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Boyd out up to three weeks with dislocated shoulder



Terrence Boyd’s strong start in Rapid Vienna’s season has been brought to a halt.

Vienna announced on their website Saturday that Boyd is expected to miss about three weeks with a dislocated shoulder that the Austrian club claims Boyd sustained while with the U.S. Men’s National Team earlier this week. Boyd underwent an MRI upon returning to Vienna and it identified the severity of the injury.

If Boyd is sidelined for three weeks, he will likely be out of contention for the Americans’ pair of World Cup qualifiers vs. Costa Rica and Mexico in early September. The knock also comes at a time when English second division side AFC Bournemouth were reportedly lining up a bid for the 22-year-old striker.

Boyd, who did not feature in the U.S.’s 4-3 win over Bosnia & Herzegovina this past Wednesday, has enjoyed a strong beginning to his second season with Vienna by scoring three goals across all competitions.

What do you make of Boyd being sidelined for up to three weeks? Do you see Vienna struggling without him? Think it would have been a good move for Boyd to join Bournemouth had he not suffered the shoulder injury?

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  1. If Boyd is going to play in the Championship then I would rather him go to a team that has a good chance to be promoted to the EPL like Nottingham Forest the team that Eric Lichaj plays for. Get well soon T.Boyd!

  2. 2nd division? I’d rather him stay at Vienna. He’s at least Championship or Bundesliga II level if not higher

    • 2nd division would be 3rd tier in England. Bournemouth has never been higher than 3rd tier in England, I believe…..Your right, I see no reason for Boyd to digress in competition so drastically as that. Maybe more money is all I can think.

      • Bournemouth is currently in the Championship, which is England’s 2nd Division. League One is the 3rd tier.

  3. Boyd dressed for the Bosnia friendly. That means he was healthy, not injured. However, he didn’t play at all. Just exactly how and when did he dislocate his shoulder?

  4. So are we going to hear how this happened. Some people on the Soccer Saturday thread said Terrence looked fine after the game. Could this have happened after the game 🙂

    • Thats neat. I kind of wonder if I might have seen that (if so I have photos of it actually). I was in Sarajevo and the stadium was a 10 minute walk, so I walked up and watched 30 minutes or so of practice through the gate with some Bosnian folks, until security told us to leave. It was neat because we could hear everything JK was telling people during drills, and we actually had a good midfield view (both of those are reasons they probably don’t want you there :-)). Anyway, someone went down on his back during some sort of “I’ll toss a ball up and two people challenge for a header” drill. He was down for a couple minutes and yelling in a lot if pain. I thought it was Brooks though (we were close, but not THAT close) and he eventually was helper off the field. Didn’t really think much of it after he got up though.

      Anyway, definitely nothing close to certain there, but I’ll take a look at the photos soon as the lady with has the camera gets them back in town. Not that a 3 week injury layoff is even that interesting though, of course.

  5. Give boyd the rest, and let him come back in 2-3 weeks and prove himself, maybe move to a more stable championship side in the winter window. With this injury i would say our forwards called in for the next WCQ qualifiers will be donovan, altidore, johannsson and either EJ or wondo (im counting dempsey as a mid)

    • Wondo really? When is it going to be realized that he is not worth a roster spot when the full “A” Team is available. I’d take an Agudelo, Wood, Jack Mack, or some other potential striker or even a 50% Gomez & Boyd rather than Wondo.

      • Everyone has favorite players. However, if you look back at the Gold Cup, it seems that JK clearly evaluates Wondo below other striking options in the pool like EJ. Wondo clearly has trouble performing against higher level competition. While I’m not sure if Wondo is rated more highly than Jack Mac or Bobby Wood, it seems that absent another injury to the pool Wondo is unlikely to get a callup in September. With Jozy and Dempsey slated to start, you have backups in Johannsson and EJ. Strangely, a strong set of results for the US in September, could really hurt Wondo, because the chance for Boyd, AJ, Wood, Jack Mac to play significant minutes could push Wondo down the depth chart, because I don’t see JK bringing in the 30 year old Wondo for an experimental setup in the last two WCQ if we’re on at least 17 points after Columbus.

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