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HBO’s Real Sports to profile Sounders’ owners, fans


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The last time HBO Real Sports had an MLS-related report, it was less than flattering for the league.

That will apparently not be the case this time.

HBO’s “Real Sports” is set to air a report tonight that will profile the Seattle Sounders, their owners and impressive fanbase. The episode, which begins at 10pm ET, sees reporter Jon Frankel travel to Seattle to interview minority owner Drew Carey and observe the Sounders’ fans in action during their well-publicized March to the Match and the ensuing game.

The tone of the feature seems to be a positive one, a stark difference than the special from two months ago which highlighted the alleged racial discrimination against Chivas USA.

Here is a brief preview of tonight’s feature on the Sounders:



What do you make of the Sounders, theirs fans and owners? Plan on watching the show? Happy to see Real Sports highlighting a positive aspect of MLS?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. HBO saw the click rate on this site and for everything Seattle and decided to join in on the winning. Trolls here and everywhere complain about Seattle,-their fans, the turf, Dempsey.. it’s never ending. Ironically… It makes people money and you are an element in that cash machine. Keep talking about our team. Bravo Sounders owners- and fans.. hats off to the haters too.. you’re instrumental in making out team even richer.


  2. Maybe HBO should investigate why the Seahawks/Sounders think they need undercover security inside their stadium when there are crazy people stabbing their fans when they go outside the stadium.

    • If Ives has any respect for his message board, he will delete the comment by AzTeXan. It’s true that a Sounders fan was recently stabbed to death after a game, in the same area as the stadium. But it was a random act of violence and really has nothing to do with the Sounders, its fans, or the security the Sounders provide inside or outside of the stadium.

      I know there are a lot of Sounders haters out there, probably just jealous because their own team doesn’t have anywhere near the support or atmosphere, but please. You guys look desperate when you post comments like the previous one. Just pathetic.

    • Yes because one stabbing incident in the 10 year history of the stadium is clearly a sign of chronic issues. The stabbing was a random act of violence and bringing it up in this argument should make you feel ashamed of yourself. They have undercover police in order to limit berating of away fans which is something all stadiums should do.

  3. I think the Sounders fans are great at creating atmosphere. Nobody else comes close. But where are the women? I see one in the whole pic. Where are the kids? Are they really growing the sport if there aren’t youth in the stadium finding a love for the game?
    I realize when you have 50,000 people in one spot there will be women and children but I think the ratio is off big time.
    I have been to Century Link. There aren’t enough women and children at the games.
    Does soccer have to be a sausage fest?

  4. As an RSL fan, I approve of Seattle being Seattle. However, I don’t care if SLC is ever Seattle. Let Seattle be Seattle, and let the rest of us be ourselves. We all support in different ways.

    For example, I go to every RSL game, but I would rather die than have to chant or sing the whole game. I’d rather sit and cheer the way I do – when there is actually something going on in the game to cheer for.

    I hope to see this documentary someday. Good for Seattle, and its probably good for MLS.

    Now, can we get better refs? I can’t wait for that episode.

  5. Good for them to come back with a more positive show on an MLS topic. At least it shows they are objective with regards to the league, and not just negative on soccer in the US as the first show kind of implied (meaning they did a show out of nowhere that put the league in a negative light). This kind of seems like Garber negotiated with them to not just be negative on the league but to show more in an objective light, which also has the effect of getting MLS more publicity.

    I can’t say I love the subject being the Sounders though. I’m not a Sounders fan and I don’t believe the Sounders or the Pacific Northwest rivalry represent the league any more than any of the other unique cultures at other teams in the league. It also maybe puts a lot of light on the Sounders as if they are the MLS-equivalent to the previous era Cosmos of the NASL. I don’t think the Sounders are our MLS’ Cosmos either, even if they pull big crowds and spend big on name players.

    • Liked what you were saying until I got to the second paragraph. While some people may disagree it is generally accepted that Portland-Seattle is the showcase rivalry for the MLS at this point, why wouldn’t they pick one of those teams for this? If the MLS wants to put its best foot forward doesn’t it really have to be one of them?

      • Logic doesn’t work for the grass trolls. Only grass works for the grass trolls. Of course, they only think grass is perfect and could never be anything like the grass field the Antigua national team plays on, or DC United plays on, because you turf is not grass and could never be!

      • Wouldn’t it be nice if they at least had first rate turf?

        I talk up Seattle all the time, see my other post on this article, but Seattle fans gotta get it right. Their turf is a big bummer in an otherwise fantastic story. Your night shuld be working toward solving this.

  6. I hate the Sounders and the Timbers, but I am jealous of their fanbases. This HBO piece will be great for the league, any positive exposure like this will always be beneficial to MLS.

  7. finally, sounders fans get some attention!

    but seriously, i think this is really cool. i’ve come to realize that every successful league has their pet (or ‘marquee’) teams, and it’s not a bad thing that seattle has become one of them.

  8. The Sounders fan base is impressive and I’m jealous. Good to see them featured on HBO, anything that exposes more people to MLS and soccer in general is good for the game.

    • much more impressed by Portland’s fan base. Sounders fans act like Nazi’s and everything is so overly orchestrated by their capos they might as well just have the PA guy and an organ tell everyone what to do like at a MLB.

      • And this is different from other clubs in MLS and around the world?

        I don’t honestly know. Just asking. Hard to complain that much about how Seattle does things, as it seems to work.

      • It isnt really, many teams have similar situations in their stands. Many of the fans at these games didnt grow up watching the game so they dont know when to sing/dance and such. God forbid someone help lead them in cheering.

      • If Portland had to get 67000 fans on the same page, they might use capos too.

        But alas, Portland does not have that problem!

      • Portland uses capos as well, genius. Watch any match, they are positioned across the tops of the dugouts in front of the TA. I know for a fact that La Barra Brava does not, and I’m pretty sure they don’t use capos in Columbus. Other than that, those places that have supporters groups tend to be more of the European style, capo-led support rather than the dynamic, group-led support that is typically found in Latin America. Like Portland all you want, but try to avoid saying stupid things that are simply wrong.

    • The three best fan bases in all of MLS are Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. Put ’em in whatever order you want, but those are the top 3.

      • Montreal and KC do pretty well. Toronto has lost some since the FO has been so terrible. But a run in playoffs at some point could see a resurgence.

      • Montreal and KC can also be honorary members of Cascadia as they are dedicated, hip, and cool.

        I couldn’t find rock solid attendance #s out there on the intertubes, but generally Vancouver looked to be 5th/6th (Seattle >> LA >> Montreal >> Portland >> Houston/KC/Vancouver) … and since LA doesn’t rate and Houston is … well … Houston.

        Anyway, making jokes. Cascadia has shown well for MLS, regardless. Even if all three teams play on carpet.

    • True. Things aren’t perfect (turf) – but what they are doing in Seattle should be the model. I remember interviews with Carey before they’d even played, mentioning their strategy and fan specific touches.

      My sister and her husband are perfect examples. They don’t know soccer. Their kids don’t even play. But last year they jumped on the bandwagon and went to a game. Within a year they are now hooked. Going to a game a month, Having an opinion on EJ getting paid.. and asking how WC qualifying works. The hype brought them in.. now the game and surrounding drama are keeping them in. SJ for one could learn a few things.

      • Hey man, spot on!
        I have taken a number of diehard sports fans to Timbers matches. None of them were soccer fans or ever experienced a live professional soccer match. Every single individual had their expectations blown away! I love asking them “so what do you think?”Just as we enter the stadium to the fury of energy and sound. Almost everyone replies,” I never expected this!” Two friends thought the constant fan cadence was subconsciously making them hum a long. The volume transcended both Neyland Stadium and Michigan Stadium two college football fans noted. Another friend is an orthopedic surgeon and could not believe an ankle wasn’t broken with each tackle. Most unique experience was taking someone from Wyoming. Putting him in one place with more people then he had ever experienced at once. Instant fan! Purchased the MLS live package so he can watch the Timbers in WY
        The Sounders got something, Cap’s got something, and the Timber’s got a lot too be proud of! If you are a fan do yourself a favor and experience a match day in Portland.

  9. how does Drew Carey have enough money to own a professional soccer team

    and white people love wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X


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