby baby who is soft.

    • How should he respond to questions?

      Would you have him mute and always juggling a ball?

      Dude just had 2 assists the other night, can’t play everyday. My guess is you never liked him and are looking for things to feed your bias. Months ago it was that he is too old, now that he showing he is still playing better than Dempsey ever has, all one can complain about is how he is still relevant enough for interviews.

      Go see someone, your language suggests you have deeper issues at hand.

  22. this dude could have been the first American to really STAR at a club in Europe. But nope. sure he raised the profile of MLS in the US but Beckham did that even more so.

    for me it’s always Dempsey over Donovan. USSF should make Clint the face of soccer or at least Bradley or Altidore. Donovan ain’t doing it for young soccer fans.

    • Of course Beckham raised the level of the MLS more than Donovan. But if you took a survey of American households and asked them to name a USMNT player, Donovan would win easily. From a marketing standpoint maybe Donovan learned something from Becks. And Dempsey has now learned it from Donovan. I think Duece came home to build a legacy in the US with everyone, not just the die hard fan.
      I am not going to get into the Messi vs Ronaldo comparison game. That is stupid and counterproductive to building the sport in the states.

    • Dempsey over Donovan? I want whatever you’re smoking. Donovan scores more goals and delivers more assists. And even more importantly he makes the players around him better. Dempsey doesn’t. Dempsey slots into gaps and waits. Yes he scores but not like Donovan. Plus I hate the way Dempsey acts like a gangster and all hard. Are we supposed to believe he’s a thug? Weird they don’t talk to each other. Maybe Donovan must have slighted him at some point. I have heard Dempsey basically say they are not friends and don’t talk and Donovan has said they don’t talk too. Hmmm….

    • Not a single stat to back up that opinion, but to each their own. Dempsey is so good, yet can’t manage a fourth of the assists of Donovan, or half as many goals.

  23. I wouldn’t blame the guy if he chooses to stay. Why the hell not. He lives in Manhattan Beach, plays professional soccer for a living and makes a damn good paycheck. Again, why the hell not.

    (With that said, I’d love to see him make another showing in the EPL, but that is just because my interest would be piqued)

    • Exactly. Is there any other opinion someone could have? I swear it’s like these other guys aren’t conscious, it’s like their eyes are open, but they’re not awake.

  24. Donovan wants to stay in LA. Let’s be honest, if we’ve learned anything about Donovan it’s that he needs to be loved. Abroad, he won’t find that love.

    Donovan just wants a better contract, one that will compete with Dempsey’s, not be dwarfed by it. His ego is a bit bruised and he wants LA to pay up for his loyalty to them.

    Kind of funny.

    • When push comes to shove, his ‘sabbatical’ may have cost him several million $ in his next contract. MLS was willing to fork it over for Dempsey to be a face of the league. They will be less reluctant with Landon because they will be concerned he may flake out again.

      I dont see them offering more than $2.5-3m per year, for 2 years, with a club option for a third

      • @Josh D, well, not funny Ha-Ha funny. Totally agree with Iggy. I bet that little slip-up totally cot him. But there is no way ANYONE can tell me or prove to me Clint is worth more then LD. No Way, No How.

      • Dempsey is worth more than Donovan at this moment because:

        1. Dempsey is accomplished abroad which makes him a star at home.

        2. Dempsey has been a US star the past two years while Donovan was off messing about.

        3. Dempsey is a flashier striker which gets people more excited than Donovan’s direct play.

        4. Dempsey didn’t spaz out to Cambodia, screwing over his team.

        5. Dempsey is more bankable to the world outside the US.

        6. His coming to the US and his connections in England makes him instantly a better networker for future international players.

        7. Dempsey coming is a WAY bigger statement (and marketing boom) than Donovan staying in MLS.

        Donovan never knew how to brand himself. And because he’s been so flaky over the years, he never developed a personality or style that makes kids clamor over him.

        Dempsey is THE American outlaw, get into opponents faces, let’s try tricks, swagger, tattoo player. He’s a cowboy. What’s Donovan? A Cali boy?

      • i disagree with pretty pretty all of your points, except for the closing paragraph. two different kinds of players, but the numbers don’t lie. in the end, LD is more lethal and surgical than Deuce. yeah, Deuce is a bada$$, all the while LD is out there shredding defenses with his speed and work ethic.

        I agree that the Dempsey signing is big news for MLS, and bigger than if LD re-signs with LAG. but that does not somehow equate to Deuce being the best USMNT player (currently or in the past 5 years)

      • I wasn’t talking about who’s better. The better player doesn’t always make the most money nor does MLS care about the best player.

        MLS cares about the most bankable player. The player they can exploit the best. That’s why Beckham made so much. That’s why Henry does. It’s not just down to skill, which is why I stayed away from numbers.

        MLS is entertainment first, a sport second. And that goes for every sports league in the world. Sad, but true.

      • I love how none of your points are about scoring more goals or getting more assists, which is the whole metric of who is better.

        The only real question you have to ask yourself is this – if you replace LD with Dempsey in the Gold Cup, are they nearly as dominate? And the answer is just flat out NO.

        Was Dempsey gonna let us lose against Slovenia? Yea, kinda. Was LD10? Heck no, I saw his eyes at halftime, dude goes right out there and roofs the keeper 3 minutes later. Where’s Deuce doing that?

      • This is stupid. When is the last time Donovan played well for the full USMNT? Algeria? 3 years ago?

        Donovan plays well in MLS and played well in the Gold Cup but for a long time Donovan has played from the white tees while Dempsey is playing from the blues.

      • no offense, but he did not say those were the only metrics. he’s saying, despite LD’s scoring/assist record, Dempsey is still more valuable for all the reasons he pointed out…and he is correct.

        Dempsey has a higher market value than LD, and if you can’t grasp that, then there is no helping you.

        personal opinion on who is better is irrelevant.

      • I wasn’t talking about who’s better. The better player doesn’t always make the most money nor does MLS care about the best player.

        MLS cares about the most bankable player. The player they can exploit the best. That’s why Beckham made so much. That’s why Henry does. It’s not just down to skill, which is why I stayed away from numbers.

        MLS is entertainment first, a sport second. And that goes for every sports league in the world. Sad, but true.

      • Rule #5 in all LD debates is to point out that a bunch of LD’s goals are PKs. Yes, they still cross the line and count, but let’s not pretend he’s filling the net with open play goals.

      • not his fault he’s converting penalties ruthlessly and in my honest opinion, pk’s are harder to convert than goals from open play!!!! What was your point by the way??

      • Deuce can’t make penalties. He hates taking them. If they’re so easy then Dempsey should be crucified for not having made more. Was he not fullams lead goal scorer? Shouldn’t he have taken plenty of pks over his time there?

      • Mental flake out risk plus physical breakdown risk comensurate with his age. This was someone as recently as last year acting like he wanted to retire. Mixed bag on the field this season. So that merits a raise?

        I’m interested if he really means he wants to stay and is just seeking leverage towards his own Gonzo Dempsey deal, or if he has a squeal point which will be deemed insufficient love a which point he leaves.

  25. why is this surprising? he said he would like to FINISH his career with LA. that does not mean he won’t leave and then come back in 1-2 years. looking forward to seeing what happens.

  26. He loves California, he loves his friends and family. I really don’t like that he doesn’t want to go to Europe. However its his life, not mine.


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