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PRO announces initial MLS playoff assignments

Ricard Salazar, Fabian Espindola, Tim Cahill

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The schedule for the first two rounds of the MLS playoffs is largely complete, and so too are the referee assignments.

Professional Referee Organization (PRO) released on Tuesday the list of the officiating crews that will be in charge of this week’s postseason games. Among the men to be in the middle are seasoned veterans Silviu Petrescu and Mark Geiger. Petrescu will be in charge of the Seattle Sounders-Colorado Rapids play-in game at CenturyLink Field on Wednesday and Geiger will officiate the Houston Dynamo-Montreal Impact clash at BBVA Compass Stadium a day later.

The other officials to be appointed games thus far are Baldomero Toledo (Portland Timbers vs. Sounders/Rapids), Ismail Elfath (New England Revolution vs. Sporting Kansas City), Ricardo Salazar (New York Red Bulls vs. Dynamo/Impact) and Kevin Stott (LA Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake).

Here is the full list of the officiating crews for the first batch of MLS playoff matches:


Seattle Sounders vs. Colorado Rapids
CenturyLink Field (10:30pm ET)
ASST 1: Daniel Belleau
ASST 2: Peter Manikowski
4TH: Allen Chapman


Houston Dynamo vs. Montreal Impact
BBVA Compass Stadium (8:30pm ET)
ASST 1: C J Morgante
ASST 2: Brian Dunn
4TH: Armando Villareal


[TBD] vs. Portland Timbers
[TBD] (10:00pm ET)
ASST 1: Craig Lowry
ASST 2: Mike Rottersman
4TH: Drew Fischer

New England Revolution vs. Sporting Kansas City
Gillette Stadium (8:00pm ET)
ASST 1: George Gansner
ASST 2: Corey E Rockwell
4TH: Jorge Gonzalez


[TBD] vs. New York Red Bulls
[TBD] (3:30pm ET)
ASST 1: Ian Anderson
ASST 2: Corey Parker
4TH: [TBD]

Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake
Stubhub Center (9:00pm ET)
ASST 1: Kermit Quisenberry
ASST 2: Fabio Tovar
4th: Juan Guzman


What do you think of these referee assignments? Happy with who was appointed for your club’s game? Worried?

Share your thoughts below.


    • It’s funny to me that everyone talks about referees, especially in the MLS not understanding the game. Many suggest former professional players should take up the whistle although it rarely happens. Elfath is a former professional player, and tons of people hate him and his calls. So maybe people should stop being on the outside and telling referees what they should do differently, because they’re ignorant.

      • The goal to recruit former professionals to become referees is admirable…if done right. In this case, Elfath was fast tracked to MLS, and was refereeing there before he was ready. He’s improved after his horrible, horrible start, but he’s not at the point where he should be doing playoff games.

    • When Marquez was still playing, the NYRB could count Salazar as a 12th man for the opponent. But, to be honest, he’s been better this year.

      • Are you a referee assessor? Do you have experience reffing the game at a high level? If not than your opinion is worthless.

      • alright then, i mean this is a comment area where none of us are actually qualified to comment on what we talk about but whatever go ahead and attack me.

        salazar has made a number of bad calls this year (i believe 2 of his red cards have been overturned), if you cant recognize he is not a good ref i do not know what you are watching.

      • I like Salazar but I can see why some people think he is unpredictable. He’s normally quick on the cards but in the playoffs, or especially the MLS CUP, he really let Colorado and FC Dallas play. Maybe it’s because he really didn’t want to be the story, or maybe it’s because he uses cards to keep people under control and figured you’d be under control for a final when you know a red would screw your team majorly.

      • The one who reffed MLS cup 2010 between FCD and Colorado was Baldomero Toledo. He was on my flight back to LA after the match. I asked where were your cards at ? and he said it’s the final and MLS wants to just let them play. FYI he was a pretty humble guy.

      • You’d be amazed how humble, polite, and helpful top level referees are. Everyone talks about their arrogance and ego but they just don’t have any idea. I’ve reffed with many MLS referees at lower levels and they are nothing but helpful and nice.

        In contrast to rich players who are the worst human beings on the planet.

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