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Egypt to host second leg of World Cup qualifying playoff vs. Ghana in Cairo

Bob Bradley


For the first time in two years, Bob Bradley and Egypt are heading back to Cairo.

The Egyptian FA announced Wednesday that the Pharaohs will host the final leg of their World Cup qualifying playoff against Ghana at 30 June Stadium in Cairo on Nov. 19. The game will mark the first time Egypt has played in Cairo, a city currently in turmoil and political upheaval, since a 3-0 victory over Niger in October 2011. That match came a mere four months prior to the deadly riot at an Egyptian League match in Port Said.

Egypt head coach Bradley had recently stated that he and the team hoped the match against the Black Stars would be played in Cairo and now they will get their wish. Egyptian fans will also be allowed to attend the game and the EFA expects the stadium, which seats around 30,000 spectators, to be full.

The first match of the two-legged playoff will take place on Oct. 15 in Ghana.


What do you think of Egypt playing their home leg in Cairo? Expect them to beat Ghana in the two-legged playoff?

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  1. There is noway a crowd can intimidate Ghana because our players are big time professional footballers who plans day in and out in big capacity stadiums and hence are used to hostile crowds!!! I have already mention that,this match ll be won in Kumasi Ghana before the second leg in Cairo and should our players have their day,Egypt ll be torn and blow apart in Ghana!! I guess a three or two nil scorline ll be enough to see Ghana through to the WC as there is noway Ghana ll surrender two nil victory to the pharoahs!!! Remember Egypt is not the same team it used to be and Ghana ll definitely knock Egypt out this time round because we have all our experienced players back and it ll be a top order for Egypt to withstand a healthy black stars!!!!

  2. First of all the second leg ll definitely be a mere formality for the black stars because we ll make sure that we completely annihilate Egypt in Ghana before we enplaned to Cairo for the second leg bearing in mind what awaits us in cairo!! Ghana now has a strong,talented lads who have peaked at the right time coupled with a strong winning mentality,Kumasi ll definitely be a waterloo for the Egyptians before the returned encounter in a forthnight!! There is no way Egypt can be our Achilles heel because history is on our side with regard to WC qualifers and we all know that Egypt is a perennial chokers at the WC qualification!!! No matter what they do in Cairo,they ll still fall as the result in the first leg ll come back to hunt them in Cairo!! Ghana hasn’t lose a match in Kumasi for almost god knows when and Egypt ll suffer the same fate comes the match day and we ll make sure that the results is good enough to make the second leg a mere formality!! Yes we respect Egypt and Bob but Ghana is on a mission to finish the unfinished business in south Africa and nothkng,I mean absolutely nothing under the sun ll derail our efforts to be the touchbearer for Africa in Brazil!! We have a thick squad and the depth is awesome and Egypt ll see a team they have never play before during the group stages!!! For my american friends,sorry as Egypt cannot carry your crosses for u because now is glaring to every Ghanaian that Americans are supporting the pharoahs and when America is mention to Ghanaian in football match,adrenaline level will be raise and the results ll simply be EMPHATIC!!! I see u when u get there!!!

  3. What are the chances this game will be broadcast in the U.S.? I know there are always streams but I would like to make this a bar party type viewing and a pixelated stream that will more than likely cut out is not ideal.

  4. I predict Egypty will lose the first leg, if only because fate seems to have this story shaping up to be a classic Blockbuster underdog movie. Egypt will rally behind Bob’s inspirational half-time speech in the second leg, in which he tells them this is for their country. This is to prove that throughout all of Egypt’s turmoil, they are strong. Fueled by the passion of their fans, Egypt will score two stoppage-time goals to win in dramatic fassion.

  5. This would be HUGE for everyone in Egypt. With all the chaos and violence that has happened there and the generally peaceful spirit of the Egyptian people, they are my adopted favorites.

    It would also mean that Ghana won’t knock us out of the next world cup.

  6. Outside of the USMNT, I can’t really think of any national side in any situation that I would cheer harder for than Egypt against Ghana in this home and away series. Seriously, I’ve never hoped harder for a result in an international game whose outcome has absolutely nothing to do with my beloved Nats. Anybody else feel like a Ghana win will break their heart?

    • Yes, especially rooting for the people of Egypt who had the guts to stand up to their tyrannical government and throw them out!! Has nothing to do with soccer but it’s still a reason I want them to win.

  7. Cairo, though capital and financial/political center of Egypt, is still mostly poor people, so a larger stadium might not be economic.

    With the pent-up demand,I’m sure the 30000 seats will be full.

  8. Only 30,000 in Cairo? A city of almost 7 million and that’s the biggest stadium they have? Well, whatever, good luck to Bradley and his players.

    • They have a 100000+ stadium. Weird it’s not being used.

      Perhaps having such a crowd is not safe after what has happened before and makes authorities nervous.

      • That is exactly the reason. A rioting portion of 30,000 people are a lot more manageable than a rioting portion of 100,000. There was chaos the last time Egypt played there home WCQ against Algeria as well.

    • The game will not be at the traditional home of the national team, Cairo Stadium, but instead will be held at the 30 June Stadium (Air Defence Stadium).

  9. Difficult task ahead for Bob and the team! I wish them luck. I’m glad they get to host the second leg. It could be an epic scene if they qualify!


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