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USMNT Daily Update: 23 for 2014 (September 2013 Edition)

USA Starting 11

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With the ticket to Brazil officially punched, and the U.S. Men’s National Team qualified for the 2014 World Cup, we can leave out the ‘assuming they make it’ disclaimers and start to really think about what the U.S. team will look like that heads to the World Cup next summer.

The latest 23 for 2014 projection comes for the first time since July, when the CONCACAF Gold Cup triumph helped propel the stock of several players. We saw Mix Diskerud become a regular on the projected list, as well as Kyle Beckerman.

There are a few new names on the latest 23 for 2014, perhaps the least surprising being red-hot forward Aron Johannsson. The AZ striker is scoring goals in bunches on the club side, and impressed in his USMNT debut back in August.

Who else made the latest SBI 23 for 2014? Here is our projected USMNT roster for the World Cup, as of September of 2013:


(Changes from July in bold, new additions to the Missed the Cut list are in bold italics)

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Nick Rimando

Outlook– This trio stays the same yet again, with no signs of changing any time soon.

Missed the cut– Sean Johnson, Bill  Hamid, Tally Hall


DEFENDERS– Fabian Johnson, Matt Besler, Omar Gonzalez, Geoff Cameron, Clarence Goodson, DaMarcus Beasley, Steve Cherundolo, Brad Evans.

Outlook– Brad Evans has worked his way into a starting role when healthy and he makes our list for now, replacing Michael Parkhurst, who is mired in a terrible situation at German side Augsburg.

We continue to list Steve Cherundolo even though he is out injured, and has injured his share of injuries lately. We’ll stick to the idea that he will be on the team if he is healthy.

John Anthony Brooks is not cap-tied yet, but his chances of playing for the U.S. are much greater than they used to be, and he is a very good candidate to replace a player like Goodson on the squad.

Michael Orozco has continued to see regular starts for Mexican side Puebla, and merits consideration. He didn’t play well at right back against Costa Rica earlier in September, but he’s still very much an option.

Timmy Chandler continues to be a tough one to figure out. He’s back to playing regularly for Nuremberg, but has been left out of recent U.S. squads. October would be a good chance to see him, but if he doesn’t get a call, it might be the clearest sign yet that Klinsmann has moved on.

Missed the cut– Edgar Castillo, Michael Orozco, Michael Parkhurst, John Anthony Brooks, Eric Lichaj, Timmy Chandler.


MIDFIELDERS– Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones,  Landon Donovan, Graham Zusi, Alejandro Bedoya, Kyle Beckerman, Mix Diskerud, Eddie Johnson

Outlook– The only change to this group is the listing of Eddie Johnson as a midfielder instead of a forward. We have seen him deployed on the wings, as well as at forward. He replaces Joe Corona, who is suddenly in danger of slipping down Klinsmann’s depth chart as he struggles to earn regular minutes with Club Tijuana.

Sacha Kljestan continues to play well for Anderlecht, but was left out of September’s qualifiers, even after Klinsmann called in reinforcements.

Maurice Edu and Brek Shea continue to be MIA at Stoke City, and they will both need to look toward January moves if they can’t find some playing time this fall.

Missed the cut– Sacha Kljestan, Joe Corona, Jose Torres, Brad Davis, Maurice Edu, Danny Williams, Brek Shea, Mike Magee


FORWARDS– Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Aron Johannsson, Terrence Boyd

Outlook– It’s tough not to include Johannsson now considering how outstanding he’s been for AZ Alkmaar in recent months. He showed glimpses in his first national team appearance, and all signs point to him developing into a real force.

What will be interesting to see is what happens with Terrence Boyd. He is also scoring goals for Austrian side Rapid Vienna, but Klinsmann could be tempted to just go with Eddie Johnson and bring along one more natural midfielder. I don’t see that happening just yet.

Herculez Gomez endured an injury-hit summer, but he’s back now and already scoring goals for Club Tijuana. His situation with Xolos will be worth monitoring, because if he gets rolling again he will certainly merit consideration.

Missed the cut– Herculez Gomez, Chris Wondolowski, Juan Agudelo, Jack McInerney.


What do you think of this group? Which player are you happy to see make our projected 23-man roster? Who didn’t make the squad that you think should have?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I think Clint Dempsey should not be in there. He hasn’t really shown anything other than an injury. I gess if the philosophy is use up players regardless of how much stress they have experienced lately, maybe he should play. But if he is going to be fresh for the World Cup, he should still get more time to get fit. There will be opponents who don’t like him, and they may even aim to injure him some more. Also if Klinsmann is true to his word, and he treats everyone accordingly, he should not put anyone into the squad who hasn’t shown much. Dempsey hasn’t shown much. I do not believe Bradley should be in there for the same reason.

  2. I largely agree with these picks and my disagreements are mostly at the margins. I’d make the following changes:

    Out: Cherundolo
    In: Brooks

    As much as I would like to have a fully healthy and in-form Cherundolo starting at RB next year, he’s been out so long at this point that it’s an open question as to whether he ever fully recovers his spot at his club, and even if he does, whether he’ll have the same mobility/durability that he had before — especially on the wrong side of 30. He has several months to comeback and I personally hope he makes a full recovery, but at this point I’m not comfortable projecting him to be on a World Cup roster. I think our projected RB rotation at this point is Cameron and Evans, with Parkhurst/Lichaj possibly sneaking into 1 of the last 3 roster spots.

    Meanwhile, I think that given the liabilities of Gonzalez (mental mistakes) and Goodson (lack of strength), as well as the fact that Cameron appears to be a full-time RB at Stoke now, we should probably carry 4 full-time CB’s, in which case Brooks is the next guy down the depth chart, just above Orozco. He’s inexperienced and has picked up some injuries lately, but having 4 full-time CB’s on the roster gives us the security to make changes to the most vulnerable part of our backline (yes, I think the center of our defense is more vulnerable than our outside backs) in the event of injuries, card accumulation, or a shaky performance.

    Out: Beckerman
    In: Torres

    I’m not part of the anti-Beckerman crowd, and actually understand his inclusion (behind Jones/Bradley, he’s our next best ball-winner) in Ives’ roster. I’m not all that passionate about this change. That said, I think Torres offers more versatility (he can play centrally and be a passable — if not spectacular — winger), is slightly faster, and is a better passer going forward. Whoever’s on the field, the USMNT generally does a decent job of defending collectively and winning balls, but whether we perform well or poorly generally hinges on how well our central midfielders link up with the offense once they get the ball. Torres, along with Mix, gives us a decent back-up option in that respect if something happens to Jones and/or Bradley.

    Out: Boyd
    In: Gomez

    Having just questioned whether Cherundolo can come back strong at his age, it may seem hypocritical of me to project Gomez over Boyd. The issue is that, while I like Boyd as a long-term prospect, at the moment, he seems somewhat raw technically and doesn’t impact the game much outside of his physicality/athleticism (and at the World Cup level, teams will be prepared to counteract purely athletic players). Gomez can impact the game in a wider variety of ways — he can work both with his back to the goal and facing the goal, is a good deadball striker, and can finish in the air (although not as well as Johnson or now Altidore). Over the next several months, he’ll get competition from both Boyd and Wondolowski, but for now I’m projecting him to sneak in as our last striker.

    • excellent post!
      Not sure I’m sold on Torres, but at least he provides a different option to what we currently have on the roster.

    • Seconded. I’m with you about Brooks over Dolo and especially Gomez over Boyd, but I’d never take Torres over Beckerman, given how little ball-winning grit and endurance the rest of Ives’ midfield picks have after Jones and Bradley.

  3. Also, EJ will falter against any tough competition – he is the least creative forward I’ve ever seen. Rather have Gomez, Agudelo, or Shea if one of them can bring it together in next 7 months.

  4. I haven’t seen anything from boyd that tells me he should make the team and EJ should not be played anywhere but as Jozy’s backup up top. I think most likely scenario is Boyd misses the cut in favor of someone that plays on the left side of the field

    • Boyd is scoring again. i think the explanation and moves that Ives made make it a very real possibility we see those 4 strikers plus EJ.

    • Disagree. Eddie is Jozy’s main backup and can also play Left Mid (particularly off the bench if we need something different) or as a starter if absolutely necessary.

    • As to Altidore, should he be there at all? Stoke City is in last place and Jozy hasn’t scored any goals. It would be advisable to look for someone else. I still like Chris Wondolowski.

  5. Things will continue to change leading up to the WC. Look at Besler, he is now on the bench for KC.

    Corona was listed on everyones WC team two months ago and now boom he isn’t.

    Arriola may be the surprise inclusion in 7 months. The USMNT is in dire need of dynamic wingers

    Shea could regain is form.

    Too many variables to really set anyone in stone. But, it’s still fun to debate.

    • tis fun.

      thanks for the info on Besler. Idk what rock I’ve been under but I didn’t know that.

      I am replying because this news proves a point I have tried to make on these boards over and over again and in a nutshell it is this:

      Sometimes good players get benched by bad club managers

      This does not necessarily mean they are not in form, or that they are not good enough to help the MNT win in Brazil. Being in the Managers good graces should NOT be the only measuring stick. F-me if I know of a better measuring stick but I think that Klinsmann is aware of this as well.

      Some guys have talent and will help us win regardless of their club situation. Some guys play better for their national team then they ever could for their club, for whatever reason. Daniele de Rossi is a good example. World Class international footballer for Italia, sometimes left of the 11 at home.

  6. Guess who was right about AJ? This guy. He will be the greatest American soccer player in history. Even better than Wondowlowski.

    • AJ is a total newby. How is it that he is given all the attention when he hasn’t really shown any goals. He is supposed to score with the team that is in the World Cup. He may be great. But what’s all this ado. His form may change at a moment’s notice, just like with Altidore. If Klinsmann wants to keep people off balance, he’ll get all kinds of other great players to try out (Jack Mack, Mike Magee). It’s funny that Yedlin, according to Klinsmann, needs time to mature and Aron Johannson does not.

  7. Does anyone have concern about Clint Dempsey’s form? I am a really big fan, and when he is on he is a great player. But, with his injuries, lack of playing time, and poor form does this concern anyone else? I’m aware this a ton of time left, but he his performance in recent qualifiers have been really frustrating. He has always been a player to go down easy looking for a foul, but it seems to have gotten much worse recently. I honestly think he is more of a liability out there currently, and would rather see someone more consistent than someone who disappears with a possibility of pure brilliance.

    What I would like to see in the upcoming games:

    ——————————————Boyd (Altidore)——–Aron——————–

    Just my opinion 🙂

    • Boyd starting over Jozy? I’m sorry, whaaa… and Williams is so far down the depth chart, he’s not likely to get called up, let alone start. JK has consistently shown that he has no problem start Beckerman in WCQ games.

      • That is why I put Jozy in parenthesis. I was just saying what I would like to see, but it is not necessarily a reality. We already know what Jozy has to offer, but we haven’t seen Boyd given a real good chance yet.

        These games don’t necessarily matter because we already qualified so why not try some new players. After that, Jurgen can start to finalize the roster, and in the friendlies will be available for some final tuneup.

      • We keep our starters in to keep them in sync with each other. The more playing time they get together, the better.

    • I’m with in you in sharing concern on Dempsey, hopefully he pulls through big time and cuts the flop diving whining out of his game

      • Demps is just plain sucking right now, and you’re right, his diving is getting disgusting. Expect more from an American captain, but what the hell do I know?
        Would never expect that from LD or MB…

  8. At this point I’d put 17 players as having booked their spot (barring injury) on the WC roster:
    Goal Keeper: Howard, Guzan, Rimando
    Defenders: Besler, Beasley, Gonazlez, Goodson,
    Midfiedlers: Bradley, Jones, Donovan, F. Johnson, Bedoya, Cameron,
    Strikers: Dempsey, Jozy, Johannsson, EJ
    The 6 remaining spots will made up from the following list depending on their performances in the next 4-5 months….
    Defenders (3-4): Evans, Lichaj, Chandler, Brooks, Castillo
    Midfielders (2-3) : Corona, Shea, Mixx, Kljestan, Zusi, Arriola, Torres, Beckerman,
    Strikers: Gomez, Boyd, Agudelo
    Personally I’d select Lichaj, Chandler, Brooks, Mixx, Corona/Arriola, and Agudelo. This squad has flexibility within the player pool that can slot into multiple spots across the field. Regardless will be a difficult time to narrow the selections down to the 23 in the end.

    • I would not be so sure that Goodson has “locked” a spot. Remember he was a “replacement” at the last round of qualifiers. If Brooks gets healthy and plays well in the Bundesliga, I could see him getting called over Goodson….

      And, curious that you don’t have Orozco anywhere in the mix… I see him as a dark horse due to his ability to play centerback and right back.

    • I think I agree with the people who have locked a spot. I’m taking all of those guys. A few comments:
      – Cherundolo has to considered if he is healthy.
      – there are zero true fullbacks on the list of locked players. Beasley and F Johnson are both more inclined to play midfield.
      – I don’t think you need 5 guys who play Center Back (Besler, Omar, Goodson, Cameron, Brooks) I think one of those 5 doesn’t make it. Competition is probably between Goodson and Brooks.
      – please don’t consider Corona, dude is not talented enough to play at this level. I think every other midfielder listed is ahead of him, except maybe Arriola.

      • Unfortunately I think Dolo has likely played his last meaningful minutes with the USMNT. He’s been out with the knee injuries for the last 10-12 months. Will hold off final judgement, but until he plays in multiple matches in a row for his club, I just can’t see him with the national team where he could be expected to play multiple games in quick succession.
        The fact that I didn’t lock any true fullbacks (yet) is due to the fact that JK and his staff haven’t really brought in any “true fullbacks” since Dolo & Chandler went out injured/MIA. To me fullback is the biggest question mark in the squad/pool at the moment.
        CB….I see Cameron as a CDM or possibly a RB more than a CB. He’s the utility player who provides a multitude of positional coverage…but I don’t project him as being listed as a CB for the squad.
        I’m not really sold on Corona or Arriola….but they do have that intangible aspect which makes me think they could pop up and provide something unexpected (Ala Duce in 06). Their the true unknown player who could be the supprise inclusion.

      • Cameron is our Utility Player, I still think his best spot is CB, but that isn’t where we need him right now. He probably has the best shot at earning the RB job, he is getting the best reps there week in/week out. Lichaj is kind of a dream to us right now. I wish I believe he was the answer. Maybe he is improving with Nottingham Forest right now. The last time I saw him play for Aston Villa he looked an awful lot like Edgar Castillo. Athletic and quick sure, but complete unaware of the tactical adjustments going on around him. I won’t believe Chandler is a real option until he shows up in a US camp. For now I believe he quit on us.
        I like the tandem of Cameron at RB against strong competition, where we will need to defend, and Cherundolo against lower competition where we will need to win. Using that could help keep ‘Dolo fresh and healthy.

    • EJ blows and hot and cold. History has taught us not to expect this streak to continue. He’s facing off against Jozy, AJ, and Boyd for a central striking role in 2014. I hope we’ve seen the last of his circular step-overs out on the wing. There are simply better wingers for us to deploy.

      I don’t think EJ makes it.

      Goodson is iffy. We have a few guys really making a late push. Besler is the only one in my mind who’s guaranteed to go.

  9. Brooks starts in the BL and not in the 23 ? The wild card for me is Shea, JK really likes his game. I believe if he gets any pt he will make the team. And last Juan is better than Boyd, IMO.

    • If Shea plays at all this season and scores just one goal, he’s on the team. Who besides maybe AJ would you rather bring on as a late sub against tired legs? Odonkor.

    • this Sheaphelia is out of control. The guy was a sub on the Gold Cup B-team for crying out loud. Here are the wing options for USMNT-please, please name the one Shea will repalce either on the roster for WC or in an actual game:

      Donovan, Fabian Johnson, Bedoya, Zusi, Beasley-only 2/3 of those will be on the field at the same time. So, does Shea who rots on the bench every week displace consistent starters for their clubs and proven USMNT contributors? Bedoya started ahead of him at the Gold Cup and has forced his way into the A-team lineup. I hope the others don’t need an explanation at this point

      also ahead of Shea as a wing option: Chandler, Corona

      • If the World Cup was tomorrow of coarse Shea wouldn’t be there. However I think we’ve seen flashes of what could still be a good attacking option if he can find the field between now and June. It’s hard to rate out all of those players because most of them play at fullback for there club or on the national team. However even if Shea could get a loan to a Championship club it’d help his cause.

      • I don’t think he’ll start any games, but I would bring him to do what he did in the GC: sub in late and make something happen.

      • “sub in late and make something happen.” Run onto a sublime-inch perfect pass from LD’s left foot….
        there fixed that for you.

      • cute idea, but nothing in your statement makes sense.

        apart from that, who other than Shea would have gotten on the end of the pass from Donovan’s *right* foot for the game winner against costa rica? shea covers a ridiculous amount of turf on that play. who would wander so far forward as shea did for the tap in for the winner in the GC final? besides dempsey, our other left wings are fairly disciplined.

  10. I wish Boyd start one or two games before making the choice being cut. I personally prefer a couple games with both Boyd and Johannsson starting Qualifiers.

    • I really like boyd but not the energy he brings off the bench. I think he’s a good sub for putting games away but not creating chances. He’s a big physical player that takes time getting going much like altidore. I think if we need to bring in a sub at forward down a goal u have to go with aj or ej

      • I forgot about Eddie. He will be relegated to the bench likely if Donovan, Dempsey, Jozy, and Zusi are in form next summer.

  11. ives, are you listing who you think should be in the 23, or who you think klinsmann is taking? (sorry if that’s already stated somewhere.) i can’t figure it out, because although you list eddie as a mid (where klinsmann has occasionally played him), you have fabian as a defender, and klinsmann clearly doesn’t like him playing back there.

    either way, i think eddie goes as a forward (bumping boyd), fabian goes as a mid (taking eddie’s spot), and either JAB or orozco goes (in fabian’s spot).

    • and apologies if someone already said this, but i can only read through a couple of comments before the original-comment-one-way-then-replies-the-other-way order starts getting to me.

      • a big +1 on that. So fricking irritating to have the new posts on top, and I now often close stories before reading to the bottom, something I used to never do. do not see the sense of it. Is there a logical reason for this? Anybody.

      • And just to add, I am giving up right now. No desire to read new posts first and move down to older post and definitely no desire to go to the bottom and read up. Bye.

      • I would rather the new post be on top. It allows me to check on the articles throughout the day w out having to scroll down each time.

      • first, i wasn’t complaining. maybe you’re new to blogs, but the space below the post was created for comments from the readers, and i think mine was at least relevant to the site, if not this individual post.

        second, maybe you’re just new to this site, but those of us who have been here know that ives is open to feedback about the site, and will occasionally change things according to that feedback. that’s how you keep readers coming back to your (free) site.

      • Absoltely this! I hate, hate, hate this format! I come to this site for comments as much as for articles and it’s very annoying to read them in this order. On margin, I read less. Ives, do you feel strongly that the new format is better? Perhaps, a poll?

      • I am happy to adjust to something that is recognized as an improvement by at least 50%. If that is the case, I am happy to rest my case. But I am not so sure considering that others are complaining too. Also, if for some reason it’s easier for the site to handle it this way, I will also rest my case

      • This site is Ive’s. He can do with it whatever he wants.

        It’s not a democracy or even a club.

        If you don’t like it go somewhere else.

      • I know. I am not requesting anything. Just asking to consider as I believe I represent majority on this one

      • Yev – and SBI represents the majority of other websites that all use newest to oldest.

        ask for a toggle button. people complain about it on SBI because since Day 1, it’s always been oldest to newest. but what website do you use that is like that? i just looked at all the sites I go to, not a single one loaded oldest comments first.

      • Yev – and that isn’t a snarky response. i think SBI should just allow users to be able to toggle how they want it to look. i just find it funny people freak about this given hardly any websites use that format as the default (oldest to newest).

      • I like making the responses to comments collapsable, and don’t care whether the comments go first-to-last or vice-versa.

      • i know SBI switched, but don’t 99% of websites have new comments on top? isn’t this the standard and the old way wasn’t?

        ESPN, Fox, SI, NBC Sports, MLS, etc. all do newest to oldest. Washington Post, NY Times, Fox News, Huffington Post, etc. also all do newest comments first. Youtube as well.

        having said that, most of them do allow users to toggle. but the default is always newest comments first (top comments is a close 2nd). but never oldest comments.

      • Bryan, toggle would be ideal of course. The only other websites I read comments on close to religiously are, and …. Facebook. All use oldest to newest. I find it hard to understand how if you click on an article that already has 50 comments to it could be easier to follow them all with newest first. I could scroll up, but with trees, it’s really inconvenient. I will write Ives an e-mail and ask how he feels

      • good call on i’ve never heard of metrofanatic, but i certainly believe you.

        as for Facebook, i’m not sure you are remembering currently. i believe the options are “Most Recent” and “Top Stories”. obviously the “Most Recent” setting is newest first (scrolling down your newsfeed for older stuff). “Top Stories” doesn’t really pay attention to when it was posted. just most popular…which tend to be newest.

        either way, i’m still undecided on my feelings. with this type of comment section, i think i like the old version. but with FB plug-ins (e.g. ESPNFC) i like having it newest to oldest. i use to hate this when it first switched over, but i just starting realizing just about every other website is newest to oldest.

      • also, i think you were referring to comments on your post or other friend’s posts. in that case, you are right, oldest is first.

        however, say you want to comment on something your favorite newspaper just posted. the comment section is ordered by either “Top Comments” or “Recent Activity”.

        just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same areas of FB.

  12. Jones is the player most likely to get sent home early. The guy unfortunately has a history of getting into bustups because he thinks he’s more skilled and valuable than he really is. If he doesn’t get his situation with Schalke sorted out, then he may just miss the squad…which may not be so bad.

    • Based on play he’d seem to be on the bubble, but I believe Klinsmann promised him a spot in 2014. Based on his age and competition within the squad, you have to think it’s Jermaine’s last cycle and so his last chance to play in a WC.

      That said, I do think he merits selection. His aggressive play is a detriment most of the time but there will certainly be a situation or matchup where a player like him will come in handy. I’d consider him for the starting 11 if we were playing a team we knew would have the lion’s share of possession, that way we could knowingly commit him to staying home and breaking up attacks. At worst he’d be a first choice backup at central midfield and may be good for a spot start on the back line in case of injury or suspension.

      • “I’d consider him for the starting 11 if we were playing a team we knew would have the lion’s share of possession, that way we could knowingly commit him to staying home and breaking up attacks.”

        Which may indicate that he’d be of greater value in Brazil than he already is in CONCACAF play.

        The there is his recurring tendency to deliver the perfect breakthrough ball over the top.

        I think Klinsmann knows what he’s doing wrt Jones.

    • I think him missing the Squad would be bad. There is no question he is among our top 4 center midfielders. He has more Champions League and high level European football of any player on our entire team. The guy is a solid player and certainly an asset to have. Tell me if Michael Bradley goes down, who else do we have that can go box to box? There is nobody else capable of playing that role. Even if you believe Bradley and Cameron, or Mixx are the better starting midfield pair, Jones on the roster is a must.

  13. It’s not necessary (despite what he says publicly) for Klinsmann to play the likes of Dempsey, Donovan, Bradley or J Jones and the likes if they have injuries. What a fantastic chance to give others to prove themselves closer to Brazil 2014 and up the ante for competition for spots on the flight to Brazil!……Work it JK!!!

  14. Look at the best players we have. 23 for WC. Look at systems and formations for those players. Look at Klinnsman and his chiuces in the past. Klinnsman has focused on ‘developing’ the team. Now and the WC should be focused on a finished product. The WC is COMPETITION IN A TOURNAMENT.

    • Torres? When was the last time he played a good game, or a even a good pass? He has been in very bad form for the national team. There are better options in 2014.

      • the Gold Cup he played well. not saying i agree he should be in Brazil, but you make it sound like he’s been awful.

      • No he didn’t really. He was outshined by Mix, Holden, Corona, Shea every other midfielder out there every game he saw action. And by “outshined” I mean, those guys did something positive on occasion while Torres ran around a lot without tripping over his own boots.

  15. I love how deep we are at the forward position now, especially since it’s been such a huge issue in recent years. It’s too bad Herculez probably won’t make this team considering how well he’s been playing in Mexico. But I can’t for the life of me, understand why Klestjan can’t find his way into the team. A guy playing superbly well in a strong European league, and playing in the Champions League. I love Mix, but Sacha is just a more experienced big game option for me.

    • Mix is too good at creating goals… ie. South Africa friendly, Mexico qualifier and even by accident…Russia.

      While I think Sacha should be included, at this point it’s tough to replace our midfielders. Personally I rate him over Zusi, but they play different positions. Unfortunately Sacha’s gonna miss out on Brazil.

      • and what makes you think Zusi will make it. Bedoya has already passed him. I just can’t see JK burning a WC slot on a player that is very similar to the one that took his place.

      • Doesn’t Klejstan often play wide midfield for Anderlecht? The two times I’ve seen them on TV he played that role.

      • no…he’s always the #8. it’s possible he was drifting around or had a game elsewhere due to injuries, but he is a starting CM 99% of the time.

    • Mix is much much more creative then Sacha and JK rates him higher (deservedly so). I think Sacha can play the 8 though and maybe bump Beckermen off that list

    • Sacha is playing on the strongest team in that league by a mile. There’s probably more parity than the Scottish Prem. but not much. The game isn’t exactly difficult for him. Sacha is still a middling player, and I would not select him over Bradley, Torres, Jones, Mix, Beckerman, or a healthy Stu Holden unless he improves his level of competition and develops a more commanding field presence.

    • Strong European league is highly debtable. I recently read a note in a Russian sports paper that MLS was AT LEAST AS GOOD as Belgium and Greece

  16. I think Ives meant to post this list:

    Goalkeepers: Howard, Guzan, Rimando
    Defenders: Beasley, Besler, Brooks, Chandler, Cherundolo, Gonzalez, Goodson, Johnson
    Midfielders: Bedoya, Bradley, Cameron, Diskerud, Donovan, Jones, Torres, Zusi
    Forwards: Altidore, Dempsey, Johannsson, Johnson

    • Almost there, just a few minor tweaks to make sure we stay in the first half of the alphabet.

      In goal: Johnson for Rimando
      Howard, Guzan, JOHNSON

      Defenders are good.

      Midfield: Beckerman for Torres, Corona for Zusi
      Beckerman, Bedoya, Bradley, Cameron, Corona, Diskerud, Donovan, JONES

      Forwards are good.

      • Corona? He doesn’t even start for his club team. Guys is not very talented. If you want to replace Zusi at least pick someone with talent. Shea although not playing and out of form, is at least talented. Corona, is slow, lacks creativity and offers nothing special in terms of effort. He really has no business being on any World Cup roster.

  17. Ives – not listing Brooks or Chandler…I dont get it. Both are starting week in/week out in the BL and doing very well in one of the best leagues in the world. If Brooks continues to do so it’d be an absolute crime if he’s left off – not sure why you did that.

    Evans is a good stop gap along with Beasley. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lichaj gets tried out at LB and eventually push Beas. out of the equation.

    I would include them then cut Beckermen and include Klesjtan. Cameron can do everything Beck’s can do and more (covers MUCH more ground, much better dribbling and passing)

    • Also I’d prefer Agudelo over Boyd – he’ll be getting good minutes at Stoke since their only legit striker is Jones and I think he can beat Jones out…Crouch’s days are over. Lastly, Eddie Johnson is not a midfielder – watch Bosnia 1st half and you’ll see why.

    • Except Cameron didn’t impress in Costa Rica in a midfield that had no control of the game. In comparison in the Mexico game the midfield was in much better control by the US. Not saying Beckerman is the perfect option, but he is consistently playing the position, whereas Cameron hasn’t consistently played there since his Houston days. I would rather have consistency than potential in Brazil. Too much room for error. You know what you are going to get in Beckerman, nothing more, nothing less.

      • Using the Costa Rica match is not a good example at all. He was matched up with Jermaine Jones (who is out of form too). To operate that pulley system who is going to go forward of the two? Neither because they are both defensive minded players. Who can go forward of the two? Neither as they are both not built for attacking…both are defenders.

        Watch Geoff’s highlights with Bradley on Youtube from the Panama match and you will see what he can do.

        Lastly consistency is not a substantial argument either. Donovan plays CAM for the Galaxy but RW for us. Fabian plays LB for his club but plays LW for us. Sacha has played the 8 for us but plays the 6 for his club, etc.

      • Not to mention Cameron found out he’d be playing about five minutes before the match started. That can’t be easy.

      • “Watch Geoff’s highlights with Bradley on Youtube from the Panama match and you will see what he can do.”

        This is what I love about the craptastic logic of SBI posters putting Cameron starting in the midfield. They always base it off of performances against Panama and Jamaica who are not making the World Cup. There is no evidence that Cameron can handle starting against top teams in the world.

        While Jones has his warts, at least you know what you are going to get. Great tackler, high work rate, too many errant passes, and a few amazing passes here and there.

        If you are going against world-class wingers, give me the CM that scares them from going through the middle of our defense and running at our centerbacks.

      • that is true about Mexico, with one major difference, in the Mexico game JJ got it right on how to play without MB. In the CR game he had no clue how to play with Cameron. Cameron is a defender that can play DM, he needs the right partner to be effective.

  18. Eddie Johnson is not a midfielder. He is a natural forward. He beats out Terrence Boyd. Fabian Johnson is not a defender, he’s our starting left wing (look at the stats). I still believe Corona is more talented than Zusi. We’ll see. I think Shea has a real shot as Fabian’s backup if he starts getting playing time. We still need cover at left back if Damarcus gets injured. Vamos!

    • I hear what you are saying but Fabian may be forced out by LD. Why? because Bedoya is such a work horse at the RM position, he was not only working the flanks both ways but was also helping out the CMs inside on defense, it was like us playing with 12 players.

  19. Forward: EJ is a much better forward (see Mexico) than a wing and there are much, much better wing options so makes no sense to stick him there. It’s EJ, Boyd, AJ and Gomez for two spots… at this point EJ and AJ get the spots with Dempsey and Altidore.

    Wings: Donovan, Zusi, FJ, Bedoya- Corona looks to be slipping giving Bedoya the edge. Shea is so far off the radar when you account for all of the options ahead of him and how flexible those players are in terms of positions that he needs to start every game and play better than ever to displace any the five ahead of him+Beasley as an option on the left
    Central Mid: Bradley, Jones, Mixx, Klestjan- never been a Sacha fan but the guy starts in Champions League and puts up numbers-at some point like Jozy it will translate to the USMNT
    Fullbacks: Beasley, Dolo, Cameron, Chandler-Dolo and Chandler still the better options when the first one is healthy and the second giving enough of a hoot to play
    Centerbacks: Besler, Gonzo, Brooks, Goodson- Brooks forces his way in and challenges Gonzo to start next to Besler.
    Goalies: Friedel, Keller, Howard

  20. I agree with Andrew in Tally on the three right fullbacks, but I can’t see any of them not on the roster if they are all three healthy and playing well. Cameron should get the starting nod in the upcoming friendlies. If Cam shows really well, and Cherundolo gets to full strength, then it makes more sense to bring another CB like Brooks which would sadly eliminate Evans. Usually teams take 4 CBs to the world cup, not 3 CBs and 3 RBs and 2 LMs who are sort of converted LBs.

    It seems JK wants Beasley at LB and Fabian at LM, but the midfield is getting so competitive I think it’s best to start Fabian at LB and let Beasley come in when needed.

    I like Beckerman a lot for RSL, but I am not convinced he goes to Brazil. Shea will be on the plane if he can get some consistent playing time (mainly cause JK thinks highly of him).

  21. The WC squad is important and all, but I would like to point out that in the picture above both Bedoya and Jones look like they’re about to throw up, but for totally different reasons.

  22. “We continue to list Steve Cherundolo even though he is out injured, and has injured his share of injuries lately.”

    That’s one way to characterize his recent injuries.. I don’t think he makes the cut. Like Boca, his injuries and age have caught up. Which is a pity. I’d rather we bring Chandler or Lichaj. Don’t think Evans makes the final cut either. Too many better, natural RBs better suited for Klinsi’s system making a stake.

    Glad you didn’t include Yedlin. Kid isn’t close to ready.

  23. “What will be interesting to see is what happens with Terrence Boyd. He is also scoring goals for Austrian side Rapid Vienna, but Klinsmann could be tempted to just go with Eddie Johnson and bring along one more natural midfielder. I don’t see that happening just yet.”

    Have to disagree on this one, Ives. No way that Terrence Boyd goes over another midfielder if you have a squad with E. Johnson, Altidore, Donovan, Dempsey, and Johannsson. Get a couple of suspensions and injuries and that midfielder list looks a lot lighter. Corona/Kljestan over Boyd at the moment, at least until Boyd begins scoring an international goal or two.

  24. Umm Evans is not beating (Tim C,Lichaj, Orozco). Dolo’s been a boss in his time but I think it’s time for him to hang the boots. Zusi sorry bud Arriola and Corona are already ahead of you and the sad part Arriola’s killing it at RW/RM and he’s barely getting started. Gomez or Agudelo for Boyd he looks way to shady when he plays for the USMNT.

    • would take Evans at RB any day over Orozco, Lichay or Chandler. Have you seen his performances in the uniform? surprised me, but they happened. He happened.

    • It’s premature to say that it’s time for Cherundolo to hang up the boots. What if he comes back and regains the form he was in before the injury? If that happens, he’s probably our number 1 option at RB, so let’s not write him off without even seeing what happens.

      I’d like to see more of Boyd. I can’t remember the last time he’s been given serious consideration as all of his appearances over the past year or so have been short cameos. By the way, in those appearances he’s still managed 2 assists. He’s scoring lots of goals in Austria, so I think it’s premature to write him off as well without giving him a game or two to show what he can do for the nats.

  25. why would we have three right fullbacks? Evans, Dolo and Cameron are all right backs. What about coverage for left back? I think Shea is the guy to come off the bench and create some magic late in games. If he gets on the field for Stoke or anyone else he goes to brazil. Juan A could also be a dark horse. I don’t see Gomez coming back unless he gets really really hot like four years ago. Sasha could also be in the squad for depth.

    • Evans and Cameron can both play in the midfield as well, and Cameron is comfortable playing center back (and even has experience playing on the wings). It’s silly to pigeonhole players: Cameron is a great player, but his versatility allows a wider variety of attacking options to be put on the bench.

      • “He’ll be in the Oct qualifiers you’d have to imagine. Deserves it.”

        I have not seen Arriola play but I don’t have a problem with JK giving Arriola a shot, as long as he thinks Arriola has a chance to play in Brazil.

        He’s an awesome story, is easy to root for and if he made it, it would give US youth players such a buzz.

        However, I don’t see why you say he “deserves” it as if he is owed something.

        Does he deserve it for beating out Joe Corona? Joe Corona has done his part for the US but he might not even have made the Brazil squad.
        If you tell me that, for example, EJ “deserves” to go to Brazil because he practically beat Mexico single handed and that he offers the US another physical , aerial threat to go alongside Jozy then, yeah I can see an argument for EJ “deserving” to go, not that it will help him.

        Has Arriola proved he is capable of taking on the best in the world? I don’t see how you get that from 7-8 games in Liga MX, which is good quality but not exactly La Liga. the Champions League. We’ve seen flashes in the pan before. In the 2007 World Cup the US left back shut down a young but already deadly Messi so badly that they allegedly moved him to the other side of the field in the second half. That left back was, you guessed it, Jonathan Bornstein.

        Does he deserve it because he offers the US something unique like a speedy winger? How about Josh Gatt another young, very speedy winger who apparently is recovering well and may be back before the year’s end? JK is very high on him and he is certainly more experienced.

        If Gatt comes back with a bang who do you pick between the two?

        In the end you make the team not because you “deserve” to but because JK and his staff, a very unsentimental bunch, pick you.

    • Arriola played Puebla last week and he didn’t look that great. It was the game that JK was actually looking at him. Arriola plays different than either Zusi or Bedoya, his game is more like a younger LD. I don’t think he is going to make it for this cycle, why? because we still have LD.

  26. WHy would you list Eddie Johnson as a midfielder?. That absolutely doesnt make any sense. Actually I think it’s disrespectful to list EJ as a midfielder after what he has done for this team. I don’t think that Boyd is on the team. He’s not ready. I believe that if Brek Shea start getting playing time he will have a great shot of making the side.

    • I’m guessing Ives’ logic is a 4-4-1-1? But we’ve seen Aron as a winger and EJ and Donovan as forward within the last four months. At this point, I wouldn’t worry about the difference between a forward and midfielder.

      I see Aron as our starting left winger, a position he has played for club and the position he played against Bosnia. He also played there with Jozy for AZ. Saying that, I truthfully see Dempsey losing his starting spot in Oct if he’s even called in.

      XI for Brazil:


      The three attacking midfielders/wingers can interchange at will.

      • I’ve been clamoring for this formation and line up for quite some time now and its funny that now people are starting to catch on. Those are our. Best players playing in positions they play in their clubs. The only difference is AJ, but to have him as a LAM is not that far fetched. Look at his attacks during the Bosnia game. Where did they come from? That’s right, the left. Heck look at any highlight video of his or entire matches if you want. A lot of his goals and movement come from the left.

        As for chandler. I don’t care what people says about him while most of it being justified. He is our best overall rb without question. He the best going forward, he’s a good defender who does make mistakes at times, he has size to compete with larger wing players. Dolo is second in my book because he’s a vet knows the team and the game but he is older and coming off injury. Evan is behind those two but he has effort and desire to play the position and it has paid major dividend. But that only gets you so. Donovan tracks back anyway so he would help chandler when needed.

        We would be solid in defense and dangerous in attacks either on the wings or up the middle.

        Mix for Jones would be 60min sub

      • Oh but Gonzo for brooks. I like the kid but gonzo is above him right now and I didn’t use to think that but he is.

      • Love the formation, but I’d put Dempsey on the left and AJ in the center (not that it really matters). Also, I curious what the back line would look like with Cameron instead of Brooks.

      • AJ played the SS position in the Bosnia game, he just floats throughout the front line, remember he also started the sequence for JA third goal from the right middle side of the field.

  27. Two thoughts; 1. EJ is NOT a midfielder. Id say that Jozy and Dempsey would be better at LM than EJ plus with Landon, Zusi and Bedoya there is no chance that EJ will be needed in the midfield..semantics whatever.. 2. The “missed the cut” team is GOOD! so many quality players not going..

    • Agreed on both points. It’d be interesting to see if the “missed the cut” team could qualify out of CONCACAF. I think it’d be real close – maybe requiring a trip to New Zealand – but I could see them squeaking into the tournament.

    • Klinsmann wants him playing midfield so he can drift around as we switch from that 4-2-3-1 to the 4-3-3 during run of play. He’s our “matchup” problem, to use an NFL parlance.


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