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Dempsey ruled out of Sounders vs. Galaxy clash

Clint Dempsey

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Seattle Sounders fans will have to wait at least one more week to see Clint Dempsey, Obafemi Martins, and Eddie Johnson all together in the starting lineup.

Dempsey was a late addition to the Sounders injury list on Saturday, being listed as out with a hamstring injury. The news means that fans are deprived of a dream matchup between Donovan and Dempsey when the Los Angeles Galaxy host the Sounders on Saturday evening.

According to reports, the Nacogdoches, Texas native didn’t travel to Los Angeles with the team, staying back to rehab his injury. Since moving to the Sounders on August 3, Dempsey has played five games, starting just three as he’s split time between his club and the U.S. Men’s National Team.

What do you think of this news? Disappointed that we won’t be able to see Donovan go head-to-head with Dempsey on Saturday? Does this change your prediction of the match?

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  1. He came in in preseason form, while everyone one else in MLS is already in form and at peak fitness. People who are calling him a flop are a joke. He needs time to gel with his new team and work back to full fitness. It takes a bit for a player to change their mindset heading into a new league. I don’t see why US fans always need someone to rag on.


  3. Amazing how some fans who haven’t any detailed knowledge of Dempsey’s injury and probably know little or nothing about medicine, have decided that Dempsey is somehow dodging this game or is a flop because of his injury. You know Donovan is also out injured. Is he faking it or a flop, too?

    • I haven’t really seen anyone seriously suggest Dempsey is faking it or a flop. All anyone is pointing out is how he hasn’t delivered considering the level of attention around him coming into the league. It doesn’t mean he won’t be very successful but perhaps the windows where he could have come in and really brought new eyes on to the league has past. Then that next question you have to ask is was it really worth the 8 or 9 million the MLS paid in his transfer fee.

    • How?

      He’s the highest paid player in the league and broke the transfer record. The assessed best American player in the world can only get 3 shots on goal in 5 games?

      This isn’t some second rate bench player or fringe starter–he’s supposed to be the greatest signing in the history of the league. The NYT along with every major news media source did exposes. He was headlining news across industries.

      He has 3 shots on goal in 5 games. 0 goals. 0 assists.

      I want to be positive, but this sack-riding is ridiculous. He has flopped. Badly. He had an entire preseason with Tottenham. He should be instantly contributing to an MLS team for heaven’s sake.

      Dempsey has been like the 5th best attacking player on Seattle. That’s sad.

      • Have you seen what a flop Lamela has been for Tottenham? They paid $39 million for him after he scored 16 goals last year in the Serie A. He is still young and is supposed to be the star of the future. Yet, he has hardly seen the pitch and doesn’t have a single goal yet in 4 games. He played in the Europa League against an outclassed team from Norway and looked pretty good against inferior opposition. But, you would have to say that based on what we have seen so far, it was a terrible waste of money.

      • That entire group has been a bit embarrassing so far for Tottenham. Good games and some really bad ones.

        Still think Andy Carroll is the greatest flop in the history of trades.

  4. Dempsey is injured. This entire thread calling deuce washed up is out of hand. This is extremely reminiscent of Michael Bradley Hate ala 2009. Oh, and remember when Altidore would never rise up? When EJ as a lost cause? When Landon Donovan was washed up and loco in Cambodia, career in tatters?

    Get a grip SBI! The best part of American soccer is the fighting spirit, stop hating on your fightin peeps!


    Garth and Ives, please touch on this ridiculousness next podcast. It is too early to count out Dempsey, as so many are definitively doing. Haters gonna hate. Haters gonna hide when deuce rounds form.

    • Nobody said anything about being washed up. In fact, most people have been positive given the circumstances.

      He has flopped so far. Badly. And now an injury prior to the match-up of the season? Given the player, expectations, hype and results thus far the comments are way more positive than they SHOULD be.

    • Agree 100%. I can only assume those type of people have a preconceived notion and/or don’t know much about soccer. Until Altidore got hot, Dempsey was carrying the US team; quality players don’t lose their ability over night.

  5. I can just imagine…..

    Joe Roth: “Clint, I need you step up your game”
    Clint: “What! I carried the USA team for the first set of qualifiers, don’t tell me how to play!”
    Joe Roth: “I know, but fans have a short memory, I need you to do better in LA”
    Clint: “I think I got a calf injury during the last practice. I don’t think I can step it up in LA”
    Joe Roth: “Ok, I’ll inform the media, hope you get better, if not soon, may be next season”

    • Let’s not get nuts.

      Even Beckham had a rough transitional period to MLS. Sometimes it takes some time for a player to fit into a new system. Happens to players in Europe all the time. Deuce will start lighting it up in due time. If not this season, I’m fine with it, because the Sounders have gotten to first place without him scoring.

      He was a long-term investment by the Sounders.

      • Beckham played only 255 minutes his first season with the Galaxy thanks to the odd scheduling. He recorded 2 assists in that time. Seeing as Beckham is a distributor, that’s really good.

  6. Looks like Dempsey’s scared of Landon!
    Donovan goes to europe he’s a boss. Comes back to MLS he’s killin it. Takes a Sabbatical he’s back in form in a month.
    Dempsey is killin it at fulham. Pouts and cries and forces a move to Tottenham does okay… Makes a move to MLS everyone is excited a few games later the excuse that he’s not up to speed is acceptabls. A few more games and becomes a flop.

  7. MLS has to be near firing someone important at this point. Dempsey is quickly becoming one of the most mediocre (maybe worst) high-profile signings in league history.

      • That is certainly true.

        His move was so incredibly hyped that the only positive outcome was Dempsey scoring or assisting in his first match.

        Seeing as he was penned as the best US player in the game today, he has done this…

        5 games played (355 minutes)
        0 goals
        0 assists
        3 shots on goal

        I love what Deuce has done for the USMNT recently, holding the mantle for everyone, but this is flop territory.

        We don’t let anyone else get away with not producing.

      • His work for the USMNT is another story.
        The move to mls obviously hurt his career. Sounders are a speedy team who distribute fast and don’t slow the pace (Dempsey) he would have fit well in NE, LA, or Houston.

    • Landy, it’s time you learned to properly spell Deuce. That “sabbatical” where the Galaxy and the USMNT were completely abandoned in spite of contractual obligations to represent the Galaxy is so much worse than getting injured just ahead of a heavily marketed match up.

      • Clearly the disappointment doesn’t fall on missing this match alone. Its just another missed opportunity for the league. A great deal of money was spent on this move and it gained a good amount of mainstream attention. However after about 6 hours on the field as a Sounder he hasn’t capitalized on the immediate hype. I’m sure he’ll come through and be great but its just been a bit of a let down

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