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Drake takes to NYC to help promote FIFA14

DrakeCahill (MLS)


If you thought Drake only promoted FIFA14 in commercials and during his well-publicized match against Tim Cahill, you were wrong.

Drake traveled throughout New York City on Monday to help promote EA Sports’ FIFA14 the day before it hit stores nationwide. The well-known rap artist made stops at places like Times Square, Legends Bar and a local park to hand out free copies of the high-selling video game to fans as well as at FIFA’s official launch party to take on Cahill in a match that ended 3-2 in the New York Red Bulls midfielder’s favor.

It was a busy day for Drake but one that helped create a buzz for FIFA14 as well as his latest album, Nothing Was The Same, which also dropped on Tuesday.

Here is a video highlighting some of Drake’s stops in New York City to promote FIFA14:



  1. Why do so many people hate on drake? Its pretty clear that its just people hating but there seems to be no reason for the hate other than just because.

    Popular rapper/celebrity likes soccer and enjoys a game of fifa. Lets continue lame internet hate comments about said person because we think its the cool thing to do now a days.

    Can’t wait for the day when the “drake be the type” goes the way of “first”, “fake and …” and all other suedo memes that the internets has spawned.

  2. Who is Drake and why do you assume I know him?
    Anyhow, I am a frequent site visitor and love reading your articles but this is pointless.


  3. glad to see an A-list celeb celebrating soccer/MLS but really DRAKE? well I suppose better than Kanye (ego might have exploded everywhere)


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