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Bradley, Brooks and Johannsson headline USMNT roster to face Bosnia & Herzegovina

John Anthony Brooks Hertha Berlin (Hertha Berlin)


As expected, Jurgen Klinsmann has called in a roster made up almost exclusively of non-MLS players for Wednesday’s friendly vs. Bosnia Herzegovina. A few top veterans will be missing the match, but some intriguing new faces will be making their first appearances in a USMNT camp.

Neither Clint Dempsey or Landon Donovan have been called in for the match on Wednesday in Sarajevo, but there is still plenty of firepower on the squad, with Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley and Tim Howard leading the veteran contingent selected for the match.

Young German-American centerback John Anthony Brooks and Aron Johannsson are among the new faces who will be attending their first USMNT camp, along with U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team goalkeeper Cody Cropper and German-based forward Bobby Wood.

Here is the full USMNT squad that will face Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday (as well as Klinsmann’s thoughts on the call-ups as well as Dempsey’s move to MLS):


GOALKEEPERS: Cody Cropper (Southampton), Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Tim Howard (Everton)

DEFENDERS: John Anthony Brooks (Hertha Berlin), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City), Edgar Castillo (Club Tijuana), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders FC), Michael Orozco Fiscal (Puebla), Michael Parkhurst (Augsburg), Tim Ream (Bolton Wanderers)

MIDFIELDERS: Alejandro Bedoya (Nantes), Michael Bradley (Roma), Joe Corona (Club Tijuana), Mix Diskerud (Rosenborg), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim), Jermaine Jones (Schalke), Sacha Kljestan (Anderlecht), Danny Williams (Reading)

FORWARDS: Jozy Altidore (Sunderland), Terrence Boyd (Rapid Vienna), Eddie Johnson (Seattle Sounders FC), Aron Johannsson (AZ Alkmaar), Bobby Wood (1860 Munich)


Klinsmann offered his thoughts on several of the call-ups, as well as Clint Dempsey’s return to MLS:

On Johannsson:

“We are very excited to have Aron with us. It’s a similar conversation that we have with all our dual-citizenship players. They have to make up their mind and they have to make their own decision. We can only hope they go toward the United States. Aron has made that big, big step which is huge for us because he’s one of the up and coming promising strikers in Europe. He played really, really well in Denmark before he moved to AK Alkmaar, Jozy Altidore’s old club, and is scoring goals there so we’re really thrilled he chose to join us and to have him in our group. We just want to integrate Aron and make him feel comfortable, make him feel at home with us. Once he’s comfortable and eligible and all the FIFA stuff is done, then we want to see him in real games and see if he can connect with something special to our game.”

On Brooks:

“Having John Anthony Brooks is another exciting move that we can feel proud about in a certain way. Having followed him over the years now, we always are in touch with his club and coaches and it’s easy to see John is a very special talent growing through the Bundesliga ranks. He’s a center back with wonderful vision of the game, very decisive in one-on-one situations and very mature for his age. He was already with us one and half years ago in a U-20 camp we had, so we followed him and he’s breaking through in the Bundesliga with Hertha Berlin. Similar to Aron, we want to have him get integrated into the group and get to know his new buddies and to feel comfortable with us. I think our group is a wonderful bunch of guys that make you feel comfortable from the first second you join them. And of course we’re curious from a coaching perspective to see what he can add to our team, how he’s taking things in during training and possibly in the game against Bosnia. It’s another element we can add and we’re very happy about that.”

On Dempsey’s move to MLS:

It’s been a huge week. Having Clint back in the United States and joining MLS is big and I think everyone in the U.S. is excited about the news. I am thrilled for MLS because you have an outstanding player now hopefully filling more stadiums and getting even more kids and people excited about the game. For Clint it’s a challenge, coming from one of the top leagues in the world, coming back to the U.S. and being back in MLS where we still have to work on a lot of things. Clint himself has set the highest benchmark for himself over the last year. He became our captain and he has to keep that benchmark and he knows that. I told him that over the last two years that he’s got to go for the next level. Obviously we want the best Clint Dempsey ever and that’s what we’re going to push him toward as we begin to look toward Brazil. He has set a high standard for himself, and it’s up to us coaches to make sure he keeps that high standard.”

On leaving most MLS players off this roster:

“For the most part we wanted to leave the MLS players behind because it’s a long way to go for a mid-week game in the heart of the season and many of them were with us a lot during the summer. This gives us a chance to look at some different players as well. At the same time, we still want a strong team so we have some guys from MLS and also from Liga MX. I told (Sounders head coach) Sigi Schmid that it’s no problem to leave Clint off this roster. It’s been a long week for Clint and he is still in preseason and getting a rhythm, so we leave him in Seattle and get him ready for the games in September.”


What do you think of the roster? Who are you surprised to not see make the cut?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The reason so many of us are making a fuss about Lichaj is because his constant omission defies every excuse people offer.

    Playing time: Parkhurst, Ream, Williams, Shea (yes, I know Shea isn’t on this roster), etc. have gotten very little of it in the last year. Lichaj has been a 90-minute player so far this season and, according to reports out of England, is locked into a starting role at either fullback position for the season.

    Integration: Brooks, Johannsson, Wood, Evans, Bedoya, Ream, to name just a few new or reintroduced faces from 2013. I almost forgot our best CB, Matt Besler.

    Travel: This game is in Europe. By contrast, Evans, Castillo, and Orozco are traveling halfway around the world for a meaningless friendly.

    Club acclimatization: Lichaj has spent the offseason and preseason with his club. A FIFA-sanctioned midweek friendly in Europe could hardly be more disruptive to Lichaj than to Danny Williams, who is in virtually the same club position. One could argue that Brooks needs the time to acclimate to the Bundesliga. Parkhurst and Ream are fighting to keep their club careers on track.

    Struggling with club: Danny Williams had an awful year last year and experienced the same “demotion” to the Championship. US fans have been baffled by the recent inclusions of Shea and Ream, whose names have become codewords for “bad form” in the last year. As many have noted, Parkhurst hasn’t even played since his transfer. Chandler received several call-ups during what most agreed was a subpar season last year.

    Evaluating via DVD: This excuse might be the most hollow of all. Any European manager even suspected of this type of selection process will face nonstop questions of competence. Trapattoni was frequently accused of this, and the Irish media and fans complained of his senility and called for his dismissal until he started watching players in person and calling new faces into camp. Any coach will admit there is no substitute for watching a player in person. Clearly that is the purpose of calling in Bobby Wood this time.

    Obviously JK has something against Lichaj. I won’t speculate what that is; honestly, it doesn’t really matter.

    But US fans have a right to wonder why a versatile young fullback–one who has played in England for several years and played well for the NT in the past–can’t even get a look at the meaningless one-week Europe-based camp. Bobby Wood and Cody Cropper are there, for goodness sake. I wish the media would start asking some questions about this.

    • I guess I can buy in to your thought, if we are going to give Parkhurst and Evans a shot, why not Lichaj. At the same time, I’ve watched Lichaj get burned numerous times and although he adds something more moving forward, his defense is lacking. I don’t know that he is a good enough player to be a real answer at that position. It appears Klinsmann hasn’t been impressed either. If we are going to call for Lichaj, why not Jonathon Spector. He could be just as much an answer to the RB position.

      • Castillo’s defense is lacking at best, and he has gotten numerous chances. Evans certainly is no lockdown fullback.

        And Lichaj’s defense isn’t really lacking. His greatest weakness is that he tends to make unnecessarily aggressive challenges. He is, beyond a doubt, capable of performing well against CONCACAF competition. A lot of us would like to see whether he can perform against the best.

      • Pure speculation, but if a player is performing at a decent level with his club, and defying all logic, hasn’t been given another look… it’s probably a lockeroom toxicity issue…time to move on from Lichaj.

    • I agree. I have no idea why he is left off and I trust JK to do his job BUT, when a guy who was rated high enough to start in a Gold Cup Final (one that actually counted) is dumped off the team for no obvious reason then we should have an explanation. It’s not like we have fullbacks coming out of our hindquarters.

      • +2,000,000,000 That is an excellent comment above from Roman Lewandowski. It is time for wimpy sports reporters to finally grill Kllinsmann on Lichaj’s omission. And if Klinsmann gives wishy-washy and hypocritical answers that on second thought make absolutely no sense, which he has been known to do in the past, then reporters need to ask tough follow-ups. I mean, we have chris theb@ssplayer, who I like, up above speculating that Lichaj might be toxic in the locker room. If this is true, then this would be a logical reason to snub Lichaj from the team. Maybe this job of getting to the bottom of the Lichaj snubs is an assignment for the most courageous soccer reporter during the Klinsmann era, the man who saved Klinsmann neck by publishing the story in March. Come on, Brian, do it.

  2. Come next summer, who will be lining up for us at RB? Parkhurst needs to see the field for his club, no matter if his play at the Gold Cup was solid. Evans was nothing more than a stopgap and not only is he playing out of position, but his playing time is likely to dwindle in a loaded Seattle midfield. And Chandler is out of favor/form with his club and has been on the bench for sometime. Plus there is the Chandler’s commitment issue. At this point, a healthy Cherundolo and who else at rightback? I’m hoping Lichaj keeps getting time and playing well for Nottingham to force his way into the squad. Other than that, I’d take a young, raw player like Yedlin over Parkhurst and Evans.

    • I could joke and say Bornstein… but that would be mean. If we are just throwing names out there, how about Spector, he is at least as good as Parkhurst.

      • I’d take Spector over Parkhurst and Evans. But he is suffering from severe facial injuries last time I heard. If he can heal in time for the January camp, then I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a chance. If Jurgen values playing consistently for your club, no way does Parkhurst or Evans, or even Chandler, make it to Brazil. It’s going to get to the point where Jurgen cannot ignore Lichaj any longer. Or he’ll have to take a young prospect like Yedlin or a MLS right back like Kofi Sarkodie or Tony Beltran.

      • I’ve certainly spent some afternoons yelling at him and cursing his spot in the line up. But…. in spite of all the grief Bornstein gets and the disastrous Gold Cup final, the man actually had a respectable showing in S.A./ the WC.

  3. ives! now that you’ve re-ordered the comments from newest to oldest, can you add an option to view them in oldest-to-newest (like a certain 4-letter website does), for us traditional folk?

    one of the main draws for this website is the comments that you get, and i think it makes them easier to follow (for me, at least) if they’re going in chronological order.


  4. I would have tried to field my best starting XI (minus dempsey), and then filled out the roster with players I wanted to look at in camp. I’d really want me starters to get the long flight, and play against a top 16 team on the road. That being said, without the cooperation of the MLS teams that wouldn’t work. So it looks like Seattle was the only team on board with it.

    At this point in time, the only thing that frustrates me about JK is that he releases his roster’s so late…. I guess that’s a VERY good thing.

  5. Here’s what I think Klinsi will trot out (I just can’t imagine Brooks or Aron J will start – just don’t see it, expect late cameo’s at best).
    – Howard –
    Evans – Cameron – Fiscal – Castillo
    Bradley – Jones
    Bedoya – Mix – Fabian
    – Altidore –

    Could see Parkhurst over Evans. Other option is for for Klinsi to play a 4-4-2 and put EJ back in the starting lineup with Jozy – and move FJ back to left back putting Castillo on the bench.

    I expect to see Fiscal start. He had an excellent Gold Cup (better than I would have expected) I think Klinsi wants to test him against better competition and see if he can be a back up to Besler.

    I bet Evans starts as Klinsmann wants another look at him against stronger competition before the the September qualifiers.

    Curious as to Ream and if they think he could be an option at LB in a pinch. Though I can’t imagine him marauding up the flank ala Beasley or FJ.

    Finally – I assume Corona will see time in this match. Should be interesting. I just cleared my schedule for Wed. afternoon to get in front of a TV.

  6. Given recent results and performance of the USMNT, I think Klinsy has earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to who he calls up. Doesn’t mean we can’t have a healthy discussion about it, since that’s the name of the game for international squads: show me any international team call-up and I’ll show you a large % of unhappy fans. Just the way it is, you have to make choices and you can’t make everyone happy.
    The positive thing is that it’s usually those nations with the deeper talent pools over which people argue the most when it comes to who was called up or not. So the who Lichaj debate is a healthy sign to show how much stronger our soccer program has become. Clearly Klinsy isn’t a big fan of Lichaj, but that’s just the way it is. Coaches go with their gut and their personal preferences, most of the times.

  7. I wonder if Jurgen called in Evans because he is doing him a favor to showcase him to Europe. He has been linked some to a Belgium move but that is more because his friendship with Klestjan. I think Evans is a good player and a good guy to have on a club team because he doesnt seem like a guy who will cry and moan if he doesnt start/play much. He seems like the type of guy that will make others around him better by pushing them.

    I dont like the fact that Evans may be our #1 option right now at RB. I like Evans as a Sounders fan, but he seems to be really favored by Jurgen. I believe if Jurgen announced the Brazil roster he would be on that team. We have to have someone better even without DOLO.

  8. if U.S. is to limit B&H to 2 goals or less the line-up will have to be:

    • I totally agree.

      This friendly is a game where we can afford to have Boyd start and get some real minutes to see where he is at. Most of his time played has come with 10 minutes left in the game and he has been frantic as he tried to make some sort of positive impression on the game.

      • Klinsi puts a lot of emphasis on getting a result when we play in Europe.He thinks it raises the profile of US soccer.For that reason I think he’ll go with the strongest lineup.

  9. My XI:
    Corona / Mix / Bradley / Bedoya
    F.Johnson / Brooks / Orozco / Cameron

    What Klinnsy will probably go with:
    —————EJ / Altidore—————-
    F.Johnson / Bradley / Jones / Bedoya
    Castillo / Brooks / Ream / Evans

    Maybe he tries Ream at LB.

      • klejstan maybe better than Mix if the game is against a slow CONCACAF opponent. Against a fast paced international team Sacha can’t get the rhythm. His mind/limbs simply aren’t quick enough to deal with the speed of the game. Considering Mix is much younger than Klejstan I’m sure we’ll see it play out that Diskerrud, barring injuries, will have a >> career.

      • you are sure are you?

        true, that norwegian league is pretty fast paced, so mix will probably make the jump pretty easily.

        sadly, mix rarely goes more than about 60 min for rosenborg (3x in last 11 games) and just as rarely contributes anything offensively

        meanwhile kljestan (lead all yanks abroad in assists last season) will be playing champions league group stage AGAIN this fall. i know it is not quite gold cup level, but pretty good.

        kljestan has been given 1 start by JK, so thats probably a good enough sample to make a conclusion about how he can help this squad

      • Kljestan doesn’t show well as a Nat. He’s a turnover machine and plays too slow. Mix is faster and more creative, although a little more time on the treadmill and the weight room would help.

      • I agree, but right now I just really want to see Mix and Bradley play together now that Mix is really starting to gel. They could be very exciting together; I could see their styles complementing each other nicely.

        Klejstan seems to have carved out a niche in the international game and is very effective against certain opponents, but Mix has a wider range of potential.

  10. Sounder’s fan, but not infatuated with B-Rad.

    Evans, though is solid, and very versatile. It is the reason he is on the JK fence, and the reason he will keep getting call ups until JK decides one way or the other.


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