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MLS Ticker: Rogers suffers hamstring injury, TFC’s Laba sidelined four to six weeks; and more

RobbieRogersLAGalaxy5 (Reuters)


Even though the Los Angeles Galaxy thoroughly beat Cartagines, 2-0, in the CONCACAF Champions League on Tuesday night, the MLS club learned that they could be without one of their regulars for an extended period.

In the 44th minute, midfielder Robbie Rogers was forced off with what’s been diagnosed as a left hamstring injury, setting him for another spell on the sidelines. The injury is unfortunate for Rogers, who had just made his return to first team action after two weeks outside of the Galaxy game day squads.

The MLS veteran is set to have an MRI exam this week, but he’s hoping that the injury isn’t as bad as it was originally feared.

“It’s really frustrating. I always think that things happen for a reason so sometimes you think, ‘what is the lesson in this.’ But, I don’t know,” Rogers told LA Galaxy Insider. “I’m just going to keep my head up and hopefully the MRI isn’t too bad so I can continue to train and do fitness. I don’t think that I’ll be out too long, maybe just a couple of weeks.”

Here are some more stories to catch you up around the league:


Toronto FC’s frustrating season just got worse.

The Canadian club announced on Wednesday that midfielder Matias Laba has fractured his big toe in his right foot, keeping him off the field for four to six weeks. Laba hasn’t missed a game this season since his debut on May 5, starting 16 games through the summer.

Laba was signed in late April from Argentinos Juniors as a young designated player, instantly adding some grit and technique into a midfield that was sorely lacking in a number of areas. The 22-year-old had carved out a space for himself in the lineup and had begun to show real improvements in recent weeks.

Laba suffered the injury in their 2-0 defeat to the Columbus Crew last Saturday and he was substituted out of the match in the 79th minute. Laba posted a picture of his foot in a boot along with the message “Broke my big toe, out for one month” on his Twitter account.


The Philadelphia Union are aiming to start a new trend in Major League Soccer.

In two weeks time, the club will officially open their own high school, named YSC Academy, for 8th through 12th graders who are part of the Union’s academy. There are 32 boys that are enrolled and set to begin at the school, all of whom are on the Union’s U14/U16/U18 squads, or Union juniors program.

The club considered opening a residency-style program that’s seen in European clubs such as Barcelona and Everton, but instead opted for a regular high school program, where kids can live at home. The Union hope that someday this high school can help bring along academy talents to a point where the Union starting XI is homegrown.

“I’m not saying our model is better, but I do think it gives us the ability to really focus on driving through the culture of what it means to play for the Philadelphia Union,” Richie Graham, a partial owner of the Union, told “A dream come true for me would be that someday these boys are representing the Philadelphia Union at PPL Park, they score a goal, that they run in the corner and they’re the kid that’s kissing the badge.

“This is not an inexpensive venture,” Sakiewicz said. “This is multiple millions of dollars over a long period of time. But our dream is to put as many starting-11 players as we can from our local area. And this is how we can do that.”


What do you think of these reports? How big of a loss is Rogers for the Galaxy? Who do you see replacing Laba in the TFC lineup? What do you think of the Union’s school venture?


    • Okay, I’ll ask you: How does that require the Galaxy to make a ridiculously one-sided trade that leaves them a significantly weaker, more limited team on the pitch?

      Seriously, I have never heard of a team being expected to hobble itself out of the goodness of its heart before.

      I’ll tell you what, I’ll consider “moving on” when I get a good answer to that question. I’ve been asking it since the trade took place and apologists for the trade haven’t bothered to try and answer it that I’ve seen.

      • Rogers and Magee play different positions. Clearly the Galaxy are looking to give more and more time to younger forwards like Zadres Villareal. Once Donovan fully returned as he has now Magee was going to pushed back out to a wider roll. At there best Rogers is a better wide player then Magee. It hasn’t gone to plan so far but it’s not like Rogers has never proven himself at the MLS level.

      • Sure it was a gamble but everyone is being a little over top with the worst trade in history ect. Galaxy clearly have players who can score that’s no problem. I think there have been some questions about the midfield and getting the ball to those attackers. I think the Galaxy see Rogers as potentially more useful on that front. Sure it hasn’t worked out yet and it might not, but still I see why they made the move.

      • I’m sure MLS was involved in getting this trade done. To some extent it is/was a publicity stunt (even though I can’t imagine that RR’s sexual orientation is being used for marketing purposes) as well as accomodating RR’s wishes to be close to family and play pro soccer once again.

      • ‘I can’t imagine that RR’s sexual orientation is being used for marketing purposes’

        either that’s sarcasm, or you’re pretty naive.

      • They made the trade because the powers that be at the Galaxy thought Rogers would contribute far more then he has. I know they didn’t want to give up Magee but Chicago owned Rogers rights and they knew Magee wanted Chicago. Those two things combined put the Galaxy in a very poor negotiating position.

        I know Mike was a fan favorite and I was a big fan of his, he certainly was the X factor and we will miss him and especially his playoff goals. I have a lot of faith in the Galaxy organization, they get some decisions wrong, Rogers and Cudicini both this season but overall they will do better than most teams in the league.

        I know your grieving over Magee but come on, get behind the current team and the organization they are the best in the league.

    • I’m sure he noticed how much time younger players like Villareal, Zardes and Mcbean were starting to get. Once Donovan fully returned to the team I’m sure he knew he would be pushed back out wide again as well. Now he gets a chance to continue playing forward where he is best, score goals and be the star in his home city.

  1. Yes, but remember: Getting Rogers was a good deal for the Galaxy because Magee is injury prone. So, good thing Rogers doesn’t have that issue.

  2. All the reports I read said Magee wanted to go to Chicago for family reasons. I’ve read the Galaxy wanted Rogers but wanted to give up another player. Personally I think Rogers offers speed on the left wing but not much else. It would have been nice if the Galaxy has brought in a quick technically gifted left mid-fielder to challenge Rogers.

    I like the high school program set up by the Union. It sounds like a good idea.

      • You’re assuming DCU Fan inSocal is straight.

        Gay people say this all the time. If DCU is, than, in our increasingly fragmented society, he can and you (?) can’t.

        Lenny Bruce is turning over in his grave.

      • Well said. He was not afraid. But, is LA then where neon goes to die?

        And, DC does in fact blow this season. I support Benny, and I feel like he will turn things around. Let’s hope for some $$$ in October after we raise another US Open Cup trophy!

        I am not afraid.

      • This political correctness about gays is the stupidest thing ever. You can’t joke about anything gay because you’re labeled homophobic. Get over yourselves. Everyone is allowed to have their opinion. Just because someone doesn’t agree with homosexuality doesn’t make them homophobic! Jokes are jokes. Lighten up!
        The truth is RR is horrible and that was the worst trade in the history of MLS.
        Now what about the persecution of immigrants and Muslims and Christians? Who is fighting their plight?
        Live and understand that everyone is entitled to disagree with homosexuality and it’s completely ok. Arguing about a guys sexual orientation in a soccersite is as reasonable as a mayo and peanut butter sandwich!

      • “Disagreeing” with homosexuality is exactly what homophobia is.

        And saying you disagree with homosexuality is like saying you disagree with someone being black or short or hairy.

        It’s not okay.

      • That is lame! The comparisons are not equal. I disagree with homosexuality, yet have many friends and a nephew that are homosexual. The homosexuality movement is so closed minded in their quest for acceptance! Society constantly ridicules chirstians, so that should be christianityphobia?
        I mean seriously, open your mind and respect the same way you seek to be respected.

      • Respect that people think and live differently and there is nothing wrong with that. I bet you’d also be offended if heterosexual people wanted a heterosexual pride parade. I mean it’s the same, so why must you try to shove your homosexual point of view down my throat?
        Live your way, I’ll live mine and respect each other.

      • No disagreeing with homosexuality is not homophobia. I have many gay friends, but the thing that upsets me the most is gay people sometimes feel entitled and the need for retribution against a society that has wronged them. This is not a good thing. Homophobia would be the fear of gay people. Read a dictionary SanFran.

      • It’s ridiculous to even be discussing this. Why should an athletes sexual orientation matter when discussing his worth on the field of play? Why should Obama’s color matter when selecting a president? Equality means that people should be judged in their professions based on their ability and not anything else.
        Reversing your arguments then would imply that you are heterophobic and a bigot. The point of equality is to live and let live. We are individuals and have the right to see the world differently. But the gays communities plight to shove their ideology down people’s throat is starting to turn into the exact opposite they are asking for.
        It’s like muslim extremists except with homosexuality.
        Just live man.

      • Well you’re completely wrong but thanks for spouting platitudes.

        A phobia, by definition, is an irrational fear of something. A person can have extensive exposure to something and disagree with it. It is soft head to call that person phobic.

        Rather than being open minded and accept that someone can come to a different conclusion than you, you chose to name call in an attempt to silence the opposition. And as we know what silence equates to.

        And 1960’s civil right leaders have gone to great pains to explain why race and sex are not similar. It would only be fair of you to acknowledge this.

      • Homophobia is the generally accepted term for anti-homosexual bigotry. Sorry that it upsets you, would you prefer we call you a bigot? How do I know? Because you are using the exact same language racists use to justify their ‘beliefs’. Let’s see: ‘I have many friends…’ Check. Sure you do. ‘Reasonable people can reach different conclusions’ check. ‘Forcing their ideology on me’ check. Citing anonymous members of another historically oppressed group as agreeing with you. Check. Just wanting to be ‘left alone’ check. You pretty much hit the exacta there.

        By the way, do your ‘friends’ know you disagree with their ‘lifestyle’? I think it would be hard to be ‘friends’ with someone who lived a life I disagreed with so much I spent time posting comments on completely unrelated threads. I’d want to save my friends and family from being so self destructive. Why don’t you? I’d at least want to share with them what I thought, it’s what friends do, no?

      • I disagree in the fact that I don’t think it’s a correct way to live your life. That’s my choice but at the same time I don’t judge other people and how they choose to live their lives. But I’m also not in homosexuals face shoving my idealogies. I also think that talk about sexuality in sports us meaningless. Lets talk about the sport period. If I was a team owner I could care less about a player’s orientation, color, or whatever as long as he played well and fit into our system.
        This trade was all for marketing and in the end it was the worst trade in the history of the league.

      • I believe the idea is when Rogers is in form he provides more width to the team. I think the Galaxy thought they have other young attacking talent that would have soon pushed Magee out anyway but no true wingers. Magee is the one who offered to leave in the first place anyway.

        Perhaps Rogers won’t work out but still the trade was for his potential on the field. Its not as if Rogers had never proved himself as he has 18 national team caps.

    • Yeah. Robbie adds little to no value to LA. Some say Magee was expendable because LA has young talent at the fwd position. But to me Magee still helps the team more than Robbie at a not so deep position. I know Robbie is still getting back but I still don’t think Robbie will ever contribute like Mike did. Robbie was an all star one time ; but that was merely a mirage. He’s always been limited in IQ and technical ability. I don’t consider him an all-pro MLS player like I did Mike.

    • Robbie has had some bad luck (or fitness or health, however you slice it) because his stint at Leeds was marred by a clash of heads in his first game and an ankle injury in his first start, then his stint at Stevenage he made 9 appearances hampered by injury. IMO like cautions in a car race sometimes injury breeds injury. There is a level of fitness I think you have to break through to avoid the pulls and such and if you keep getting hurt then shelved then you have to work back past the fitness threshold again, more injury risk.

      Plus Rogers is not really the same player as Magee. Magee has been a utility player, supersub, and forward, Rogers is a winger and not much else.

      That being said, Stevenage represented a backslide to a former MLS coach (Smith) in a lower league, and Rogers’ only real productive season was on the cup winning Crew team. He was even in Holland and yet managed to somehow not appear or score. And Magee has a lot of “gamer” intangibles.

      I would favor Magee as well but Rogers is an international this cycle who is decent at his position, and has been MLS XI. The trade has favored Chicago but I don’t think it’s so obviously a bad deal for LAG. Or at least on its face it wasn’t.


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