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Cherundolo ready to return to training with Hannover

SteveCherundoloHannover (SIDImages)


Following another knee operation that forced him out of the early part of the Bundesliga season and U.S. Men’s National Team World Cup qualifiers, Steve Cherundolo is set rejoin first-team training with Hannover.

“Everything is going well,” Cherundolo told German publication Kicker. “I will be training again with the ball.”

The most recent knee surgery that the 34-year-old right back underwent occurred in mid-August, and was the third such surgery to his left knee in the calendar year. It’s left the Hannover captain sidelined, his last match for the club coming on May 18 in a 3-0 victory against Fortuna Dusseldorf.

The injuries have kept Cherundolo away from the USMNT since last October, missing every single CONCACAF Hexagonal World Cup qualifier. In his absence, U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has gone with a right back by committee, with the likes of Brad Evans, Tony Beltran, Michael Parkhurst, Fabian Johnson, and Michael Orozco deputizing in place of Cherundolo.

What do you think of this news? Happy to hear Cherundolo is returning to fitness? Do you see him joining the U.S. squad in November? Do you see Cherundolo earning back his starting place on the USMNT?

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  1. None of have seen Cherundolo play since his multiple surgeries. If he recovers fully, he is the front-runner for starting RB on the USMNT. That may be a very big IF, but it is not out of the question. The USMNT is better when Dolo is available. Sorry, but none of the others have the range of abilities he does, or did. I wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

    • After about 5 or 7 weeks of games there will be a pretty good idea of just how complete his recovery has been. Until then it is unknowable.

  2. As much as I like and happy for Cherundolo he is 34 years old isn’t getting any younger if only he was 5 years younger and didn’t have all these injuries standing in his way. JK needs to look at Chandler and Lichaj as our number 1 and 2 for our Right Back position and move on without Cherundolo good luck with Hanover!

    • If Chandler had come into the Gold Cup team I think he really could have done a lot to work his way into the team. I’m not really sure why that didn’t happen.

  3. I don’t really see how there could be much opinion to this. It is very obvious: We aren’t great at RB, so if he returns to good form he can try to earn that spot. If he doesn’t we will have to continue with what we’ve got. And anyone who cares about the MNT is going to hope he can return to form.

  4. I’d love to see the mayor at RB.
    With that said, Cameron, Chandler and (klinsmann non-approved lichaj)
    Would be better off.

    If it happens great! If not, he’s the landon of the back line.

  5. At the present moment the battle for RB is between Cameron and Chandler with Evans not far behind. Parkhurst does not deserve to be in the conversation due to poor club form. Cherundolo remains the dark horse.

    • Cherundolo is the incumbent and when healthy, the hands down #1 RB, no questions about it. Only if he isn’t back to form is there a question about who will play RB

  6. our rightback situation is up for grabs between Cameron, Parkhurst, Chandler and Lichaj. A fully healthy Cherundolo could re-claim his spot

  7. If Cherundolo can stay healthy this fall, I’ll bet he gets serious consideration for Brazil. He’s been a stellar right back for the Nats for many years, and I’m confident he’s targeting one more shot at the WC. When healthy, he’s better than any of the options we have right now.

  8. Y’all need to give up on Stevie…. it dont matter if he plays in Europe, is team captain, etc…

    He was awesome back in the day, but multiple knee surgeries and ankle injuries at the age of 34 makes him NOT the type player you wanna take to a WC event where the best, the fastest and the biggest atlhetes of the planet show up to compete.

    • Did you read the list of players who have been in the spot? If he is the best right back we have then he is the best we have, whatever his age. Even if he can go as a back up the experience he has could be very valuable in Brazil.

      • 3 operations in one year, 34 years old… I think its time to move on. Even if he starts to look good for his club, you just never know when the next operation is coming. Look at Holden if you dont believe that.

        On Parkhurst – there is nothing wrong with him and you cannot blame him because of his club problem. He is competing with the team captain for time at RB… he’s not going to win. He should try and get out of Germany or at least his present team because too many want to blame him for a team situation he can’t do very much about.

        On Lichaj – I think if he was in the mix he would have been called in by now. I just don’t see JK turning to him at this point.

        We’ll learn a lot about where JK is when the roster for the next two games is released. He may bring in a couple of fringe players. If he was ever going to do it, this is the time

    • Assumptions too early. In this day and age, with new rehabbing techniques, etc., he could be better than ever. Or he could be a definite step slower. Just wait and see. I wouldn’t give up on him. Other successful World Cup teams have had plenty of plus-30 year old players.

      • This. Stevie C is my hero and I’d love to see him go to Brazil, but let his game make his case. His Bundesliga opponents will reveal what kind of form he’s in pretty quick once he takes the field. If he can hang with Robben and Reus, he’s got the job.

    • I don’t think Spain had the “biggest” and “fastest” players at the last world cup. Just the ones who were the best at soccer.

      • yep… thats why they lost to the FIFA 2013 Confederations Cup to a more physical, bigger, stronger, nasty, meanest Brazilian national team. 3-0 !!! Tres a Zero….

        And earlier this year if you were paying attention at all you’d know that tiki-taka football is out…

        the German clubs wiped the field and eliminated both Real and Barca from Europe’s Champions League… they used speed, technical and physical play.

        Is back to the real football/soccer… and a 35yr old, injury-prone RB aint gonna cut it…

        Stevie C., thanks for the service to the National Team.

    • Don’t think anyone has him inked onto the WC roster… it remains to be seen how he recovers. That said… if he can start and compete at a high level in the Bundesliga I’d say that goes a long way toward establishing how he does against the best, fastest, biggest players. Is there a better proving ground? Some people at Hannover who know his situation and the game much better than you or me seem to have some hope, so seems reasonable that I can at least do that.

    • I don’t think we need to do anything until he starts playing again. So…. why be negative.
      If he is good, Hurray! If not, meh same as now.


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