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With his national team choice still unclear, Brooks invited to join Germany Under-21 squad

JohnAnthonyBrooksHerthaBerlin4 (HerthaBerlin)


John Anthony Brooks has a pretty big decision on his hands, and he has just hours left to make it.

With reports in Germany already stating that Brooks has an invite to the U.S. Men’s National Team friendly match next Wednesday in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a new report has emerged that Germany Under-21 head coach Horst Hrubesch has also invited the Hertha Berlin defender into his squad to face France in a friendly match next Tuesday.

The report says that Hrubesch has spoken with Brooks, and now he has to decide whether he wants to play with the USMNT or Germany U-21 next week. Further complicating matters for Brooks is that Hrubesch said he will announce his roster for the France match on Thursday.

In addition, according to the report, the 20-year-old Brooks still hasn’t made up his mind about which national team he would prefer to play for.

Brooks is set to make his Bundesliga debut this Saturday when Hertha faces Eintracht Frankfurt at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. The Berlin-native has represented the U.S. Under-20 team and Germany Under-20 team in the past.

By choosing to take the summer off to rest ahead of the coming Bundesliga season, Brooks missed out on a chance to play with the U.S. U-20s at the Under-20 World Cup this summer in Turkey, and the European U-21 Championships with Germany.


What do you think of this report? Do you see Brooks accepting the Germany U-21 call up? Are you worried because he hasn’t yet made a decision?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I think what makes so many people upset by this isn’t that they really feel these players are not Americans. They want our country to be able to produce top level footballers and not have to bring in guys produced from the German system. This is the real issue and what has so many folks with their panties in a bunch. RELAX, our system in the USA is beginning to produce more quality players all the time. However, it has not yet produced enough to compete with the top teams in the World. Klinsman wants out team to compete at the highest level so he is looking for all the American talent he can find no matter what system trained it.

  2. Germany would not have invited Brooks after learning that the US announcement unless they had assurances from Brooks that he would accept the motherlands invite.

  3. People, don’t respond to Slowleftarm. Ever. There’s no point. He’s only interested in pushing an agenda, not exchanging ideas. He will never be even remotely convinced by anything you say, and the rest of us probably already agree with you.

    As for JAB, come on man! Senior squad vs. U-21s!

    • ‭yeah, Kevin. Agreed. I have trudged through the comments above and this has to be about the silliest thread of comments in the history of SBI. And first place goes to the dudes trying to twist the use of GerMerican into some sort of bigoted put-down. GerMerican has been used by USMNT fans and by sportswriters for more than two years now as a term of endearment for our German born players, guys I like a lot like JJ90Y and Fabian Johnson who are key members of the USMNT. It’s a succinct and descriptive term and this silly thread is the first time I have seen anyone try to make it ugly. Totally disgusting and totally pi$$es me off.

  4. Wow.

    The mere mention of JAB in an SBI article and all ‘nationality’ breaks loose.

    Unfortunately the idea that respective German and US football federations have engaged in a public contest for the services of this young man seems lost on some folks..

    Of course, the protests of the Icelandic football federation were mocked and/ dismissed because well AJ is ‘ours.’


    and played out before the world none the less.

    Don’t really know the situation in terms of German national team defenders and where they rate JAB but I think many would agree that the US projects him as a major contributor sooner rather than later.

    The same with Johansson.

    The true argument here revolves around the state of US youth soccer and the youth/National team pipeline.

    Some seem to be upset that the US-based pay-for-play system and lack of a true infrastructure that challenges the big four US sports for athletic talent hasn’t placed more ‘local’ kids and the product of ‘soccer moms’ at the higher levels of US soccer.

    In retrospect, Klinnsmann understands his challenge. He also understand that he has roughly 4 years to recruit players, implement a style, field a competitive side in several major international tournaments, sell his philosophy to the media, respect the accomplishment and idea of American soccer, sell popcorn and do it all as a polarizing outsider.

    He also has to leave this thing better than what he found it.

    Unfortunately, as with any high profile management figure.. Tons of people will ‘rationalize’ ways to form an opposition.

    Whatever the purpose

    • Or “rationalize” whatever means Klinsman uses to achieve his aims. We should be trying to change our system to produce our own JABs, not stealing them from other countries. That’s what success means.

      • I’ll bite. Your definition of success will take many, many years–& even more $$ from USSF, sponsors, and MLS/NASL/USL. And it may not ever happen. How much cash has USSF thrown at the Development Academy? What about Project 2010? The whole developmental system in the USA needs to be thrown out and revamped. No argument here. Part of the reason JK was hired was his work in Germany doing this very thing.

        Until the USA starts to regularly produce players with the technical skills like JAB, LD, Deuce, etc., managers like JK will try to put the most competitive team on the field. He has to in order to have success as the world views it, and to keep his job. We as fans demand it by saying we want to go further in the WC. In order to get your “success”, USSF needs to draw and keep more kids playing soccer. One surefire way, is winning right now. Nothing breeds popularity than winning on the biggest stages. Bringing the best American players (as defined by FIFA), will not only bolster the chance of winning now, it will improve the technical side.

    • Perhaps we are just over rating any player that happens to be in the Bundesliga. Of coarse the Bundesliga is a better league then MLS but we also ignore many teams in the Bundeslia are developing in hopes of selling young players too. Not every player is going to work out or continue to progress. I can see US soccer wanting to also lock down these players but what drives me crazy are the people that have Chandler, Brooks and Williams going to Brazil.

      • No, the Bundesliga is a great league and is a top 3 league in the world. It drives you crazy that people have Chandler going to Brazil? Why? He’s our best natural RB in the player pool. Deal with it!

      • Are you actually watching him play? He played the last 2 months of last season on the wing not at right back. Where he wasn’t very effective then was in and out of the line up. Now has started the season in rather poor fashion loosing his team a game by getting beat by 2nd Bundesliga player. Cameron played all last year in top 3 league at right back. Neither are our best natural right back.

  5. was really hoping there would be no discussion on if he’s really American or not. sadly, half the comments were. other than that, some good points being made.

    i personally think he’ll accept the US call up. he will not be cap tied by playing for the US but it’ll give him a look at our senior team. yes, he won’t be provisionally cap-tied by playing for the German U-21s either, but what will he really learn about the team that he doesn’t already know? nothing.

    the real story will unfold in September or October.

  6. Just pick one. We don’t care which. If it’s USA, we love you. If it’s Germany, oh well. Just no dragging it out a la Timmy Chandler.

    Crap or get off the pot dude!

    • I don’t know. He’s only 20, neither game would cap tie him, and it’s a pretty big decision. If I were him, I’d go to the US game and see how he likes it. If he starts the season well and Klinsi likes what he sees in the Bosnia game and the training sessions leading up to it, Brooks will probably get an invite to one of the qualifiers in the fall, and that’s when the real decision point will be.

  7. ‭This would be a catastrophe if John Anthony Brooks decides to play for Germany. The sky would fall and the USMNT would simply fall apart. And I have no doubt that Omar Gonzalez and Clarence Goodson and Geoff Cameron and Matt Besler would be devastated if Brooks chooses Germany. All four of them no doubt are fighting for the honor of being the chosen one to donate his WC 2014 ticket to Brooks, who has said he would like to play in a World Cup. I am certain one of those four guys would just love to sit at home next summer in front of the TV and watch Brooks warming the USMNT bench in Brazil.

    ‎Just my two cents.

    • The first two are not good enough. The third would be great ..if he played the position for his club team and was allowed to play his position. The fourth is the only one you could project to br closr to being a WC quality starter.

      • ditto…unless we have to also feel sorry for Wondo or Parkhurst or any other players who could be displaced by better players ahead of them… this should be a meritocracy, don’t know why it matters how other inadequate CB options feel about it- besides they’ve taken other people’s spots to get to where they are at, um that’s how it works

  8. Does anyone honestly think a 20 year old will start in Brazil? I’m hopeful for his future, but I’m sure the game vs Bosnia was really just a marketing opportunity all along.

    • He most likely won’t start in Brazil, but could at least make the trip / be on the bench / maybe come in for a late defensive substitution in the WC. This is a strong signal that in 2018, he’s our guy.

      Better national teams bring along their future stars to give them a whiff of the competition. Look at Brazil: Ronaldo was brought to 1994, Kaka brought to 1998, etc.

      • I think its possible considering our CB pool.
        I believe most of us are confident with Besler, but other than that…..
        Geoff Cameron has so many positions, that he hasn’t mastered any.
        Omar Gonzalez makes a lot of mental mistakes.
        Clarence Goodson is fairly immobile and won’t develop further at his age.
        And that’s just the CBs under 30.
        So if JAB has a strong Bundesliga season, commits to the US and shows well in training along with any actual appearances he has – I think its possible he plays himself onto the lineup.

      • exactly… it’s not about how old he is, it’s about what are the available options…

        I do not trust OG back there versus any opponent above CONCACAF level (ex-Mexico) teams…his track record is spotty… Besler seems like a lock, but the sample size is still fairly small for him as welll.. Cameron would be my preferred choice, but he’s made his own share of mistakes and Klinsmann hasn’t played him there recently…. Goodson? meh…

        Brooks has a shot to start if 1) he plays well 2) can convince Klinsi that he can pair up effectively with the other CB in short order-not easy, but not impossible either given other options

      • Because the US has never started 20-year-olds in the World Cup.

        Except that time in 2002, when they did.

  9. The only thing he needs to concider is that he has a better chance to make it to the WC in 2014 with the USNT or wait five more years to possibly go with the German national team –His choice!

    • Yes except in five more years he could possibly win the WC with Germany, or play in the final etc. I’m pretty optimistic but the USMNT probably doesn’t offer him that chance.

      • optimistic about what? i’m a little confused based on all your prior comments that you don’t think he should be invited into the USMNT set up

      • It’s the other part of the argument… Germany is more likely to win big titles (assuming one discounts the Gold Cup), though it will be a tougher squad to break into.

  10. I hope I’m wrong but I think we all know JAB is going to join Germany, now that he’s been called in for their friendly against France.

    • i agree, however I still have hope that he may still go with the USA, considering that he has a big chance to play in the 2014WC, as opposed to playing with Germany U20 Team & not the Senior German Team, which looks pretty stacked up. But then again, i can be wrong.

    • In regards to his future there are 2 thoughts. Purely Professional:
      Called for a U-21 Camp by Germany Vs. a Senior Camp by the US. Depending on his asperations (2014 WC) will determine which call he accepts. Brooks has a real possibility of being on the US 2014 WC squad, and likely starter in 2018, & 2022 if he remains healthy….Vs. Germany where he’d possibly be on their 2018 squad.
      Does he feel more German or American. How is he treated by the players, coaches, and fans of either country. Where he feels more comfortable. Only he knows what he is feeling.
      Regardless of what he decides to do I wish him the best.

      • I have dual-citizenship with the Netherlands and it’s a very hard feeling to describe.

        I can’t speak for every case, but I know a lot of people like me feel that we are both nationalities and also neither. I could go with either and feel comfortable with the choice. I imagine many of them feel the same way as well–granted again I can’t speak for them individually of course.

        As for your comment, you might be right. Professionally he has a far higher chance of working his way onto the biggest stage of all–the WC in Brazil for the USA. A great performance there and all kinds of doors open up.

      • Another caveat to the decision is the travel involved in playing for the respective national teams. IF he plays for the US, we’re talking about flying back to the States, as well as the Caribbean, North and Central America for qualifiers, friendlies and Gold Cups. If he stays with Germany, its relatively short flights around Europe. We’ve all seen how those specific commitments have affected Timothy Chandler.

    • That used to be the case, but ever since Gerald Asamoah (I think) they’ve been more open (I could be wrong about that).

      Considering Klose and Podolski were born in Poland, Ozil could play for Turkey, Boateng for Ghana, etc… I think they’ve become more open-minded towards players who are not “100%” German.

    • I think they have avoided calling up players who have been capped by other teams, but much of that is because they have such a full pipeline they don’t even notice.

  11. If Brooks does accept the call up for the Bosnia friendly, I think that just gives JK more incentive to want to clinch a trip to Brazil in Columbus, Ohio on September 10th. I think he would love to not have to bring players like Altidore, Bradley, Fabian Johnson and Jermaine Jones across the Atlantic for the October qualifiers. I’m sure he’d love to bring Brooks over for the October qualifiers and get him capped tied then.

    • JK has a very good winning streak going, he is going full bore at winnig every match he can, friendly or not with JAB or no JAB.

  12. Who cares. This guy has no connection to soccer in this country. Why should he represent USA? Someone like Diego Fagundez is 100x more worthy representative. Citizenship papers aint everything.

    • Actually Citizenship papers are everything. If you aren’t a citizen of a particular country you cannot represent said country. Diego can apply and gain citizenship if he chooses to do so….the question is will he.

      • But the choice may not be available until he’s 30… He doesn’t have a Green Card, so the clock for 5 years to citizenship (3 years if it’s through marriage) hasn’t even started.

  13. Seb hines? He is not even on ‘Boro bench. Besler and Gonzo are better. Brooks deserves the call though and could make the WC roster with a good Bundesliga season.

    • Pretty sure we can’t get Hines. I don’t remember who wrote the story about it, so I can’t find it, but I seem to remember it saying Hines’ path to citizenship is fairly untenable at this moment.

      • I think you are confusing him with Dan Potts.

        Hines would need a one-time switch as he played for England in a youth competition. He has said he’s willing if asked.

      • You’re thinking of Dan Potts, who isn’t a US citizen after all.
        Seb Hines is, but isn’t good enough for the US national team, even if he does play in the Championship. Source: I have watched him play.

  14. Didnt he essentially state his preference was the US, but after the rosters were due for the U20, so he couldnt be selected? Crazy position he is in, with both of these programs pushing for him. Lucky spot to be in. The talk is always how these guys have a tough decision to make, but how nice it is to have alternatives.

  15. I got no problem with the cap tie game…. JK just needs to let him know that playing next week will get him a call in for the fall qualifiers… Call him in for the fall and cap tie him. If he picks the US he has a shot at Brazil ’14, if he picks Germany he is likely looking at 2018. We try, and if he ends up choosing Germany nothing we can do about it.

    • If I felt we had a disposable roster spot I would totally agree. Make JAB decide ASAP. However, I think the roster may need to be filled with players who have already played together until we actually clinch automatic qualification.

      Conclusion: Call in JAB ASAP for WCQ after automatic qualification is tied up.

      • But JAB’s position, CB, is in flux at the moment. I would argue the only CB at the moment, everyone is comfortable with is Matt Besler, other than that, the entire CB depth chart is up for grabs. Therefore, letting JAB know that by accepting the US callup for next week gets him an inside track at Sep WCQ callups and possible the WC for next year if the form and commitment is there seems prudent.

      • I guess I don’t feel it is prudent to further disrupt a position where the first choice is not obvious until after qualification is assured. Unless the coaching staff feels that the current crop at CB is not good enough to assure qualification.

      • I know very well what a bigot is. You clearly have no idea though.

        Let me help you out.

        “someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats other people with hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person’s ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics.”

        His comment is one of clear derision, suggesting that the German-American players do not belong on the team and that another German-American is favoring them simply because they’re German-American.

        His comment has no basis in factual reality as those German-American players playing on the squad clearly belong there based on merit and merit alone with several of them pre-dating the current German-American coach. Thus, his comment is bigotry toward German-Americans simply because they are German-Americans.

      • Good to know. Yeah, he’s lived here so long at this point.

        His children and wife are American citizens too I believe.

      • His wife is American-born (a model, not surprisingly). His kids are dual citizens and his son had a look for the US U15s (I think that was the level) as a GK.

      • “His comment is one of clear derision, suggesting that the German-American players do not belong on the team and that another German-American is favoring them simply because they’re German-American.”

        Not necessarily true. Identifying them as different doesn’t mean he has prejudice against them. I identify Japanese as different, and not proper for playin on the USA team. It doesn’t mean I hate them.

      • You cannot see the prejudice against German-Americans in that comment?

        I suggest you open a dictionary and look up what bigotry means because that comment was a textbook example.

      • This. Exactly. The term itself seperates them by somehow implying a dilution of their ‘American-ness”.

      • Thought police?

        That’s really sad. You actually see yourself as a principled rebel against the party that says it’s wrong to demean others for things like nationality?

      • amen to that. i don’t know Slow’s ulterior motives. for all i know, he’s a member of the kkk. or maybe he’s just a 7-year old girl who stole her parents’ iphone. but if you take that one comment, it’s quite funny to watch SanFran latch onto it and shake it like a rabbid chihuahua, unwilling to concede that maybe, just maybe, he overshot on his bigotry accusation

      • I agree, calling someone a bigot is a pretty strong term to use. Nobody is saying they “hate” anyone. There’s literally zero malice implied, just stating a (dumb) preference for how National teams should be put together

      • 4-3-3

        Green – Boyd – Parker
        Johnson – Williams – Wooten
        Toljan – Brooks – Morales – Chanlder

        Germerican line up

    • Because this comment makes how much sense? Didn’t we just field a Gold Cup team with zero German-Americans on it? 4 guys in a pool of probably 35-40 players…. sky is falling clearly.

      • people love to throw out the word bigot in any possible circumstance. i guess it just makes them feel worldly and tolerant better about themselves even when it doesn’t apply whatsoever

      • you seriously need to stop. you’re frequently jumping all over people’s comments for no good reason. that comment from Slowleftarm was a joke. no one seriously believes that is JK’s plan. but in the event Slow was in fact serious, that he actually hates German-Americans, isn’t it best to just ignore him rather than throwing fuel? instead, you feel compelled to throw up a few big words and try to impress some people.

        and i agree with soopafresh’s comment. very succint

      • No.

        I don’t.

        His comment wasn’t a joke. It isn’t funny. And it mustn’t be ignored.

        I didn’t “throw up a few big words,” so you can take that anti-intellectualism elsewhere.

        If you had a hard time understanding what I wrote–buy a dictionary yourself. You can join the people who have no idea what such a basic word (bigotry) actually means.

        It’s sad that you felt the need to tell ME to stop calling him out instead of telling HIM to stop being bigoted.

      • SanFran, it is because YOU are the one spewing the hate, and you don’t even know it. Multiple commenters have tried to make this clear to you. Take it or leave it…

      • how do you know it wasn’t a joke? you guys go out for a beer every so often?

        well, you and I can definitely agree that it wasn’t funny. but that’s about as much as we can agree on.

        no, i understand the words your using, just calling out the fact that you use certain words just to impress, on a soccer forum. i don’t go to my 10 year old’s outings and throw around legal terms to impress his friends just because i use those words in court monday-friday. it’s called self-awareness. stop being *that* guy

      • I’m not gonna go so far as call slowleftarm a bigot but like Travis said – just look a few threads back – in fact look for anything with the reference to American, JAB and Johannson and you will come to terms firmly that slowleftarm is not in a joking mood when he comments to those references.

        Also your postion of “just ignore” unacceptible behavior (whatever it may be) is also not the way I chose to go about thing, either.

      • I’m one who strongly lets people say what they want as is their right (perhaps based on my legal training). So A can say anything and B has a right to call him out – we are all adults (I think).

        That being said Slowleftarm has a right to be called out. I have seen his comments on different threads about JAB or AJ. I don’t think virulent bigot. He just questions something that doesn’t seem quite right or players that do not seem to have enough ties (in his mind) to the US. Again, his right as well as SanFran’s right to call him out. The only black and white thing we know is how the US and FIFA decide citizenship and national team inclusion.

      • From him, it’s not a joke. He doesn’t believe that Citizenship is a high enough bar to play for the USMNT, and he can’t explain where he would set it.

        He might not be a bigot, but he’s wrong on this count, and aggressively so.

      • Calling out intolerance is a neccesity. And as SanFran explained in that novel above, bigotry is exactly what that was.

        I would hazard a guess that you believe you have a right to be intolerant.

      • actually, we all have the right to be intolerant. and the First Amendment guarantees our right to express that intolerance (up to a certain point, which clearly was not reached on those previous comments). and i bet you are intolerant as well, Mike E, just not toward politically correct things. for one, you’re intolerant of those who come across as intolerant

      • Ah yes, the age old “how dare you be intolerant of my intolerance” defense–the last desperate refuge of a sad person. Politically correct? This has nothing to do with politics or whatever sad alternative reality you’ve chosen to live in.

        These are people being disparaged and demeaned for their ethnicity and country of origin. Human beings you diminish to mere smears because of your own sad prejudice. I will stand and call you on that every day of my life because its the right thing to do.

        You might want to read the first amendment because it is about being free from government retaliation for speech about it. It literally has nothing to do with anything said here on this private

      • Not at all – I’m making the point the international football is pointless if countries just go out and recruit whatever players with tenuous connections they can find. And I ask this seriously – if JK puts out a team with 10 Germericans and Aron Johansson are you guys really going to tell me that’s how international soccer is supposed to work? Please, what a joke.

      • Being born here or born of a US parent abroad isn’t a “tenuous connection” and no matter how many times you repeat that phase it never will be.

      • (Mike E – i’m replying up here to your last comment because i didn’t have the option down there)
        Having been born into a fairly similar situation as those German-Americans, i can tell you that they don’t need your defending. i was born of american parents in france and lived there for 15 years, then lived 3 years in germany. you must resist the need to jump in and fight every injustice in the world. they have their big-boy pants on and can handle the suspicion/dislike that some USMNT fans may have toward them (i am not one of them, FWIW, but respect the opinion of those who don’t like their inclusion on our team).

        sad person, me? i’m not the one jumping all over people and accusing them of things that simply aren’t there

        prejudice? that’s a good one. try being the only american kid at a french public school and having to fight your way out of tough situations in a regular basis.

        oh and the first amendment? yeah i studied that during law school, and when i studied for the bar exam, and i read it on a regular basis when i represent pro bono clients. but thanks for the government lesson. it’s pertinent to any conversation about speech and perceived bigotry

      • Our position is not just to fight for those guys, it’s to object – openly and clearly agaisnt any and all injustice. We may not change the world but then again it won’t be beacuse we did nothing.

        I’m not advocating that slowleftarm or anyone else LIKE or LOVE these guys. My beef is his/their attempt to determine their Americanness with what appears to be a very weak and loose set of criteria. We don’t even know these guys and what they think or believe beyond what is on a website.

        My argument goes beyond sport. I am a naturalized citizen who comes from a tribal culture and knows all too well the dangers that come from playing that kind of game. It’s why I became an American and will stand with, love and fight for all Americans. We are all equal and have the same rights and responsibilities to each other – international soccer aside.

      • @ Taylor if you are confident that the term “Germerican” is not meant derisively, then go find Jermaine Jones, or Boyd or JAB or any other German American and use the term. Put your convictions to the test instead of talking garbage on a comment section of a blog.

      • Sorry boss, I can’t afford the airfare to Germany, which, of course, is where I would locate these individuals. And yes I know Boyd plays in Austria, it was a joke.

      • I figured as much. No need to fly to Germany. Stick out your Slow Left Thumb and catch a ride to Columbus.

      • OK, have to call you out on that list. Brooks isn’t part of the pool yet, Morales is also Peruvian, Yelldell hasn’t been called in for years, and I don’t believe Wooten and Green ever have.

        So it’s 5, for the moment.

      • If your counting all of those players as in the pool then the pool becomes quite a bit larger then 40.

      • What the heck?

        Brooks, Wooten, Green have never played for the US senior team.

        Yelldell has a single cap under Bob Bradley.

        If those are included in the pool, the pool is 200+ not 40.

      • Wooten, Green and Yelldell wouldn’t even be on the expanded roster at the moment. Brooks and Morales are longshots for this cycle and prospects for next (obviously the other three would be prospects as well). There are still concerns about Chandler’s commitment to actually playing now that he’s switched.Williams is out of form. The pool’s deep with German-Americans but in practical terms we’re talking about 4-5 guys right now out of a group of 35 or so.

      • And could we debate whether or not Landon Donovan belongs in a US jersey. He has a Canadian parent after all. I think that disqualifies him.

    • before any of you ask this guy for proof just a heads up that he has made it clear before his thoughts on us using german americans in the team. he doesnt like it and has said some offensive things about it, would avoid getting into a debate with him about it.

    • That’s just a dumb comment that’s so far outside reality. We have a few German-American players on the team just like we have Mexican-Americans.

    • Don’t be bigoted in a conversation about nationalism! Lol. I’m not sure if the hipsters or the pc police are more annoying on here.

      • Political correctness is the difference between calling someone an illegal alien and an undocumented immigrant. They are both factually correct terms, but one is less demeaning and upsetting (hence, being a more politically correct term).

        By saying this is a debate on political correctness, you are saying that you agree there are too many German-American players who don’t belong and that they are unduly getting playing time–only that slowleftarm didn’t word it correctly.

        Saying people are being too PC is simply hiding behind an irrelevant term to disguise your agreement.

      • SF is my favorite American city but you are like the South Park caricature of San Franciscans – arrogant, condescending, politically correct, hypersensitive and clueless.

      • A wonderful comment from the bastion of calmness and self-deprecation.

        From the self-appointed anointer of “Americaness” and proclaimed mindreader of other’s self-identity.

        Please, tell us more about how these people you’ve never met feel inside. Tell us more about how these American citizens aren’t American enough for the great slowleftarm and his personal @ssesment of who should be allowed to play for the USA and who shouldn’t.

        You want arrogance? Look in a f**** mirror.

      • Don’t get angry just because your usual tactics of calling anyone you disagree with names (like “bigot” or “xenophobe”) don’t work on me.

        If you’ve noticed, when people actually from the US play for other countries I have a similar reaction (i.e. Najar, Rossi, Richard Sanchez, Fagundez eventually – and yes I know some of them aren’t citizens, I think they should become citizens and play for us). So “bigot” or “xenophobe” are not apt terms.

        In future, if you want to respond to my posts, please try to behave like a grown up. Thanks.

      • RE: Najar…

        There was no way he was ever going to play for the US. He’s not a citizen and expecting him to wait around for five years (at least) from green card to citizenship is just dumb.

    • Never saw this coming…. a story regarding a multi-national player… slowleftarm’s repetitive posts voicing his displeasure…. resulting sh*tstorm.

      slowleftarm, agree… disagree… doesn’t matter, your gripe is misplaced and really, a tremendous waste of energy. As it stands, by law and application, you are a citizen, or you are not. There is NO hierarchical scale of “Americaness” which…. you know… kinda seems to be in line with the general precepts of the country. Not happy? Maybe consider a letter writing campaign to the FIFA rules committee to change player eligibility or do the legwork to get a 2/3 majority vote in Congress and the House of Representatives to amend the constitution. In the meantime, it seems to me Klinsman is trying to put together the best team he can with players available within the rules as spelled out by FIFA and the country you live in. Recent history points to the fact that he is not adverse to duel-national players w/ Mexican or apparently, Icelandic roots…. or singular United States citizenry.

      • Slowleftarm, what I don’t get is your continued posts on how you don’t believe any of these dual-nationals have any connection to the USMNT. I can respect all opinions, whether I agree with them or not, but I can’t respect opinions based on incorrect facts, which you have been doing. Saying Johansson doesn’t have a connection to the USA, when he was born here, is simply wrong. Maybe he doesn’t have the level of connection you want, but he is connected nonetheless.

        Rest of SBI World, allow me to post on behalf of Slowleftarm from this point going forward: None of these dual-nationals have ties to the US, and should not be considered.

        There. Since you haven’t really said anything relevant other than that statement, you should be covered.

      • When you never made the first team in any sport on a regular basis, it was always because of “unfair” wasn’t it?

      • Who me? I played through high school, which was about as high a level as my talent would take me. Don’t think there was anything unfair in that. Nice try projecting but ultimately a pretty silly post by you.

      • Very right you are…. undoubtedly my response is about as fruitless as your post, but that’s kind of the nature of most forums anyhow isn’t it? You have a philosophical disagreement with what international soccer represents and US laws of citizenship that you are entitled to. Fine. But… the coach of the USMNT’s selection guidelines are simple and clear. Is the player a US citizen? Yes or no? Is the player’s talent and attitude at a level he can contribute to the team? Until these rules change, you and a lot of people in most every country are likely to be severely dissatisfied in this regard. I don’t suggest holding your breath. Cheers.

      • Would actually be better if he did hold his breath. Then maybe we wouldn’t have to read his rants about Americanism any longer.

  16. This guy may be better than what we’ve got at CB but he should be representing Germany and I’m sure that’s where he’ll end up eventually.

    • I wonder how SlowLeft feels about Einstein. After all he was a product of the German education system before joining the efforts of the US gov’t. Really, all this posturing about whether a person is American enough to play football for the USMNT is silly.

      • Disagree. I think it’s important and relevant, which is why I bring it up all the time. And it’s silly to paint my stance as anti-immigrant because immigrants actually come to the US and live here whereas JAB/Johansson etc have no connection to the US are just looking to raise their profile and further their club career.

      • Dude with respects to Johansson…he was BORN HERE….what you want to take people’s Constitutional Right to equal citizenship and go back to before the Civil War norm?

      • Well the US is virtually the only country on Earth where being born here comes with automatic citzenship so I don’t think just screaming “born here” really settles much.

      • Pretty much the entire western hemisphere still allows citizenship solely by birth on the soil.

        And 12 other countries including Germany, France, UK and Australia have modified rules asking that one parent be at least a permanent resident.

        42 countries have some form of citizenship by birth on soil–that’s 22% of the countries in the world.

      • You have a funny definition of “virtually only.” There are 35 countries that recognize birth as a bestowing nationality.

      • Just some brief history, the 14th amendments’ Section 1, Citizenship clause’s original purpose was to protect the descendants of former slaves after the Civil War.

      • My mother was born to US military parents who were stationed in Germany. So was NOT born on base and thus she was German. She had to become a naturalized citizen of the US when she was 4 once her parents came back to the states. How is it a child of a US service men born in another country has to be naturalized? She had American blood/family but because she wasn’t born on base she was not a US citizen

      • It’s funny that you mention that because the 14th amendments’ original purpose was to protect the descendants of former slaves after the Civil War.

    • As somebody with dual citizenship, I can tell you that it is not so simple. I have very little doubt he feels loyalties to both the USA and Germany. Growing up surrounded by German people, I would imagine that being American was something that made him unique, for better or worse, and something that came to be part of his identity. Only JAB knows how he feels, and he has every right to take his time choosing.

      • + 1.

        This has been stated several times but slowleftarm, he the holder of the great Americanometer, wants no part of it.

      • I’m not asking for much. Just that someone who represents us in international competition has lived here for some period of time. Doesn’t even have to be long.

      • As simple as that may sound that has not been your play in the past. If it were I’d simply disagree with and ignore your posts. But you have often questioned their Americanness – now that is an entirely different kind of animal. One that this American cannot sit by idly and watch happen. Nothing personal here, slowleftarm, but as passinate as you are you can see my passion on this as well.

      • Oh so johanssons being born here and living here for more than 2 years doesn’t qualify as “not very long@ for you?

      • JAB can feel what every he wants the question comes down to what does he think will be better for his career? +s for the US…the kid is 20? has a much much better shot at playing in multiple WC with USMNT (if he is good enough)….does he think he is one of the the two best CB in Germany at his age??? if so, playing in Euro Championships and WC…no contest, Germany wins…if the kids had a brain in his head and/or good advisors around him it is more about his professional futbol life then picking between the US and Germany.

  17. Neither choice would cap tie him, right? Either way he would still have to file a one-time switch to permanently tie himself to one program or the other, since he played for youth teams for both countries. Or am I getting this all wrong?

    • I don’t think he has to file a one-time switch since he hasn’t represented either country in a competitive match. He’ll just make his decision and that will be that. Unless he’s never cap-tied and decides to file a one-time switch then….

      • Once you play for the national team in a competitive match, you are cap tied for life. You can apply for the one time switch so long as you only played in a friendly for the national team. There is no need to apply for a switch if you only play for youth teams.

      • You’re right. My bad. I guess you do have to apply for the switch if you play for the youth team in an official match.

      • He had to file a switch because he’s 22. A player can @21 become cap tied (barring a 1 time switch) barring they haven’t played in an official FIFA full nation team game.

      • JAB has never played in an official FIFA tournament for Germany, thus he doesn’t have to file his one-time switch.

        AJ played in the UEFA U-21 championship while having dual eligibility–that means he has to file the one-time switch to represent another country.

      • When you play a *competitive* match for a youth team, you are provisionally cap-tied to that country. Brooks has only played in youth *friendlies*, but never in a FIFA youth competition.

        Johannsson, on the other hand, played in U21 UEFA qualifying for Iceland and that’s an official competition.

      • Nope, only “competitive” youth matches count for provisional cap-tying purposes (U20 WC or UEFA U21 qualifying, for example). He can play friendlies for both sides at any level all he wants and never have to file a one-time switch.

      • OK, all that makes sense, so no need for the filing. But playing in neither a Germany U-21 friendly nor a USMNT friendly next week will cap-tie him. I guess that was my main point. So it’s a pretty big decision he has to make in a few hours, but not a REALLY big decision.

      • Correct. That’s why going to Bosnia makes the most sense — playing in the big leagues and a chance to let Germany know it would take something to land him. Plus, I think we called first.

      • exactly. i think the chance to play with the full US team while not cap-tying himself will lead him to accept the US call up. if he plays well this year, he stands a good chance of making the WC squad.

      • Playing for the USMNT would provisionally tie him. He would then need to fill out the one-time switch. Playing for Germany’s U-21 wouldn’t provisionally tie him to anyone and would leave the decision open. Anyway we called himfirst!!

      • i don’t think you are right. neither will have any affect. it’s not a FIFA youth competitive competition, which means no provisional cap-tying involved for the U-21 game.and of course, it’s a US friendly as well, so nothing will change.

      • Correct. “Provisional cap tying” only happens in youth competitive matches. Friendlies at any level aren’t cap-tying.

    • From JAB’s perspective I would go with the Germany U-21 because I think being a German youth international gets you higher transfer value than being a US full international. It may or may not be fair but I think that is the way it is.

      From a fan’s perspective I’m not going to get too worked up over this. He really hasn’t proven anything yet and while I think our other Germans have shown themselves to be good players that can help us, none of them are indispensable. If he does opt for the USA he should have to prove that he is better than our current CB, not just more European.

    • Brooks would actually need to file his One Time Switch to play for Germany. He’s already played in youth friendlies for the US.

      • he’s never played in a competitive FIFA youth tourny, meaning he is not provisionally tied to the US. no one-time switch is needed. and if he accepts the U-21 call up, he won’t have to file one to then go back and play for the USMNT. just like if he played for the USMNT, he wouldn’t have to file a switch to then decide to play for Germany.

        this decision isn’t that big. no one-time switch is involved. no cap-tying is involved, provisional or not. it’s simply a “big decision” because he has to decide. i don’t seem him passing on both again.

      • he’s never played in a competitive FIFA youth tourny, meaning he is not provisionally tied to the US. no one-time switch is needed. and if he accepts the U-21 call up, he won’t have to file one to then go back and play for the USMNT. just like if he played for the USMNT, he wouldn’t have to file a switch to then decide to play for Germany.

        this decision isn’t that big. no one-time switch is involved. no cap-tying is involved, provisional or not. it’s simply a “big decision” because he has to decide. i don’t seem him p@ssing on both again.

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