El Salvador Federation present lifetime bans to 14 players for match-fixing

El Salvador Federation present lifetime bans to 14 players for match-fixing


El Salvador Federation present lifetime bans to 14 players for match-fixing


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The El Salvadorean Football Federation (FESFUT) announced on Friday that 14 El Salvadorean National Team players have been banned for life due to match-fixing, according to a statement from FESFUT.

The news comes 30 days after FESFUT provisionally suspended 22 players for one month due to allegations into match-fixing within the national team squad. Among those given lifetime bans include former New York Red Bulls defender Alfredo Pacheco, former Chivas USA midfielder Osael Romero, and, former San Jose Earthquakes midfielder Ramon Sanchez, and former D.C. United midfielder Christian Castillo.

According to FESFUT, the players banned participated in match-fixing National Team matches against D.C. United (friendly match, 2010), the United States (friendly match, 2010), Mexico (Gold Cup, 2011) and Paraguay (friendly match, 2013).

In addition to the lifetime bans, FESFUT levied an 18-month ban to Romeo Monteagudo, six-month bans to former D.C. United midfielder Eliseo Quintanilla and captain Victor Turcios, and cleared defender Carlos Carrillo of all wrongdoing. FESFUT also extended the provisional suspension for four players, including star forward Rodolfo Zelaya, for another 20 days while the Federations continues their investigation.

Carlos Mendez Cabezas, President of FESFUT, said he would go to FIFA with these decisions to ensure that the bans are applied worldwide.

“We want to set an example for current and future generations to be alert to not be enveloped in negative actions, ruining years of dedication and sacrifice for football and end their athletic careers, at the same time destroying the life force of the enormous love that our country has,” Cabezas said in a statement on FESFUT’s website.

Three more players were added to those under investigation, including Yimmy Cuéllar, Alexander Escobar, Christian Sánchez, suspending the players for 30 days on allegations of match-fixing during a friendly match between El Salvador and Venezuela last May.

Turcios, who received a shorter sentence than some of his teammates, was reportedly named as the whistle blower to the match-fixing scheme that was going on within the national team.

In an interview with Radio 102Nueve in El Salvador, Ramon Sanchez said that he would be appealing the decision, and that he’s already been in discussion with his lawyer.

CONCACAF and FIFA have yet to publicly comment on the situation.

Here’s the full list of banned players:

Lifetime Ban: Luis Anaya, Osael Romero, Ramón Sánchez, Christian Castillo, Miguel Granadino, Miguel Montes, Dagoberto Portillo, Dennis Alas, Darwin Bonilla, Ramón Flores, Alfredo Pacheco, Mardoqueo Henríquez, Marvin González, Reynaldo Hernández

18-Month Ban: Romeo Monteagudo

Six-Month Ban: Eliseo Quintanilla, Víctor Turcios

Extended Provisional Suspension: Rodolfo Zelaya, Rodrigo Alejandro Martínez, Benji Villalobos, Emerson Umaña

Suspended for 30 Days: Yimmy Cuéllar, Alexander Escobar, Christian Sánchez

Acquitted: Carlos Carrillo


What do you think of this news? Happy to see such a strong decision against those choosing the fix games? Do you see further action to any of the players not banned for life? Do you believe this could have a domino affect in other CONCACAF nations?

Share your thoughts below.

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