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Soccer Monday: Your Running Commentary

TomCleverlyManchesterUnited1-ChelseaFC (Getty)


The second weekend of the English Premier League season finishes at Old Trafford, as two giants clash in one of the most anticipated matches in the month of August.

Jose Mourinho visits Manchester United for the first time since knocking out the Red Devils in the UEFA Champions League last season, but he’ll have a different challenge with his Chelsea side playing their third match of the season already. Man United will be well rested, but the conversation around the potential Wayne Rooney departure has continued to take the headlines.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid visit Granada looking to win their second game of the season, though transfer news dominates the Madrid papers as well, with numerous reports that Gareth Bale could be on his way to the club this week and would be introduced at the club’s next game.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

3pm – Manchester United vs. Chelsea – NBC Sports Network/Fox Soccer Channel

3pm – Granada vs. Real Madrid – beIN Sport USA


  1. Rossi scores in return to action….the one that got away. Although now with Altidore, Agudelo … I think we have a good young group.

  2. Pretty timid and cynical tactics by TS1 today, but what else is new. He got his point at the cost of any possible entertainment value for the fans. But what else is new. I think I just have to stop watching all TS1 matches for the sake of my own sanity.

  3. What the heck are the commentators going on about? Moyes is happier about this than Mourinho?

    Mourinho started a team of young kids in a defensive formation and shut down Manchester United–leaving them to 30-40 yard hits at the keeper and errant crosses that never challenged.

    Jose walked into United on Moyes home debut and took points off them while neutering the United attack.

      • The punditry is complaining it wasn’t a “cracker of a match.”

        It’s like they’ve never seen a Jose M team…. ever.

    • He really should become one. I think he would be good/better at it. It really depends on if his ego would allow him to be one. If he switched teams and positions at the same time, I think he might be willing to try it. I don’t know if just a “new” manager is enough.

      • He was actually considered a withdrawn striker but six to a half dozen. Rodney’s ego has nothing to do with it, I don’t think. He’s played all over the pitch. He’s even played right back in a pinch. I think his ego only gets punched if he’s forced to a substitute role.

  4. Rooney thinks he is Robben. He just won’t pass to RVP. It’s the 2nd or 3rd time he has taken a long shot rather than pass to an open RVP.

  5. What is Welbeck’s real position? He is clearly not actually a striker.
    He had a decent opportunity(with time) and didn’t even manage a shot even vaguely on target.

    • Are they really?

      Chelsea have more shots on goal. They’re just letting United possess until that line in front of the 18 where United just can’t get further.

      This is typical Jose.

      • He tempted fate against Messi on a regular basis. Granted he had better players for Madrid, but still.

      • As great as Messi is, he’s not nearly as much of a threat to nick the random long range goal, header, or volley off the long ball as RVP. The book on Messi and Barca has always been to pack the middle and try to prevent the lightning combination passes in tight but only a few very organized sides can manage it. You can organize and pack it in all you want against RVP but he can still beat you with something magical. Plus Man U is not Barca. You don’t have to live in fear of going toe to toe with them.

  6. First half boring, dull, poor….except when the Great One was searching for his pen as described by Phil McNulty. Hoping for a better 2nd half or switching to US Open tennis.

  7. I get that it is a huge match and it is early in the match, but how was that not at least a yellow against Rooney? Definitely not a John Terry fan, but that was clearly intentional and out of frustration by Rooney. I mean if its a foul, how is it not a card?

    • Yes, I’m sick of these refs deferring to Sir Alex and giving him every call, and extending the march when he’s behind and….. Excuse me? Sir Alex isn’t the Manx manager anymore, you say? Whatever will the conspiracy theorists go on about now?

      • TomG

        You’re a rational commenter… are you really going to argue that wasn’t a head-scratcher? I didn’t see anything about conspiracies in his comment–only questions about how an elbow to the head only warranted a simple foul.

      • No question. Man U is fortunate not to have a couple cards at this point. I just thought it was funny that SAF is no longer there to blame for the calls.

      • Eh, Sir Alex was just the lightning rod. Father always told me–never confuse visibility with importance.

  8. Mourinho going with a footballing side.Schurrle up top with Oscar behind him.Its either going to work really well or fail miserably.

      • Are u being sarcastic? To me not conservative at all.Mourinho is trying to play tit for tat at Old Trafford.No Torres Ba or Lukaku to bomb it forward to if under pressure.No Mikel to hold behind Lampard and Ramires instead another forward player in Oscar.

      • No true forward so I’m wondering whether TSO is planning on putting men behind the ball and trying for a point on the road.

    • Chelsea went small and speedy because Man U’s two center backs are old and slower now. And Jones at right back is not the fastest, quickest back you ever saw. Three not fast center backs seem like an invitation to try and get behind them. Guess it did not work out.

      It also makes you wonder about the future of Torres and D Ba.

  9. It’s going to be that kind of officiating, huh? Wayne Rooney gets frustrated and throws an intentional elbow into the back of John Terry’s head. No card.


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