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EA releases more details about FIFA14, demo to drop on Sept. 10



Soccer video gamers waiting to get a taste of what FIFA14 is all about will not have to wait much longer.

EA Sports announced in a press conference on Tuesday that the demo for latest installment of the best-selling soccer video game will be released on Sept. 10 and 11. No further information on the demo was given, but EA did provide other details about the upcoming game, which is set for a Sept. 24 release date in North America and will be available on the Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and the soon-to-be-launched next-gen consoles.

Among the many things EA announced were that there would be more teams, leagues and players in FIFA14 than in last year’s game, a licensed Brazilian national team, the addition of the Chilean Primera Division, new clubs from Italy and South America and 18 teams from Brazil’s first division.

In addition, EA revealed a pair of new game modes: Co-Op Seasons and Legends in Ultimate Team. Co-Op Seasons will allow gamers to play ranked 2-v-2 matches online, with the goal being to try and get to Division 1. The Legends feature, meanwhile, will give gamers the chance to create their Ultimate Teams with 40 of the sport’s all-time greats, including Pele, Fabio Cannavaro, Dennis Bergkamp and Edwin Van Der Sar, in addition to today’s stars. Legends will only be available on the XBOX 360 and XBOX One.

EA also announced Precision Movement, which is a gameplay feature that will see players show bursts of acceleration before reaching maximum velocity.

If you are anxiously awaiting FIFA14’s release, here’s a trailer that EA dropped at their press conference that might help satisfy your cravings:



Are you excited for FIFA14’s release? Which new feature interests you the most? Are you a Playstation gamer upset about not being able to implement legendary players into your Ultimate Team?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. FIFA rarely sees huge improvements because, like EAs other sports titles, it is developed separately by two teams on staggered cycles. They share the special editions (one team handles the Euro and the other handles the World Cup). On off-years they alternate normal iterations.

    This FIFA will have no upgrades. They reword the same features they’ve used for the last two iterations and try to make them sound new. The “next-gen” version will only feature improved graphics, crowds, and some upgrades in the player-interaction physics (jostling).

    If you’re waiting for a “leap forward” year for FIFA with new features and gameplay improvements, it will be the edition following the 2014 World Cup, most likely.

    All that said, I’m still buying it because I have a job and no children (thus tons of disposable income and leisure time). I’m not that anxious for next-gen yet because of GTA V. That’s sure to keep me busy for at least a year.

  2. I can’t wait to use the current U.S.A. squad. Altidore and Kevin Bacon up top! Hope they have the 100th anniversary kits in the game. FIFA 12 had the our red 3rd kits, so that’s a good sign. Would be nice to have an American stadium in the game for the NT too…HDC, Columbus Crew Stadium, Red Bull Arena,Live Strong Park…whatever

    But what I REALLY am waiting for is the 2014 World Cup game.

    • I just reserved FIFA 14 for Xbox One at gamestop today and they told me that for an extra $10 you can reserve it for the old console and when it comes out for the new console you can trade the game in and the newer console version for it. Not sure if you can do that for the Playstation but you can for Xbox.

  3. Anyone think they took the time to include hand balls in this one – that work of course?

    14 years of grand innovations, hyperbole, marketing, and millions of dollars spent convincing people to buy each and every iteration. Have they once gotten this fundamental bit of the game working?

    Just sayin’

    • There was an option to include hand balls in ’13, though I think only in offline modes. The problem with that feature is you can’t really control whether the person you’re controlling hits it with his hand or not.

    • There was an option to include hand b@lls in ’13, though I think only in offline modes. The problem with that feature is you can’t really control whether the person you’re controlling hits it with his hand or not.

  4. Maybe I’m in the minority… but online VS. modes stress me out, and that defeats my purpose of playing – to get away and relax.

    Why don’t they create an online co-op mode, that’s NOT VS.? Surely it wouldn’t be a difficult addition… Is there just no one who wants that?

    • Not sure if I understand completely what you mean…but I have been hoping for years that they would make a mode where they could emulate “online dynasty” for NCAA. Where you and your friends could pick different clubs around the world to play in a season(while all of it was connected) eventually you would play in league play vs other users, domestically(league) or internationally(Europe CL)

      I don’t understand why you have to play 2v2…I hate doing that.

      • Seriously! I have been waiting for years. Ill be too old to put in significant time when they finally come out with a mode similar to NCAA online dynasty. Would be amazing. How can we suggest this?

    • Agreed, EA has had their head up their butt for years on this subject. Only EA refers to co-op as versus (human players on both teams). The entire rest of the gaming industry refers to co-op as human players against AI.

    • Wow, three whole seconds of an American (Dempsey). Thank you so much, EA for honoring the largest market for your game in the world by giving us all of three seconds recognition. Maybe we have to start pulling an epic 0.8 rating on NBC when our best team takes opens the season to get a bit more attention.

  5. It’s getting so real looking it’s hard to believe.

    Someone find the key sequence for biting so I’m all ready when I want to play Suarez.

    • LOL. Everyone is going for cinematic previews but they may have found it hard to cut one for FIFA so why not recruit Captain Picard AND Professor Xavier – BOOM! There’s your cinematics right there.

      Regardless I have never missed buying any of these and I won’t be stopping now. Bring on the new season!!


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