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MLS Insider: Episode 11 (Eddie Johnson, Miami Fusion)

Eddie Johnson

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The latest episode of MLS Insider takes an inside look on the life of Eddie Johnson while also making tribute to the final season of the Miami Fusion.

The first half of the episode highlights the ups and downs in the career of Johnson, who was in MLS at the age of 17, went to Europe at 24, and eventually came back to America and back to stardom. In the second half, Ray Hudson’s time as head coach of the Fusion shows how they turned into MLS’ best team in 2001.

Watch Episode 11 of MLS Insider after the jump:


  1. damn fine job guys! First episode I’ve watched of Insider and I can assure you I’ll be watching many more based on the incredible quality of this episode.

  2. I wish it was more in-depth. Like maybe a full 30mins on EJ. A few minutes about his time at Fulham and ARIS. Talk more about his time at the 2006 WC. Did he do well there? Who knows. where is the video of his performance there


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