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The SBI Show: Episode 72 (Recapping MLS Week 31, Americans Abroad, and more)

Brad Guzan of Aston Villa celebrates at full time


A slew of surprising results in Major League Soccer shook up the playoff race in Week 31, setting up what should be a wild push toward the postseason.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I break down all the big results, including Vancouver’s win vs. Montreal, the Columbus Crew’s romp over the Chicago Fire, and San Jose’s upset of Real Salt Lake.

We also discuss the mixed results for Americans Abroad, including Brad Guzan’s big shutout performance for Aston Villa, and the news of Paolo DiCanio’s firing by Sunderland and what it could mean for Jozy Altidore.

Give Episode 72 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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  1. i am sure we can all agree that PPG is “fools gold”, but what, exactly, in this scenario is being presented as “real gold”? total points through 9/22?

    i thought winning MLS cup was the ultimate prize… No?

    seems like whether you are trying to assess who might win the supporters shield or MLS cup, PPG is as good a tool as any to identify the teams in contention

    seems like having most points on 9/22 is just as much “fools gold” as having best ppg

    supporters shield:
    seattle – 1.79 ppg (50 pts, 2 games in hand on nyrb)
    nyrb – 1.70 (51)
    skc – 1.66 (48)
    montreal – 1.61 (45)
    rsl – 1.60 (48)

    other teams in contention for MLS cup:
    portland – 1.59
    lag – 1.55
    colorado – 1.50

    in europe they talk in terms of “games in hand” – basically because there is rarely more than a 1 game difference.

    yes as the games in hand shrink to 2 or fewer, this is probably a better way to talk about it – if discussing SS race seattle being 1 pt back with 2 games in hand is not a bad position

  2. First, excellent show. Thank you two for all of the effort.

    Second, Happy Belated Birthday, Ives! I hope it was a fun.

    Third, I couldn’t agree more with you on the points per game / games in hand topic.

    Then last, a free FIFA 14 giveaway? Aaaaaahhhhh!
    As long as I have tried to avoid getting an account, I may just have to break my Twitter duck for this opportunity…

  3. I’m something of a neutral on the Guzan-Howard thing, but perusing the British media, in a very very unscientific survey, I would guess Guzan is generally more highly regarded right now in the Premiership.

  4. Garrett – Aldo? Common man. You don’t have to go hip-hop kicks with the Jordans but at least you could rock some casual sports stuff. Adidas classics? Ask your RSL boy about his Original Winger line-up of gear.

    • I really do see both sides of the debate. While Ives is certainly right in saying that RBNY is in first right now. Seattle fans clearly have reason to be happy as well since they do have those two in hand and play RBNY at home this weekend. With Seattle’s recent form it isn’t too hard to fathom them doing something with those games in hand.


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