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Who should the USMNT start vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina?

USMNT Starting 11


For the first time since last year’s friendly against Russia, the U.S. Men’s National Team will carry a mostly first-choice team into a match without Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey on the roster, and while the two stars will be missed on Wednesday, Jurgen Klinsmann won’t be lacking for attacking options.

After a perfect run through June’s World Cup qualifiers, and then another unbeaten run through the Gold Cup with a largely different group of players, Klinsmann has options galore and the result should be a lineup on Wednesday that features standouts from both of this summer’s successful squads.

What we will see against Bosnia and Herzegovina will be not quite a first-choice lineup, but a solid one nonetheless. There are still some questions about the lack of experience in the pool of defenders called in, but Klinsmann can still put together a defense made up of players who impressed this summer.

With that in mind, here is the potential starting lineup we could see the USMNT use against Bosnia and Herzegovina:


————–Jozy Altidore———Eddie Johnson————-

Joe Corona————————————–Alejandro Bedoya

————-Jermaine Jones———Michael Bradley————-

Fabian Johnson——————————————Brad Evans

———Geoff Cameron————–John Anthony Brooks——–

—————————–Tim Howard——————————-

Some thoughts:

John Anthony Brooks and Aron Johannsson have taken major steps toward becoming parts of the U.S. player pool, but it’s probably unrealistic to expect either of them to start on Wednesday. Paperwork might prevent Johannsson from even playing, while Brooks seems more likely to be an option off the bench in his first appearance. (UPDATE- With Michael Orozco being forced to withdraw from the team with a hamstring injury, Brooks’ chances of starting just got significantly better.)

Brad Evans held his own at right back in World Cup qualifying, and the fact he is playing regular for Seattle gives him the edge over Michael Parkhurst, who was solid at the Gold Cup, but who hasn’t played since.

The midfield is pretty self-explanatory. Bradley and Jones will man the middle, while Gold Cup standouts Bedoya and Corona get the call on the wings. Corona only played the Gold CUp final on the left wing, and it wasn’t his best showing, so another option could be to deploy Eddie Johnson on the left wing and start Terrence Boyd alongside Altidore.

If it were up to USMNT fans, this is probably the lineup they would select for this match:


————–Jozy Altididore———Terrence Boyd—————-

Eddie Johnson——————————————–Joe Corona

————-Mix Diskerud————Michael Bradley————–

Fabian Johnson————————————–Geoff Cameron

———John Anthony Brooks——–Michael Orozco————–

—————————–Tim Howard——————————-

And what lineup would I go with? I would want to see the lineup listed at the top, one I really think we could see on Wednesday.

Here is the USMNT roster for the match:

GOALKEEPERS: Cody Cropper (Southampton), Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Tim Howard (Everton)

DEFENDERS: John Anthony Brooks (Hertha Berlin), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City), Edgar Castillo (Club Tijuana), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders FC), Michael Orozco Fiscal (Puebla), Michael Parkhurst (Augsburg), Tim Ream (Bolton Wanderers)

MIDFIELDERS: Alejandro Bedoya (Nantes), Michael Bradley (Roma), Joe Corona (Club Tijuana), Mix Diskerud (Rosenborg), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim), Jermaine Jones (Schalke), Sacha Kljestan (Anderlecht), Danny Williams (Reading)

FORWARDS: Jozy Altidore (Sunderland), Terrence Boyd (Rapid Vienna), Eddie Johnson (Seattle Sounders FC), Aron Johannsson (AZ Alkmaar), Bobby Wood (1860 Munich)


What do you think of the projected USMNT lineup above? Do you think it can beat Bosnia and Herzegovina? Do you like the Fan’s Choice projected lineup better? Which player is missing from our projection that you think should start? Who did we select that you feel should not be in the lineup?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I think this would be the best line up
    ———–Jozy Altididore———

    ——Mix Diskerud———-

    Eddie Johnson—————————————–Joe Corona

    ————-Jermaine Jones ————Michael Bradley————–

    Fabian Johnson————————————–Michael Parkhurst

    ———John Anthony Brooks——–Geoff Cameron————–

    —————————–Tim Howard——————————-

  2. 4-2-3-1 — Altidore on the point and Corona in support. Eddie on the left flank with Fabian behind, Bedoya on the right with Evans behind. Jones and Bradley running the pulley in the center midfield ahead of Brooks (LCB) and Cameron (RCB). Flip a coin between Howard and Guzan, but I actually prefer Guzan. I think he communicates better with his center backs.

    It’s a friendly so we get a ton of subs. I say AJ and Mix are the first subs, at halftime, for Corona and Jones, respectively. Castillo for EJ. Boyd for Altidore. Wood for Bedoya.

    I would love to see Mix and AJ start, but I tried to lean toward a realistic lineup.

  3. ………………………Jozy …………..,,,,,,,
    F Johnson……Brooks…..Cameron…Parkhurst

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Williams given some time at RB. Maybe if Ream shows well in practice at LB we can push FJ up. If not, unbalanced formation with Mix in Torres’ tucked in LM role.

  4. I would like to see

    Parkhurst—–Cameron—–Brooks—-F. Johnson

    Then id like to see castillo, kljestan, boyd, johannson, bedoya and maybe guzan, if not evans off the bench
    -I like parkhurst over evans because rb is his natural position and just think hes a better player
    -Playing diskerud a bit higher but will move centrally to create space for fabian johnson to overlap
    -I would love to see EJ and altidore up top together

  5. Ives, Brooks is left footed, and Cameron is right footed. Brooks is used almost exclusively as a left CB. Cameron plays both LCB and RCB, but only plays LCB when he’s partnered with another right footed person.

    So you should switch them in your projected lineup.

  6. Even though most don’t give him credit… I say Parkhurst will start at RB. JK knows what he brings to the table and its a lot more than Evans

    I also want to see Kevin Bacon in for at least 30 minutes for Johnson if at all possible. Brooks somewhere to see what he has. My final wish is to see Mix with Bradley for at least 30.

    This will be a real test I think and its time for these new possibles to show if they have anything. We have seen the likes of Sacha a million times and do not need another outing to probe he doesn’t have it. My biggest fear is the Jones will get a stupid Red and mess up any chance for Mix to show

  7. 4-2-3-1 has worked with Jozy as the lone striker. The only concern is the back line but JK, like any good manager, understands that non-stop attack & pressure brings results. Bradley will control the attack from the back and come on, no way Jones does not start…enforcer, I mean DM, is needed especially against the likes of B&H. This should be an excellent game!

    ————Jozy Altidore——————

    E. Johnson———Mix———Bedoya


    F. Johnson———————Cameron


    ————–Tim Howard——————-

    • ————Johnson———-

      EJ plays the furthest forward where he can use his pace to get behind.Jozy plays behind him in front of midfield.He likes to combine, this gives him the opportunity to combine with the midfield and push up with EJ when need be.Corona on the left,leaving FJ room to get forward.Evans will push up less than FJ so we need Bedoya’s withd on his natural right side.

      • Jozy’s work rate off the ball is much lower than EJ. EJ will work/run with or without the ball so it makes more sense to leave EJ in the forward or winger position. Mix performed well at the Gold Cups and he deserves the starts with his to distribute!

      • Jozy has improved his workrate with the usmnt by leaps and bounds lately.He presses the defense pretty well now.Good workrate as a wing and stk are two diff things.EJ won’t track back like a Corona or Bedoya.In any case I think we see Jozy and EJ down the middle and Corona and Bedoya on the wings

  8. ————–Jozy Altidore———Eddie Johnson————

    Fabian Johnson——————————–———Joe Corona

    ————-Jermaine Jones———Michael Bradley————-

    Edgar Castillo——————————————Brad Evans

    ———Geoff Cameron————–John Anthony Brooks——–

    —————————–Tim Howard——————————-


    ——————————Jozy Altidore——————————

    Fabian Johnson———Joe Corona———Alejandro Bedoya

    ————-Jermaine Jones———Michael Bradley————-

    Edgar Castillo———————————————Brad Evans

    ———Geoff Cameron————–John Anthony Brooks——–

    —————————–Tim Howard——————————-

    Thinking being is that Fabian Johnson is more then likely going to play LM when Beasley is with the team. Castillo plays similarly to the way Beasley does.

  9. Thinking about the projected roster and I had a thought. Has Klinsmann ever put out a 4-4-2? I see all the lineups projecting a 4-4-2 and I can’t recall a time we have ever done that in the last 2 years.

    • It’s not a 4-4-2. It’s either a 4-3-3, 4-5-1, or 4-2-2-1-1. But Ives has always thrown out a 4-4-2.

      My line up:

      F. Johnson—Mix—–Corona


      Fabian Johnson was listed as a midfielder. While I would have him at leftback and E. Johnson at leftwing, for a one off game, unless Castillo really shows poorly, I can’t see Klinsi changing his mind about where Fabian fits. Also, and as many have pointed out, Ream is probably in the team to try out as a LB.

      Mix was too good in the Gold Cup to not get a starting chance with the (almost) full-team, against a top opponent. With Dempsey out, I’m sure Klinsi will look to plug up the middle. Mix’s ability to keep possession and work in small spaces makes him ideal to play in the top of a triangle alongside Bradley and Jones.

      I’d rather have Corona at the right and think he’s better than Bedoya. But that’s personal opinion. He’s also in form, whereas Bedoya hasn’t played since the Gold Cup so he’ll be rusty.

      • Nope Josh, I can’t see Klinsi leaving Jozy on an island up top with no other scoring threats in a friendly (or any time else, for that matter). Have to put EJ, Boyd or AJ up there with him. Likely EJ to start…..

    • JK plays a 4-4-2. technically its a 4-4-1-1 with dempsey or donovan playing a “withdrawn” forward role (but still a forward)

      a formation is really meant to describe how things look in a defensive posture – dempsey/donovan are not retreating with the outside mids, so the label 4-2-3-1 is not really accurate

      dempsey/LD will rarely retreat beyond midfield while outside mids play box to box

      4-2-3-1 is trying to imply that outside mids are “attacking” players, which is ridiculous because wings are always tasked with attacking the flanks – whether in a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3

      ives puts a 4-4-2 because we play a 4-4-2

    • It is not about starting positions at kickoff, but who will handle the chores implied by those starting positions. All the lineups JK has used recently have called for 4 i back, 2 central mids and two wide mids and 2 players who are forwards (sometimes those are called forwards and attacking mid, sometimes other names) but except for when he used Jones Bradley and Edu as the central mids, essentially using just one forward you could draw pretty much any of 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 4-2-2-1-1 and there is little difference, calling the formations JK has used a 4-3-3 is probably not so accurate unless you see 2 of the 3 forwards being wing players who help out defensively and then it is more of a 4-5-1.

  10. Kevin Bacon Boyd

    F. Johnson Bradley Mix Bedoya

    Ream Brooks Cameron Parkhurst

    In case, Boyd sucks could be sub with Altidore, but we need to see at least 45 minutes of Boyd.

  11. For me I just cringe a bit every time I see EJ penciled in at LM. Eddie can do some nice things but none of the things he does makes for a good wing player. He can’t cross, doesn’t have great touch to link up with other players, and doesn’t have great vision in seeing other people’s runs. IMO he should never be anything but an emergency LM and against good opponents (better than Concacaf) he shouldn’t be an option at all.

    EJ has a good finishing touch, great speed, and is decent in the air. I want this in a forward not a Left Midfielder.

    • agreed. EJ is much better as a forward than a LM. As far as the “fans” lineup goes, I would much rather see EJ up top than Boyd.

      • Agreed. Boyd has done well this season, but he also started well last season and was pretty poor for the national team. I’d happily see him get time in the second half, but as a starter? Nope.

  12. general roster thoughts: I prefer Guzan to Howard- sorry Timmy. I just don’t trust Jermaine Jones as much as other people do- I would prefer Cameron in front of the center backs. I don’t yet trust Castillo at left back but i think he could win me over. The backline is going to be an experiment requiring lots of communication. There just isn’t enough room for all of the barbershop quartet (Bedoya, Corona, Mix, Klejstan) to see the field together. Bedoya and Klejstan provide more of a wing presence, Mix and Corona are more central players in my mind. Klejstan has to stop turning the ball over. Both Corona and Mix are more creative than Bradley but probably have more turnovers. Bradley’s game is too safe/stale/predictable at times. Anything Parkhurst can do, I think Evans can do. I think EJ is at the peak of his game but is really only holding a spot until someone else steps up- he does provide some stepoverability which really does create positive play. I’m excited to see AJ and TB get more playing time. I’d like to see more from DW.

    this is my combination of my wants with what I expect Klinsi to do. I don’t think he called the Seattle duo to sit, but for some reason i don’t say the same about the Liga MXers.


    Justification: OK so Howard starts and Guzan gets second half but whatever. Evans and Cameron are good total soccer players who can communicate and figure it out. they are good at keeping the ball. Pair JAB and FJ so they can speak German if needed. also prefer FJ to castillo. Jones is there b/c Klinsi will have him there, same with Bradley who I would start anyway. I think Bedoya earns the nod for his Gold Cup and b/c he provides more width. Left mid is a hole with plenty of options: Mix, Corona, Klejstan, EJ, Castillo. I’d give the start to Klejstan so he can get a run out and not be the whiny brat he has been in the past. Corona and Mix are somewhat proven quantities and they can come in as subs anywhere in midfield. Up top I think we’ll see Altidore and EJ to start with TB coming on around the 60th minute. EJ is intentionally placed a bit wide left as I think its his most effective position and the team can fall back into a 4-5-1 defensively if needed. If AJ gets his paperwork done, he’ll see the field.

  13. I wonder if Klinnsman gives Brooks the start if he will then definitely use Fabian as the left back to help with communication. I know he will pick up communication in time and guys are used to it, but with a short camp it will definitely help to have Fabian to his left to talk with him. Just a thought, I hope we see Brooks get a run. Not an easy first match though!

  14. I hate that with this roster that Fabian is basically forced to play LB (unless you want to see some trainwreck combo of Evans, Ream, Castillo or Parkhurst over there) when I feel that his best position (and the one he will start at in Brazil) is LW

    • if he starts at LW in Brazil that means that Donovan or Zusi sit… FJ’s best position may be LW but he is most valauble for the U.S. LB-none of the other options come close… Beasley is serviceable at best, he’s had his own shaky and unproductive moments…the rest of the options like Castillo are scary

      • Ok I’m good with Zusi sitting in your scenerio. Donovan can play RW and tuck in next to Jozy when Dolo/Insert RB press on. Zusi can be used as a formation changing sub if you want to move to a true 4-4-2 (Donovan up to 2nd ST, 1 of the CDM off, Zusi to RW) anytime in the last half hour of a match. Fabian’s talent on the left wing outweighs using him as a defender in my opinion.

      • For how much offense he brings at LW I would rather he plays there. In a big tournament, especially the World Cup, you want the best 11 players on the field. Zusi is an admirable dude, but a duo of F. Johnson and Donovan bring a lot more to the final third.

  15. Here’s what I’d like to see and is somewhat realistic:

    F Johnson==Brooks===Cameron===Parkhurst

    I have a feeling Evans will start over Parkhurst, and I wouldn’t be shocked if a Fabian Johnson/Edgar Castillo combo starts on the left as well. Centerback is fairly thin, and even though Ream is older and has some more international experience, Brooks has been in better form.

  16. How about this for Brazil…

    A 4-3-3 with jones as the “destroyer” and Bradley and Cameron to distribute. Have Dempsey and Donovan as the CF’s/withdrawn striker. And altidore up top. Best players are on the field. But does it clog the middle? Kind of a FIFA formation but can it work? Dolo and Fabian to overlap to provide width?

    • While I don’t think we will ever see that formation, It is a very intriguing one. The problem with Jones playing the destroyer is that he is too frequently inclined to push forward. I believe that if we do see a formation like this you would flip Cameron and Jones, as Cameron has solid distribution as he showed against Panama and I trust he to only venture forward when safe. I do like the idea of Bradley higher up the field to jump into the attack more frequently. Good lineup!

      • I, as a few others, have also speculated about a 4-3-3..
        But you have to look at the clubs and countries that play it effectively and how they utilize their personnel..

        Your deep lying CM must BOSS the midfield play, your outside mids must be two way players, your outside backs must provide width and the ability to defend & be able to be involved in the attack with 1-2 quick passing.
        And your 2 CBs must be complete and trustworthy

        While both Jones & Bradley play in similar systems, we’ve seen Cameron for a total of 1 1/2 games in midfield… against CONCACAF opponents, and at Stoke he doesn’t play in a system like that at all- it was exciting, but it’s an incomplete grade as of now

        Yes Fabian Johnson gives you the perfect option for LB in that formation, we don’t have a RB that comes close….yet

        If Stu were healthy it started seeming like a realistic possibility, but I just can’t see all the elements coming together to make it happen

      • Thanks Bac. I have no idea who runs it, it kind of jus came to mind because of Donovan and Dempsey playing the same position. But if you do find out who runs it, it would be greatly appreciated. I probably did get carried away with my Bradley Cameron combo with such limited showing. What about a Mix/Corona with Bradley combo? And if Chandler would commit and reach his potential I would love him at RB. But that seems unlikely now.

      • Tony- This is just my opinion, but it’s gotta be in the back of JKs head. The reasons for, are to get Deuce and Donovan in positions to score with the flexibility to move them around. It’s exciting to think of a frontline with Jozy Deuce and Donovan in form….
        And despite what people comment about MB getting forward, he’s said he thinks he’s at his best attacking late..and controlling the flow from the deeper midfield is what he’s best at. (When you think of a #6, sometimes it’s a defensive midfielder, sometimes it’s a holding midfielder…is Pirlo known for his defensive prowess??)
        So the 4-3-3 can actually fit well for both Bradley and Jones..because Jones’ lack of discipline no longer matters like it does when paired up in the middle. He can man the outside mid spot great in this formation, it probably fits his game better..

        I actually see Cameron as a strong CB option because he can do more than just defend,so imho he works here as well.

        Here are the obstacles as I see it..
        1. We don’t have a RB who can support the run of play needed, as of now… ( I’ve seen the idea floated of playing Fabian at RB, which seems very intriguing)
        2. with Stu out, I don’t know if Zusi or Bedoya fits that right mid spot in 4-3-3..I just don’t know…. Jones has proven he can play in it, I just don’t know enough to make an informed opinion on anyone else
        3. Cameron has to prove his consistency at CB. The Besler/Gonzo/Goodson combo have shown they can defend, but in a 4-3-3, they gotta be better at support and distribution
        4. The last issue I see is one of depth and consistency. If the only way to play this formation is with 11 guys, JK May not mess with it if he doesn’t think he can fill in the blanks when needed- injuries, subs, cards etc

        It is an exciting thought… and a lot can happen over the next 10 months

      • Accidentally responded twice… NO idea why waiting moderation…
        I don’t think I p@$$ed or @$$sisted or @$$umed

      • Still awaiting moderation.. and still can’t figure out which faux pas word insulted the internet police…
        Come on Ives…

    • i think JK is unwise not to at least have this in his back pocket
      puts both LD and dempsey as close to goal as possible

      you would have to convince jones to play that 6, no small task. offensively i think this would need to morph into more of a 3-5-2 to allow OBs to get forward

      cameron is currently a RB, before that a CB. not much justification putting him that far up the field


      • Kljestan has had plenty of chances. Mix, who has only had a few, has excelled almost every game. Mix > Kljestan every time.

      • If you had a chance to watch the FC Porto team that won the Europa league under AVB. You can notice a lot of similarities with the above formation. Full backs pushing really high up the field, which in turn the #6 slides down for cover on the back line. Wings sliding in to become more attacking mids. and two #8 providing position in the middle with a delayed run into the box.

        AVB played a very vertical and direct style out of this formation. Play quickly to cause wave after wave of attack and seemingly wear an opponent out. Our players are not of the same caliber as Falcao, Hulk, Pereira and moutinho but we could still emulate the style and play a very attractive brand. Whats more American than just beating the opposition into oblivion and going straight down their throat.

    • you absolutely HAVE to switch Cameron to the #6. Cameron is not a #8. we know JK considers Jones a #8. that’s how Bradley and Jones play together, as alternating #8s. with your lineup, Bradley/Jones would be the #8s and Cameron the #6. and that wouldn’t be awful.

    • I hate this lineup because I hate 4-3-3 and because Cameron should not be anyone’s first choice as “distributor.”

  17. I don’t really care what the lineup is. I feel as long as Bradley and Jones are in the midfield we will be fine. The rest of the lineup is about experimenting different combinations.

    I have a general question though. Considering the USA, CR, HON, and PAN all have prominent players playing in MLS and MEX as none how much does it raise MLS’s profile if MEX misses the World Cup and the others make it?

    • Doubtful that would happen, but if it did, I don’t think it would have much impact at all. There would be so much blame thrown at Chepo I don’t see the conversation turning to MLS vs Mexico

    • I doubt he called EJ all the way from Seattle to sub, so agree on 10 / 11
      My guess is he starts instead of Mix
      Mix will get a look paired with MB at some point, and Boyd as well up top..
      Maybe Sasha also gets a run out, the rest of the subs are window dressing

      • It’s the same argument for Corona, flying all the way from Tijuana or San Diego to Sarajevo and not playing. This is a friendly that will probably have six subs total. I’ll assume 17 players will get some minutes. I’m guessing 5 players won’t see the field. I’m thinking Cropper, Guzan, Wood, Williams and Johansson (papers not completed).

    • Bedoya actually plays ACM for his club. Maybe he is given a chance to play the SS spot. Mix will be MB’s partner in the second half. EJ will play LW/LM. RW/RM will probably be Corona and later Woods. If Aron Johannsson gets his paperwork approved, he will replace Bedoya as the SS.

  18. The projected lineup makes a lot of sense if you pencil in Dempsey and Donovan as taking over for Bedoya and Corona once the whole team is together.

    • my thoughts exactly… Though I would rather see this in Brazil:

      ————–Jozy Altididore———Eddie Johnson————-

      Landon Donovan————————————Clint Dempsey

      ————-Jermaine Jones———Michael Bradley————-

      Fabian Johnson————————————Timmy Chandler

      ———Geoff Cameron—————John Anthony Brooks——–

      —————————–Tim Howard——————————-

      that is if Timmy ever gets with the program…

      • As much as I love Cameron, Besler has been the Nats most consistent CB recently. If Besler starts on the bench, he is only coming on as a substitute CB. If Cameron starts on the bench, he can be brought on anywhere. Cameron might end up as the third best CB and third best DM.

        And I’m just not sure EJ is the guy (although I like his versatility). I would love to see Boyd hit a hot streak this year and ride it into the WC. Or maybe AJ (haven’t seen him much). When Clint/Landon isn’t used as a 2nd forward, we’ve always struggled to find that other guy to put up top (haven’t heard much from Buddle or Findley lately).

        Also hard to see Dolo not getting the nod at RB if he’s healthy and playing for club, regardless of whether Timmy gets it together.

        But pretty much the lineup I hop we see… probably the same lineup Bob Bradley would pick 🙂

      • So we already have decided that JAB is better than any other US defender, despite never playing a single USMNT game, based on one season in the 2.Bundesliga? Wow.

      • His lineup is for brazil, JAB has loads of potential and will be in the Bundesliga this year facing top competition. If he does well than yes I could consider him our #1.

      • Did not mean to imply that. I assume CB will be Besler plus one of Cameron, Omar, JAB based on games to come. What I meant is that this lineup has two properties that make it something you could see JK building around from now to Brazil. One, it is stable – there is obvious depth for not just each position, but for the role that position will fill. If you swap any one or two players for that depth, you would expect the team to play the same style. Two, that style is what JK seems to want out of his team. Can’t say the same thing about a lot of the other formations and lineups that have been bandied about – e.g., move Dempsey or Donovan into the middle or up top.

  19. I doubt JK brings the Liga MX and Sounders players all that way to sit:

    ———-—–Jozy Altididore——Eddie Johnson-——————

    Fabian Johnson———————————–Alejandro Bedoya

    ————-Jermaine Jones———Michael Bradley————–

    Edgar Castillo———————————-———–Brad Evans

    ———John Anthony Brooks——–Geoff Cameron————–

    —————————–Tim Howard——————————-

    • Edgar Castillo is never starting this game. He is a terrible at defender. He’s bringing Castillo in because…really who else.

    • Castillo cannot play left back. Notice JK now tends to play him at left-mid, but after the beginning of the Gold Cup, Castillo sat on the bench, which is where I think you’ll see him at the start of Wednesday’s game. Given the injury to Orozco, JK is certain to firm up the back line as best he can, and that means Fabian Johnson at left back.

    • Unless something weird happens, Besler is our best CB right now, you can’t leave him off. But maybe you know something we don’t know.

  20. Looks like JAB is definitely starting now that Orozco Fiscal is withdrawing. I really wanna see Terrence Boyd get some legit time instead of a 15 minute appearance. He is on pace to have a big club year so far, lets see what he can do with the US with some time against tough competition.

  21. —————————-Jozy Altidore———————-

    Joe Corona——————Mix Diskerud——————–Bedoya

    ————-Jermaine Jones———Michael Bradley————-

    Fabian Johnson——————————————Parkhurst

    ———Geoff Cameron————–Brooks——-

    —————————–Tim Howard——————————-

    – Wood for Corona in the 60th
    – EJ for Bedoya in the 70th

    • I agree with everything save Parkhurst starting at RB. With the limited options available would still start Evans over Parkhurst. He held his own against Germany’s B/C Team and against CONCACAF opponents during the 3 game matches of Qualifiers.
      However, with JK you never know….so trying to think like he does, I’d replace either Bedoya or Corona with EJ deployed on the Left hand side.
      Subs: Corona/Bedoya at half. Boyd at the 60th minute for Jozy. Wood @ 70th for EJ/Corona/Bedoya…whoever needs it. Kjlestan & Williams @ 80th for Jones & Bradley.
      Wouldn’t be surprised to see Williams potentially deployed as a wing back on the right or left.
      Just don’t see any of the others breaking into the game…save Johannsson who can’t play in the match.

  22. from what I’ve read from Stoke blogs is Geoff Cameron has been quality at RB. if he plays a full year in the Premiership at right back, he’s our right back at the World Cup.


    • Disagree. Cameron is a Stoke RB which means he only needs to defend. In Klinsi’s system, sidebacks are required to not only defend, but attack too. He values sidebacks who can put in crosses and open up space for the wingers who tend to cut inside.

  23. Right Back is turning into a serious concern. Evans definitely isnt the answer nor is Parkhurst. The US should pray cherundolo gets healthy and fit in time for the World Cup. We should seriously consider bringing in Yedlin, Or Play Geoff Cameron there at least he plays there with his club, or we should try fabian johnson there.

    • parkhurst was really solid in the gold cup. did not put a step wrong and interchanged nicely with the midfield. not that dynamic going forward but a very functional team player – and thought he performed better than evans and cameron who sometimes looked out of position at rb. i think he should be given a chance to solidify the spot.

      • parkhurst….he was awful offensively…slowing down the attack with a leadfooted first touch and not getting in (any?) decent crosses…he did have one good pass from the back in one game…..i think some people view backs only as defenders and are happy when they offer absolutely nothing offensively. Im not one of them. its just not good enough. these are the same people that hate castillo. for this us team, with uncreative though industrious midfielders…(bradley, jones)…..uncreative wingbacks are simply not acceptable and will severely limit the ceiling of the team….the team needs players who can cross and get up and down the flanks….this should be the criteria for player selection at these positions…along with obviously the ability to prevent goals and defend….therefore, the beltrans etc shouldnt be considered ….i like fabian johnson, chandler, cherundolo, yedlin, farrell, castillo, wynne type players….though most on this list lack certain prerequisites they are all somewhat dangerous going forward….and wont bog down the offense…which should be cardinal sin #1 in my book

      • You didn’t actually mean Marvell Waynn did you? He was horrid. Speed to burn but couldn’t defend, had no touch, and couldn’t cross.
        FJ, Dolo, are solid.
        Lichaj, Chandler, Yedlin, Farrell have great ability but need to perform (Chandler & Lichaj is closest).
        Castillo can attack, but not defend. Would be better deployed further up the field (LM or LF).
        Evans, Parkhurst & Spector are place fillers. Good for coverage….but don’t want to see them as starters come WC.

    • Right back is a problem? Here’s a list of our depth in that position currently (in no particular order):
      -Fabian Johnson

      I honestly think that’s the best depth we have ever had at that position. It’s not at all crisis time, let’s not go screaming for our ‘Seattle Savior” just yet…

      • Here’s the problem Dolo is hurt. Chandler prob will never play for the US again. Evans is not a RB and he got beat by Concaaf competition. Spector is always hurt. Klinsi doesn’t seem to like Lichaji for whatever reason. So yes there there is a problem at RB. And whats the harm in seeing what Yedlin can do?

      • Yedlin right now he is all pace and no defense or crossing ability and his decisions are poor. He gets out of position a lot and uses his speed to compensate, he is not ready for the full side. This is based on watching him in the U20 WC. No need to rush the kid, let him develop. I think Chandler will get it together this year and Dolo will come back. Worst case is Cameron at RB once we have all of our CB options available.

    • Fan’s line up loses 5-1 with three pure forwards hanging out at midfield, Mixx and Corona waving their arms for service out of the back and Bradley trying to relieve pressure off a centerback pairing that has never played together being overrun by top class forwards… other than that, it looks good…

      although I’d prefer a Jones-less line up myself that can only happen with 1st choice CBs starting-maybe Brooke gets there between today and 2014, but it is literally the first time he’s ever met his teammates on the backline

  24. ————Jozy———–

    Castillo—–Eddie—-Timothy Chandler



  25. We are playing against a team who is ranked 13th by FIFA. Of course the USMNT starts both Bradley and Jermaine Jones. It would make no sense to do otherwise provided both of them are healthy.

    The projected lineup at the beginning was given as the following:
    ————–Jozy Altididore———Eddie Johnson————-

    Joe Corona————————————–Alejandro Bedoya

    ————-Jermaine Jones———Michael Bradley————-

    Fabian Johnson——————————————Brad Evans

    ———Geoff Cameron————–Michael Orozco Fiscal——-

    —————————–Tim Howard——————————-

    Fabian Johnson will be moving forward from his LB position. This means that whoever plays on the L wing side, is likely to be moving forward and centrally. More likely, the person will play more like a Clint Dempsey. So in the formation shown, Corona is playing like a Clint Dempsey and Bedoya is going to be left on the right side as a winger. I think that is one very reasonable formation. If it is the formation that is used, Michael Bradley is going to need to be much more offensively minded than he has been over the past year if we expect to keep up our offensive pressure.

    However, I suggest the following.

    —————————-Jozy Altidore———————-

    Joe Corona——————Mix Diskerud——————–Eddie Johnson

    ————-Jermaine Jones———Michael Bradley————-

    Fabian Johnson——————————————Brad Evans

    ———Geoff Cameron————–Michael Orozco Fiscal——-

    —————————–Tim Howard——————————-

    In this formation, Mix Diskerud will be relied upon to provide most of the forward service into the forwards rather than Bedoya from the right side providing service. Corona will play more forward in the Clint Dempsey role. Fabian Johnson will come forward from the LB position.

    • This but with Bedoya replacing EJ. He just seems better on the wing, where EJ is better up top. Will be very interesting to see what JK comes up with – seems like he always has at least one or two surprises in his lineups.

    • I agree with this. Against top sides, JK has leaned towards three man midfields to control the center of the pitch. In the second formation above, Corona pinches in and Johnson gets forward, creating a 4 33/ 442 hybrid with a diamond midfield. Corona pinching in encourages Johnson to get forward on the wing. Then Mix, Bradley, and Jones are tasked with dominating the midfield and defensively shifting attacks wide away from the goal. Mix, Jones, and Bradley all three can play two way, but against a top side I imagine Mix is more forward. Jones plays are more true 8 and Bradley a more true 6.

      Its a good lineup. We can substitue Donovan for Eddie and Clint for Corona in future matches and play the same.

      The only change I could see to this is Bedoya over Eddie, who does more defensively and is more a workhorse. Then bring in Eddie later in the game when it opens up, similar to how Shea was used in the Gold Cup.

      Another possible deviation, is D. Williams getting a start to add more defensive bite in the midfield. I doubt that though.

  26. Correction*** I believe Tim Ream played about 10 minutes in our game against Equador. I think that was in the JK era. I remember him coming in and f***ing up pretty bad. He got beat and they scored after our defense had held out for about 85 minutes. Am I wrong about this?

  27. ————-jozy—–



  28. I like the starting 11 up top better because it is stronger down the middle and in the back. Corona and Bedoya have very good chances of cracking into the World Cup team if they can continue their good play that they exhibited in the Gold Cup. The weakness on the US national team remains at outside back. Both Johnson and Evans are not natural outside backs and I think eventually, when we play the higher caliber teams of Europe and South America, we are going to get exposed. It will be interesting to see if the new players like Brooks, Johansson and Wood get a little run in and can make an impact on the game.

    • Fabian Johnson had tremendous service off the left side during WC qualifying. I would honestly think he provides our best option for attack on the left.

      • Everyone agrees he is our best LB and one of the best LW too add the ability to switch to the right too and he might be the most versital and one of the better players we have… The problem with that is he ends up where we need him not where he is best.

      • Agree that Johnson is the #1 option at left back and can play the position well. But he is a natural left midfielder. Most of his success in WC qualifying came when he was playing left mid, not left back.

  29. I’d like to see the below…

    ————–Jozy Altididore———Terrence Boyd—————-

    Eddie Johnson——————————————–Joe Corona

    ————-Jermaine Jones——Michael Bradley————–

    Fabian Johnson————————————–Orozco-Fiscal

    ———John Anthony Brooks——–Geoff Cameron————–

    —————————–Tim Howard——————————-

    • Terrence Boyd is the Brek Shea of this roster. He will come in with 20 minutes to play and be expected to be the young guy who attempts to run the defense ragged and create scoring chances for the USMNT. We shouldn’t waste Boyd, Eddie Johnson, and Altidore all in the first half. If we need a last minute goal. all these guy would be tiring without a fresh attacking forward to bring in. Leave Terrence Boyd for the second half substitution.

      Remember, barring injury to Altidore, Terrence Boyd’s best chance for making the WC 2014 team is to be a better alternative than Brek Shea.

      • I disagree that Boyd should come on with 20 minutes to play. I’d like to see him be given more of an opportunity to state a claim since he wasn’t on the roster for the Gold Cup. I feel like he’s never made much more than a cameo appearance, so for the sake of seeing where he stands, I think it’s important to give him a longer run out before the WC.

        I do agree that having EJ, Altidore and Boyd up top might be a little too offensive given our inexperienced back line though.

  30. Given that they list F. Johnson as a midfielder, I think it’s more likely that we’d see him on the left wing, with Corona in the Dempsey role under Jozy, Bedoya on the right, and Edgar as LB. In other words:







    • ^ This. I wonder if Ives has any info that leads him to believe the US will deploy two strikers and two CDM midfielders. Gold Cup showcased two strikers at times, but only when we went with one CDM to shield the back four. If we use to CDM, then I see us with a lone striker up top.

    • After Corona’s showing in the Gold Cup, I think he is the best replacement for Dempsey in this game. Corona showed he can shoot from 18 yards. Now he needs to show that he can clean up loose balls in front of the net and score. This is the game Corona needs to show what a full repertoire of scoring abilities.

      Castillo was a defensive liability in the Gold Cup. It would be foolish to start him as LB. Jermaine Jones would be spending his whole game just trying to help Castillo.

    • Corona was a disaster when deployed centrally. Admittedly that was his first start, but he played (well) the rest of the time when out wide. I’m not a fan of the 4-2-3-1 with this roster but if its used, I think it has to be Mix in that spot. Personally Id rather have two strikers.

  31. I agree on projected line-up-the most logical combination of current roster and recent form…

    A tie or win, or even a close loss would be a moral victory given that this team is missing two key starting attacking options (Donovan and Dempsey, maybe even Zusi) and three starting defenders, at least in terms of coach’s perspective (Beasley, Besler, OG/Goodson)

    my “fan’s choice” line up would be


    • You can’t have Jozy Altidore as the only legitimate scoring threat in your lineup. Bedoya and Corona have not shown enough ability to score. Eddie Johnson or Boyd need to help Jozy.

      • I agree, but with the defenders being brought in for this game I don’t think scoring if the first priority… remember, Klinsmann was more than content to play three defensive mids at once to shore up a shaky backline not that long ago… someone needs to protect the backline (Jones) while still creating scoring chances (Mixx) and to do both (Bradley) so unless you’re playing with one wing (not unheard of for Klinsi-see D.Williams at RM) you can only afford one forward….

      • Did you watch the gold cup? Corona scored some beautiful goals just last month, and Bedoya has shown the ability to play the final ball and put crosses in. They’ll be fine.

      • Watching paint dry sounds about right — or he could be just getting used to watching national teams compete in the WC without him. But hey. Maybe he has a great grandfather who was born in Iceland. They’re understandably miffed about losing Johannson – maybe they’d take him. Or not.

    • This is very reasonable. However, Eddie Johnson had better plan on working hard defensively in he offensive corners. Otherwise, it’s going to be too easy for Bosnia to attack on the right side of the USMNT.

  32. Maybe I am in the minority but I don’t want Altidore and Boyd playing together, I find them to be a bit redundant. Would like to see Boyd get a run in this game but not partnered with Altidore, maybe with AJ instead of available or just use one pure striker?

    • Assuming you are running a 442, I think the best pairs would be EJ-Boyd or Jozy-AJO

      That said AJo probably isnt playing and Jozy will probably start by himself up top. Boyd off the bench and EJ on the wing

  33. ————–Jozy Altididore———Terrence Boyd—————-

    Eddie Johnson——————————————–Joe Corona

    ————-Mix Diskerud————Michael Bradley————–

    Fabian Johnson————————————–Michael Parkhurst

    ———John Anthony Brooks——–Geoff Cameron————–

    —————————–Tim Howard——————————-

    • Neither of your forwards are going to chase the ball or make unselfish runs. We’d have to bomb the outside runners forward and leave ourselves open to counters. Bad setup.


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