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Donovan hints at possible future away from Galaxy

Landon Donovan

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It’s well known that Landon Donovan’s current contract ends at the end of the 2013 season. It’s also well known that Donovan has preferred to play his soccer in California, with stints in Europe ending prematurely.

However, it seems that the U.S. Men’s National Team veteran has had a change of heart. In an interview with Fox Sports 1, Donovan revealed that he and his representatives have received multiple offers from teams abroad, and he said that if the Los Angeles Galaxy didn’t make a competitive offer, Donovan wouldn’t be against moving abroad.

“Right now I am enjoying myself, I want to continue enjoying myself,” Donovan said. “We have received offers from teams in different countries that are intriguing. I’m still going to speak with the Galaxy and see how they value me and see where they want to go going forward, but I’m really open in a way that I haven’t been before in the past.

“I was pretty content to stay in LA. But if it doesn’t work out and we can’t come to an agreement here then I am ready for a different challenge and we’ll see what happens.”

Donovan is currently one of the Galaxy’s three designated players, earning $2.5 million this season. His direct opposition, on the national team and in MLS, Clint Dempsey, is now on a more than $5 million contract, which is something that Donovan is likely to ask for.

The 31-year-old previously had spells abroad in Germany with Bayer Leverkusen, who first signed him as a 17 year old, as well as Bayern Munich where he spent a number of months training and then officially joining on-loan, failing to make the grade. Donovan had two positive loan experiences in England with Everton FC in 2010 and 2012.

If Donovan does leave the Galaxy this offseason, it would be a huge blow to the club that lost David Beckham after the end of last season, when they hoisted the MLS Cup for the second consecutive year.

A move away from the Galaxy or even MLS would also be interesting considering that there is less than 10 months until the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and should the USMNT qualify, Donovan is likely to be on the squad, if not back in the starting lineup.


What do you think of these developments? Do you see Donovan moving abroad? Do you believe the Galaxy can offer him the right wages to stay? Do you see Donovan remaining within MLS?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. he’s staying at LAG. Lets face it, LD doesn’t have the ambition that a lot of players have. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have spent his prime years at LAG.

    He has a fear of failure. That’s why he’s gone on short loan spells.

    LD has been a legend for the national team. But at the club level he’s always been a disappointment because he’s never pushed himself to reach his potential.

  2. Since no one has come up with this idea I’ll throw this out. He signs with Man City/NYCFC. He spends next 12 months with Man City then when the 2014 MLS season starts he becomes a DP in New York. The owners have the cash to pay him Dempsey money, he goes to a fresh new team where he can be the captain and help shape the new club. He becomes the toast of New York and he finishes out his career there. If Man City feels they can’t use him for the next 12 months they loan him out to an EPL team of his choice maybe a club like Fulham or Norwich so he gets EPL playing time before the world cup. The owners of Man City have billions so they could have no problem paying LD six million a year and to make sure he is happy loan him out on the cheap so he could go to the team he wants.

    The big thing is in 2014 NYCFC has a ‘face of the franchise’ type player that will make a big impact especially if LD has a good World Cup next summer.

  3. Does anyone have real transfer rumors? I’ve seen everything in here… From Liga Mx to Japan…
    Any other blog has posted anything ? any good source?

    • The rumors don’t exist yet. Donovan’s people leaked this information to alert clubs that he would be open to an offer, probably so that he could then use that offer as leverage in getting a new contract with LAG where he is eligible. If he had a legitamite offer that he was interested in, we probably wouldn’t here anything until he left unless he did an Agudelo type deal.

    • If by Puble you mean Puebla, than it certainly wouldn’t happen. They are broke as a joke. They wouldn’t pay LD the 2.5m+ that he would likely want. As a Puebla fan, I would enjoy it for sure.

  4. Let me just say I have a lot of love for LD. Always have and always will. He is a living legend. The US has never produced a better player and it will be a long time until someone matches or surpasses his accomplishments. I think he wants to be valued more then Dempsey. So he’s looking for a big ass pay day. And he sure as heck deserves it. Donovan makes the players around him better. Dempsey doesn’t. Plain and simple. Dempsey’s value comes from searching for pockets to exploit the defense and score. Landon’s value goes way beyond a one trick pony.

    • agree with every word you just say. both LD and Deuce can have a great impact on a game, by LD gets other people involved, while deuce actually can slow/kill the flow of the game (until, that is, he finds that pocket and puts the ball away). i think that’s reflected in their respective assists stats. love deuce and what he has done, but LD is ahead for me and will hopefully be valued accordingly by LAG

    • By the time wc 2014 he could be the third or fourth best field player on the US team after Bradley, Altidore, Johansen, and Dempsey, thou Landon and Dempsey could be about even since Dempsey is also playing semi-pro now.

      • you had me untiil “Johansen” … american fans are just so eager to annoint the next best thing. yes, LD was 20 years when he broke out, but how many have maintained that level throughout their 20s? not many. so let’s ease up on the AJ parade

      • Could Landon start for Alkamazr at age 22? No. Could he even start for them now? Probably but not certain

      • Could someone be compared to Pele at age 14? Could someone play professional soccer at age 15? Could someone joined a good quality team in Europe (Benfica) at age 18 and start some matches? And despite all of the above… suck ASS in 2013… yes it’s possible … Freddy Adu. The point here is don’t think that every young player with a bright future is going to make it. Don’t get me wrong… Johansen play great againts Bosnia… show some sick skills but you gotta let the kid evolved as a player… Have you seen Bradley lately? Did you saw what Donovan did in the Gold Cup and his stats with the USMNT? Have you seen Dempsey seasons in Europe? In what world does Johanssen is at their level… Once again… way to exited that Johanssen join the team… if he continuos with those performace it would be amazing for the USMNT.

  5. would be interesting to see LD take his talents elsewhere to retire, the reverse retirement league model from MLS to the world 🙂

  6. While we are all throwing out random places…here’s one (although admittedly doubtful): Japan

    The J-League is a pretty good league. A well supported, technical league and it’s less physical than MLS. I could see a team splashing the cash for an American star.

    Doubt he’d go there but I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that he gets a substantial offer to play there.

  7. Roma, Liverpool – American owners

    Germany – been there once and Klinsmann has connections that could help

    Everton – been there before

    United – prob not, but Moyes likes him

    • Im pretty sure none of these “offers” are from these teams.
      Seriously, Im sure most offers are from the likes of Mexico, Qatar, and China. I could easily seeing him play for Xolos or America until he is in 37 since speed is not a big part of the Mex league. Luckily his been capped already cause the Mex natl team likes to naturalize and cap players over 30 playing in their domestic league,

      • you are nuts, dude. there are no “offers.” we are talking about interest.

        johansson the thrid best player on the team by next summer?

        speed not being a part of the mexican league?

        donovan playing for the mexican national team?

      • if dempsey was signed, sealed, and just not delivered to Liverpool, a free donovan could definitely fit in their plans. have you seen their depth? also, american owner (and the american market) means something and could have been partly what was driving the dempsey interest.

  8. As a free agent, I think he lands at one of the better EPL teams. I can’t see him going back to Germany nor can I see him going to a country where English isn’t the main language.

    Everton is the easiest guess, and well deserved. We’ll finally see how Donovan does day in and out in the EPL, and not just for short stints.

    Quite frankly, at this time, I don’t see Donovan good enough to make any impact for one of the top 5/6 teams. Let’s face reality.

    • Moyes is gone.

      It sounds to me like Landon is using the threat of a foreign move to leverage his own Gonzo raise.

    • Let’s not kid ourselves about this age thing bc there are players 35+ still plying abroad that are of equal or less talent than landon! And to say he can’t play at a top 5 team any any league is just insane even at his age! There are not too many players that can do all of things he does well to impact a game an he’s played a high level in all but one world cup so he can get it done and he’s more mature now! You mean to tell me he’s not better than the valencias, hendersons, sturridges and chicharito’s of the world? He may not be a starter every game but he’ll play and play a lot because he is that good, when motivated which he seems to be and it showed this summer and it has continued on to club football!

  9. Sometimes I think more nonsense is said about Donovan than any other player. Has there ever been anyone as transparent about his intentions as he has been? If he is considering his options, then his track record suggests…he is considering his options.

    Also, this is a FREE transfer, which makes the range of options available to him considerably wider. There is not future cost – it is an immediate cost to a team for immediate help.

    Thoughts that he is not good enough for the EPL are silly. Maybe he’s not a winger any more, but he would be able to play a withdrawn forward for lots of teams. His vision and speed of thought are still world class.

    As for likely options…

    I can’t see him go to anywhere in the EPL other than Everton. Moyes is gone, but Martinez is obviously familiar with him.

    I think Roma is a real options for commercial and footballing reasons.

    Celtic was interested in him in the past – a long shot, but worth thinking about

    I still think he would get a kick out of Mexico. He’s a star down there (hated, but a star) and he would be worth major $$$ to someone. Again, I think it’s likely.

    Finally, another longshot…PSG. They have money and why not live in Paris a couple years?

    • Please not Celtic. That’s not even raising the bar from MLS in terms of competition. By the time he’d gets there, they’d likely be out of the CL too.

      • I’m not rooting fro that one either – just listing it as an option based on interest from a number of years ago. But I agree: MLS > SPL

    • My guess is that he goes abroad because the LAG probably won’t want to sign him, because he will miss too many games due to the WC and might decide to take another mental health break or something. I think they will look for a player in the same situation as Beckham- still goood, but not quite good enough to play for a high quality national team or club team.

  10. I am a long-time fan of the MLS and teams like the Galaxy. I always thought that LD would make his way back to Europe as part of his career. I know the MLS made a big deal about keeping him about 4 years ago when it appeared that Everton would make an offer that LD and the Galaxy would accept. They did and I wonder who didn’t accept.

    Moyes has been a real fan of LD for many years and he could easily attract LD on a free transfer. Donovan would have to step up his game even another notch so as not to be riding the pine in a WC (possibly his last) year. Or he could make his way to probably a dozen teams who would easily pay him more than he’s making now and would even guarantee him starts.

    Either way, I think LD knows this is his last shot of making a jump to Europe, but on his terms. The MLS will have to come up with a sweet deal, and looking at the Deuce’s contract and record transfer fee, they can.

  11. 3 years too late, he should’ve never signed that extension. Now he’s past his prime regretting not challenging himself and settling for LA.

    • But in those 3 years he’s won 2 MLS Cups putting himself in a three way tie way with Jeff Agoos and Brian Mullan as the players with the most MLS cup titles which would be 5.

      • Titles don’t matter huh, OK lol. Well I know for a fact that to the man we’re discussing here they matter quite a lot. Donovan has always wanted to be known as a champion and much like his LA counterpart Kobe “The Black Mamba” Bryant he is also hungry for that 6th title. And to many fans like myself also important. European recognition is nice, but we honestly already know how good of a player Landon is so not needed.

    • People seem to forget that he was forced to sign the extension in order to go on loan to Everton. MLS and the Galaxy were not going to allow the loan deal without the extension and he was going to have to wait on his deal to run out in order to go to Europe. It was a win-win for both sides in my opinion. Donavan made and impact in the EPL while getting a nice payday and the Galaxy won 2 MLS cups while playing in three.

      • If you’re about to be out of contract, and can freely go abroad, no one was forcing you to sign an LA deal to then be briefly loaned to Everton. He had to have known what the score was. If he wanted Europe he just waits out the deal and tries the market. Like now.

  12. I think Donovan can play on the highest level and I’d love to see him get a shot with a big club. David Moyes loved him at Everton so I wonder if there’s a shot he could sign with ManU.

    • Only if he doesn’t care if he’s playing. I can’t imagine someone who had to fight like he did to get back into the US team takes too risky a path for the next year. It will be LAG — most likely — or a team he feels very comfortable will play him. I can’t see him reaching for a club like ManU where he could disappear onto the bench and risk his Brazil spot.

  13. He could probably cut it at Ajax, they just like younger players to develop. But he would have easy access to some weed to help him relax more.

  14. Yes, as some are saying, it does appear Donovan’s statement is designed to leverage a new contact from the Galaxy at a higher salary. But it could be that Donovan is implying that he is still open to the Galaxy in an attempt to leverage more money from a Euro club.

    I honestly think that after Landy-Cakes great Gold Cup showing combined with Clint Dempsey wimping out and coming back to MLS that Donovan is going to finally go back to Europe for another try and prove once and for all that he is the best of his generation, if not the best US player ever. And I think third time will be the charm. After two years in Europe then he can come back to MLS and make more money than Clint.

      • I’m a die-hard MLS fan. But, there’s no denying that MLS is not as good at the Premier League or La Liga or the Bundesliga or Serie A or La Ligue 1, etc.

        Maybe “wimping out” is a bit harsh but we cannot deny he’s going from a superior league to an inferior league. The play is less advanced. The discipline on the field is inconsistent from very dubious to justified to non-existent. The team training is less intense. The overall soccer IQ and culture in the US is far less evolved and is inferior to the Premier League.

        But, that move is good for MLS. They get a great player and they offer Dempsey consistent starting time prior to the World Cup, which could have been in jeopardy at Tottenham or another club. It’s a bit of a win-win. But, the biggest win would have been Dempsey claiming a starting role at Tottenham as opposed to Seattle.

        That might have been unlikely, though.

        And, Dempsey’s move is another step to MLS competing with the big leagues, which is what we all want – the best right in our backyards.

      • Certainly MLS is not at the level of the leagues you mention. Not by a longshot. And I do think our best players need to spend some time abroad to reach their full potential. But Dempsey is 30, already played in England for 7 years and had success. I don’t think coming back to MLS and taking a huge payday is wimping out.

        Plus, if CL is such a big deal, I don’t think he had great options. Spurs probably aren’t going to qualify. Maybe he could’ve gone to a CL team in a mid-level league but what’s the point? Even assuming such an opportunity existed, he’s supposed to take millions less to play in some CL group stage matches?

  15. The biggest thing is he is on a free. CL / Europa clubs will be hungry for depth and with upcoming injuries (you know they will happen), it’ll come down to:

    – ~85k-95k / week in wages
    – playing time
    – discount for playing in England

    I only see him going to Spain on the Continent since he speaks Spanish.

    I honestly don’t see the Galaxy ponying up the cash. Seattle b-slapped the entire MLS with their Dempsey signing statement, however I don’t think that translates for Donovan (even though it should).

  16. He’s not good enough for the PL. I watch him at the Galaxy and although he has his moments and still moves well off the ball he has lost some of his pace and is certainly not tough enough in challenges.
    Has been a great player for the Galaxy but I don’t see a new contract offer at the end of the year

    • First off, the PL is way down in recent years.
      Two, even though Donovan isn’t as fast as he was years ago, he still has the speed of thought to make up for the lack of pace.
      Third, after years of playing in the overtly physical MLS, and in the hack-tastic CONCACAF WCQs and GCs, he could handle the physicality of the EPL, he does have two stints to lean on for experience.
      Finally, there are other leagues out there besides the EPL, despite the nauseating Anglo-worship from the eurosnobs.

    • Yeah, no way he could play for Hull or West Brom. They are a class above!

      Maybe he’s not going to start at City/United/Arsenal/Spurs etc but he can definitely slot into a mid-table team and add value.

    • Bob, you’re so off-the-mark it’s like you’ve already made your mind up and are just flogging the dead horse that is your opinion. Not only is Donovan good enough for the Premier League, he’s good enough to play and start in one of the top five clubs in the PL.

      When Donovan was at Everton, he not only fared well, he was thriving. He was repeatedly the best player on the pitch. Add that experience with the wisdom of age, the experiences playing alongside David Beckham and Robbie Keane for multiple years and you have a player who, although at 32, is still in his prime. He shows few signs of fading. He’s still very fast, as we saw in the Gold Cup.

      And, he has tremendous vision and through ball passing. He works as hard as any other player. He is incredibly experience in MLS and the International level with some EPL experience, CCL experience, etc.

      He’s been consistently one of the 5 best players in MLS for years and if you think that other players can go to the EPL from MLS and acquit themselves well, but not Donovan? You’re really better off not posting on here at all.

    • Not good enough for the EPL? He’s already been.

      I second the comments of others, most of the EPL is overrated in comparison to MLS. The elite 6-8 teams are better than here but the ease with which Dempsey, Guzan, et al. went over to lesser squads suggests our better players can move over just fine….if they don’t risk the Big Clubs.

  17. I am sure there are a ton of moves available, but where he goes he would have to start given the WC is right around the corner.

    The one that makes the most sense is Man U. Moyes loved having Donovan at Everton and right now…Man U could use him.

    That said…I think Donovan stays in LA.

    • I’m sorry, you think Donovan going to Man U, one of the top say, 5 clubs in the world, is the ONE move that makes sense?

      Moyes took Donovan at Everton because he was available, and most importantly, cheap. He no longer needs to consider cost

    • ManU you is a nice thought and i think he could make the squad and get some PT. But if he’s going over to start and get consistent playing time in advance of the WC, ManU’s not the place.

    • You say “he would have to start” then say he should go to the best team in the premier league? Come on now.

      Anecdote to your Moyes comment…I’m doing fantasy for the first time this year and I had Lukaku and Mata, and both were on the bench for Chelsea. Coworker made the comment, “ya, you gotta pick guys like Fellaini or other people on teams like Everton where you know they’ll actually start.”

  18. Run and gun, baby: go to Holland for the scoring, stay for the super tall babes (and while you’re at it, LD, create a whole little generation of super Americans Abroad!)

  19. Hopefully Donovan can sign in mid to late January to give him a break like Beckham did with PSG. Otherwise it would be a long season for him. I really hope he goes to a European team. He’s been in MLS long enough and with salary and sponsorships he’s made enough money. He can always come back to MLS later and I’m sure there will always be coaching opportunities for him. However, this will be his last chance to prove himself in Europe over and extended period of time.

  20. Give it a rest people, he is trying to get more money out of the Galaxy.

    When a Euro guy is rumored to come here, everyone states, that is hogwash, he is just trying to get more money. The reverse ? 20 English teams get listed in 2 minutes.

    The inferiority complex strikes again….

  21. If he goes to England, I think he would only go to a Champion’s league team. ManU and Arsenal make the most sense from actual playing standpoint, though Man City could bring him in for 2 years then bring him back to the US as their franchise player in NYC.

    I don’t see him going back to Germany. If it’s not England, he’d be a fit for Italy – wouldn’t be surprised if Roma was making a bid.

  22. He’d be a great addition to Liverpool (for a two year deal). Fast. Smart. Technical. Brendan Rodgers would love him. Plus, as a Liverpool fan, man oh man would I love to have that Liverpool Donovan jersey.

  23. Arsenal ?!?!? They are cheap and look for bargains and he’s on a free transfer. They desperately need another striker and also cover on wing as they just lost oxlade to injury. I am a man united fan but i like arsenal too and it is champions league football. I cannot think of any other big teams that need him more.

    • Everton doesnt need him like they did a few years ago – also they only own young players to develop and sell… to Man united 🙂 chelsea, united, city, tot’num, milan, bayern, psg – none of them need him so that leaves only arsenal. maybe liverpool needs him but screw liverpool !!! He would start at a mid level epl team like villa or sunderland but that would kinda suck. Dortmund could use him and schalke need more quality as they lost their opener and jj would welcome him in. Regardless of the team, i would watch every freaking game – i was so excited during his time at everton – i miss that feeling.

      • I forgot about spain – but honestly he would barely play at madrid or barca and they only buy youth anyways. The other possibility is Italy –
        milan does not need him but juventus could use a 30+ player as that is considered young there. Inter sucks and is rebuilding. There’s also france too i guess.

      • are there?
        The remainder of teams in La Liga are treated like the other teams in the NASL not named Cosmos.

      • Some of the Europa league level teams in spain such as Sevilla or Atletico may be a nice fit (without knowing need of those teams).

  24. Do I believe he wants to play overseas? No. But it’s a good negotiating tactic, and he’ll get paid more money. I don’t think he’ll get more money than Dempsey though.

  25. Not surprising that Landon is now laying the groundwork for a big payday. It was clear that he was not gonna be happy with Clint’s return to MLS a salary twice a big. Dempsey is a great player, but Landon is even better with different and more varied skill set. Landon’s display during the Gold Cup was phenomenal, with a touch that was outta this world.

    I would love to see Donovan make the move to Europe in the next 12 days before the transfer window closes. He’s definitely worth a fee of 5-8 million which is peanuts to some good teams. Plus, a few million would be good for LA rather than nothing in December when Donovan goes free.

    Unlike others on this board, I do think Donovan is good enough for Man U. But I just don’t see it happening and plus I’m not a Man U fan so would be difficult to stomach. Donovan would fit right in at Stoke I think, could make an immediate contribution. Also maybe West Ham and why not Sunderland to feed Jozy and of course Everton. In the Bundesliga maybe Hoffenheim, Monchengladbach, Schalke, Frankfurt, Bremen.

    • With only a few months left I doubt he would command the sort of transfer fee you’re talking about. Plus, why would LA sell him instead of keeping him, trying to win another MLS cup then resign him?

      • I was speaking in terms of dollars, meaning $5 million would be about 3.7 million euros. I agree that Donovan’s age and being only 5 months away from a free Bosman would make a club reluctant to pay a big fee. But we are talking about Landon Donovan, the best US player for the past decade and a proven star who will bring in millions in shirt sales and other marketing gimmicks for any Euro club that signs him. Just ask Stoke, who is now totally open to Yanks. I think there might be clubs willing to pay that kind of money in order to lock Landon up now rather than risking waiting until January.

    • Dude, Donovan is almost 32. Why would a European team pay a $5-10 million transfer fee for an aging player who has a mixed track record in Europe? Donovan was good enough to play in Europe, when he was younger, but that ship has sailed. You might see a European club gamble on him for him for a small fee or free transfer, but don’t expect a $5-10 million transfer fee. Donovan is more valuable to MLS or even to Mexican league, where he is more recongizable and marketable.

      • +1. No way a European team splashes $10M for a 32 year old American field player.

        I’m sure no European team was close to the $9M that Seattle paid for Dempsey – and Dempsey is European proven, played on a top team in the PL, and has been doing it over there for years.

        Donovan is valuable to Europe on a free transfer, would be surprised if any team pays more than that.

    • 5-8 million would be a large transfer fee for any MLS player, let alone a nearly 32 year old with 4 months left on his contract…..

  26. Yes!!! I would love to see him go to Europe one more time while he still has the wheels and the skills!
    It shouldn’t even be about the money at this point. He’s obviously feeling good right now, so why not finish off at the highest level he can. Great preparation for the WC too (his last shot) and I’m sure Klinnsman would be thrilled! Funny to see him and Dempsey go in opposite directions..

    • “It shouldn’t even be about the money at this point. ”

      He’s coming up on retirement in a few years. Got a loooonnng life ahead of him. Gonna need the dough, and you never know: he might want to adopt a passel of kids or something, like Angelina Jolie. That’s expensive.

  27. it would be a huge ploy for ManU, he would contribute, maybe even start. I don’t have an EPL team but I have my money ready for a ManU jersey with Donovan on the back. Got suckered for Gooch and AC, I will be a sucker again. Shut up and take my money.

  28. He just put out his game plan: Let the teams from other leagues and the Galaxy bargain while Donovan looks for ‘best offer’. What position would he play outside of MLS: forward, winger, ar CM? I’m sure Moyes has the funds to win in a bidding war and I am sure, behind the scenes, away from the press, this is going on. I would like to see him go to a Champions League team. Why not? Go for it Landon Donovan. Arsenal and Schalke could use your help.

      • Somebody said before that at MU, under Fergie, once a player hits 30, every contract is a one-year contract.

      • Giggs is the more comparable player of the two, at least later in his career….but Giggs seems to me to be a cut above LD. Not a knock on LD: Giggs has been unbelievable for so very,very long. Shame he’s Welsh.

  29. Please Galaxy show some cojones and make Donovan the highest paid player in the history of the MLS and let him retire in LA. Prove the Magee fiasco was a glitch, not a pattern.

    • Let’s be real, part of the reason he may be playing the leverage game is he’s getting older and may want to extract a better deal than is otherwise rational. I think foreign teams will chase some because he is who he is but the idea is to command more than a 32 y/o with eroding form and fitness would get.

      I mean just a few months ago he was talking like this might be it. When I see a foreign signing saying he will either retire or sign in MLS that is a massive red flag. And he wants a raise….

  30. I didn’t see anywhere in the article ManU was mentioned as a team interested in him. I guess people are saying that because of his relationship with David Moyes. Personally I think he needs to go to Europe to play. I’ve read several articles where Klinnsman has challenged USMNT players to play at the highest level so I assume he would want Donovan to move to Europe. Everton might still be a good fit for Donovan. I’m thinking mid-level team in the Premiership that plays attacking soccer. Or a team in Spain or Italy could also be a good fit for Donovan. I doubt the Galaxy are going to give him Dempsey money.

    • People say MU because he has an established relationship with Moyes, and because he is scoring more goals than ChiChi’s is scoring right now. Moyes may want the depth at forward.

      He might get a look from Arsenal. Wenger’s desperate. How many years does The Great Landino have left on his contract?

  31. Donovan says what he means more often than not. Sounds like the Galaxy are looking for a pay cut, and Donovan’s looking for a raise. I personally think he should leave and go to Europe.

    For example, Martinez would be crazy not to take him at Everton on a free transfer in January, they need all the players they can get.

  32. Donovan isn’t good enough for Man United. If Dempsey wasn’t you can bet your bottom dollar neither is Donovan

    Landon should head to Spain or Italy on a 2-3 year deal

    • I won’t argue Donovan could be a consistent contributor at ManU, but he’s a more valuable all-around player than Dempsey. He’s the best we’ve ever produced

    • Valencia, Sociedad look interesting, maybe Vallecano as the underdog from Madrid. I could seem him going to a country that speaks Spanish or English only. So the likelyhood of him suiting up to face off against Bradley isn’t going to happen.

      • Valencia, Sociedad, Malaga. I’d love to see more Americans in La Liga. Especially, since he can speak the language and assimilate much faster than others. Additionally, the football culture there is a bit different than England plus he would be playing against many huge names.

    • is not where he wants to go but who would want him. I have no idea where is market would be, maybe it will be MLS, just a different team.

    • Donovan is a better player than Dempsey. Dempsey fails his teams defensively and he’s streaky. Donovan is consistent and is a complete player with better passing and vision, a greater work-rate, he’s not above defensive responsibility, he busts his ass to rectify his mistakes when one of his mistakes creates a turnover, and he has yet to reach his potential as a finisher – it seems to me a lack of confidence.

      Dempsey is tricksy on the ball and can unleash wicked shots from long-range. But, overall, he’s not better than Donovan… not by a longshot. You’re getting caught up in the flair and hype of Dempsey.

  33. I want to see him in a top league for two years and then return to MLS. I’d like to see him play for Moyes. Here’s why I think it could be possible.

    Moyes is having trouble making signings.
    Donovan available on free transfer. Easier to spend on 32-year old.
    Giggs is 40 in November and it’s reasonable to find replacement.
    Donovan is best US field player ever and in good form.
    Donovan has been one of top 5 MLS players for years.
    Excellent speed still.
    Excellent runs and passing.
    Excellent defensive work.
    Excellent work rate and commitment.
    Game changing abilities.
    Seasoned veteran.
    One of best at Everton when there.
    Won MoM a couples times there.
    Can cover multiple positions.
    Moyes knows him personally.
    Donovan All-Time Leading scorer for US.
    Still performing excellent at international level.
    Sure to feature in WC2014.
    His touch would improve around such quality.
    He’s become an even better player.
    He hasn’t had a history of injury problems.
    Could be a solid transitional signing for Moyes first two years.

    I don’t think it will happen but I hope It does and Donovan gets in the starting 11.

  34. Donovan has always been underpaid for his talent level. That’s been his choice to stay in MLS. As a Donovan fan, I no longer care to see him play abroad. He’ll have only a couple years in another league at top form, so his impact will be limited. If he stays in MLS, he will set all kinds of records and will have a huge legacy in the league (He already does, of course). Now if I’m the Galaxy, I think maybe Donovan’s marketing value is diminishing because he’s been around so long, but they’ll need someone else.


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