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Boyd nets latest goal in lopsided Vienna victory

Terrence Boyd (Getty Images)


It was not the prettiest of goals, but Terrence Boyd will take it all the same.

Boyd added to his goal-scoring total on Saturday by netting the second goal in Rapid Vienna’s 4-0 victory over Wacker Innsbruck. Boyd was a bit lucky to find the back of the net, as a cross from the left was deflected by a defender before bouncing off of Boyd’s chest and into the goal.

Boyd’s 55th-minute insurance tally made up for the penalty kick he had saved earlier in the game, and now raises his output for the season to four goals in league play and five across all competitions. It should also raise his confidence as he tries to earn a call-up to the U.S. Men’s National Team’s final two World Cup qualifiers in October.

Here is the goal (at the 0:26 mark):


What do you think of Boyd’s latest goal? Think he is bound for a move away from Vienna by this time next year? How likely is it for Boyd to earn a more permanent spot on the U.S. Men’s National Team ahead of next summer’s World Cup?

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  1. This is why I wanted Boyd to go to Bournemouth but because of his injury that messed up the transfer. If Boyd does move to Championship and starts scoring over there then EJ might lose his spot even if he’s in a hot streak because in reality that streak will end soon.

    By the way Lichaj keeps winning, Chandler with the assist today so it’s clear these two guys should be our right back they both need to be call up against Jamaica and Panama the same with Brooks and Boyd plus Johannsson another goal he needs to start for the USMNT next couple of games,

    Also Williams Paul Yarbrough the Mexican-American Goalkeeper for Leon in Mexico is doing it big down there I don’t know about you guys but if we have a chance to cap tie him then we should do it as soon as possible! This should be our starting 11 for our next game against Jamaica:

    GK: Yarbrough
    DF: Chandler; Gonzalez; Brooks; Lichaj
    MF: Bedoya; Williams; Diskerud; Johnson
    FW: Boyd; Johannsson

  2. “Boyd’s 55th-minute insurance tally made up for the penalty kick he had saved earlier in the game..”

    Wow! Boyd plays striker and keeper, making PK saves!

      • The context makes the intended meaning of the words quite clear. Boyd’s flexibility means he should get the 3rd GK spot going into Brazil.

  3. Good young player in the midst of developing his overall game.

    Received a cup of coffee with previous appearances for the USMNT in the early stages JK’s time.

    The USMNT’s mix is solid right now…

    Seems that Boyd, Johansson and few other guys represent some of the keys aspects of the national team’s philosophy moving forward.

    Identify talent, gauge their commitment, and integrate them into set-up through games and camps.

    Both Rapid Wein and Europa league competition allows Boyd further develop and solidify his case for an increased role in this and the coming international cycles.

    He’s talented.

    Seems to have the raw ability to play the position..

    The sky’s the limit for him as a player an contributor to the national team set-up

    • Key aspects of the national team’s philosophy? I thought they were sending US servicemen to Europe to make children or getting foreign exchange students to do the same in this country.

  4. He missed a penalty. 🙁 I still believe imo he has a better overall skill than EJ. EJ is going through a hot streak though and it’s tough not have him in the 23-roster.

    Also, the only picture Sasha should be in is his family portrait. The guy is a solid player for club, but for the USMNT he is plain garbage. Like his buddy Wondolousy..

    • Agree on him being an overall better talent. But EJ is a vet, has great physical tools including pace that’s better than Boyd’s and that’s important. Boyd looked lost in his recent Nats appearances. But ultimately I think Boyd becomes a decent Nats striker.

  5. Why no mention in the story of the fact he missed the opening penalty that was in the video? Definitely a good player for the future. Would love to see him in the lameduck qualifiers.

  6. Boyd, Sacha an Lichaj need to be called in for the Scotland friendly. re: Boyd, we need the depth and EJ, great as he has been, is probably not the answer as a back up against WC-level competition. I want to see Aron Johannsson as well, but Boyd has been hot for a couple of seasons now.

    • Boyd has been hot? He’s playing in a very weak league. Austria was ranked 29th last season among European leagues behinds behind the likes of Israel, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Belarus.

      • +1

        I guess for some people any where in Europe is better than MLS. There is always one of these posts almost everyday.

    • I agree! I think they are all quality players. Sacha is undervalued in my opinion. I think Lichaj might be the most important due to the lack of stand out RBs in the pool.

      • Sacha will have further opportunity to showcase in the Champions League. Lichaj would be great to see in the lame-duck qualifiers.

    • gtv,

      “need to be called in”

      Says who? None of those guys “NEED” to be called in.

      Boyd is promising. He has played in 9 US games and showed well in Azteca but for most
      of his brief appearances he has looked lost and out of place.
      If you are comparing him to EJ right now Eddie is 2 to 3 times the player for the US that Boyd is.

      JK has made it clear that Sacha is in the picture.

      • Yes, he looks lost and out of place, partly because he is trying to do too much with little time he is getting with the national team. I would like to see him in a couple of full games to really get a true assessment of his game.

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