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Three Americans placed on FA 150th Anniversary London Underground map

FA150 Tube Map


In honor of the FA’s 150th anniversary celebrations, England’s soccer governing body has released a cool map of London’s Transport system with famous players of the past and present with connections to England and it’s leagues in placed on the map, including four members of the U.S. Men’s National Team.

Americans Clint Dempsey, Brad Friedel, and Tim Howard are all listed on the map as the players names appear in place of the normal stops on the famous map of the London Underground. Dempsey’s name appears at the Imperial Wharf stop, Friedel is at Gospel Oak, and Tim Howard was placed on Peckham Rye, all three on the London Overground system. USMNT head coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s name is also on the map, in the Wapping stop on the London Overground.

Also included on the list are current New York Red Bulls players Thierry Henry and Tim Cahill as well as LA Galaxy forward Robbie Keane.


What do you think of this map? Like the choices? Happy to see the USMNT represented?

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  1. McBride scored like one every 4 games. Not bad for relegation fodder club like Fulham, back while he was there. Dempsey is their all time top scorer, no one will come close to his 50 PL goals.

      • You have to read the linked article to realize this (and maybe it should be in the post as well, hint hint), but it’s a shared anniversary for both the FA and the London Underground.
        From the press release:
        “Over the last 150 years, millions of football fans will have made journeys to and from matches using the London Underground.Creating this special version of such an iconic map is a fitting way for The FA and London Underground to mark its shared 150th anniversaries. With the map featuring so many greats from the history of the game, it is sure to generate huge debate amongst fans as well.”

      • you obviously have no sense of history. Your comment is not only uncalled for appropriately inane in and of itself..

  2. Is there anywhere to watch McBride’s games with Fulham/Everton from back in the day? I started watching the Premier League in ’08, which i think was right after he left.

    • You could try Google and see if anything turns up. I watched an old Kasey Keller Millwall game against Newcastle on Youtube awhile back. Don’t know if it is still there. Great game though.

    • Yeah, that’s got me scratching my head as well. The man was captain of his squad for multiple seasons and has a friggin’ pub named after him at the Cottage. He means much more to Fulham supporters than others though.

    • Seems to me that a case could also be made for Kasey Keller who had some excellent seasons for both Tottenham and Fulham. And Bocanegra played for the Cottagers about as long as McBride. However´╝î I’m pleasantly surprised that even 3 Americans got recognition.

    • Dempsey was rising to Godlike status in Fulham but McBride is probably now back to being the more popular of the two because of how it ended.

      • I’m not sure what the offshoot Dempsey is “on” reflects, but it’s not the Tube as I remember it. My memory is you got off the District Line (the “green”) at somewhere between Fulham Broadway and Putney Bridge and walk along the Thames a bit to get to Craven Cottage.

        So you have an offshoot that’s not really the Tube for a player who’s no longer a Fulham favorite. Somehow fitting except the offshoot seems to be a straighter route to the stadium.

      • The Overground is an above ground supplement to the Underground which runs several lines in a circle slightly outside central London. It’s been expanded quite a bit in the last few years.

        Fun fact: despite living right next to an Overground station for about a year I never used it because, prior to its recent expansion, it didn’t go anywhere I needed to go.

      • I’ll be darned. Haven’t lived there in nearly two decades or visited for any length of time since about 2000. Things do change.

        Clapham Junction looks like it’s right around the corner from the Cottage. Wonder what Fulham fans think of this honor….they ought to take into account whether the representing player would be whalloped with a stick if they showed up. I go ahead and root for Clint in most any context but with my Fulham hat on the guy rubbed the club the wrong way.

      • I grew up in London, but until I took my son there last Christmas I hadn’t visited in thirteen years. I couldn’t believe how much the city had changed.

      • But then when I used to watch Fulham at the Cottage the endline stands were still standing room terraces and you could stand behind the signboards along the sideline or endline for like 5 pounds. In the American version of ticket sales the chairs behind the signboards are premium beyond the already expensive sideline tickets; in the UK they pay more to sit in the stands behind you.

        But this was before the EPL years.

      • According to the map legend, the line all three americans are on is for “overseas stars”, so I guess they are considered some of the better foreign players.

    • That’s what I came on here to complain about. I think McBride is a bigger Fulham legend than Dempsey. McBride has a stadium pub named after him!

      • Dempsey had surpassed McBride with all the big relegation savers and Juventus goals and such but the nature of his exit left a bad taste in the mouth. I think you can tell “Fulham” fans from “Dempsey” fans based on their reaction to his exit/how people thought al-Fayed and Jol acted.

      • That is inaccurate. Fulham fans never warmed to Dempsey the way they did to McBride. They appreciated Dempsey’s importance, but he was never a fan favorite like Murphy or Gera.

      • @Imperitive Voice: wasn’t McBride involved with Fulham’s dramatic relegation escape on the last day of the season all those years back?

      • Dempsey had the goal in a 1-0 win over Liverpool the final day to stay up 06-07. I’d swear he had another big goal like that in a different relegation fight. Dempsey also had the no angle chip to beat Juve in Europa 10 the year they made the final.

        I don’t remember anything like that for McBride. He’s remember more for being a solid guy on solid teams. He was the likeable guy during the heyday of Fulhamerica, a trend that has since waned.

        It unfortunately may be a relegation fight this year. Little old, slow, and down on talent.

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