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Senna free kick goal caps off memorable evening for Cosmos

MarcosSennaCosmos1-TampaBayRowdies (Getty)


While there’s no denying that the New York Cosmos are having a great season by any team’s standards, Sunday’s performance against the Tampa Bay Rowdies was a breakout performance in terms of attacking potential.

Four different players scored for the Cosmos in their thrilling 4-3 victory at James Shuart Stadium, with the final goal coming from the talented and clinical right foot of Marcos Senna. The four goals represented the most goals the Cosmos had scored in one game all season.

In the 82nd minute, just two minutes after Diomar Diaz skinned his defender and scored on a breakaway to tie the match, Senna and Ayoze stood over a free kick to the right of goal outside the box. According to Senna, he told Ayoze that he had a good feeling that he could score, and so Senna did, guiding the ball over the wall and inside the near post to set off wild celebrations on the field and in the stands.

‚ÄúSometimes when you believe 100 percent that you’re going to be able to score, when you have that in your eyes, when (Senna) went to get the ball all the way from the other side and put it right there, his eyes already (knew),” said Cosmos head coach Giovanni Savarese following the match. “You can tell that a player with the quality of Marcos Senna was ready to be able to put that goal (away) that was going to be the winner.”

Though he’s more of a holding midfielder, known for breaking up opposition play moving forward, Senna holds a strong reputation for being a terrific free kick taker, and he proved it earlier in the season when he scored one in Edmonton to save the Cosmos a point. For his teammate Peri Marosevic, the timing of the goal made it all the more special and important for the home side.

“The timing of it was perfect,” said Marosevic. “(Senna) knew exactly what the goalkeeper was doing, he thought the goalkeeper was cheating (from his spot) and he saw it from the beginning.

“Marcos being the player that he is, being able to put it in at that crucial time shows how clutch he is and how important he is for this team.”


  1. The Cosmos are a hoax. Why all of the discussion? They are in a low league and are going nowhere. Belmont Stadium is a pipe dream.

  2. I’ll be damned but this Cosmos team sure is fun! How great would it be if they were the 2nd New York MLS team and not this NYCFC or whatever it is. Would love to see a Red Bulls vs. Cosmos match. Maybe in the Open Cup, I suppose.

      • Hey – I’m a Red Bulls fan, through and through, and think they’d probably be soundly thrashed by the RBs but I’ve been following the Cosmos and it’s been fun. Maybe it’s better they stay in NASL though.

      • the Cosmos haven’t been around long. If they played the old Metrostars (a similar time in the development of the Red Bulls) then it’s be a fair comparison. I think the ownership of the Cosmos are doing the right things in building from the ground up. Sure they aren’t likely to be the 2nd team for NYCers but their presence will raise the profile of the NASL considerably. As they improve so will the rest of the competition in the NASL…maybe so much that someday America will have a proper relegation system.

      • I’m an immigrant to the US, and I still roll my eyes when I hear that self-righteous sort of talk.

        By the way, good luck finding anything about “ethnicity” or “purity” in my response. The fact that he was born and raised in a country, for example, has nothing to do with his ethnicity, does it?

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