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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

JozyAltidore (Action Images)


USMNT forward Jozy Altidore and Sunderland will be on network television in the United States on Saturday as the Black Cats visit newly promoted English Premier League club Crystal Palace.

After scoring his first Sunderland goal to start a 4-2 comeback victory in the Capital One Cup earlier this week, Altidore will push for his first league goal in Saturday’s final match in England. Both Sunderland and Crystal Palace will be looking for their first wins of the 2013-14 EPL season.

The day’s EPL action will kick off at the Ethiad Stadium, where Manchester City will face another one of the league’s newcomers, Hull City. Man City are coming off a stunning 3-2 loss to the third newly promoted side in the league, Cardiff City. The Citizens rarely lose back-to-back matches, and Manuel Pellegrini’s squad will be itching to set the record straight back in front of their home fans.

In Germany, Jermaine Jones and Schalke 04 will search for their first win in the young Bundesliga campaign when they host undefeated Bayer Leverkusen. Meanwhile, defending Italian champions Juventus host Lazio in a rematch of this year’s Supercoppa match.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

7:45am – NBC Sports Network – Manchester City vs Hull City

9:30am – GolTV – Borussia M’gladbach vs Werder Bremen

10am – NBC Sports Network – Cardiff City vs Everton

10am – NBS Sports Live Extra – Newcastle United vs Fulham

10am – NBC Sports Live Extra – Norwich City vs Southampton

10am – NBS Sports Live Extra – West Ham United vs Stoke City

12pm – beIN Sport en Español – Chievo vs Napoli

12:30pm – NBC – Crystal Palace vs Sunderland

12:30pm – GolTV – Schalke 04 vs Bayer Leverkusen

2:45pm – beIN Sport en Español – Juventus vs Lazio

5pm – beIN Sport en Español – Osasuna vs Villarreal

7:30pm – MLS Direct Kick – Columbus Crew vs Seattle Sounders

7:30pm – MLS Direct Kick – Philadelphia Union vs Montreal Impact

8pm – NBC Sports Network – New York Red Bulls vs DC United

8:30pm – MLS Direct Kick – Sporting Kansas City vs Colorado Rapids

10:30pm – MLS Direct Kick – Los Angeles Galaxy vs San Jose Earthquakes


    • Yeah, Sunderland look like garbage again. Prior to the season, I had bought into the idea that a full off-season with Di Canio and some good additions like Altidore and Giaccherini could put them comfortably lower mid-table (i.e. 10-12). I don’t see that happening now, unless they have a couple significant last-minute transfers lined up.

  1. AT&T UVerse Subscribers–

    Did the extra games air this morning for you on the ALT channels (1691-1697)?? They did not air on my channels (btw I have the u200 package). For example, the Stoke/WHU game was supposed to air on one those channels but didn’t.

  2. John Anthony Brooks being called by one major web site the Flop of the Match. Apparently had a very bad game, plus caused the penalty that let Wolfsburg go up 2-0.

    • Do we really want to risk a rookie player with one cap who has never experienced the joy of these gentle Teddy-Bear Concacaf games? In my opinion now is not that time to kind of experiment and see another face real quick. I think Jurgen feels the same way.

      • Sure, that’s why back in February he played Gonzo and sat Boca in the first Hexagonal qualifier against Honduras.

      • Probably one of your greatest comments ever, GW. The back line was in shambles that game and we lost. Remember?

      • Of course.

        Watch the replay.

        It was Cameron and Howard who made the bonehead mistakes that hung Gonzo out to dry so that he took the fall for the mistake that cost the US the game. All three should be ashamed.

        So much for veteran leadership.

  3. Time for loud noises and freaking the *(&&*(& out.

    Jozy confirmed out several weeks for hamstring injury. Out for the qualifiers.

  4. Easily going to turn out as one of the worst broadcast decisions this year. The flagship broadcast channel in the United States airing Crystal Palace v. Sunderland…. and Jozy didn’t even travel with the team.

    • Dude. They would broadcast this game no matter who was playing, it’s the only game on at 12:30 EST, which is the game NBC shows every week. Give it a rest.

  5. Sunderland just dropped team and Altidore not in 18.
    Well, my interest in that game is gone. Off to the gym it is.
    Better just be a minor knock.

  6. Jermaine Jones not starting for Schalke. I repeat: Jermaine Jones not starting for Schalke. Kevin-Prince Boateng the Heartbreaker starting as central attacking midfielder and two sixes behind him, neither of them Jones.

  7. Man, there sure are a ton of zeroes on the BPL scoreboard. Hopefully NBC didn’t spend all that money only to purchase rights to the most boring era of EPL ever.

  8. Bellamy throws an elbow at Baines` head in the first half, no foul called, and I can’t believe there will be retrospective punishment either.

  9. Any news on why Tim Ream is not even on the bench for Bolton? He started against QPR in the last Championship match, but has been left out of the 18 for the Carling Cup and today’s game. I thought he was coming around for the Wanderers, and his own career.

  10. Brooks apparently brought down Wolfburg’s Diego in the box giving up a penalty, with Diego successfully converted, Wolfsburg 2 Hertha Berlin 0.

  11. Well, looks like Cameron has ruined his chances of playing right back for the USMNT, as he today has started for Stoke at RB for the third game in a row. Would be silly to play a man at right back for the USMNT who is starting at right back in the Premier League.

    But seriously, Geoff looking strong in the first 18 minutes both defensively and is making runs forward, several times going one-on-one and dribbling forward. Stoke is a new team under Mark Hughes. Good decision by Agudelo to go there, I think.

    • Yes, he is passing out of the back well and getting forward, but he needs to work on his final ball/decision-making in the final third. But yeah, I hope he is tried at RB again for the Nats now that he has a bit more experience there.

      Stoke overall more interesting to watch this year – hope this continues.

    • 90% of Stoke fans think he’s a rubbish RB, read their thoughts on his performance:

      He has none of the characteristics you’d want in a fullback. He’s not quick, agile, or fast. He’s not a good one-on-one defender. He’s not good at beating a defender down the wing. He’s not a great crosser, in fact many of his efforts are dreadful.

      Basically, he should not be played on the outside of the pitch. He has the characteristics of a solid CDM, with the ability to step in at CB if needed. Your campaign to start him in USMNT at RB because that’s where he plays at Stoke (which is not a great example of team football to begin with) is tired and poorly thought out. Please stop.

      • I see what you’re saying and I certainly don’t consider it his best position or our RB for the long term, but it’s not like we have a plethora of RBs available for the national team right now…

      • Dolo is the ideal US right back. That is what JK is looking for.

        Cameron is not it.

        If he were JK would have kept him at RB and never would have given Evans such an extended shot at it . Like most national teams the US could always use a better player here and there but right back is not the crisis everyone is making it out to be. The last time I checked, the team was doing well and heading in the right direction.

        If Dolo is healthy and gets back to form, he starts in Brazil.

        If not and Chandler gets back to form and then gets “right” with JK and the rest of the team then he is the starter.

        If not, and JK does not experiment with moving LD ,Zus, Edu or Danny Williams back there, then the starting right back will be between Evans and Parkhurst, assuming Michael can get himself some club PT. Michael Orozco may also get in there.

        Barring the emergence of some unknown between now and next May, the World Cup starter for the USMNT at right back is most likely already on the USMNT’s current depth charts.

        Cameron’s place with this edition of the USMNT is as a utility man, their version of Phil Jones. It is what he does best.

        I don’t think Lichaj makes it because he is an inferior version of Cameron.

      • Lichaj is an inferior version of Cameron? Yeah, except Lichaj is an actual right back, is faster, agile, can cross and even has a nose for goal at times.

      • Eric is a turnover prone machine and does not keep possession well. That is a big negative to JK especially in a fullback.

        However, I haven’t seen Lichaj for Forest. Have you?

        Maybe he’s gotten better.

        Oh and Cameron is a better soccer player than Lichaj. In two seasons at Stoke he has more appearances in the league than Eric had in five seasons for Villa, a crappier team than Stoke .

        Geoff makes my team over Eric every single time regardless of the position in question. And in terms of intangibles I think Cameron is a smarter, more driven player.

      • Oh, and Lichaj doesn’t constantly wear the face like someone just slapped his grandma in front of him.

      • Completely agree. Needs to play in the middle of the field. Preferably at CDM. Preferably instead of Jones. Doesn’t have the agility to play outside.

      • Cameron makes the World Cup squad because he can fit in just about anywhere on the back line. He can cross, but no one is going to mistake him for Phillip Lahm. He can hold his own in the middle, but no one is saying he is Rio Ferdinand. He can pass out of the back, but no one is saying he is Makalele.

        Just because he plays for Stoke doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be our RB.

      • “Just because he plays for Stoke doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be our RB.”

        Not sure why you even type this.

        I said he shouldn’t be our RB because he’s not a good RB, and the fact that he plays RB for Stoke doesn’t change that. Nothing you typed refuted any point I made.

      • I love the use of a tricky double negative. I also think that there are worse options than Cameron at RB. If he continues to play there, I think he is worth a shot. he would need some cover as I think his lack of spped causes me the most concern at RB

      • “not sure why you even type this.”

        I stated that position for the same reason you cited to a Stoke fanpage as evidence of Cameron’s lack of skill.

      • I don’t really agree with you but the fact that a stoke message board was used as evidence that “90% of fans think he is rubbish” gave me a good laugh this morning.

      • Which players do they like on those stoke forums? Seem like a pretty dreadful bunch to spend time with. Let’s giving him a run out at RB and let his USMNT performances speak for themselves.

      • MJC-DC,

        This is Geoff’s second season at Stoke playing right back.

        Cameron has had his run at right back for the USMNT at the same time that he was playing the position for Stoke.

        JK saw it and then called in others like Evans and Parkhurst.

        That should tell you JK is not 100% happy with Geoff at right back.

    • Maybe Agudelo wants to go to Stoke, but the MLS is saying no. Maybe it is just a question of the right $$$$. I vote for Daniel Levy as the new MLS VP in charge of transfers.

    • And Parkhurst again did not make the game-day roster. Will be interesting to see whether he transfers or is loaned out before the window closes Monday. As for Chandler, just a few weeks ago there were still USMNT fans designating him as our best right back and a lock for the starting RB spot in Brazil and that he would fill the slot for the next 30 or 40 years.

      • Form is temporary class is permanent.

        Chandler is a better fullback and a better soccer player than Eric Lichaj. He is also the best fullback after Dolo in the US player pool.

        The fact that Timmy may never play another game for the US does not change any of that.

        Have you actually seen any of Eric’s Forest games?

      • No but I’m, in good company because very few people have, even in Germany.

        Chandler is still on his team. He’s not playing I presume, because he has sucked lately. That is what the expression means. Chandler is currently not in form

        However, he is still a class or two above LIchaj and his form does not change that.

        Timmy and Lichaj were both on the field for the US against Paraguay and the difference was very clear then.

  12. Hull just needed a bit of quality in the final third. City did better with much fewer chances.

    Also Huddlestone is a way better player than I thought he was when at tottenham.

    • Oh yeah. Huddlestone is an elite passer. He can spray it and hit the killer through ball from a deep position with the best of them. He just gets injured way too much. He’s also lacking defensively for a deep lying midfielder and doesn’t have as much pace as you want from that spot, he’s kind of a British Freddy Adu.

  13. parity in the epl.? looks like they want to emulate MLS in respects. wonder how long it will be before Europe is using a MLS schedule as well?

      • “nobody wants to hold international tournaments in the winter,” unless you are Sepp Blatter and got paid a boat load of cash to award the 2022 WC to an equatorial middle eastern country.

    • Trying to compare MLS to a league where about one third of the teams have dramatically more fiscal wherewithal that the remaining two thirds is a waste of time.

      Under such a structure parity is far more difficult to achieve than it is under MLS’ single owner entity or whatever they call it.

  14. Back and forth like an old school heavy weight fight. As a neutral Hull vs Citeh is would have been great at a bar with both sets of fans.

    • He has a good shot of scoring this one. Open up his account on NBC would be nice. Actually at thd game? Im curious what the atmosphere will be like how do the fans treat the new American striker.

  15. Cant believe Hull messed up that chance wow. This team hasnt figured out how to work together yet. I pray same thing happens to tottenham.


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