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Report: Clint Dempsey to Seattle Sounders being finalized

Clint Dempsey Eddie Johnson.


The rumor that dominated the American soccer world on Thursday night looks to be moving closer to becoming reality, with ESPNFC reporting that Clint Dempsey and the Seattle Sounders are finalizing a deal to bring the U.S. Men’s National Team captain back to MLS.

Dempsey was spotted in San Francisco on Thursday, which sparked rumors of a potential move, and with sightings of Dempsey in Seattle, the steam began to build on a potential Sounders move for the former New England Revolution standout. The ESPN FC Report is the first to offer a concrete stance on confirming that a move is in the works.

There are no details available on the transfer fee that would be paid to Tottenham, or what mechanism the Sounders will use to land Dempsey, who left MLS after the 2006 season to join English side Fulham. At the moment, there has been no official comment made, and conflicting reports have included statements from Sounders officials claiming no contact had been made with Dempsey.

The move would be a stunning development for a player who just made an almost $10 million transfer from Fulham to Tottenham just a year ago, but it is clear the Sounders are serious about building a championship contender this year, and adding Dempsey to an attack that already features Eddie Johnson Obafemi Martins and Mauro Rosales will make Seattle just that.

For his part, Dempsey had glowing praise for Seattle during his recent trip to the Pacific Northwest for the June World Cup qualifying win vs. Panama.

“I’m good friends with Eddie Johnson and he’s always telling me what it’s like playing (in Seattle),” Dempsey said in June. “Playing in front of the fans and just how it’s an atmosphere that’s comparable to what it is in Europe.

“It’s great to see because I remember when I first started out in MLS things weren’t like that,” Dempsey added. “So it’s great to see that the game is building and that there are markets like this where people have passion for the game.

“I almost felt like I was in another country the other day when the Seattle Sounders game was on. I was walking to get dinner and just walking past a bar the TV was on and everyone was watching soccer.

“For me that was awesome.”

What do you think of this development? Excited about the news? Not going to believe it until he is holding up a Sounders jersey? Think anyone can stop a Dempsey-Johnson tandem?

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  1. Definitely davestating news for most U.S fans. He is stil playing at a high level & it’s a shame it’s all coming to an end. MLS competition is way below average, I don’t care for any MLS hypebeast says. A move to Mexico or Argentina would have been less painful… Hope these rumors are just that,.. An ugly blasphemes rumor

  2. I’m disappointed that he’s leaving one of the best leagues in the world, but who can blame someone for maximizing his earning potential? Doubtless, his income in England was quite substantial, but $32 million over the next 4 years is hard to pass up. Good for you, Clint, I’d have done the same (alas, if only I had that choice to make).

    The snob in me wants to see the best USMNT players go to Europe, but I also want to see MLS continue its growth… the league just landed a pretty big fish.

  3. He’s going to miss the quality of his EPL caliber teammates and the expectation level will be sky high. On the surface it looks like a walk in the park for him, but I think playing with guys below his level will be a tough adjustment.

    Quakes vs Sounders just went from a tough physical battle to a knock down drag out donnybrook.

  4. First reaction: NOOOOOOOOOO!

    After I had time to think about it, I like it. As a Red Bull season ticket holder it will be great to really want to see Seattle roll into town. Plus, it will likely have me watching Seattle:s televised games. This is great for the league and shows that great things are to come.

  5. Good lord, why are some fans such whiners? Does everybody really think 3 months in MLS, a Donovan style winter loan, and another 3 months of MLS are going to ruin Dempsey before Brazil? Get a grip folks.

  6. So I guess the Premier is such an awesome technical league, right. In the eyes if it’s own press in the U.K., they’d disagree. How many English players are in great technical leagues like Italy, Spain, or Germany? How “great” is the English national team? Only the top Premier league teams have good technical players because they bought foreigners. The mid-table teams usually just kick long balls or sit back and soak pressure. Dempsey would have been stuck there if he stayed in the Premiership because playing time doesn’t seem to be for him in Tottenham’s plans. Why not take advantage of this deal while he’s still good, wants to see his kids grow up here, and play in a great soccer city? Oh wait, the MLS how no right improving as a league to many people. USA players must always jump ship to other leagues. Give it up, MLS is growing. So what if it doesn’t have the prestige of Europe which is over a 100 years older! MLS has ambition and it hasn’t stopped improving and growing. Beckham (Only the face of soccer worldwide), Henry, and others want to be a part of it. Why not a great USA player? It can’t hurt his national team chances as Besler, Gonzalez, Zusi, DONOVAN, and others play here. He’s 30

  7. A move to dallas or Houston would make more sense! Hoping this is a joke! Swansea, Cardiff and Everton would be good fits!

  8. I believe his oldest kid is approaching school age, and Dempsey always struck me as a family guy who would want his kids to grow up in the US. So I guess it makes sense in that respect. You also have to wonder if AVB approached him and told him he’s not in the plans/not likely to see much playing time and Dempsey figured he’d need more pt to keep his starting spot on the USMNT. I hope he can handle all the turf matches…

  9. This could either be

    A.) Going back to MLS is the worst and most farfetched career move of Dempsey


    B.) THEE turning point for MLS, where the “American soccer dream” of playing in Europe is dead, and now the “American soccer dream” is to play here on US soil. After Dempsey, others will follow suit.


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