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Cameron speaks about first Premier League goal

GeoffCameronStokeCity2-Arsenal2013 (Getty)


It took more than a year, but Geoff Cameron finally score his first Premier League goal with Stoke City last Saturday.

Though the match ended in a 3-1 defeat to Arsenal, Cameron’s 26th minute strike tied the match for Stoke at the time, equalizing after Aaron Ramsey scored to put Arsenal ahead inside five minutes.

“First premier league goal is always special,” Cameron said in an interview with Stoke City TV. “I’m disappointing we lost, but scoring a goal against Arsenal is pretty cool.

“Hit it first time, but try to be calm, cool, and collected and just put it low in the corner,” Cameron said about what went through his mind in the run up to his shot.

Here’s the video of Cameron’s interview (after the jump):


  1. I’ve been impressed with Stoke so far this season. Mark Hughes has managed to get this team to attack and press with largely the same core as last year, yet remain defensive as his teams typically are. A far cry from the direct, over the top bullies of last couple seasons.

  2. I would love to see Fabian, Besler, Gonzo and Cameron start on the back line just for the novelty of seeing a back four that, you know, play the same position that they do on their clubs.

  3. If cameron continues playing at this level with stoke at rb, where he is showing attacking qualities getting forward then he needs to be our rb in Brazil, plain and simple! To continue mentioning players that ate not apart of the setup right now is fine but let’s focus on the guys being called up and who are producing at a high level for their club! Geoff has been Stoke’s best player arguably this year and maybe a top 5 rb in the premiere league! Makes no sense for him not to get more time at the position he actually plays but juergen could be letting him get settled a bit more at the position before we see him there permanently! I’m sorry but I just don’t think Evans is the answer there!

  4. his second goal is to be the starting RB or CM at WC 2014…

    still not sure why the common SBI poster refrain about the way Stoke plays as a team affects Cameron’s standing as a potential RB option for USMNT. He starts every single game in a top 3 league at RB… Evans plays mid in MLS (a 25-30 league?), Parkhurst does not play, period… who cares if it’s Cameron’s best position or not, the question is whether he’s the best available option for USMNT at that position..

    • I think there is some justifiable weariness about whether or not Omar/Goodson should be starting at the World Cup, and the way Stoke plays allows Geoff to perform well at CB for the US despite playing RB for his club. A backline of Johnson/Besler/Cameron/Dolo is probably the best attacking/defending combo we could possibly hope for (although this is all obviously contingent upon Dolo getting healthy and playing back to form).

      • I don’t have a problem with Cameron at CB or RB. I also don’t have a problem with him as a back up at CB or RB. I’m happy to have him in the squad and the fact that the squad has depth. I don’t think there’s really so much of a difference between Cameron, Gonzales, Goodson, Evans etc..that anyone needs to get their underthings in a bunch over it.

    • I would hazard a guess that most fans of the USMNT have concerns regarding the defense…and the outside backs in particular. The question is who of the players available 1) Are best at a given possition, 2) Work best with the other defenders & midfielders, 3) Are able to execute the coaches game plan:
      LB: F. Johnson, Beasley, Castillo, Lichaj, Chandler
      RB: Dolo, Evans, Cameron, Parkhurst, Chandler, Lichaj, Orozco
      CB: Besler, Gonzalez, Cameron, Goodson, Brooks, Orozco

      IMO Parkhurst should be dropped out of consideration until he gets playing time with his club. Beasley & Castillo are interchangeable…both have speed and technical ability, but I think are a liability defensively (esp against European/African teams). I hope Dolo can recover, but I think it’s a long shot at this point.
      I think F. Johnson, Chandler, Lichaj, and Evans ultimately win spots with the WC Squad (barring injury) as outside backs. Cameron and Beasley make it as a utility players….
      CB is a bit more difficult at this point, as the coaches still need to evaluate pairings. Right now I’d say Besler & Gonzalez/Goodson….simply because they’ve got the most time together.


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